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03 Apr 2023

Do New Technologies Prevent Consumers From Being Loyal to Brands?

Essay - 4 pages - Clients and users behaviour

The digitilization of the world is disrupting all human activities. By modifying the way we obtain, transmit and exchange information, digital technology is profoundly changing the way we consume, trade and communicate. New technologies are also disrupting our approach to marketing and especially...

29 Sep 2015

Does displaying nutritional information in fast food restaurants impact consumers ?

Essay - 22 pages - Medical studies

In Western societies food is usually readily available, but poor nutritional choices have been linked to poor health as well as to such things as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Often these choices involve fast food. (NHS Choices, undated):- The observed association between the number of...

19 Feb 2015

Are Consumers Interested In Ingredients? - Horse Meat Scandal, Europe

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

Time and again, most consumers purchase items from the shops including groceries and other food products without considering the ingredients that make up the food product or the grocery. However, recent findings and scandals regarding ready-made food and grocery, most notably, the...

11 Apr 2012

Consumers perception of scented brands

Essay - 11 pages - Services marketing

It is widely accepted that olfaction is a special sense for several reasons. The sense of smell is closely connected to the amigdala, which process emotions, and the hippocampus, which processes memories. That's why smell can bring up memories long forgotten, pleasant or not. This special feature...

29 Sep 2010

Thesis Proposal: The Utilization of Endorsers in Marketing and Advertisement, and Their Influence on Consumers

Essay - 4 pages - Services marketing

Companies are using endorsers to market, advertise and promote their products and services. These endorsers have a real and proved influence on the consumers and in adequation on their consumption habits. It is frequent to see celebrities on advertisement, for some big companies, which can...

06 Apr 2010

A study on purchase intention of internet consumers using fuzzy ART (Adaptive Resonance Theory)

Tutorials/exercises - 7 pages - Logistics

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the purchase intention of consumers in the online bookstore. AIO (Activities, Interests and Opinions), a method of measuring consumers' lifestyle, and Factor Analysis are performed to understand consumers' propensity and to find out the...

29 Sep 2010

Trust online and the opinion of former consumers

Dissertation - 72 pages - Economy general

This study examines the issue of trust and the influence of the opinion of former users in electronic commerce. The lack of trust is the main reason why people are still reluctant to purchase online. Lack of trust is due to many reasons in online business, no physical contact, risk of theft of...

29 Sep 2010

The protection of consumers on Internet

Essay - 15 pages - Other law subjects

The recent boom of the internet in Europe and the emergence of a new kind of commerce (e-commerce) led to a widening of the commercial offers that can be proposed to the consumers. Simultaneous with such an expansion in internet offering come the demand for online security regarding the...

16 Jan 2009

A "fat tax" to encourage consumers to switch away from fats, sugar and processed foods

Essay - 4 pages - Government finance

People are obviously getting more and more fat. This fact cannot be denied. That is why, to curb this phenomenon, Kelly Brownell launched the idea of applying a fat tax on unhealthy food, in his article published in the New York Times in 1994. Such a tax could encourage people to buy less...

16 Jan 2009

The impact of negative rumors on consumers' behaviors

Essay - 13 pages - Services marketing

Mac Donald's has been one of the most famous victim of negative rumors, with the “wormburgers' scare” (Newsweek, 1977). “Wormburgers” are hamburgers made with worms-based steak. In 1977, an astonishing rumor took birth in the United States, blaming the famous hamburger firm to...

07 May 2009

What should advertisers do to make online advertising more engaging to consumers?

Thesis - 3 pages - Management

Internet offers a wide range of possibilities. This overview of the different tools that advertisers can use shows how much Internet is opening to a new world of communication.But Internet has also generated an historical revolution concerning relationships between brands and consumers. In...

12 Mar 2009

The phenomenon of fandom: Refuting the view that consumers of mass media culture are passive cultural dopes?

Thesis - 4 pages - Social sciences

In the last century television, film and video came to dominate the mass mediated world and increasingly continues to do so today with an abundance of entertainment being brought into the homes of millions of people globally provided by the culture industry. A popular and traditional view of mass...

21 Jun 2009

Evaluation of print media as a medium of advertising with respect to consumers and advertisers

Dissertation - 46 pages - Services marketing

The topic Evaluation of print media as a medium of advertising with respect to consumers and advertisers is one of the best topics, which focuses on the print media sector as one of the means of providing services to the society that carries the idea or message of the marketer to the...

13 Jan 2009

Study of Auchan: Understanding its consumers behaviour

Market study - 4 pages - Services marketing

Auchan is one of the world's leading retail groups. As shown on appendix 1, this group operates 357 hypermarkets in 11 countries across the world, and 649 supermarkets in France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia and Morocco. In France, Auchan has two main competitors Leclerc and Carrefour, its market...

11 Nov 2021

How do brands manage to create genuine consumer communities through social networks? Case Study of Starbucks and Burger King

Dissertation - 7 pages - Digital & e-marketing

With the emergence of the Internet, any business wishing to retain consumers and increase brand awareness must have an excellent digital marketing strategy. For this, brands generally turn to social networks that allow them to create a community of loyal and engaged consumers while...

