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27 Apr 2015

Evolution of lodging networks during the economic crisis: What happened to Airbnb and to budget hotels in the context of the crisis in the USA?

Case study - 25 pages - Management

The financial crisis started In September 2008, in the USA, with the bankrupt of Lehman Brothers. This financial shock led to a deep and long economic crisis. The USA has started to experience economic recovery in 2010 but the economic growth has still been low....

08 Jan 2015

The worst economic crisis - Late 1970s to early 1980s

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

The worst economic crisis that happened in the world history occurred between the late 1970s spreading over the years to early 1980s. The USA was one of the world economies that were greatly hit by the economic downturn. The debts escalated and savings went down in the...

20 Apr 2015

The economic crisis - external debt

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The economic crisis in Brazil at the beginning of the 80 forces the company to maintain, throughout the decade, approximately the same number of pigs slaughtered in 1980. What is striking is that in 1986 the Concordia plant of Sadia group hit 855,501 heads and in 1989, only 601 507...

05 Apr 2013

Indian economic crisis

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

The roots of the 1991 currency crisis in India can be seen during the entire decades that precede it. As a matter of fact it lies in the large and persistent macroeconomic imbalances that developed over the 1980s. A close examination of the government expenditures, over the 1980s, suggests...

03 Mar 2011

The Future of the Beer Industry after the World Economic Crisis

Market study - 9 pages - Services marketing

Beer is an alcoholic beverage obtained by fermentation. It is made from water, malt (sprouted grain, usually barley, sometimes wheat or rye) and hops. Beer may either be produced industrially or manually in a brewery, but can be manufactured by an individual. It can be grouped by the structure or...

10 Jan 2011

The Euro and the Recent Economic Crisis

Thesis - 2 pages - Economy general

In 1960, the European Economic Community (EEC) decided to establish a single currency for all the nations that are a part of it. The Barre Plan embodied the same idea in 1969 and the Werner Plan wanted to establish the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) of Europe in 1970. The idea of...

21 Jun 2010

The global economic crisis and its impact on the German economy: The case of Strabag AG

Thesis - 7 pages - Economy general

The world economy is going through a very difficult period. The global economic crisis which began in the USA with the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market, spread to the rest of the world. After the US, Europe was the first to experience the negative impact of the...

21 Jun 2010

The global economic crisis and its impact on economy of Finland: The case of Nokia corporation

Thesis - 7 pages - Economy general

The global economy is experiencing the impact of an unprecedented economic downturn which began in the United States and spread all over the world. This paper provides an overview of the impact of the global crisis on the economy of Finland in 2008 and 2009. The course work analysis...

29 Sep 2010

The recent economic crisis both confirms and challenges differing views of globalisation

Essay - 5 pages - Economy general

Globalization is the process of making businesses, philosophies, cultures and technologies on a worldwide basis, and where the global economy is characterized as being an interconnecting market place. According to George Stonehouse and his co-writers in 'Global and Transnational...

12 Jul 2010

The concept of economic rationality and its place in the economic crisis

Thesis - 5 pages - Economy general

Economic rationality is talked about when the behavior of individuals corresponds to their interests. Agents are expected to act in a way that maximizes their well-being. This well-being is often calculated with a utility function that takes into account the income and leisure time. The...

24 Aug 2010

A comparison of today's economic crisis to the Great Depression of 1929-1939

Thesis - 2 pages - Economy general

Today we are faced with an economic crisis that has affected the United States of America and reached out to shake economies the world over. Stock markets, nationally and internationally have hit all-time lows. The housing market, banks and other financial lending institutions, the...

27 Oct 2009

The U.S. economic crisis and possible solutions

Thesis - 10 pages - Economy general

The U.S. economic cycle was due to many factors that had roots for over a decade. Much of what has been seen was due to the high levels of confidence built over the years as a result of healthy and fast growing economy, and to the improper steps taken by many of the financial institutions...

28 Jul 2008

Economic crisis in South-east Asia

Essay - 5 pages - Economy general

In order to fully appreciate the nature of the economic crisis in south-east Asia, it would be necessary to have at least some insight into the nature of these economies prior to the financial problems they experienced1. Before the onset of the Asian crisis, the south-east...

09 Feb 2021

Greece - Economic, Social issues and Migration crisis

Essay - 5 pages - Foreign markets

Greece is a country located in the South East of Europe. It is a member of the European Union and its population is about 10.75 million inhabitants. It's a member of the EU since 1981 and joined the Eurozone in 2001. In the past few years, Greece experienced an economic crisis,...

05 Jul 2013

How far do you agree that the crisis experienced by China in the late 1980s was due to "the inevitable consequences of the policies of economic liberalization by Deng Xiaoping"?

Case study - 5 pages - Political science

Shortly after the death of Mao Zedong in 1976 came the rehabilitation of Deng Xiaoping. During the latter's reign, China experienced a crisis in the late 1980s, the 1989 Tiananmen Crisis, during which the army attacked students who held a demonstration demanding political...

