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01 Jan 2023

Global Warming: Causes and Chemistry of Climate Change

Course material - 7 pages - Ecology & environment

This report serves as an overview of important aspects related to global warming and climate change. It touches on the relevant international organization and authorities in the field of climate change, forecasts of temperature increases, greenhouse gases, atmospheric...

04 Sep 2023

The place of wine in society in the face of climate change

Thesis - 38 pages - Green marketing

Don't worry, you're not the only one who drinks wine. Millions of us drink wine. And not just one glass! In fact, there are about a thousand bottles tasted every second in the world. France is known for its gastronomy, and its luxury, but also for its wine. Wine is a drink that brings...

29 Oct 2023

The consequences of climate change

Dissertation - 1 pages - Ecology & environment

Climate change, and more generally all natural upheavals, is progressively accepted as a blatant reality by the vast majority of people, and to begin with, by those who are directly affected by them.

15 Dec 2016

Global warming and climate change

Essay - 3 pages - Ecology & environment

These are terms used to describe increased earth's temperatures. Human activities and natural occurrences are said to be the major contributors to this increase. Increase in greenhouse gases for example carbon dioxide result to the temperatures increase. The U.S. have been a major contributor...

12 Nov 2014

United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009

Case study - 15 pages - Educational studies

Over the intervening period, the world nations had prioritized efforts and initiated programs meant to attain a low-carbon environment in the future generations. Alike all conferences, the subject at the Copenhagen meeting sought to assume a cooperative approach in regenerating a future green...

14 Sep 2011

Climate Change and Civilizations: Lessons from the Past

Essay - 6 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Anthropogenic climate change constitutes an alarming threat to the safety and health of humankind. According to a 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, some of its consequences will include heat waves, loss of biodiversity, food and water...

30 Jul 2010

Climate change

Thesis - 2 pages - Ecology & environment

It is clear, in light of continuing climate change evidence that action must be taken to respond to these developing conditions and to prepare for potential future problems. The most important component of any action plan is maintaining our drive for scientific research into the...

24 Aug 2010

Global air pollution and global climate change

Thesis - 3 pages - Ecology & environment

We know that the Earth's climate has changed many times throughout its existence. There have been both ice ages and long periods of warmth. Many natural factors, such as volcanic eruptions, energy absorbed from the sun, and changes in the Earth's orbit have long had an influence on...

05 Apr 2010

Climate change and green house gas emissions: issues and challenges in India

Essay - 7 pages - Ecology & environment

Green house gas (GHG) emission is a matter of grave concern across the world. The adverse impacts happen mainly in the form of climate change and global warming. Immediate steps are required to cut the emissions. India is the fourth largest emitter of GHG in the world in absolute...

24 Feb 2010

How climate change can be reframed as a carbon cycle management challenge

Thesis - 1 pages - Ecology & environment

The planet Earth's climate change has been given a considerable degree of attention by the human population lately. Detailed climate change patters, predictions and fact get unleashed every second of the day. Some aspects that can be closely analyzed when drawing...

29 Sep 2010

The fight against climate change: a burning international issue

Essay - 6 pages - Ecology & environment

Climate change is an environmental issue that is now recognized by almost the entire scientific community in the world. It affects the entire planet. The climate is influenced by both natural and human factors. However, it's been proven that human activities are responsible...

29 Sep 2010

Climate change and politics: a real shift or status quo?

Essay - 6 pages - Ecology & environment

We will try to analyze the responses from the political field against climate change and the overall sustainable development. Climate change means significant change in the average weather, which causes a lot of perturbations on the natural system. The...

13 Jan 2009

Air transportation and climate change

Essay - 4 pages - Ecology & environment

A sophisticated transport system has evolved in Europe to move people and frets. The air transport industry is growing at rate above the average growth of the economy of the EU: multiplication of short distance flies, the arrival of the “low cost” market, and increasing of aerial fret...

13 Jul 2009

Geography and the meaning of climate change

Thesis - 3 pages - Geography

Within the field of geography, the issue of climate change is one that has aroused a significant amount of public debate, especially over the past few decades. There have been about as many theories on climate change as there are scientists out there, and this has made...

30 Apr 2009

The impact of climate change on the Canadian Boreal forest

Thesis - 7 pages - Ecology & environment

This paper will provide a review of scientific literature, and look at solutions to problems, resulting from of impacts of climate change on the boreal forest region of Canada, as projected into the late 21st century. It will look at the problem from a number of intersecting areas:...

05 Mar 2009

A feminist perspective on climate change issues

Thesis - 5 pages - Sociology & social sciences

Climate change has emerged over the last thirty years as one of the major issues in international politics. It is now generally accepted that greenhouse gases emissions are contributing to a process of global warming which is leading to an increased incidence of natural disasters....

