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04 Mar 2023

Geography, Demography, Social Issues, Education and Culture in the United States of America

Course material - 20 pages - Sociology

(...) One of the characteristics of US climatic conditions is the constant fear of violent climatic happening such as hurricanes (in the Southeast, particularly during the fall), violent wind storms known as "tornadoes" (the Midwest), or flooding due to heavy rainfall and storms in the eastern...

22 Feb 2022

The right skills for the job? Rethinking training policies for workers, Chapter 2, Almeida, Rita, Jere Behrman, and David Robalino (2012) - Labor Economics in Latin America: The Economic Rationale for Skills Development Policies

Text commentary - 2 pages - Micro-economy, job-unemployment

The authors focus on skills development policies and their relative ineffectiveness since they are not properly distributed. They question the place of the private sector as a complementary solution to provide a real boost to this essential sector of the economy. Despite the action of the State,...

04 Oct 2022

American Cultural Aspects for Business

Course material - 11 pages - Modern history

America has been created from the East to the West. The West is a concept in history, for an American it is often associated with the idea of frontier. In the 19th century St-Louis (Missouri) was considered as the gate way to the West, when people went to the West they went directly to...

16 May 2022

How African American heroes managed to lead the black community to recognition?

Presentation - 2 pages - Everyday's life

I am going to talk about the notion of "Myths and Heroes". But before we start, we shall say that a myth is a story that was initially "true" but as people retold it some parts may have been changed whereas a hero is a man or a woman of distinguished courage and ability who is admired for his or...

19 Jul 2021

Memory of World War II in America

Essay - 3 pages - Modern history

The memory is basically the act of recall. Indeed, when something, either an action, an event or even a person is remembered, this automatically becomes a memory. Thus, it can be related to everything but, here, it will be precisely about the memory of World War II in America. Besides, the...

20 Dec 2021

Opinion: the process of plea bargaining should be reformed in the American Justice System

Essay - 5 pages - Criminal law

According to the Department of Justice, more than 90% of Criminal Justice cases end in plea bargains (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2005). This statistic shows how important the process of plea bargaining is in the American Justice System. Clark Neily (2021) describes plea bargaining as "a...

12 Nov 2020

Human Resources - Comparison Between Two Countries, Japan and United States of America

Case study - 6 pages - Human resources

In this paper, I will be comparing two countries, which are the United States and Japan. I will be discussing all forms of similarities and differences. I chose those two countries because the large geographical distance and strong language barrier between them also plays a role in the extent of...

30 Oct 2018

The growth, development, and changes in American society after the Civil War

Essay - 3 pages - Modern history

Theodore Geisel wrote children's books for adults. Eric Foner wrote a text designed to challenge student ideas about America's progression toward a more inclusive society. Professor Jamieson picked books and movies designed to encourage you to consider the theme of the class--what...

18 Aug 2017

History of African-Americans (1600-1877)

Essay - 3 pages - Modern history

Slavery in America started sometime back and during this period, there was the capture of the first Africans and they were brought to North America. In North America, there was a British colony in Jamestown, Virginia, where tobacco farming was widely practiced across North...

30 Jan 2017

The American Revolution: who was more to blame; the British or the American agitators

Essay - 2 pages - Modern history

In wars, individuals, groups or communities are involved. Their actions and words are key contributing factors that eventually end up into a war. In the American Revolution, there were two major groups involved, the American agitators, and the British. There is therefore need to look at who...

30 Jan 2017

American police history

Essay - 1 pages - Criminal law

In the foggy streets of London in 1829 a ruling made by British Parliament would change the system of policing around the world drastically and forever. This ruling was based upon the ideas of a man named Robert Peel, and these ideas are still the major basis for police in America today.

30 Jan 2017

U.S. history: America before and after 9/11

Essay - 2 pages - Modern history

In 2001 after a controversial election, the U.S. had a new President, George W. Bush. Bush had lost the popular vote to Al Gore but had won the election due to the electoral college. But even in the case of the electoral college, he only won because of Florida, which he had only narrowly won by...

28 Sep 2016

Slavery in colonial America

Essay - 2 pages - Modern history

During the centuries that slavery was practiced in colonial America, the threat of rebellion was a constant cause of concern for slave owners. In order to avoid rebellion and uprising, white slave-owners in colonial America would engage in various methods of inhumane treatment, and...

22 Sep 2016

Nickel and dimed: on (not) getting by in America - Barbara Ehrenreich, 2001

Book review - 1 pages - Sociology

In Nickel-And-Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich attempts to live in poverty voluntarily. She decides that in order to really understand the plight of the poor and actually analyze how difficult it is to get by, she must try it out herself. Her experience was very interesting, very disappointing, but I...

15 Dec 2016

Ford Motor Company versus Subaru of America

Case study - 7 pages - Business strategy

When asked the question, "Who are the most profitable corporations in the world?" Ideas that come to mind may be pharmaceutical companies, banks, oil manufacturers, airlines, software companies, real estate corporations, but what about automobile manufacturers? The automobile sector for the US is...

