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19 Mar 2014

'To succeed in creating a convincing character, the write needs to give the audience a sense that characters have inner thoughts and feelings'. To what extent, and in what ways, does this statement apply to 'The Handmaids Tale' and 'The House of

Case study - 2 pages - Literature

Both ‘The Handmaid's Tale' by Margret Atwood and ‘The House of Bernada Alba' by Frederico Garcia Lorca are stories that focus on the development of character, rather than the development of action. In order to make these characters convincing, the author could express the characters...

17 Nov 2013

Feelings of Confinement within William Blake's "Infant Sorrow"

Case study - 1 pages - Literature

William Blake's “Infant Sorrow”, is a reflection of the speaker's discontent as an infant. Initially, the poem describes the speaker's birth, and then proceeds to discuss the subsequent actions and feelings of the infant. Predominately, Blake's literary work provides a negative...

21 May 2012

"The UK economy looks battered. People don't like the outlook. They are showing their feelings by selling the Pound." Strategist Jeremy Stretch quoted in the Sun. Explain this quote. Does the exchange rate matter? Can and should the UK government do

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

The current UK economic climate is uncertain. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), used as a measure of National Income has only recently in the fourth quarter of 2009 inched out of the negative and into positive growth of 0.1 per cent. This is after a long recession which began in the first half of...

09 Jan 2009

To what extent can the Spanish model of citizenship be used for the European Union? Examine the rights and duties of the citizen under the Spanish Constitution as well as the conciliation of various regional aspirations and feelings. In what way is this

Essay - 5 pages - Constitutional law

According to many commentators and journalists, the European Union would be challenged by some crisis, each of them having different natures: for instance, European regions, whereas they could be a good complement for European governance, are increasingly perceived as a threat for the European...

01 Sep 2021

Does technology play a role in making people feel more isolated?

Essay - 4 pages - Sociology

When isolation can be defined as the lack or absence of quality and quantity of social contact, technology on its side is the application of the knowledge and usage of tools (such as machines) and techniques in order to control an environment. As it is very well known that social isolation can be...

15 Aug 2022

Reflective entrepreneurial report: UK alcoholic industry

Market study - 11 pages - Catering marketing

For an entrepreneur to be successful in establishing a startup, it is important that they identify viable business opportunity/ies. The business environment is characterized by numerous business opportunities. All that an entrepreneur needs to do is to identify the business opportunity (Agbim,...

21 Mar 2022

Maggie, A Girl of the Streets - Stephen Crane - Maggie is impossible to weep over

Text commentary - 3 pages - Literature

Individuals are determined by heredity and their social category (which covers the place they live in and their standard of living). Maggie, the protagonist of Stephen Crane's novel Maggie, A Girl of the Streets published in 1896, is modelled, shaped, and ultimately determined by her...

22 Dec 2022

Is the Reality of the Subject a Certainty or an Illusion?

Essay - 3 pages - Humanities/philosophy

"Cogito ergo sum. "I think, therefore I am'. This Latin locution, uttered by René Descartes, philosophers of the Enlightenment, gives an unmistakable type of view of human consciousness. Since I have the will and the consciousness to think, I am, I exist. My thought, which I observe, refers...

16 Aug 2022

Jane Eyre and the struggle to reconcile societal expectations

Essay - 2 pages - Literature

In the Victorian era, the essential aspect of a woman's life revolved around her family's domestic sphere and the home she came from. Women from the Middle class were raised to be innocent and pure, sexually undemanding and tender and obedient and submissive. They were presented in this manner to...

06 Apr 2022

Building Effective Workplace Relationships for Career Growth

Practical guide - 3 pages - Human resources

Relating with your colleagues at work may prove stifling. In a formal setting, where everybody tries to maintain professionalism and respect boundaries, communication may become mechanical and uninteresting. Without time to banter each other, ask thoughtful questions that may or may not be...

07 Sep 2012

Nietzsche and Freud on the "Oceanic Feeling"

Essay - 8 pages - Humanities/philosophy

It is indisputable that Nietzsche was a major influence on Freud's theories on psychoanalysis. Specifically within Freud's Civilization and its Discontents, and Nietzsche's essay “Schopenhauer as Educator,” there are clearly shared opinions on, for example, the necessity of examination...

29 Nov 2006

The European identity issue: what most determines the European "we feeling"?

Essay - 11 pages - European union

“You don't fall in love with a common market” (EU Commission President Jacques Delors in The European, 3 November 1994). Here emerges one of today's most challenging issues for the European Union: the prevalence of market integration has created a political vacuum and so-called...

28 Jul 2015

How we should think of homelessness

Essay - 2 pages - Social sciences

Our nation is plagued with an array of issues. Some problems are foreign, but many are domestic issues. With domestic issues come the possibility for domestic solutions. In other words, you and I can help solve these problems. Homelessness illustrates the potential we have of solving domestic...

26 Mar 2009

Whereas the crucial importance of freedom of expression/freedom of the press cannot be in dispute, some feel that the development of the "Reynolds defence", has gone too far in relegating the role of libel laws to a position of secondary importance

Essay - 4 pages - Public liberties

In most areas where the tort law exists, the concentration is mainly with regard to the protection of personal safety against harm caused by physical interference. The tort of defamation is however concerned with protecting the claimant from harm caused by harsh words (harm caused verbally)....

