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25 Jul 2022

Computerised farming: the cow of tomorrow - The Economist (2019) - How and what means do companies use to computerise the breeding of cows?

Text commentary - 1 pages - Economy general

Today, computers have made it possible to control computers, programs and even robots, which is fascinating, but the idea of the machine taking over from humans can be terrifying. This idea is quite justified to cross our mind considering the evolution of computer science...

10 Feb 2021

Computer network

Case study - 12 pages - Computer science

ESDLAB (Electronic System Development Lab) is a company specialized in Computing and digital services. It operates in many computing sectors like web development, electronical conception (Arduino, Raspberry Pi) and digital communication. Sometimes, the company offers seminars about web and...

04 Mar 2021

Can computer power become a threat to our society and how can people stand up against it?

Essay - 1 pages - Sociology

I'm going to deal with the notion of 'places and forms of power'. First, I'd like to define the notion. The power is the ability or official capacity to exercise control, authority. It also refers to the influence or the strength that a person or a group of people have on others....

04 Mar 2021

What are the impacts of computer sciences on international exchanges?

Essay - 1 pages - International relations

I'm going to deal with the notion of Spaces and Exchanges. To start with, I'd like to define the notion. An exchange is a movement or circulation, which can take several forms: information sharing, cultural, and movements of people. I've chosen to focus particularly on computer...

28 Sep 2016

The success and strategy of Dell Computer

Essay - 4 pages - Business strategy

Dell Computer, founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, has experienced major international growth in recent years, and it continues to expand. The business model of the company is unique in that it was the first company to build computers and sell them directly to consumers, cutting away...

08 Oct 2015

Computer Crime Rules According to Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)

Essay - 2 pages - Computer science

Computer crime has today become a global phenomenon. It entails the use of a computer to commit a crime or even the criminal exploitation of a computer or the internet. It can as well involve offences committed against people or groups of people mainly with the criminal...

24 Dec 2013

Computer Forensics Laboratory and Computer Investigations Training

Case study - 10 pages - Educational studies

Computer forensics refers to the use of a computer expert program to collect, interpret, preserve, analyze and produce data from either volatile or non-volatile media storage devices. It is a branch of digital forensic science that is related to examining digital media in a forensic...

18 Apr 2013

The personal computer industry - a marketing perspective

Case study - 14 pages - Business strategy

Personal Computers, meaning a machine to be used by only one person, have thrived for decades. The historic systems were built with a magnetic drum memory and gave the person complete control on the machine's registers and its various modes of operation. Many were only intended to be...

24 Dec 2013

Intelligent Computers

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

Intelligent computers are defined as machines that involve the use of intelligence and computer science concepts to execute various tasks initiated by the user. Intelligent computers are systems that are able to perceive their environments and take actions that are meant to...

23 Sep 2013

Apple Computer, Inc Company Report

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

Apple is truly a solid company that has really shown a lot of growth and innovation over the years. It is no wonder why they are the number one most valuable company now. They have overtaken Exxon Mobil which is valued at $330.77 billion with Apple's very own $337.17 billion (Mclntyre). This...

24 Dec 2013

Apple Computer: Case study

Case study - 6 pages - Accounting

The iPhone basically provides its users with three features which include a mobile phone, an Internet device that can also be used for communication and an iPod that would allow its users to download and listen to music from the iTunes Music Store. The iPhone offers its users a different user...

10 Jul 2013

How developments in material science have jump started the computer revolution

Case study - 2 pages - Computer science

Material science has made a huge impact on the world we know today. Without such a study we would not have modern day technologies such as smartphones, iPods and computers. However, there are critical components of each material, which without we would never have made such enormous strides...

09 Jul 2012

Apple Computer Incorporated Company

Essay - 17 pages - Business strategy

The Apple Company designs, manufactures and markets computers, networking solutions, software, peripherals and services. Among the many available products are portable music players which they both design and develop. Notwithstanding, they engage in online distribution of television shows,...

18 Aug 2010

Case study of AXA assistance: Using computers at work

Thesis - 4 pages - Business strategy

This document describes the computerization process of the insurance company AXA and its dependence on computers for its everyday activities. I will begin by giving a brief look into the company, the need for computers and provide an insight on their websites. This document will...

29 Sep 2010

Business strategy: How Dell Computer uses technology to gain competitive advantage and keep its leader position on the PC market ?

Case study - 22 pages - Business strategy

When Dell's CEO, Michael S. Dell and President, Kevin B. Rollins met in the fall of 2001, they were confident that the company was recovering from the global crash of personal computer (PC) sales. In fact, Dell is the master at selling PCs directly and bypassing middlemen and thus delivers...

