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31 May 2022

Refuge of Art - Andy Goldsworthy

Artwork commentary - 2 pages - Arts and art history

Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist born in 1956. His sensitivity to the beauty of nature comes from his childhood working on farms. After that, he studied Beaux-Arts at Bradford Art College and Preston Polytechnic in Lancaster. This explains why his works combine nature and...

15 Aug 2022

Land Art of the Twentieth Century

Course material - 5 pages - Art history

The term land art refers to an art movement that was popularized in the 1960s and 1970s. It was popularly associated with Great Britain and the United States, but it included examples from other countries. Land art, also referred to Earth art, environmental art,...

05 Sep 2022

Create a piece of art about racism to change the society

Creative writing - 1 pages - Arts and art history

Racism is a key problem in my society; therefore I would love to create a piece of art on racism. Racism is a major problem in the societies we live in today. Therefore, we need to come together and work for the future of our country. Hence I have come up with this idea to create some nice...

14 Jan 2021

How to become a part of the Great British story?

Text commentary - 2 pages - Literature

Cultural heritage, representing culture and civilisation, has a vital importance in Great Britain, and in this context the school has an important place. Access to culture is achieved primarily through education and training and, in addition, literature, theatre and art, which are unique...

15 Aug 2021

Is art an efficient answer to the political and social injustice faced by poorer classes?

Artwork commentary - 3 pages - Arts and art history

"Some might say that the world is a mess right now. Others point out that it could be worse. In our war torn world, it depends on who you are and where you live". That's how the article from the Huffington Post, called "Artists as Activists : Pursuing Social Justice" and written by Amy...

06 Sep 2021

Do people learn the art of becoming a politician, or are they born with it?

Essay - 4 pages - Political science

Over the years and all over the world, if we take a good look at the history, we will realise that great people lived and ruled countries and kingdoms. People like Alexander the Great, Nelson Mandela, Napoleon Bonaparte, etc. There are two things that characterise all these people. In fact, they...

11 Feb 2016

Comparative Arts Design

Essay - 2 pages - Arts and art history

In this essay, we discuss contemporary art and how it has contributed in discussing about identity and diversity in the society. In the world of art, Identity is used a lot in describing the life of the moment the piece of work was made from the present time. Identity in art...

28 Sep 2016

Theador Adorno and the modern expression of art

Essay - 1 pages - Arts and art history

Theador Adorno held complicated theories about the meaning of art, and he was very critical about art's expression in popular culture. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Adorno took pop culture very seriously and believed that much can be understood about human psychology by...

11 Feb 2016

Monumental Artworks of the near East exhibit narrative significance

Essay - 3 pages - Arts and art history

Mythological narratives of the Ancient Near East have survived to modern day through inscriptions in clay, which was the work of artists of the ancient times. A review of the related literature, however, reveals that mythology was not a widespread language. Recording of mythological narratives,...

17 Apr 2015

Reconstruction of the Parthenon temple

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The Parthenon is a temple that was constructed in honor of the goddess Athena in ancient Greece. It is situated on a rocky mount in Athens called the acropolis. The original temple was constructed about two thousand five hundred years ago. Its construction commenced in 447 BC when the Athenians...

07 Apr 2015

The Master Work Museum of Bermudian Art exhibition

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

There are some artistic pieces that profoundly interested me including K.A.S.E 2012, a painting made of oil on linen, 83 x 56.5., done by Jacqueline Collery. This painting illustrated the difficult childhood life of an isolated, young, black, Bermudian male. Another painting, mixed media on...

16 Feb 2015

"The spiritual in art" of Wassily Kandinsky

Case study - 4 pages - Literature

Wassily Kandinsky is, for many, the inventor of abstract art, that is, the man who abolished the object. The elimination of the figurative was for him a combat several years and does not unfold in the area of the formal or aesthetic, but concretely. The larger exterior differences do not...

01 Feb 2015

Bertolt Brecht: Art, science, politics, purpose

Case study - 8 pages - Educational studies

The first feature validates to watch for Brecht and politics, and also it is the fact that our author does not come from a proletarian environment. Brecht's father worked in the purchasing sector and sale of a paper mill and arrived at some point, to be director of the company; was therefore...

28 Jan 2015

Neoclassical and Romantic styles -Visual Arts and Film Studies

Case study - 2 pages - Literature

Art has been for so long; almost as long as the world's existence. Neoclassical and Romantic styles of art and types of paintings are popular in the world of art. Both styles were influenced by the Romans and Greeks. The mid 1700's marked the beginning of the neoclassical...

