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30 Oct 2018

The growth, development, and changes in American society after the Civil War

Essay - 3 pages - Modern history

Theodore Geisel wrote children's books for adults. Eric Foner wrote a text designed to challenge student ideas about America's progression toward a more inclusive society. Professor Jamieson picked books and movies designed to encourage you to consider the theme of the class--what...

08 Jan 2013

The hippie counterculture and its impact on the American society

Case study - 7 pages - Educational studies

Throughout the history, the evolution of the United States of America has been marked by numerous social and cultural movements that have influenced the course of important events and have helped shape what we know today as one of the most powerful, influential and complex countries in the world....

17 May 2013

Compare and contrast the ways in which both authors might be seen to present an indictment of 20th century American society in 'The Catcher in the Rye' and 'The Virgin Suicides'

Case study - 3 pages - Literature

There is an argument that American society was founded or widely based on the American Dream, an idea based on freedom, and the belief that prosperity will occur through hard work, with equal opportunity for all. This was the basis for the American Declaration of...

30 Jul 2010

Gender roles with respect to the American society

Thesis - 3 pages - Social sciences

The gender roles, or the fundamental behaviors assigned to women and men in a society, have been changing more rapidly since the industrial revolution. Yet as much as these roles have transformed over the last several decades, conflicting expectations and pressures still exist within our...

16 Jan 2009

Changes and paradoxes in the American society

Essay - 5 pages - Social sciences

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had launched as early as 1944 a new pledge to implement a new economic Bill of Rights ("New Deal") for all Americans. Another new trend appeared under Truman with the fate of the "Full Employment Act". The new president delayed submitting his own version of the...

11 Nov 2008

A study of the beginnings and effects of country clubs in American society

Essay - 6 pages - Social sciences

In today's current society, there is an aspect of social life that is experienced by a portion of those in America's middle and upper classes. This aspect is the country club, which is major part of some American's lives. In present times, such institutions are viewed as places...

28 Sep 2016

The role of mobs in colonial society and The American revolution

Essay - 2 pages - Modern history

When thinking of the American Revolution, most people today think of George Washington's solidarity with the troops at Valley Forge, Thomas Paine's call for liberty and independence and Paul Revere's ride to warn the townspeople of Boston of the incoming British invasion. While...

16 Jun 2011

Women's Role in the American Antebellum Society

Thesis - 2 pages - Political science

Even though feminist ideas have a long history, the call of Abigail Adams to “remember the ladies” had not been heard, and very few changes were made in the antebellum American society. The fact that basic social rights and freedoms were still inaccessible for women...

08 Apr 2010

Interpreting Washington's plans of African Americans in society and the political system post-slavery: The flaw of Du Bois' argument on Washington's program

Essay - 3 pages - International relations

In his autobiography, Up from Slavery (1901), Booker T. Washington, a renowned African American leader in the late nineteenth century, describes his influential life experiences and his hypotheses for black reconstruction. Washington provides detail about his childhood, his education at...

03 Sep 2014

Why did the Catholic Church bind together yet simultaneously tear apart nineteenth-century Latin American Societies?

Case study - 1 pages - Educational studies

The Great Schism of 1054 signifies the split between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches as a result of Patriarch Michael I and Pope Leo IX excommunicates each other. In the past, there were disagreements between these churches sighting the bishop of Rome (who was the acting pope) who felt...

08 Dec 2021

Globalization and Inequalities: Towards a World Without Poverty: Theories, Institutions, SDG's Policies, Future Perspectives for a Better Society

Essay - 9 pages - International relations

When we talk about globalization, we mainly think about how it has been a driver and shaper of our current society. Despite having increased and revolutionized the economic exchanges, it has largely impacted our cultural and political processes by perturbing them. Globalization appeared...

09 Mar 2015

Problems in How the African American Community Talk About Themselves

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Racial discrimination has been among the biggest problems to the American society. After the civil rights movement, the law provided a platform for racial equality in the country. However, almost fifty years later, the society is characterized by big differences between the...

28 Dec 2010

Study of Latin American societies in the context of urbanization

Case study - 5 pages - Management

One way to understand Latin American societies is to examine issues that cause conflict. These are most common when management tangles with urbanization, this has become a central issue, particularly since the late 1980s that saw the emergence to the "urban crisis" [1] . The articles in...

28 Sep 2016

Arranged marriages: the differences between American and Indian marriages

Essay - 4 pages - Sociology

Marriage, which is the bonding of two individuals usually for the rest of their lives, can occur in many ways. In some cultures, such as that of the United States, men and women decide on their own whom they would like to marry. This type of system is representative of American culture in...

29 Sep 2016

The price of the dream: subprime mortgages in the African-American community

Essay - 2 pages - Finance

Let us first say that the financial disaster which has just recently occurred has effected the entire world, regardless of race, color, or creed. It is perhaps a testament to the new levels of equality and interconnectedness that what may have started out primarily among certain populations can...

