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10 Jan 2011

Electronic Commerce and the Purchase Behavior of a French Consumer

Dissertation - 99 pages - Economy general

The purchase behavior of an individual can be broken down into several stages, which are determined by the purchasing individual, the product and the purchase situation. When the consumption pattern is weak, the perceived risk will be high. e-commerce also falls under the same framework....

21 Jun 2010

Research proposal - proposed title: The role of quality factors in electronic commerce

Essay - 4 pages - Business strategy

The unprecedented proliferation of the Internet and the World Wide Web over the last decade has increased the importance of electronic commerce. The research will present an exploratory study of the role of quality factors in electronic commerce in order the...

21 Jun 2010

Electronic commerce in the European union: The case study of Premier tours ltd

Tutorials/exercises - 23 pages - Business strategy

Electronic commerce has emerged with the development of the new information and communication technologies, the Internet and the World Wide Web. This paper addresses the theoretical issue of the electronic commerce by introducing the main theoretical issues and...

19 Feb 2021

E-commerce Market Study

Market study - 5 pages - E-commerce

Electronic commerce, also called e-commerce, is the process of ordering items via the internet. In the early days of this type of business, transactions were done only by consumers who owned a computer, but with the advent of smartphones and digital tablets, sales increased...

29 Jul 2021

How to create an e-commerce website?

Practical guide - 21 pages - Digital & e-marketing

If an online store is to effectively acquire and retain customers, it must deliver the best possible customer experience. The key to doing this is to connect with customers at all possible touch points. The experience has to be great every time to keep customers coming back. The most important...

10 Aug 2022

The necessary evolution of the large retail outlets to face the global rise of e-commerce

Case study - 7 pages - Distribution marketing

When talking about the segmentation of the retail market, we have categories such as supermarkets and hypermarkets, food and beverage stores, cosmetics and personal care stores, electronics and appliance stores, etc. Although the motor vehicle and parts dealers were the leading segment in...

10 Feb 2021

E-Business - Established retailer adopting e-commerce

Case study - 10 pages - Digital & e-marketing

Nordstrom is a fashion outlet that sells clothes, shoes, and accessories for men, women and kids. It was created by John Nordstrom in 1901 with the aim of providing quality products to all its customers. Nordstrom exists in Canada and 40 states in the United States with 117 stores and 248 rack...

10 Jan 2011

E-commerce in Morocco

Market study - 56 pages - Economy general

Like Morocco, other countries began developing in Europe many years ago. Europe saw its history and its strategic geographic location taking an important place in world history. These international relations have to be aware of technological development. "The world today lives on civilizational...

23 Jun 2021

SWOT Analysis - eBay

Case study - 5 pages - E-commerce

Electronic commerce has not only taken a considerable place in the lives of consumers but also in those of businesses. In fact, in order to gain the loyalty of a clientele that is increasingly free to choose and, therefore, demanding, the latter have been forced to adapt and also to...

16 Jan 2009

E-Commerce in France compared to other developed countries

Essay - 11 pages - Economy general

Today the Internet might be viewed as having a huge market potential capable of covering the population of the whole world. This is why electronic commerce or E-Commerce is so attractive for many traditional businesses. E-Commerce consists of the buying and selling of...

26 May 2009

E-commerce and the ready-made garment industries

Dissertation - 40 pages - Business strategy

Electronic Commerce is the conducting of business over the web. It typically involves three broad steps. First, a person uses the web to collect information to decide which product or service to purchase. Second, the person transmits payment information (such as a credit card...

10 Jan 2011

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and e-Commerce

Dissertation - 56 pages - Economy general

The twenty first century has seen a lot of changes in the business world. New business models have been developed, networks have increased, and certain concepts have evolved and become indispensable. Before the arrival of supermarkets, people used to shop at their neighborhood grocery store. But...

30 Jun 2021

Marketing Mix - Fedex

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

The delivery sector has grown considerably in recent years and arguably even more since the onset of the health crisis. In fact, in recent months, more and more consumers have placed orders during successive lockdowns, which has considerably increased the turnover of online stores, but also of...

22 Sep 2021

How can technology be used by the financial services industry to boost the development of cross-border payments and trade in the ASEAN region?

Sectorial analysis - 2 pages - Finance

ASEAN's financial services industry needs to be supported by technology to increase its competitiveness. The future of this industry depends on one hand on the development of cross-border trade in the ASEAN region, and on the other hand, on the development of the means of payment that exist....

21 Feb 2022

A comparison of PayPal, AliPay and similar payment systems - What were the success factors behind them? What are their challenges for success?

Sectorial analysis - 15 pages - Digital & e-marketing

E-payment or electronic payment is a means of conducting commercial transactions for the exchange of goods or services over the Internet. The focus on e-payment services that support B2C e-commerce transactions or P2P consumer-to-consumer electronic payments are innovations...

