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27 Jan 2011

Costs and strategy management

Case study - 5 pages - Management

I. Current Strategic Context - In a context that is characterized by increasing turbulence and constant strengthening of competition, the ability of a company to create value for the customer appears to have become a sustained competitive advantage. - The value of the product is what the...

29 Sep 2010

The Euro: Costs & Benefits for France

Essay - 3 pages - Economy general

On the 1st of January 1999, the euro went into circulation as a common currency for eleven of the fifteen European Union countries, with Greece joining in 2001. France joined in 1999. The ratification of the Maastricht treaty in November of 1993 provoked the creation of the European Monetary...

29 Sep 2010

Study on Moroccan Labour law, Labour Resources and Costs

Case study - 19 pages - Economy general

Morocco has created a favorable environment for investors as the result of an extensive program designed to attract business to the country. Multinational corporations that have invested in Morocco benefited from those competitive advantages on several fronts. This study gives detailed...

17 Aug 2009

A comparative financial analysis of the costs and benefits of a lease-purchase investment

Case study - 5 pages - Accounting

This report was prepared as a result of work performed by the accounting and finance department in response to management request to investigate the company's lease-purchase options for the IT department. The upgrade of our IT material and equipment is essential for Reunite Corporation to remain...

15 Jan 2009

Distinguish between equilibrium and cyclic unemployment, and outline the private and social costs associated with each type

Essay - 4 pages - Economy general

Unemployment is seen as a plague in many countries. Plus, we are often told about how to tackle it and given some figures spelling the number of unemployed people. But what does this really mean? Governments do not tell much about unemployment's features and the real consequences it entails....

18 Nov 2020

Traditional and low cost airlines - marketing strategies

Case study - 11 pages - Tourism marketing

The airline industry has undergone profound changes in the space of a few years. First of all, because of increased digitisation, but also because of other so-called low-cost companies which have emerged and which have disrupted the traditional aviation pattern. This has been a great thing...

12 Sep 2014

Macro Cost Estimation for Construction- Manhattan Company

Case study - 7 pages - Management

The operation within the Manhattan Company, which deals with construction of armories, has a setback of harmonizing the budgetary allocation with the high inflation rates. State agencies face the problem of controlling budgets within their jurisdiction due to poor estimation of the costs....

24 Nov 2014

Health Insurance Cost of University Employees - Research paper

Case study - 12 pages - Educational studies

Employee health insurance is a benefit provided based on the length of service, commitment, the position of the employee and the specifications of the scheme set by the employer. Employees of various US universities have a package that they are able to take advantage, of, however, the cost...

28 Jul 2015

Estimation of the cost of equity capital using Gordon's dividend discount model

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

Mishkin and Eakins, (2006) defines expected rate of return on equity as “the amount of net income returned as a percentage of shareholders' equity.” The return on equity is used to estimate the profitability of a company by establishing the amount of income generated using investor...

25 Nov 2008

Designing and elements of a cost management system

Essay - 10 pages - Business strategy

An entity's legal nature reflects its organizational form. Selecting the organizational form is one of the most important decisions business owners make. This choice affects the costs of raising capital, operating the business (including taxation issues), and, possibly, litigating. The...

12 Mar 2009

Managerial economics focusing on cost and revenue analysis

Thesis - 19 pages - Economy general

Health service providers have to carefully manage the use of scarce resources while meeting a growing demand for services and rising expectations for quality. Conducting cost and revenue analysis can greatly increase a managers' understanding of the factors that affect resource use,...

03 Apr 2009

A brief overview of job costing

Thesis - 7 pages - Accounting

Job costing is one of the methods of counting costs & is used when job orders are undertaken in a factory or a workshop or contracts are taken out to build houses, construct roads, bridges etc. Many companies manufacture goods against orders. They are what is known as “jobbing...

29 Apr 2009

Cost concepts and classification (20 Slides)

Presentation - 20 pages - Accounting

The costing terminology of the Institute of cost and works accounts,London defines cost as”The amount of expenditure (actual or notional) incurred on or attributable to a given thing.” In the words of Harold J.Wheldon,”costing is the classifying and appropriate...

13 May 2009

The low cost airline market

Thesis - 6 pages - Services marketing

Our future business career will conduce us to travel around the world. The way of traveling is a factor which influences international relations. The emergence of the low cost airlines has modified the traditional market. During our 4 years at ESTA, we have been directly touched by the low...

28 Oct 2009

Costing methods and systems

Thesis - 5 pages - Accounting

Cost: Cost is the expenditure incurred on production of goods and services, either to be sold as finished products or used in the production of other goods and services. Costing: It is the technique and process of ascertaining and calculating costs. It is the formal...