30 Jul 2015

Demonstrating that Art is a product of its context

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

From an examination of cultures throughout history, it can be established that artistic works within respective cultures were based on the prevailing cultural contexts. In such regard, this paper attempts to show that art is indeed a product of its context. This assertion is depicted...

29 Jul 2015

The impact of history and gothic art on peace and security

Case study - 5 pages - Arts and art history

This paper entails a collection of 10 pieces of art from Prehistory style to the Gothic style. Each of the ten pieces of art selected portrays the theme of peace and security in terms of managing conflict and violence in a turbulent world. Peace and security are critical...

24 Mar 2015

Artificial intelligence in multimedia production

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Artificial intelligence an approach used to design intelligent agents. Intelligent agents are systems that are able to perceive their environments and use the perception results to maximize on its chances of success. Multimedia is an approach that combines sound, visuals, animations, text, and...

16 Jan 2015

Anpo: Art X War: The Art of Resistance

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

This paper is set out to examine and explore the history of the Japanese culture and how it came to be used to display their resistance towards the Americans presence in Japan. The American presence had been brought about by the signing of Anpo between Japan and America after the end of the...

28 Jul 2015

Comparison between Ancient Greece and Renaissance art

Essay - 2 pages - Arts and art history

Art allows individuals to express themselves as well as leave a legacy. Throughout history, we have witnessed several cultures preserve their legacy and represent their feelings through art. Ancient Greece is one example of this. The artists from this era have preserved their legacy...

29 Jul 2015

The European art

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

Art is typically a product of its context. This notion is reflected in the European art from historical to gothic styles. This paper explains this assertion using three examples of art, the cultures in which they were produced, the time periods, and the conventions...

16 Apr 2014

The happiest place on earth

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

Disney World was never an illusion to me as a child; I could see right through it. “It's a theme park,” my mom would explain to me. What an interesting idea. It was tangibility's final step in the evolution of imagination. First there were the playgrounds I knew as a child, consisting...

03 Sep 2014

How has excellence been used as a criterion for funding? Outline the critiques of this model. Find examples of arts and culture to demonstrate your case?

Case study - 3 pages - Psychology

Art, religion, culture and music have one thing in common; they all have a mystic power that touches our souls. Art has been for many years thought and proven to have power which sustains, heals and humanizes.This power is both frightening and beautiful at the same time. An artist...

20 Oct 2014

Tragedies: The heart of Grecian verses

Case study - 3 pages - Literature

The history of Troy stretches as far back as the beginning of time. When Paris decided to snatch Helen from under the nose of Menelaus the Spartan king that is when things took a wrong turn for Troy and for the Trojan women. The Trojan War as depicted in Euripides's ‘The Trojan Women'...

29 Oct 2014

Case Study of Jan Van Eyck - Art History

Case study - 7 pages - Literature

So many paintings have existed in the past centuries. Most of these paintings and especially in Europe were so much based on religion. This is because religion was the main part of the system of governance, the way people related to one another and how the society is during this day (ArtBible)....

16 Apr 2014

Nikki S. Lee's artistic agency in senior's project

Case study - 5 pages - Arts and art history

Of all the photographs displayed in the Tang's viewing room, Nikki S. Lee's Senior's Project (13) was definitely one that I initially overlooked while surveying the set of original photographs the Tang owns. At first glance, the photograph did not seem very compelling, particularly in terms of...

21 Nov 2014

Why Is Liberal Art Important and Necessary?

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to be here this morning to answer your questions about liberal arts and why they are important and necessary in our work setting. The liberal arts are courses in general areas of study such as philosophy, mathematics, art, history, economics,...

05 Nov 2014

The Korean Art

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

Korean art is among the ancient forms of art that were able to combine different features, for example, color and decorations. The art began during the Stone Age period where artists developed sculptures, which represent some aspects of the Korean people. Different kingdoms...

14 Jul 2014

Six Keys to the Arts

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

The most favorable issue in this present world is the contribution of museums, as well as, art galleries. With the vital argument that museums should be free to the broad public also supported by the government. It is important for the museum to charge a small fee like other public...

28 Jan 2014

Art and Human Values

Case study - 1 pages - Arts and art history

Art is a means of conveying one's feelings and generating an attractive object that is enriching to others. It is a way of controlling masses and manipulating individual conscience. Art is vital in the community since it defines persons and makes them better. Art and human...

12 Sep 2014

The essence of Nurturing Artistic talent in School

Case study - 3 pages - Journalism

Every reputable author knows that the success of any literary work lays in convincing the reader to view issues from the author's viewpoint. Persuasion is the key to conviction. The article I chose for this context is Lynda Barry's ‘The Sanctuary of School.' Barry brings to light the...