27 Sep 2007

The Political Spectrum: A Different Approach

Essay - 9 pages - Other law subjects

The traditional left-right political spectrum we use to place politicians platforms is outdated. We carried this spectrum over from the French, and any citizen would be hard pressed to be able to even accurately define what the spectrum is measuring. We all know that on the right side sit the...

03 Dec 2007

Classroom Management Plan

Course material - 8 pages - Educational studies

In my classroom I expect to be an effective teacher. For this to occur I need to have effective classroom management. I will create an environment that feels safe for the students so that they can focus on learning. For me, classroom management does not go hand in hand with discipline. This is...

09 Feb 2008

Adelina's character in The Queen by Pacheco

Essay - 4 pages - Literature

We live in a society where many people are seen as outcasts. The majority of our society sees themselves as superior and try to suppress those not like them. In Jose Emilio Pacheco's “The Queen,” Adelina is seen as an outcast and is tormented by those around her. Her family and...

03 Jul 2008

Arresting the alienation of foreign college students in the United States

Essay - 6 pages - Educational studies

College life in itself is proven to be a challenging time. There are quite a number of factors that can inhibit college success. Some of these factors may be financial—such as the demand of scholarships, the inadequacy of monetary support from the parents, or the need to look for a part-time...

17 Jul 2008

Trip down memory lane : Hallucinogens and its effects

Essay - 3 pages - Medical studies

Taking hallucinogenic drugs can be a trip down heaven or hell. Hallucinogens are a type of drug that distorts or alters the way a person perceives the world. Taking hallucinogens is like entering into a completely different world which simultaneously became part of the human world. The emerge of...

18 Dec 2008

Thinking through Jung

Essay - 5 pages - Psychology

This essay is radically ‘Post'-Jungian. As with other essays that I have written it can only exist due to the immersion within Jungian psychology. But in effect I am working through Jungian psychology. Hence one is indebted to Jung but nevertheless, most definitely post-Jungian. Carl Jung...

13 Jan 2009

Client consultancy project: Leeds Metropolitan University Student' Union Elections

Thesis - 29 pages - Political science

This report carries out extensive background research to the election process of Leeds Metropolitan University Students Union (S.U.) and the attitudes of students attending the University. The findings show that students do not feel there is an effort to engage them in the S.U. election process...

16 Jan 2009

On the way to a successful integration on a US Campus. How can a French student succeed his integration?

Essay - 23 pages - Educational studies

What makes 600 000 young people from all over the world come to study in the United States? Is it the reputation of the US degrees? The efficient teaching methods or the life on campus? Studying in the United States is a myth for a large number of students in the world. A lot of movies and series...

16 Jan 2009

The effectiveness of guilt appeal in the fashion business

Essay - 9 pages - Business strategy

Guilt and its mechanisms are a relevant way to understand consumers' behaviour towards fashion luxury purchases. Fashion is a huge industry, which proposes products based on subjective and personal affects. Clothes have to fit, to make people feel comfortable and good looking and not just to be...

16 Jan 2009

The corporate culture

Essay - 9 pages - Management

Today, companies need to create and develop their corporate culture to transmit an image and identity. It permits to build a stimulant and attractive environment in the company and the employees feel the affiliation to a group. In this way, firms are more effective, productive, efficient and...

08 Apr 2009

What is 'Emotion Marketing'?

Thesis - 7 pages - Services marketing

Emotion Marketing is a new theory, which will soon capture the attention of all marketers. It is about how a business can use emotion to sell its products or services, to enhance brand loyalty, and to build lifelong customers. The core idea of Emotion Marketing is to create and implement...

21 Apr 2009

Understanding quality of work life

Tutorials/exercises - 38 pages - Human resources

Human resource management is concerned with human beings, who are the energetic elements of management. The success of any organization or an enterprise will depend upon the ability, strength and motivation of the persons working in it. The Human Resource Management refers to the systematic...

21 Apr 2009

A study on stress management

Dissertation - 67 pages - Management

Stress is usually defined in terms of the internal and external conditions that create stressful situations, and the symptoms that people experience when they are stressed. STRESS MANAGEMENT is a very vital aspect of every organization. Stress management can be linked to our day to day...

05 May 2009

An analysis and study on stress management and its implementation

Thesis - 20 pages - Management

Only recently has stress been seen as a contributory factor to the productivity and health costs of companies and countries. As studies of stress-related illnesses and deaths show, stress imposes a high cost on individual health and well-being as well as organizational productivity. There are...

08 May 2009

On the way to a successful integration on a US Campus as a French student

Thesis - 14 pages - Educational studies

What makes 600,000 young people from all over the world come to study in the United States? Is it the reputation of the US degrees? The efficient teaching methods? Life on campus? Studying in the United States is a dream for a large number of students in the world. A lot of movies and serials...

14 May 2009

Je hasarde une explication: écrire, c'est le dernier recours quand on a trahi.' (Jean Genet - epigraph to La Place) Is this the case for Annie Ernaux's narrator?

Thesis - 2 pages - Literature

In Annie Ernaux's La Place, the theme of betrayal is so prevalent that one could say it is the basis of the book. I think it would be fair to say that “écrire, c'est le dernier recours quand on a trahi” when looking at Annie Ernaux's narrator. The narrator feels that she has betrayed...