21 Jun 2010

Managing hotel occupancy in times of economic and financial crisis: Region Bulgaria

Tutorials/exercises - 24 pages - Economy general

This student dissertation addresses managing hotel occupancy in Bulgaria during the financial and economic crisis. Bulgarian hospitality industry is among the sectors which were severely affected by the global financial and economic crisis. This paper analyses the...

16 Jan 2009

Macroeconomic events before and after Argentina's 2001-2002 currency crisis

Essay - 5 pages - Economy general

In practice economical balance is unachievable. Stabilization conditions that many scholars and economists claim are but fleeting status of the economy. Some of the major crises around the world including the US stock market collapse, Asian financial crisis, Latin financial crisis...

14 Sep 2023

Crises of Capitalism: 1847, a 19th-century crisis heralds the future

Essay - 4 pages - Economy general

Between slave societies, characterized not only by exploitation but by the possession of man by man, and capitalist society, where man is free in law but where the labour of those who have only their arms exploited by the owners of the means of production. While capitalism, as the dominant mode...

04 Jun 2023

What future for the French economy after the Covid-19 crisis? - The "France 2030" investment plan proposed by President Macron

Essay - 6 pages - Economic politics

In 2020, the health crisis caused a recession of -7.9% for France. France had a fairly stable economy before the crisis and the various confinements led to a negative evolution of the economy as well as a recession in GDP. The French economy is growing little but resisting the...

19 Aug 2021

Introduction to economic principles and terminology

Course material - 20 pages - Theories and economic notions

Economics is currently in a phase of uncertainty: economics is not an exact science. There is a rising trade war between the US and mainly but not only China. The US also has trade disagreements with the EU and its partners in NAFTA (North American Free Trade Association: Canada and...

01 Mar 2022

How does the phenomenon of unemployment impact Brazil both economically and in its development?

Essay - 5 pages - Micro-economy, job-unemployment

With an area of 8,514,876 km², Brazil is one of the five largest countries in the world. It is located in Latin America and borders seven countries, some of which are Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay. Brazil is also the eighth-largest country in the world with a GDP of 2054 billion dollars....

19 Feb 2015

The global financial crisis (2007/2008)

Case study - 6 pages - Business strategy

During the 2007/2008 period, the world experienced a financial crisis that rivaled the great depression experienced in the late 1920's. According to Turner, the total cost of the crisis undoubtedly exceeds trillions using any of the major currencies . The crisis resulted in...

07 Nov 2014

The Euro crisis and its impact

Case study - 19 pages - Political science

The Euro crisis is an economic crisis which not only points to the weaknesses of economic integration, but also points at the consequences of poor economic policies at the state level. The aim of this paper is to synthesize literature on the causes, progression...

19 Nov 2014

Islamic finance and its come back after the last economic crash

Case study - 4 pages - Criminal law

The economic crash took place between 2007 and 2008. It originated from the United States. It is the worst economic crisis that has ever hit the world up to today. It has become a global issue, hitting economies in all countries. It has led to the fall or decline in the...

06 Nov 2014

International Finance and Investment-The Greece Debt Crisis

Case study - 21 pages - Educational studies

Human fallibility ripped off Greece the dignity accorded to its rich history as the economy has been marred with endless conflicts, whose effects spreads beyond its national frontiers. The events revealing themselves in the Greece economy have caught the entire Eurozone in denials and bargains of...

17 Oct 2014

Islamic Economics as a Solution to Strengthen Economy

Case study - 3 pages - Economy general

The financial crisis lately become more common since the era of globalization. Countries are experiencing a crisis not only in Latin America, Asia, Europe, but also hit the United States. U.S. financial crisis spread to various countries including Indonesia. Almost all...

12 Feb 2021

How are companies adapting their activity to the COVID-19 crisis?

Case study - 9 pages - Management

In this argument, we will try to explain a management problem that companies constantly encounter in their environment, whatever their sector and size, taking into account more particularly in the current crisis context. Thus, the following question will be answered more precisely: "How...

06 Nov 2014

Human Resource Approach during Economic Downturn

Case study - 15 pages - Human resources

The contemporary environmental dynamisms present new and unpredictable economic patterns translating into new challenges for organizations already struggling to keep pace with the market volatility. While the general entrepreneur agrees that the risks are abound during turbulent times, the...

23 Aug 2022

Politics and crisis management

Essay - 6 pages - Social sciences

Crisis management has certainly become a critical feature of contemporary management and governance. During periods of crisis, members of organizations and communities expect leaders to work out strategies that minimize the impacts of crises at hand, while bureaucratic competitors...

10 Feb 2021

The today health crisis poses the problem of its financing in large part by public debt - With the subprime crisis, how can the impact of such a cost be sustainable on the budget ?

Dissertation - 8 pages - International economy

According to an article published on April 28, 2020, in the newspaper Les Echos and written by Renaud Honoré, the current rate of French public debt is twice as high as that of the subprime crisis in 2008. In fact, we never reached these figures since the Second World War. European debt...