29 Sep 2010

Apple computer 2006

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

Currently, Apple is one of the most renowned IT companies in the United States and across the globe. Indeed, the net income of the firm rose from $39 million in 1981 to $1335 million in 2005. In 2008 April 23 Apple announced the financial results for the second quarter of the fiscal ended in...

29 Sep 2010

Electronic computer industry

Worksheets - 3 pages - Electronics

According to Standard Industrial Classification, the electronic computer industry has been classified under the four-digit code 3571, an industry of the Manufacturing Division and featuring in the major group 35 which includes Industrial and Commercial machinery and computer...

16 Jun 2010

Environmental analysis of Dell Computer Corporation

Thesis - 5 pages - Business strategy

Established in the year 1984 by Michael Dell, Dell Computer Corporation created an innovative concept by placing the customer at the center of the business organization. In 1998, the company set up a direct sales model, which was implemented quickly and successfully in the computer...

28 Apr 2010

Computer-aided identification and diagnosis of mass lesion in mammogram

Thesis - 4 pages - Computer science

In this growing technological world still disease are challenging human life. Especially the breast cancer stands the leading causes of mortality in women. Early diagnosis helps for better treatment and increase survival rate. Mammography is one among the methods to detect the breast cancer at an...

29 Sep 2010

How are computers and the Internet changing the way in which modern businesses are organized ?

Dissertation - 93 pages - Economy general

In the same way that the Fordist system revolutionized the business world in its time (working conditions, productivity and competitiveness), the introduction of computers, and thereafter of the Internet, deeply modified the contemporary firms. Created, in the plainest and yet most...

29 Nov 2010

International strategy of the Chinese manufacturer of Lenovo computers

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

Using the concept of diamond model, we can define the national advantages that Lenovo drew from its presence in China as follows: Specific conditions After a long isolation, the whole nation seemed to want to show the world its ability to adapt and prosper in the global economy. The nation...

26 May 2009

Need for financial statement analysis in a computer hardware industry

Tutorials/exercises - 38 pages - Finance

Financial management, as an integral part of overall management is not totally an independent area. It draws heavily on related disciplines and fields of study such as economics, accounting, marketing, production and quantitative methods. The scope of finance function was treated by the...

12 Oct 2009

Bead Bar's superior computer system

Thesis - 5 pages - Computer science

A standard business depends on information technology for their continued existence. Information technology can provide a business with efficiency which assists a business to be highly successful. Recently, information systems have been recognized as a tool for obtaining a competitive advantage....

15 Apr 2009

Computer graphics

Thesis - 7 pages - Computer science

The importance and application of computer graphics ranges from being able to play a three dimensional videogame to being able to quickly visualize automotive, aerospace, and even biological shapes and figures. Prototypes and models have become cultural artifacts with the up rise of...

29 May 2009

Computers and weather forecasting

Presentation - 60 pages - Computer science

This presentation tells about weather forecasting and the usage of computers in this field. It then names a few Indian departments supporting this feature. Later it gives a detailed description on how the details are collected on the computer. Next topic is about surface...

11 Jun 2009

Computer vision signal processing on graphics processing units

Thesis - 5 pages - Computer science

In some sense, computer graphics and computer vision are inverses of one another. Special purpose computer vision hardware is rarely found in typical mass-produced personal computers, but graphics processing units (GPUs) found on most personal computers, often...

30 May 2009

A paper outlining the process of implementing a new computer system

Thesis - 9 pages - Computer science

The hardware and software for the computer system for the clinic must be able to support all the information requirement of the clinic and not only the requirements of its operations function. Render and Heizer said that in order to provide services, an organization undergoes three primary...

12 Jan 2009

Computer simulation study of ionic and non ionic hydration

Tutorials/exercises - 6 pages - Physics

Liquids, solution, and liquid crystals present local, but not long-range order. On one hand particles in liquids interacts much strongly than the particles in gas, and this prevents the use of the usual statistical mechanics methods to predict their structure and properties since the needed...

13 Jul 2009

Computers as cultural objects

Thesis - 3 pages - Social sciences

The computer is without a doubt a central to the creation of culture in the twentieth-century (and beyond). Why is it that the computer has become so central to our culture when it is just a tool, or specifically a means for processing and spreading information? It many ways it is...

20 Jul 2008

Apple computers

Essay - 3 pages - Business strategy

The PC market is one of the largest in the world. It has essentially become a part of everyday life for almost anyone living in an industrialized nation. Among the corporations that dominate this market, none has greater name recognition than Apple. Apple's computers, along with their...