25 Nov 2008

Genetic aspects of air pollution and climate change

Essay - 6 pages - Ecology & environment

The ?rst incidences of air pollution impacts on the genetic constitution of forest tree populations were those documented near point sources of sulfur dioxide (SO2), particulates, and heavy metals. Localized extinction of forests around these point sources was documented by ecologists in the past...

29 Apr 2008

Investigative Report on Climate Change: The actions of the Australian Government

Essay - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

This report explores the recent issue of climate change. It will outline the key elements that make climate change an important issue politically. It will focus on how the issue of climate change is being addressed by both the Australian Labor and Liberal...

21 Nov 2014

Climatic Change and its effect on Food Production

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The agricultural sector plays an important role within our country's economy. Other than agriculture providing us with food, agriculture also comprises of seafood, and livestock which all together contribute an estimate of $200 billion dollars annually to our country's economy (Brian & Matt...

21 Dec 2022

Ocean carbon dioxide removal: a necessity for climate action or an additional impact to be avoided for the ocean?

Tutorials/exercises - 7 pages - Ecology & environment

This document is a group work about Ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal. As of today, there is done not nearly enough to prevent dramatic consequences of climate change. Ocean carbon dioxide removal shows great potential to be a part of the solution. Scientists argue that cutting the...

22 Jul 2015

Initiate Change

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

Change can be defined as the alteration of procedure, behavior, purpose, structure or output of a given unit within an organization (Razik, 2010). It involves working with a diversified population and striving hard to motivate and encourage others to adapt through change as it is...

29 Oct 2013

The WWF climate savers strategy: In search of the "Giant Step"

Case study - 12 pages - Educational studies

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is among the leading NGOs (non-government organizations) in the world. The Fund was established in 1961 and since then has been operating and directing its efforts in saving the planet, the world of life. "Climate Savers" (CS) partnership program was founded in...

27 Aug 2014

Article on-steps in implementing a change: Case study of modeling as a facilitator of change

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

In today's world, new initiatives, projects, technologies and other life changing aspects come, improve or change within a limited time and changes the way people work or approach different scenarios. Changes come with new challenges and benefits too. People are often...

30 Jul 2010

Climate responsibility

Essay - 1 pages - Ecology & environment

As the issue of climate change has transitioned from probability to certainty, the debate over how responsibility should be spread has heated up. Some have posited that developing countries should be exempt from greenhouse gas limits placed on production, leaving developed countries...

28 May 2009

A study on the influence of the sun on climate and weather patterns in the earth

Thesis - 9 pages - Geology

The Sun is a burning ball of mostly gaseous hydrogen with a surface temperature of 6000 degrees centigrade, large enough to hold a million Earths. The importance of the sun rests on the fact that it warms the surface of an otherwise cold and lifeless earth and makes possible the existence of...

29 Sep 2010

Transformational Change at British Petroleum : one goal two different leaders

Case study - 5 pages - Management

Before Robert Horton took over as CEO and Chairman of British Petroleum (BP) in 1990, the company's situation was difficult in terms of the lack of clearness of mission and strategic policy within the top 150 managers surveyed at the beginning of 1989. This survey revealed the managers feeling in...

07 Oct 2009

Across the board leadership and new value development organizes changing companies

Thesis - 11 pages - Management

InterClean, a major sanitation competitor realizes that in today's environmentally friendly atmosphere, customers express increased interest in solutions and services (rather than products) to contour cleaning endeavors. InterClean, through its reorganization, hopes to offer increased turnkey...

29 Sep 2010

Have eating habits changed in the last 20 years for the better or for the worse?

Essay - 4 pages - Sociology & social sciences

A meal is usually defined as the consumption of two or more foods in a structured setting at a set time. Snacks consist of a small amount of food or beverage eaten between meals. A common eating pattern is three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) per day, with snacks between meals. The...

30 Oct 2009

Changes in Toronto over the past ten years

Thesis - 2 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Toronto is known, the world over, as a haven for multiculturalism, a true ethnic and social melting pot. The city is often called the most ethnically diverse city in the world. While this remains a source of identification for the city, the face of this multiculturalism has visibly changed over...

27 Apr 2009

Lewin's change theory and the problem of addressing nursing shortages using technology

Thesis - 7 pages - Business strategy

Introduction - Nursing shortages are a world-wide problem that negatively impact many areas of the profession's goals, from level of job satisfaction to patient care, with an inverse proportional relationship between higher patient-nurse ratios, noted in much research. (Al-Kandari and Thomas,...