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15 Sep 2014

Ancient Egypt culture: Reasons for lack of color in Egyptian fabrics

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Archaeologists claim that the linen material of the Egyptian clothing made it hard to produce. Linen is made from plant fiber, and the process of separating the fiber from flax is a difficult process that requires repeated soaking and beatings. However, the Egyptian manipulated the process and...

18 Aug 2014

Egypt- Source of African cultural Superiority

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

There is an age-old discussion about racial supremacy. Though there is a consensus that all people have equal intellect and that the environment pays a great role in shaping characters, the debate about African contributions to contemporary culture has been raging. There is a feeling that...

28 Jun 2012

Emmeline Lott: An Adventure into the Harems of Egypt

Essay - 17 pages - International relations

Throughout the 1800s, European academic was interested in the unfamiliar lands of the Middle East. various Egyptologists and Orientalist scholars brought lengthy descriptions of Eastern culture, history, and customs back to the Western world. The testament of Emmeline Lott, perhaps only an...

28 Jun 2012

The Copts: more Christian than Egyptian?

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

While it is true that the Middle East is an incredibly diverse area as far as religion is concerned, the Copts represent within Egypt a particular case. Indeed, although today they only represent 10% of the population , Christians claim themselves descendants of the people of ancient...

10 Jan 2011

The Priests of Ancient Egypt

Book review - 3 pages - Ancient history

While some aspects of Egyptian civilization have changed over the centuries, their concern for religion has remained immutable. Historical documents have left the image of deeply devout priests (a good example is the biography of Petosiris included in his tomb of Tuna el-Gebel) yet we must not...

29 Sep 2010

The impact of the Suez crisis on Britain, Egypt and Israel

Essay - 5 pages - Modern history

The Suez Crisis of 1956 has been commonly seen as a turning point in post war world history, the moment when Britain's pretension to world power status was stripped away, and when Egypt became the leader of the Arab world, an event which triggered a radical change in the relations...

29 Jun 2010

The history of the Mamluks of Egypt and Syria (1260-1517)

Thesis - 7 pages - Medieval history

For nearly 300 years the Mamluks were one of the greatest powers of the Middle Eastern Muslim World. They achieved the status of the strongest dynasty after having served as slaves for the Sultans before them. They emerged from their subservience to rule over Egypt, Palestine, Syria and...

17 Sep 2009

A study on the production, package, distribution and merchandizing process in Himalaya International Pvt Ltd (Egypt) (Garment industry)

Essay - 30 pages - Business strategy

Himalaya is located in the heart of Egypt, the land of Pharaohs and Cleopatra in a public free zone of Nasr City. Himalaya International was born on June 1999, and Christened on 21st December 1999 with an authorized and paid up capital of US 2.00 $ million. The land of Pharaohs and...

16 Jan 2009

Do U.S. policies towards Egypt and the Muslim Brothers' success affect the democratization process?

Essay - 10 pages - International relations

9.11 attacks and the U.S. reaction to launch a war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, aside with the perpetuating Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the U.S policies toward Egypt triggered an increased popularity of Islamists. In the context of the up coming Anti-terrorist law due to be...

08 May 2009

A discussion of noble women in ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian society

Thesis - 10 pages - Medieval history

Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt were both patriarchal societies. Women were second class citizens. However, in both civilizations women rose to prominence and even managed to rule. This paper will contrast those exceptions to male domination and the way they differed. The ancient...

16 May 2009

Doing business with Egyptians

Thesis - 6 pages - Journalism

If you are eager to do business or to invest in a foreign company, you have to be aware of some things about how is the business environment in the country you choose and how is the reality. That information is mainly related to the economy, culture, legislative and political fronts. That means...

30 Jun 2009

The destruction of Ancient Egyptian antiquity

Book review - 5 pages - Modern history

The chapter “The Destruction of the Pharaohs” discusses how much of the heritage of the pharaohs was destroyed by tomb robbers and casual tourism. As the pharaohs were laid in their tombs with considerable wealth, the first tomb robbers were contemporary Egyptians themselves. Later,...

01 Oct 2009

Ancient Egyptian astronomy

Thesis - 3 pages - Ancient history

Ancient Egypt is a very interesting culture. Like most ancient cultures, ancient Egypt placed lots of importance on the sky and the heavenly bodies. Unlike anything on Earth, the heavens seemed to be unchanging and all-powerful. The idea that the heavens were all-powerful was...

04 Nov 2008

Unholy Acts: The exile of Pope Shenouda in the context of Egyptian Religious Politics

Essay - 13 pages - Sociology

Soon after the end of Ramadan in August 1981, more than one hundred thousand Egyptian Muslims gathered in front of Abdin Palace in Cairo, ostensibly to celebrate the end of the fast. Western newspapers, however, reported that what appeared to be a prayer gathering had a political, as well as...

15 Jul 2008

Sermon 8 on the plagues of Egypt and the ten commandments of the law

Essay - 5 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Augustine was greatly appreciated by his respective community for his teachings on Christianity and the profile of the Christian identity. His resources were not limited to only the New Testament Scriptures but avail other writings to further fulfill such teachings. The Jewish Scripture, or the...