29 Sep 2016

The Equal Pay for Equal Work Act and its impact on the American economy

Course material - 3 pages - Economy general

The nineteen sixties were a time of change in the world and especially in America, where Vietnam protests and demands for civil rights had taken off. In this time of change the sixties saw women in greater numbers demanding the same rights as men and one of those rights was the ability to...

29 Sep 2016

The Tenement Saga: the Lower East Side and early Jewish American writers - Sanford Sternlicht

Book review - 1 pages - Literature

The book "The Tenement Saga: The Lower East Side and Early Jewish American Writers" by Sanford Sternlicht explores the life of Jewish immigrants living in tenements on the Lower East Side of Manhattan during the early 20th century. The Jewish immigrants who migrated from Europe to find a better...

08 Oct 2015

Nineteenth-Century American Literature: Louisa May Alcott, Hospital Notes (1863); Mary Chesnut, A Diary From Dixie (1861-65)

Book review - 8 pages - Literature

The Civil War is just the most important thing in American cultural and social history—as well as political and military history, of course—since the War of Independence from Great Britain. It is, quite simply, fundamental to America's identity and sensibility, and it remains so...

09 Jul 2015

Civil rights movement in America

Case study - 4 pages - Sociology

Despite the stop of slavery in the United States at the end of the 19th century, African Americans were still subjected to regular discrimination, were forced to use separate schools and public utilities from the better-quality ones of the whites, and they could not fully exercise their voting...

29 Sep 2015

Europe vs America - different approaches to privacy

Essay - 5 pages - Civil law

Everything that people do within the internet leaves behind some digital fingerprints. This means that it is logical that most users of the internet worry a lot about the matter of privacy. Because laws of privacy are different from one country to another, a company may not be obligated legally...

27 Jul 2015

Comparison between continents: America and Africa

Essay - 1 pages - Geography

Diversity is the product of nature. Humans come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors. Nevertheless, geographical location combines a wide assortment of humans of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Despite the combination of differences, there remains a divide. Something still distinguishes...

28 Jul 2015

General trend in the way american movies portrayed american leadership in the last seven decades

Essay - 2 pages - Film studies

Leaders are generated in small numbers. Some are born to be leaders, while others work so hard that they eventually assume the role of leadership. Nevertheless, most leaders share similar characteristics. Over the last seven decades, several films have revealed the identity of leaders in...

07 Apr 2015

English (Anglo-American) & Spanish societies in the Americas prior to 1790

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

The Europeans have contributed much to United States development from time immemorial. The north of America was colonized by Europeans. Their culture, social ideas, and language were common to those of North American. Consequently, European influence pre dominated their territories...

08 Oct 2015

The American mosque in transition

Essay - 3 pages - Sociology

Islam is one of the religions that is professed by Billions of people around the world instilling good principles and attributes among the Muslim faithful. It is a great religion to profess since it instills discipline and follows the rule of law as commanded in the Quran. It is also important to...

17 Apr 2015

Political influence of different racial politicians in the United States of America

Essay - 3 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Politics is a very intriguing part of the society. It is hard for one to satisfy all political needs while satisfying what the society wants. This has brought about the increase in racial people in the politics of the United States. The influence of these racial politicians cannot be ignored in...

27 Jul 2015

The unavoidable American Revolution

Essay - 2 pages - Political science

During the 1600's, English settlers sent the initial group of colonists to the newly discovered continent. (Namier) With inspiration from the nearby country Spain, they made the decision to attempt the similar feat. The English were not alone in their attempts to conquer the new continent....

15 Sep 2014

American foundation

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The events that set stage for the civil war that started in 1861 unfolded in 1850. The crisis of republicanism, a tradition that grew, as a result, of America's fight for independence was the root of the crisis that occurred in 1850. The agreement of the 1850 failed to solve the issues...

12 Sep 2014

Adaptively Changed Sushi in American, Vinegary rice topped with raw fish and shellfish

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

Sushi has a very long history, first mentioned in a compiled dictionary in China by 2nd Century AD, where it is described as salted fish meat in rice. Some authors; however argue that sushi originated from South East Asia back in the 4th Century AD, but there is still no clarity whether rice was...

28 Jan 2014

Role of Race - The Japanese American Internment

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The Japanese American internment was as a result of the Japanese outrageous attack on Pearl Harbor (Greenberg 1995). The attack thus fueled a lot of sentiments from the Americans and led to the signing of an order namely, 9066 which saw to it that Americans of Japanese ancestry were brought...

13 Jan 2014

America's changing workforce

Essay - 1 pages - Criminal law

The workforce in America is growing older. Many workers are approaching the standard retirement age and if they retire as scheduled, there will be a shortage of workers available to meet the demands of today's businesses. To make sure they have adequate personnel, American businesses have...