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06 Oct 2022

Case Study Exam in International Commerce

Tutorials/exercises - 7 pages - International marketing

The document includes the answers to a case study exam in international commerce. Excerpt: "The company; Monper offers a variety of chocolate products. The company moves away from industrialized and mass-produced products and produces chocolate with 100% artisan process that...

21 Jul 2022

Case Study - Schaefer Kalk

Case study - 4 pages - Marketing theories

The Schaefer Kalk firm was started in 1860 by Johann Schafer. It extracts limestone and processes it into various types of products that are sold to construction and industrial customers all over the world. The primary objective of the report is to explore the marketing strategies and operations...

03 May 2021

Case Study - GoPro

Case study - 4 pages - Brand management

GoPro was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, a snowboarder, skier and motorsport enthusiast looking for a better way to film himself and his friends on the water. The idea, which started with a 35 mm camera and a wrist strap made from old diving suits and bits of plastic, grew into the...

08 Jul 2021

The case study of BIC, a French company dominating the global market

Case study - 10 pages - International marketing

Bic is a well-known French company that has evolved through the years and became very famous worldwide. It is nowadays known for three types of products, the first category of products is related to stationery goods, this includes all types of writting tools, pens, markers, pencils and their most...

14 Jun 2021

A Case Study Comparing Marketing Campaigns in Film with Research into Models of Distribution and Marketing in Cinema

Case study - 4 pages - Marketing theories

In this case study we will be looking at the marketing campaigns of two films, one before the digital age truly began and one during the boom to see how they both were marketed to audiences and how successful it was in terms of profit return and critic consensus. Before we get into...

14 Apr 2021

Marketing case study: Phonebloks

Case study - 24 pages - International marketing

Acceptability Functional Acceptability : - "create your own" device concept: choose your attributes, capabilities and functionality. - production handled by Motorola: knowledge and capacities to create reliable and high quality products. Psychological Acceptability - Google is one of the...

11 Nov 2021

How do brands manage to create genuine consumer communities through social networks? Case Study of Starbucks and Burger King

Dissertation - 7 pages - Digital & e-marketing

With the emergence of the Internet, any business wishing to retain consumers and increase brand awareness must have an excellent digital marketing strategy. For this, brands generally turn to social networks that allow them to create a community of loyal and engaged consumers while having a...

28 Jul 2021

Merchandising - Stradivarius Store Case Study (Spanish Clothing Brand)

Case study - 5 pages - Fashion and ready to wear marketing

Merchandising is a set of strategies and techniques implemented by a company in order to optimise the management of a point of sale or a place of distribution and to organise and optimise the shelf space occupied by the brand's products. Merchandising also aims to make the relationship...

03 Mar 2021

Estoppel: questions and case study

Essay - 5 pages - International law

The doctrine of the promissory estoppel is a remedy afforded to a party receiving a promise/representation (the promisee) enabling them to rely on that promise/representation made by the other party (the promisor) to recover damages due to the either beneficial or prejudicial and detrimental...

12 Nov 2020

Franchising, a 7-Eleven case study

Case study - 8 pages - Distribution marketing

Franchising is a way of licensing, between two firms in which the parent company (the franchisor) grants (the franchisee) which is a separate and independent entity the permission to do business by selling goods, or services that are provided by, or authorised by the (franchisor). What is a...

26 Nov 2019

Assess the Online sales of fresh products in China - The case study of fresh products application (Freshippo)

Essay - 4 pages - Business strategy

With the popularity of the internet and the development of e-business, an increasing number of consumers tend to shop online. Fresh agricultural products also need to grasp this opportunity as there is a large potential market on the internet.

18 Apr 2018

Knowledge management and decision making: Uber case study

Case study - 9 pages - Management

Decision-making is an intellectual process taking the assessment to a collection of a course of activities among dissimilarities. Making decision creates a last choice; therefore, in terms of recruitment and personnel selection the outcome is the successful applicant (Timar and Balas, 2007)....

18 Apr 2018

The German Automobile industry: case study

Case study - 23 pages - Automotive marketing

The main content of the essay concerns the Automotive industry. The essay is divided into three sections. First, section one is concerned with the German Automobile industry, combining with PEST and Porter's 5 forces analysis tool, which measuring the competitiveness of the sector in both...

30 Jan 2017

Investigation of the factors and forces that promote internationalization of firms - A case study of Wal-Mart stores Inc.

Case study - 67 pages - International marketing

The world is more independent in recent time more than ever and changes occur constantly. Due to such changes, most of the organizations with the potential to grow tend to take their operations to foreign countries away from their home country through internalization. The level at which a firm...