10 May 2010

Fuzzy expert model for order cost efficiency in capacitated two-echelon distribution chains

Thesis - 12 pages - Management

The supply chain researchers are commonly trying to optimize one or more decision variables under stochastic conditions. This paper considers a capacitated two-echelon divergent distribution chain facing stochastic demand and order cost fluctuations. The limited storage facility of the...

29 Sep 2010

The strategy of the 'Ryanair', the pioneer of low cost airlines (2007)

Case study - 15 pages - Business strategy

In 2006-2007, Ryanair has become the world's most profitable airline on the basis of its operating and net profit margins and on a per-airplane and per-passenger basis. Indeed, the profits expected for the first half of fiscal 2007 were 329 million euros, which is a record for the Irish...

31 Dec 2010

The marketing tools of the low cost airline companies

Thesis - 31 pages - Services marketing

The low cost concept was first introduced in 1971 in the United States, with the launch of a new company called "Southwest Airlines". However, the concept only gained popularity and set the cash registers ringing with the creation of Ryanair in 1991. Backed by its pioneering pricing...

31 Dec 2010

Marketing strategies of the traditional low cost airlines

Thesis - 30 pages - Services marketing

The airline sector has evolved in recent years, with low-cost airline companies offering tickets at unbeatable prices. Many traditional companies are thus forced to compete with these prices in order to remain competitive in the market. These low cost tariffs are offered by the low...

16 Feb 2011

Installation of a system of cost accounting in Monegasque (Morocco)

Dissertation - 84 pages - Accounting

Cost accounting has a double arsenal. As a first arsenal in the long term, it is probably very effective because it addresses the costs, and requires political courage of managers. This arsenal includes the planning, control equipment and staff and a real management control. A...

28 Sep 2007

Cost-efficient Business Management

Essay - 5 pages - Management

Cost-efficient business management is on the tip of the mind for many business owners across the world. It does not matter whether the business in question is a corporation employing several thousand team members or a start-up in a local community with just a few over the counter...

03 Jun 2008

Easy-jet's position in the low-cost carrier market: Recommendations for the best strategic plans the company should pursue in future

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Management

Easyjet began operations in November of 1995. Although the organization spent a number of years struggling to establish itself, by 2000 stock for the organization was being offered on the London Stock Exchange. By 2004, Easyjet was named the top low-cost airline in Europe. Despite this...

04 Aug 2008

Cost - effectiveness in health care

Essay - 5 pages - Journalism

Applying cost-effectiveness to heath care is “a clear necessity for responsible nonprofit management.” (Schmaedick, 1993, p. 3) Cost-effectiveness analysis is an equally necessary tool for a responsible physician who has no choice but to allocate limited resources.Today's...

09 Jan 2009

Cost literature review: Assisted reproductive techniques and In-vitro fertilization

Thesis - 11 pages - Medical studies

According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, fertility problems affect 7.3 million of women and their partners in the United States. That compromises about twelve percent of the population of reproductive age (American Society for Reproductive Medicine, 2008). The majority of...

15 Jan 2009

How Air France could be differentiated from low-cost carriers?

Essay - 5 pages - Business strategy

The objective of this investigation project is to show, analyse and discuss about the way that Air France would fight against low-cost carriers in the same market. In our contemporary world, the airline industry is one of the most important tools in globalization, making possible travels...

16 Jan 2009

Olympic accounting authority- cost control systems - published: 16/01/2009

Essay - 4 pages - Accounting

In your role as head management accountant, you have been asked to prepare a report for your new junior colleagues in the organization who are new to accounting and have little management accounting experience. In your report you may decide to focus upon a broad range of issues relevant to the...

20 Jan 2009

Strategy of cost leadership

Essay - 8 pages - Management

In a market where competition is at it's peak, companies perpetually seek to win over new customers, new markets and to generate strong profits. They have thus banked on a new strategy to be more competitive: cost leadership. The strategy of cost leadership aims at directing the...

17 May 2009

Olympic accounting authority- cost control systems

Thesis - 3 pages - Accounting

In 2006 the Olympic committee decided to dedicate £400 billion in order to establish a Cost Control system. This system is composed of two core elements: a planning process and a responsibility accounting scheme. The planning process requires enumerating the Olympic committee plans of...

15 Apr 2010

Time-cost trade-off in project networks through deterministic simulation

Thesis - 8 pages - Business strategy

Traditionally, the time-cost problem is addressed by CPM-based analytical approach that involves lot of computation work. The method assumes unlimited resources and the existence of a continuous time-cost function. However, given the discrete nature of most resources, activities can...

10 May 2010

Cost optimization of supply chain networks using particle swarm optimization

Thesis - 8 pages - Computer science

With increasing competitiveness in the business world, focus on supply chain has got greater attention. Therefore supply chain has to be made effective by reducing unnecessary losses occurring in the supply network. These losses are caused due to production, distribution planning and improper...