18 Aug 2014

Relationship between School, Education, and the Society

Case study - 3 pages - Social sciences

Education, since ancient times, has been purposed to bring people to a full realization as possible to its interpretation of a human being. Other statements of education as developing intellect, serving social needs, creating an effective workforce, promoting social or political system and...

08 Oct 2015

Nineteenth-Century American Literature: Louisa May Alcott, Hospital Notes (1863); Mary Chesnut, A Diary From Dixie (1861-65)

Book review - 8 pages - Literature

The Civil War is just the most important thing in American cultural and social history—as well as political and military history, of course—since the War of Independence from Great Britain. It is, quite simply, fundamental to America's identity and sensibility, and it remains so...

20 Dec 2021

Opinion: the process of plea bargaining should be reformed in the American Justice System

Essay - 5 pages - Criminal law

According to the Department of Justice, more than 90% of Criminal Justice cases end in plea bargains (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2005). This statistic shows how important the process of plea bargaining is in the American Justice System. Clark Neily (2021) describes plea bargaining as "a...

04 Oct 2022

American Cultural Aspects for Business

Course material - 11 pages - Modern history

America has been created from the East to the West. The West is a concept in history, for an American it is often associated with the idea of frontier. In the 19th century St-Louis (Missouri) was considered as the gate way to the West, when people went to the West they went directly to...

21 Nov 2014

The Social-Cultural Identity of Greek- Americans

Case study - 10 pages - Political science

According to some, Astoria is the largest “city” of the Greek outside the Athens-Greece. The New York's Queens Neighborhoods of Astoria, New York conjure up the image of a Greek immigrant community that has lived in it for over forty years (Hantzopoulos, 2005). For the Greeks and their...

19 Aug 2014

Common Academic Goals in American Universities

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

A goal is a desired result that an individual makes a conscious effort to achieve (Weatherford et al., 1960). Universities are institutions of higher learning that instill technical as well as cultural and social skills to students. In the universities, the students are required to set aims and...

19 Feb 2015

Is Violence an American Tradition?

Case study - 2 pages - Social sciences

Thio, Taylor, and Schwartz (2012) considers violence to be of types which include assault, serial and mass murder, terrorism, genocide, hate-motivated violence, school violence. The authors argue that the poor are the most likely persons in the world to engage in violence, specifically homicide....

07 Apr 2015

English (Anglo-American) & Spanish societies in the Americas prior to 1790

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

The Europeans have contributed much to United States development from time immemorial. The north of America was colonized by Europeans. Their culture, social ideas, and language were common to those of North American. Consequently, European influence pre dominated their territories...

02 Apr 2021

Is the American Dream a myth ?

Essay - 2 pages - Humanities/philosophy

The American dream is the notion that the American social, economic, and political system makes success possible for everyone. It's linked to the notion of the ‘self-made man : the idea that, with enough work & dedication, anybody can climb the social ladder and become wealthy.

19 Aug 2014

Book review: American Africans in Ghana: Black era Expatriates and the legal civil Rights Era

Book review - 3 pages - Literature

The book; American African in Ghana was written Kevin Gaines and published by Chapel Hill publishers, at the University of North Carolina. The book emphasizes on the interconnections between the African studies and African American studies by introducing, in its broad chapters the...

18 Nov 2020

Idea of progress - How Americans relate to ecology nowadays?

Essay - 2 pages - Ecology & environment

We will talk about the notion of the idea of progress and illustrate it with the environmental issue in the USA. Progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change. It can be a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place. Here, we...

04 Mar 2021

What role did myths and heroes play in shaping our modern society?

Essay - 1 pages - Sociology

I'm going to deal with the notion of Myths and Heroes. To start with, I'd like to define the notion. A myth can be understood as a popular belief or tradition embodying the ideals and institutions of society. A hero refers to a person admired for his achievements, noble qualities...

08 Aug 2022

The United States and the World: The Sources and Tools of American Foreign Policy

Course material - 8 pages - Modern history

There is undoubtedly an American exceptionalism: the US considers itself since the 18th century to be different from Europe. It has seen itself from the beginning as a universal model: the “American way of life” (linking most strongly liberal democracy and free enterprise,...

27 Aug 2014

Benjamin Banneker, African-American mathematician, astronomer, and inventor

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Benjamin Banneker was an exceptional African-American mathematician, astronomer, and inventor. He was born near Baltimore, on November 9, 1731. He was the son of a slave man and free black woman, however, grew up as a free black and demonstrated his abilities in mathematics while attending...

12 Nov 2014

Chinese American museum

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

The Chinese America Museum is found in Los Angeles California. The museum is a part of a historic movement known as the El Pueblo de Los Angeles. The museum is a dedication to the history and experience that the Chinese Americans have in the state of California. Exhibited in the museum is...