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03 Jul 2013

Air pollution: The case of China

Case study - 6 pages - Social sciences

According to Vallero, air pollution is “the presence of contaminants or pollutant substances in the air that interfere with human health or welfare, or produce other harmful environmental effects.”(3) The above statement is indeed true in case of China. The presence...

24 Aug 2010

Global air pollution and global climate change

Thesis - 3 pages - Ecology & environment

We know that the Earth's climate has changed many times throughout its existence. There have been both ice ages and long periods of warmth. Many natural factors, such as volcanic eruptions, energy absorbed from the sun, and changes in the Earth's orbit have long had an influence on the Earth's...

21 Nov 2008

Impacts of air pollution on forest ecosystems

Essay - 10 pages - Ecology & environment

Air pollution problems are international in scale. All forests worldwide experience some degree of air pollution exposure above preindustrial levels. Atmospheric transport processes do not recognize geographic borders, but sources of pollutants, the pollutants of...

05 Jun 2008

Industrial Air Pollution: Effects and Efforts to Contain

Essay - 6 pages - Ecology & environment

As a capitalist nation, we are constantly seeking to foster the growth of our economy and overall development. Our industrious nature has led to an industrial presence that makes the burning of fossil fuels our pinnacle source of energy, and a requirement for fueling our economic stability....

25 Nov 2008

Genetic aspects of air pollution and climate change

Essay - 6 pages - Ecology & environment

The ?rst incidences of air pollution impacts on the genetic constitution of forest tree populations were those documented near point sources of sulfur dioxide (SO2), particulates, and heavy metals. Localized extinction of forests around these point sources was documented by...

15 Jan 2009

Anti-Pollution and air/water quality in Canada

Essay - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

The object of this brief note is an environmental issue. It concerns the anti-pollution policy and the means to improve air and water quality in Canada. Indeed, this problem touches the entire Canadian population. Here, there is no discrimination concerning class, gender or race:...

15 Sep 2014

Water Pollution in San Diego

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Environmental issues pose a threat to humanity. Therefore, must urgent measures to ensure there is a permanent solution for this predicament (Biggs, Trent W., and Heather D'Anna 627). It is obvious that the environmental issues will have an impact on future generations if the present cohort fails...

24 Nov 2022

The application of an EIB to address environmental challenges in urban Belgium

Thesis - 96 pages - Finance

Cities face increasing environmental challenges including, but not limited to; air pollution, CO2 emissions, energy, transport and waste management. The success of Social Impact Bonds (SIB) by solving social issues in a public-private partnership has been the driver for the...

13 Jan 2009

Air transportation and climate change

Essay - 4 pages - Ecology & environment

A sophisticated transport system has evolved in Europe to move people and frets. The air transport industry is growing at rate above the average growth of the economy of the EU: multiplication of short distance flies, the arrival of the “low cost” market, and increasing of aerial...

31 May 2022

Sustainable remote work practices for progressive reductions of road traffic emissions

Dissertation - 68 pages - Ecology & environment

Although technology developments brought about possibilities for all work which could be done remotely to be done remotely within the Netherlands, limitations for additional and sustainable implementation of remote work practices remained. Secondary research sheds light on the extent to which...

20 Dec 2021

Transportation and Retail Industries - The Sustainability Issue

Essay - 4 pages - Green marketing

Sustainability in global industries is a very important subject to focus on. All of these industries are facing different sustainability-related problems and challenges that they need to overcome to protect the planet for future generations. As part of the problems, we can find greenhouse-gas...

08 Jun 2009

An overview of esoteric pollution EMI-EMC

Thesis - 5 pages - Physics

Water , air and Sound pollution is well within the human perception but esoteric pollution of frequency spectrum called Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) has to address in today's world of computerization where the emphasize is on high band width / high speed along with...

24 Mar 2009

Environmental pollution: A growing problem

Thesis - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

Environmental Studies (ES) is an inter-disciplinary area of study incorporating the social and scientific aspects of nature and natural resources. The major aim of Environmental Studies is to project the inter-relationships between living beings-especially human beings- with the surrounding...

01 Jan 2023

Global Warming: Causes and Chemistry of Climate Change

Course material - 7 pages - Ecology & environment

This report serves as an overview of important aspects related to global warming and climate change. It touches on the relevant international organization and authorities in the field of climate change, forecasts of temperature increases, greenhouse gases, atmospheric chemical reactions and...

29 Sep 2010

Environmental issues in the air transport industry

Case study - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

The air transport industry uses air craft to transport people, cargo, and mail. Civil aviation includes two major categories; first one is the scheduled air transport, which includes passenger and cargo flights operating on regularly-scheduled routes; and general aviation,...

