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20 Oct 2023

The Multiple Terms in Finance, Business, and Economy

Worksheets - 3 pages - Economy general

This document is a vocabulary worksheet on the different terms used in finance, business, and economy.

04 Jun 2023

What future for the French economy after the Covid-19 crisis? - The "France 2030" investment plan proposed by President Macron

Essay - 6 pages - Economic politics

In 2020, the health crisis caused a recession of -7.9% for France. France had a fairly stable economy before the crisis and the various confinements led to a negative evolution of the economy as well as a recession in GDP. The French economy is growing little but resisting...

11 Jul 2022

History of the British economy

Course material - 2 pages - Modern history

After WW2, to give Britain the chance to rebuild itself economically and socially, the Labour government established the “Post-War consensus” based on the principles of the Beveridge Report from 1945 up to 1979, the two main political parties Labour and Conservative agreed to follow the...

15 Jan 2021

The United States in the Economy

Course material - 25 pages - International economy

Globalization is a contest content, it can have a negative view; responsible of outsourcing, massive unemployment (Europe), positive view; eliminate discrimination, global general culture, universalism. A complex reality, positive & negative sides. Is a process of interaction and integration...

03 May 2021

Why the gig economy is the best and worst development for workers under 30?

Essay - 1 pages - International economy

The gig economy is a result of the shift of the 21st century's economy. It skyrocketed this past twenty years in the global market, because of the success of companies like Uber, Deliveroo, Airbnb who based its activity on the same business model in the service sector (tertiary...

30 Jul 2021

Sustainable Tourism in Croatia - How Does Croatia Operate its Shift Towards a More Sustainable Economy Through Tourism?

Thesis - 24 pages - Tourism marketing

In 1800, there were 900 million human beings on earth. In 2020, the Earth is home to 7.8 billion people. This strong population growth is accompanied by an increase in demand for goods and services and production methods that cause environmental and social disorders. In the 1970s, many experts...

14 Sep 2020

Digital Innovation: the Impact of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Automation on Jobs and the Economy

Essay - 3 pages - Computer science

While it is certain that AI and robotics are already automating low-skilled jobs such as the job of the cashier, the argument of the article displays a dystopian and technological determinist point of view. The idea is that AI will destroy more jobs than it creates and that robots might take over...

22 Jan 2020

Economy - Types, factors and effects of inflation in Malaysia

Essay - 21 pages - Economy general

In the economy, inflation means an increase in the general price of goods and services in an economy from time to time. G. Ackley defined inflation as ‘a persistent and appreciable rise in the general level or averĀ­age of prices'. With the increase in general price levels, each...

29 Sep 2016

The Equal Pay for Equal Work Act and its impact on the American economy

Course material - 3 pages - Economy general

The nineteen sixties were a time of change in the world and especially in America, where Vietnam protests and demands for civil rights had taken off. In this time of change the sixties saw women in greater numbers demanding the same rights as men and one of those rights was the ability to join...

20 Apr 2015

The Brazilian economy: Consumer X Interest

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

In the previous part, we have seen that, in theory, the consumer reacts negatively to an increase in interest rates. We will seek to verify this part of the chapter the behavior of interest variables, consumption and inflation in the Brazilian economy after the adoption of inflation...

08 Jan 2015

European Union Influence in International Political Economy

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

International political economy is a field that tries to understand global and international problems through an electric interdisciplinary array of theoretical perspectives and analytical tool. It encompasses analysis of political economy in the global trade, international finance,...

07 Nov 2014

Devaluation in Open Economy

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

Over the years, the global economy has undergone massive transformation emerging from the desire to run the national economies under financial strength arising from the expanding international trade. Ordinarily, the international trade demand use of foreign exchange to leverage the absence...

17 Oct 2014

Islamic Economics as a Solution to Strengthen Economy

Case study - 3 pages - Economy general

The financial crisis lately become more common since the era of globalization. Countries are experiencing a crisis not only in Latin America, Asia, Europe, but also hit the United States. U.S. financial crisis spread to various countries including Indonesia. Almost all countries that apply the...

21 Feb 2014

Impact of the department of education on the US economy

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

The US economy is largely influenced by consumers and producers. Government activities, however also play a huge role in molding the US economy. This is because the government is the one tasked with guiding the overall pace of the economy, maintain its steady growth, increase...

14 Jan 2014

The economy of Portugal

Case study - 18 pages - Economy general

Portugal joined EU in the 1986 and since then has remodeled its economy in more than one way. Portugal's economy was mostly based on production of agricultural products, where about two thirds of the country was employed in this sector. After joining the EU Portugal has diversified...