30 Jan 2017

Case study tutorials

Case study - 13 pages - Marketing theories

1. Which factors do you think would be the main contributors to your chosen company's brand equity? Brand equity that is based on consumers happens when consumers are ware and familiar with specific brands and their memories can easily hold uniqueness, favor and strength in the brands. Some...

20 Apr 2015

Inflation - Brief case study

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

There are more subtle or safer to destroy the basis of society than to corrupt its currency. This process mobilizes to destruction, all the hidden forces of the laws economics. As currency value variations were, for all that involved, among the most significant events of economic history of the...

23 Jan 2015

Case study: Hegel

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

The original story: When the historian becomes a situation of the news in a work intended for performance (he recalls in this respect that the objective history of a people begins when it becomes a written history, a civilization do not succeed would be unable to cultural evolution). Its content...

27 Mar 2015

Case Study on Chronic Illnesses

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

This is responses can be manifest in some decisions she makes. Some of her decisions may be irrational. Alternatively, she can be over cautious when making decisions especially those that involve her family such as vacation destinations or simple errands such as going to shop and eating out. Her...

27 Apr 2015

Case Study: Liability & Negligence

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

In the case presented, there are different people who may be found liable for the Pilot's accident. One of the parties who can be found liable for the Pilot's accident is the pilot himself. The manufacturer of the aircraft can also be found liable for the pilot's accident. Another party...

06 Jul 2015

The Sikhs: Case study

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

In the film Plays like Beckham Gurinder Chadha, we see evolve with humor and realism the lives of the middle class in Southall Sikh, Punjabi suburb of East London. It particularly notes the father of Jessminder officer at Heathrow airport with his turban, or parents praying before a portrait of...

19 Jan 2015

Aging case study

Case study - 8 pages - Biology

Aging, also known as senescence, is a physiological process that causes a slow deterioration of the functions of the body. It is characterized general degradation capacity of the body: Psychomotor, immune or reproductive. He 'spares no area of the human body, whether skin, bones, muscles but...

08 Jan 2015

Leadership: Case study

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

People and Scholars generally view leadership in very different angles than they did in the past generation. Leadership has changed over the past decades. Leadership, in the past decades, was something that was done by the book and was straight forward and was easy to learn. Currently, leadership...

07 Apr 2015

Case Study: The Guton Lock

Case study - 3 pages - Humanities/philosophy

There are three locks for lifting the ship and three other ones for lowering. Each of the six locks has two chambers. This is designed so to facilitate two way transits, thus, reducing traffic (McCartney 16). This therefore required the design of the wall to be done and constructed in a way the...

18 Jun 2015

L'Oreal company case study: Management and performance

Case study - 49 pages - Management

L'Oreal, the global leader in the cosmetics industry celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009. The group's history began in 1907 with the development of a formula for hair dye. That was when L'Oreal was launched officially. It is the world leader in cosmetics today. As part of a...

30 Jan 2015

Social Movements: Case study

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

objectives by swaying a certain target group's ideologies. Some groups try to directly influence a small group of individuals such as decision makers while others use more indirect means such as broadcasting their views to reach a wide range of individuals. During the 1960s and 1970s, the rise of...

30 Jan 2015

The two faces of Churchill: Case study

Case study - 6 pages - Literature

As history is not static, their understanding changes constantly varying according to the historian vision, which, unfortunately, can not be completely impartial. This happens in history, when the same fact is considered differently. And the importance of Winston Spencer Churchill - British...

23 Jan 2015

Case study of the "The Garling Report"

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

So as to provide quality care for the patient, giving efficient care is essential. Most important is putting into consideration the factors that affect patient care. A medico-legal expert, Peter Garling found that regardless of the NSW health receiving twenty-seven percent of the state's budget,...

08 Oct 2015

Tactics of combating human trafficking as a global issue ? Case Study

Essay - 4 pages - Geography

Cristina, a 24-year-old woman came to the US with a man she thought to be her boyfriend. However, upon their arrival in New York, she was forced to have intercourse with dozens of men daily and was beaten regularly, all this occurred in a suburban home (Kloer). Concy, a ten year old at the time,...

09 Jan 2015

Vincennes Zoo: Case study

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

The Colonial Exhibition in the early arts summarizes the three main goals of world exhibitions. According to anthropologist, they tried to deliver a "encyclopedic discourse"(Over the life of the colonized, their cultural specificities), exposing masterpieces to legitimize colonization and the...

16 Jan 2015

Brazil bank: Free software case study part I

Case study - 6 pages - Finance

With the advancement of technology we have today computerized systems in any company, from corporations to a simple newsstand, we found computer systems. Computers work is required to use this software and can be free or Owner. Some examples of proprietary software are Windows and Office, as...