29 Sep 2010

Air France : Marketing and communication report (2006)

Case study - 37 pages - Services marketing

As part of the Marketing Communication project, a team comprising Antoine Cadoret, Nicholas Dawson, Charlotte Fouquet and Stephanie Mazel decided to conduct a study of the communication mix of a European leading airline company: Air France. The purpose of this project is to explore and...

28 Jul 2021

Market Study - Sustainable tourism

Market study - 8 pages - Tourism marketing

The tourist is, according to UNWTO, a traveller who travels away from his usual place of residence for at least one night and a year at most. The tourism market has a significant weight in the world economy, and its influence is not about to end, as it is constantly growing. France is the number...

14 Dec 2010

Strategy of Air France: Analysis and recommendations (2009)

Case study - 38 pages - Business strategy

Born on August 30, 1933 by the consolidation of major French airlines ‘Societe Generale Air Transport,' Air Union, the International Company for Air Navigation, Air East and ‘Compagnie Generale Aeropostale', Air France formed the largest French airline...

21 May 2012

What is meant by the acid rain game? Describe an efficient strategy for tackling this transboundary pollution problem

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

In this essay I will outline what acid rain is in terms of its causes and effects. In this context I will then explain what is meant by the acid rain game and its implications. I will then outline an efficient strategy for tackling this transboundary problem. Finally I will offer a possible...

27 Jan 2011

Change in management at Air France

Case study - 29 pages - Management

Driving organizational change in a company revolve around six themes. In this document we will take into account the external and internal sources of change, the steps through which it passes, the context, and the forces involved, to finally determine the type of change and explain the phases of...

10 Sep 2021

Environmental Law - Sustainable Development in South Africa

Essay - 4 pages - Environment law

The expression "sustainable development" has been used for years now. It is all about the promotion of people's well-being, the improvement of their life quality, especially in the long run. This means that what the current generation is doing has consequences on future generations. Therefore,...

28 Sep 2016

Cigarettes and taxation in USA

Essay - 3 pages - Economy general

With a country that is plagued with many preventable illnesses and people that are leading seemingly unhealthier lifestyles by the day, it is no surprise that cigarettes contribute much of the nation's ills. Due to the damage caused by tobacco use; especially cigarettes, such as the increased...

15 Nov 2012

Hover through fog and filthy air": Scottish Play, Scottish Plague Tim Hamilton *English 764* Fall 2010

Essay - 12 pages - Literature

Macbeth. The very mention of the title of Shakespeare's most supernatural tragedy sends shivers down the spine of all too many theatre practitioners and enthusiasts, with good reason. Since Richard Burbage first stepped onto the stage of the Great Hall at Hampton Court to play the cursed tyrant...

29 Nov 2021

Strategic study of the Total Group

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

The energy market is one of the largest in the world. Indeed, energy in all its forms is essential for humans and their survival. Thanks to energy, men can eat, heat and bathe themselves, thus meeting so-called essential needs. On a daily basis, humans use many forms of energy, solar power, wind...

18 Nov 2020

Traditional and low cost airlines - marketing strategies

Case study - 11 pages - Tourism marketing

The airline industry has undergone profound changes in the space of a few years. First of all, because of increased digitisation, but also because of other so-called low-cost companies which have emerged and which have disrupted the traditional aviation pattern. This has been a great thing for...

06 Dec 2022

Fostering sustainable global growth through green finance

Dissertation - 5 pages - Finance

The ideas and goals of the United Nations (UN) in the areas of environment and development are at the origin of environmentally friendly finance, or green finance. In 1992, 178 countries met in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to discuss environmental and development issues for the 21st century....

07 Aug 2008

Auto pollution: No solution?

Essay - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

For the sake of natural resources and the welfare and prosperity of the population, motor vehicle fuel economy and emission standards must be raised. The dangerous and complicated problems that we face both today and tomorrow with motor vehicles should not be ignored and cast aside, but solved as...

13 Oct 2020

PESTEL Analysis - The aeronautical sector

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

Aeronautics is the science around the designing, building and flying of aircraft. Ranging from non-powered aircraft to supersonic space transport, and it is one of the world's largest industries in terms of product output, employment and monetary value globally. The freedom of flight opened...

12 Sep 2014

Environmental management and development

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Environmental management has played significant roles in the protection and regulation of the ecosystem. Changes in the climate and survival habitats have led to increased talks by international management organizations to intensify their role in environmental protection. Increased levels of...

08 Oct 2015

Analysis of massive ozone hole found in Earth detergent

Essay - 3 pages - Biology

Technically, ozone hole is not just a hole within which the ozone is not present, however, it actually is an area of extremely depleted ozone within the atmosphere above the Antarctic, which happens during the southern hemisphere spring beginning at around august to October. In other words,...