28 Dec 2021

Sustainability in the Fashion and Apparel/Consumer Products Industries

Essay - 4 pages - Fashion and ready to wear marketing

Sustainability in global industries such as Fashion & Apparel, Consumer Products, and Food & Agriculture is a major subject of society. All of these industries face major sustainability-related problems and challenges that they need to overcome to protect the planet. Among these...

03 Sep 2014

The relationship between consumer education and consumer buying behavior in UAE

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Worldwide evolution is dependent on the current and great developments in the technological and industrial sectors. As a result, many players in the business environment are competing insistently in order to capture wider markets. This is greatly influenced by the business education in a country...

20 Apr 2015

The Brazilian economy: Consumer X Interest

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

In the previous part, we have seen that, in theory, the consumer reacts negatively to an increase in interest rates. We will seek to verify this part of the chapter the behavior of interest variables, consumption and inflation in the Brazilian economy after the adoption of inflation...

05 Sep 2014

Global Critical Thinking: China's Counterfeit Consumer Goods-Good or Bad?

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Critical thinking is more than a phrasal buzz, a reflective thought rather than a routine thought. Critical thinking involves persistent and careful processes of considerations of credibility and solutions to the supposed global issues. There are global issues that need to be addressed by the...

20 Apr 2015

Inflationary goal models and interaction with the consumer - The Brazilian case

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The Central Bank, in order to achieve the inflation target, use the instruments of monetary policy at your disposal. The main one is the aggregate demand control via interest rates. Whenever there are inflationary pressures, interest rate of the economy increases. Consumption is reduced in favor...

05 Mar 2009

Consumer Protection Act of India: When the consumer is a king

Thesis - 31 pages - Other law subjects

A consumer is a user of goods and services. Any person paying for goods and services which he uses is entitled to expect that the goods and services are of a nature and quality promised to him by the seller. The earlier principle of "Caveat Emptor" or "let the buyer beware" which was...

16 Jan 2007

Principles and practices of consumer's protection within the European Union

Thesis - 19 pages - European law

The European Union aims at protecting the health, safety and economic well-being of its citizens. It promotes their rights to information, helps them safeguard their interests and encourages them to set up consumer associations. Consumer policy is designed to improve the quality of...

03 Apr 2009

The impact of brand ambassadors/celebrity endorsements through advertisement in brand building and their influence on consumer behavior

Thesis - 51 pages - Services marketing

Over the years, many growing and grown brands have jumped on to the celebrity endorsement bandwagon. Marketers are aware of the power of celebrities in advertisement and branding and their influence on consumer buying decisions. Endorsement is a medium of brand communication in which a...

07 May 2009

Marketing strategy of Vodafone in India and the consumer's attitude towards their services

Market study - 50 pages - Services marketing

The de regulation in the INDIAN telecommunication markets since the beginning of the 1997s has brought about significant changes in the communication industry. The mobile telephone market has changed dramatically over the past 5 years in INDIA. Mobiles have become so popular that many people use...

29 Sep 2010

The role of the ECJ's (European Court of Justice) : the consumer who is reasonably well-informed and reasonably observant and circumspect

Essay - 14 pages - European law

The legal term of the “average consumer” was created by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to protect the average consumer against unfair commercial practises. After the Second War World, many states were indeed inspired by Keynes's theory that aimed at division of...

10 Jan 2011

Electronic Commerce and the Purchase Behavior of a French Consumer

Dissertation - 99 pages - Economy general

The purchase behavior of an individual can be broken down into several stages, which are determined by the purchasing individual, the product and the purchase situation. When the consumption pattern is weak, the perceived risk will be high. e-commerce also falls under the same framework. The...

27 Jan 2011

The influence of music on the behavior of purchase of the consumer (2008)

Dissertation - 45 pages - Services marketing

Armed with a specialization in marketing from my studies at ESC Reims, and a real passion for this sector, I decided to explore the realm of sensory marketing. Indeed, this new marketing approach seems to provide real operational value to the discipline. Subsequently, I am more focused on a...

13 Aug 2008

To what extent does e-commerce favour market facilitation over consumer objectives?

Essay - 8 pages - Services marketing

Traditional business models cite “location, location, location” as the critical factor for commercial success, however the hallmark of e-commerce is that issues of location in the physical sense are not relevant . As such, the concept of “location” has created an internal...

13 Jan 2009

Consumer empowerment

Thesis - 6 pages - Services marketing

With the growing industry of ethics consumption and environmental friendly products, the marketing industry has radically changed its traditional system of approaching their consumers. Indeed their marketing strategies are much more customer driven as the “authority of...

13 Jun 2006

Head & Shoulders: A Comprehensive Look at Consumer Behaviour

Case study - 18 pages - Services marketing

This report provides an analysis and evaluation of Procter & Gamble's hair care line, Head & Shoulders. With Head & Shoulders new marketing campaign, this report analyses the effectiveness of this campaign in comparison to the ever growing competition of other anti-dandruff hair care products in...