04 Dec 2008

The city of Alexandria - Egypt

Essay - 8 pages - Geography

An age-old eastern Mediterranean metropolis of nearly two and a half millennia, Alexandria is Egypt's second-largest city; an important, burgeoning industrial center; and the country's principal port. It also has survived as a romantic myth, as “the universal metropolis,” the...

18 Dec 2008

A critical study of Ramesses II: His contributions to Egypt as the last great pharaoh

Essay - 6 pages - Ancient history

The dictionary definition of “great” is: “of extraordinary powers; having unusual merit;” This definition fits with the interpretation of what it was to be great according to the pharaohs of the New Kingdom, especially those of the eighteenth and nineteenth dynasties. Sethos...

23 Apr 2008

Was The Egyptian site of El-Amarna a City?

Essay - 3 pages - Medieval history

Since the dawn of the human race, humans have recognized the need to work together in order to ensure their survival. This mindset allowed for the development of hunter gatherer societies which eventually evolved into fixed communities. Eventually these small irrigation based communities grew...

27 Nov 2007

Egyptian versus Greek Sculpture

Essay - 2 pages - Arts and art history

The Egyptian culture consistently maintained a powerful belief in the afterlife. As a result, tombs were lavished with clothing, furniture, and paintings to nourish the Ka or soul. Most importantly, statues were erected should anything happen to the body in which the soul must inhabit. The...

11 Dec 2007

Roadblocks, Forces and Reform in Egyptian Politics

Thesis - 6 pages - Political science

The 2005 elections deemed to be promising for Egypt. Hosni Mubarak had himself claimed to come “out of my full conviction of the need to consolidate efforts for more freedom and democracy.” The “reform” agenda had been initiated by the President himself, beginning with...

09 Aug 2022

How was the perception of Arab Spring and pan-Arabism by local and western approaches?

Essay - 7 pages - Modern history

If the Arab Spring has been largely diffused as an unprecedented wave of revolutionary moves into the Arabic world, its connections to a wider global history have often been limited to the tricky issue of pan-Arabism and its underlying questions about nationalism. It all started on December 17,...

16 Apr 2023

Political Parties and Election in the Middle East and North Africa

Summary - 2 pages - Political science

This text is based on "Elections under authoritarianism: Preliminary lessons from Jordan" by Ellen Lust, "Bullets over Ballots: Islamist groups, the state and electoral violence in Egypt and Morocco" by Hendrik Kraetzschmara and Francesco Cavatortab and "Elections and Distributive Politics...

12 Nov 2021

Border dispute - The Hala'ibTriangle (Halayeb Triangle)

Worksheets - 2 pages - World geography

I am going to introduce you to the border dispute concerning the Hala'ib Triangle, an area of 20,000 square kilometers between Egypt and Sudan. It is along the 22nd parallel, which represents the border between the two countries, excepted at this very place where the current border is...

09 Aug 2022

Analytical Report on a Conflict and Conflict Management: The War of the Sands

Tutorials/exercises - 15 pages - International relations

In 1956, Morocco claimed sovereignty over parts of the Sahara which were under Moroccan influence, “the Greater Morocco”. Interested in Algerian Sahara because of recently discovered resources, France tried to trade these territories against a common organization responsible for...

05 Aug 2022

In what ways conflicts between political entities in the Middle East have been shaped by the history of state formation in the area?

Essay - 6 pages - Political science

The key terms to understand such situations are "political entities" and "state formation". Speaking of political entities rather than states shows the diversity of actors that make up the political life of the Middle East and can change the configuration of the borders, ranging from paramilitary...

29 Jun 2010

The history of the Mediterranean 1798-1956

Tutorials/exercises - 24 pages - Medieval history

The history of the Mediterranean region deals with the interaction of cultures and people of the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea which was the central superhighway of transport trade and cultural exchange between diverse peoples. This history is important in order to understand the...

16 Aug 2012

Impact of economic liberalization on the flow of private foreign investment

Case study - 15 pages - International relations

The impact of Economic liberalization on the flow of private foreign investment can have different impacts on specific regions. One common perspective is that economic liberation on the one hand can be beneficial for the developed countries but on the other hand it can actually harm the domestic...

18 Dec 2008

Critical study: Comparing the reigns of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III

Essay - 6 pages - Medieval history

One of the most interesting periods of Egyptian history comes during the 18th Dynasty of the New Kingdom. In approximately 1479 B.C., the Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose II died and, after a short dispute, was succeeded by his consort Hatshepsut who ruled as first between equals with her nephew...

13 Jan 2009

Milestones in the emergence of the Palestinian problem and the Arab-Israeli conflict

Thesis - 8 pages - International relations

In January 2006, the Islamic militant group Hamas won the Palestinian Parliamentary elections, with 42.2% of the votes. The election in Palestine of a group that remains committed to an armed struggle, the destruction of Israel and retaliatory attacks on Israeli civilians shows that nearly sixty...

29 Sep 2010

What are the main milestones in the emergence of the Palestinian problem and the Arab-Israeli conflict?

Essay - 8 pages - International relations

In January 2006, the Islamic militant group Hamas won the Palestinian Parliamentary elections, with 42,2% of the votes. The election in Palestine of a group that remains committed to an armed struggle, the destruction of Israel and retaliatory attacks on Israeli civilians shows that nearly sixty...