31 Jul 2014

The Tourism sector in Chile: Chilean economy and Implantation of foreign companies

Case study - 8 pages - Economy general

Between 1973 and the early 1990s, Chile underwent a troubled political situation with a dictatorship situation of the government. Logically, the destinations in this situation remain on the sidelines of world tourism. But when the political crisis in Chile had subsided, giving way to democracy...

05 Nov 2014

Multinational Corporations and their Consequences on the International Economy

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

Multinational corporations are those businesses that have a direct ownership of assets, which they run in more than one state outside their country in which they are built-in, and also they generally retain their headquarters. It means that these corporations have roots in their state. However;...

10 Jun 2013

Globalization and economy (negative effects)

Essay - 2 pages - Political science

Globalization has been defined in various ways by different scholars. In economic terms, globalization refers to progression of incorporating different isolated national markets of capital, labor and commodities into a single world market which different investors across the globe can exchange...

10 Jul 2013

How valid were Third World criticisms of international economy between 1945 and 1991?

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

With the end of the Second World War in 1945 came the reconstruction and development of the global economy via such pillars of multilateralism as the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). At this point I must specify...

24 Jul 2013

A critical review of Downs, A. (1957) 'An Economic Theory of Political Action in a Democracy', Journal of Political Economy, 65(2): 135-150

Case study - 3 pages - Political science

In his seminal work “An economic Theory of Political Action in Democracy” Anthony Downs suggests that traditional economic theory is united in its exclusion of the impact of government as an economic agent. He sets out to address this issue by creating a model that sets key conditions...

16 Dec 2013

Spain economy: An empirical analysis

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

Spain is one of the largest economies in Europe with a GDP over 1.3 trillion USD. They experienced an economic boom in the early 2000's as most industrialized nations did. However, with an increasing trade deficit, looming of the housing bubble about to burst and the worldwide financial crisis in...

05 Apr 2013

The diversification of Oman's economy to oil alternative sources of income

Case study - 3 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Oman relies heavily on oil for its economy which contributes a large proportion of the GDP of this country although it's not a large producer like its neighbors who heavily rely on oil in their economies. To reduce the gap left by oil in the GDP, agriculture and fishing play a major role...

29 Nov 2012

A snapshot of Portuguese economy

Case study - 1 pages - Business strategy

Portugal's banking and financial system is sound, competitive and well managed. Despite being not as large as other EU nations, the banking system in Portugal can be compared with other EU nations in terms of profitability, efficiency and solvency. The challenges for the banking system of...

21 May 2012

"The UK economy looks battered. People don't like the outlook. They are showing their feelings by selling the Pound." Strategist Jeremy Stretch quoted in the Sun. Explain this quote. Does the exchange rate matter? Can and should the UK government do

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

The current UK economic climate is uncertain. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), used as a measure of National Income has only recently in the fourth quarter of 2009 inched out of the negative and into positive growth of 0.1 per cent. This is after a long recession which began in the first half of...

27 Feb 2012

South Africa - An investment-friendly economy

Thesis - 7 pages - Economy general

This paper is devoted to one of the most advanced, broad-based and productive economy in Africa. This paper is about trying to understand how the Republic of South Africa became "one of the most advanced and productive economies" in Africa. We will pay attention to foreign direct...

19 May 2011

How did the rise of mass production transform the role of the United States in the international political economy?

Thesis - 4 pages - Political science

The early twentieth century saw one of the most dramatic shifts of power noted in the studies of international political economy. Preceding and throughout the Great Wars, the United States of America underwent such dramatic and influential changes in its domestic industries that it not...

10 Jan 2011

BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and the global economy

Thesis - 11 pages - Economy general

BRIC is an acronym that refers to the countries Brazil, Russia, India and China. According to a paper published by Goldman Sachs in 2005, these countries have been growing rapidly, and will continue growing rapidly for the next fifty years. By the year 2050, the combined economies of the BRIC...

07 Jun 2011

India's impact on the world economy

Thesis - 8 pages - Economy general

The emergence of China and India as major economic players has had an important impact on the last 20 years of globalization, and it is now leading to important structural changes in the balance of power between countries by challenging the domination of the Triad: The United States, the European...

10 Jan 2011

Economy of Morocco

Thesis - 10 pages - Economy general

Morocco is a country of 29 million people with low-middle income, and gross domestic product per capita, estimated in 2001 to be 1190 U.S. dollars. Agriculture occupies an important place in the economy, with a share of GDP which has increased by about 15% over the last twenty years, and...

03 Mar 2011

The emerging triad in the new global economy

Essay - 7 pages - Economy general

Since 1980, the third technological revolution has been booming; a revolution based mainly on new information technologies and brand firmly established as a "new economy". With the help of these technologies, particularly the Internet, the information economy itself is now seen in...