28 Sep 2016

Digital marketing and E-commerce, what future for physical stores in the textile industry?

Thesis - 30 pages - Distribution marketing

Changes in consumer behavior along with a world in which everything is getting digitalized require firms to rethink their marketing strategy in order not only to be able to identify and target market needs accurately but also deliver information and interact with the customers in real time thanks...

07 Apr 2010

Online electronic version on physical book purchase: An analysis on resale and welfare impact

Thesis - 7 pages - Computer science

Amazon recently began a new service: providing an electronic version of books to its consumers after they purchase the physical books. This business practice provides consumers with an opportunity to reseller brand new books, which will influence publisher, retailers and consumers. Using a...

13 Aug 2008

To what extent does e-commerce favour market facilitation over consumer objectives?

Essay - 8 pages - Services marketing

Traditional business models cite “location, location, location” as the critical factor for commercial success, however the hallmark of e-commerce is that issues of location in the physical sense are not relevant . As such, the concept of “location” has created an...

07 Dec 2020

PESTEL Analysis - Amazon

Case study - 5 pages - Distribution marketing

In 1994 Jeff Bezos held a high-powered position as the vice-president of a prominent Wall Steet firm. However, Bezos became aware of the internet business boom which was taking place around the world and left his position to start his own business in what he calls his "regret minimisation...

16 Apr 2014

A study on E-Commerce

Case study - 16 pages - Business strategy

E-business is what happens when you combine the broad reach of the Internet with vast resources of traditional information technology system. It uses the Web connect together customers, vendors, suppliers and employees in a way never before possible. They do business on the Web, and consequently...

20 May 2021

Porter's Five Forces - Amazon

Case study - 4 pages - Distribution marketing

Amazon is an American e-commerce company based in Seattle, Washington, United States. It was one of the first large companies to sell products on the internet. Amazon has a very diverse product catalogue, including DVDs, music CDs, software, video games, electronics, clothing,...

03 May 2023

Amazon battles for slice of online gaming market - McGee Patrick (2020) - Amazon's study in the video game sector

Text commentary - 3 pages - Digital & e-marketing

The video game industry or video game industry is a sector of activity specializing in the creation and marketing of video games in the world. Existing since 1970 in the United States, this industry is becoming more and more popular in the world and whose largest firms are today mainly based in...

28 Apr 2009

Evolution of mobile commerce

Tutorials/exercises - 50 pages - Business strategy

How shall we define “mobile commerce”? Simple definitions of the term are emerging in the industry, but most tend to serve the commercial interests of those who coin them. Thus for some mobile commerce is purely concerned with shifting existing online shopping services...

03 Apr 2009

Knowing more about electronic banking

Thesis - 27 pages - Finance

Electronic banking, also known as electronic funds transfer (EFT), is simply the use of electronic means to transfer funds directly from one account to another, rather than by cheque or cash. Internet banking system is a method by which a personal computer is connected by a...

15 Jan 2009

The role of e-commerce within the global economy

Essay - 3 pages - Economy general

Nowadays, the business world is driven by two economic trends: globalization and the adoption of information technologies. Those changes are entirely linked. “Technology is both driven by and a driver of globalization, as both forces continually reinforce one another” (Bradley et al.,...

10 Nov 2022

How to reduce the turnover of a company dependent on a single supplier by developing a multi-supplier and international merchant site?

Dissertation - 28 pages - Digital & e-marketing

MANICO is an ESPRIT franchise. This type of contract creates a high dependency on a single supplier and eliminates any possibility of online sales. In order to reduce this reliance on ESPRIT, the company wishes to develop a merchant website with several French and foreign brands and to provide...

06 Oct 2022

Management and cultural aspects

Course material - 25 pages - Management

Human beings have needs in order to survive and the purpose of economic activity is to satisfy these needs by providing people with what they need. Such needs will vary from person to person because each person seeks different things at different times. Those who are poor would like to satisfy...

28 Aug 2009

A case study on Commerce Bank

Thesis - 4 pages - Business strategy

Commerce bank was a bank that came into existence in 1865. It was started by Francis Reid Long in Kansas City. From that day the bank has grown and evolved into the enterprise that it is today. The intention of this paper is to analyze, in brief, the trends and situations that have come to...

07 Nov 2022

International Advertising

Case study - 6 pages - International marketing

According to Assael (1987), culture refers to the set of norms, beliefs and habits acquired in a social environment and which determine the patterns of behavior common to all individuals. It includes rituals, heroes, values, religion, language, history and education of a given human community....

07 Jul 2008

E-commerce safety guide

Essay - 14 pages - Educational studies

Few developments have altered America's lifestyle more quickly and more completely than the Internet. Online access has enabled people from all walks of life to bring entire libraries, entertainment venues, post offices and financial centers to a workplace, to a desktop or to a shirt pocket. The...