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02 Sep 2022

Silicon Valley - Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky (2014-2019) - Gender and society

Text commentary - 1 pages - Sociology

Gender has been an essential research issue in social sciences, with the studies conducted on the impacts of gender on various aspects of human expression and perception as well as the investigations of career and societal implications of gender and possible underlying biases...

25 Nov 2022

Islamophobia, Gender and Migration

Presentation - 3 pages - Sociology

This presentation is about Islamophobia, Gender & Migration. While Islamophobia can be thought of as the fear of those who are Muslims or assumed to be Muslims, this discrimination and fear have increased and often been justified since the events of 9/11. Migration, another aspect of my...

08 Jun 2022

Violence from a gender perspective and feminist perspectives in peacebuilding and conflict resolution

Case study - 8 pages - Sociology

There are 2 cases and concepts discussed in this document : a. Define and discuss the concept of the continuum of violence and illustrate how it is relevant in understanding violence from a gender perspective. Use an example of your choice. b. Present and discuss at least three major...

28 Jul 2020

Marvels, Monsters and Miracles in Anglo-Saxon England - Genders and Feminine Monstrosity in Beowulf and Judith

Essay - 6 pages - Literature

Monstrosity has always been a recurrent topic in literature, especially during the Anglo-Saxon period, as people were fascinated by what was considered as abnormal, such as monsters, marvels and miracles. Definition of monstrosity is intricate and is profoundly associated with the viewer's...

18 Aug 2017

Education and gender bias in accounting - Literature Review

Book review - 3 pages - Literature

In a workplace, managers, employees, and other workers are faced with different situations that require critical thinking and involving decision-making. Interactions and people's behaviors influence their perception towards each other. For example, gender issues arise from these...

29 Mar 2016

Social construction based on the concept of sex and gender brings out the differences that are always seen between male and female

Essay - 2 pages - Sociology

Social construction based on the concept of sex and gender brings out the differences that are always seen between male and female or rather men and women that are conventions in the society and creating the roles played by each gender. Also the differences that are between the...

08 Oct 2015

Banning convertion therapy for the transgender youth

Essay - 6 pages - Psychology

Convertion therapy, which can also be expressed as convertion therapy tries to convert lesbians, gay, bisexual as well as transgender persons from same gender sex to heterosexuality by means of prayer as well as other efforts. The basis of reparative therapy is that the gender...

30 Jan 2015

Gender journalism

Case study - 7 pages - Journalism

To Cremilda Medina, belief in Journalism is "[...] the fact commented and evaluated on a demonstrative argument" (MEDINA, 1988 p.70). The author proposes a mood board where points as categories of journalistic production information, expanded information and opinion expressed, considered more...

08 Oct 2015

Gender sexuality and nationalism in the Early 20th Century in China

Essay - 2 pages - Modern history

In the early twentieth century the world was changing with urbanization becoming one of the main changes that the world faced in this period. There were more people that were moving to the urban areas and this was accompanied by changes in the beliefs and also some of the customs of the people...

25 Mar 2015

Gender Stereotypes- Gender status and its effect on work dominated by different sex

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

Over the years, various generalizations have been made about the roles that each gender plays in society. Such ideas have been introduced into children's lives from the point in time they are born, they also passed them down over the generations (Chodorow, 2004). Such generalizations...

08 Oct 2015

Harmonization of gender based violence messages for use in IEC materials

Essay - 12 pages - Sociology

Gender-based violence is a global pandemic and human rights violation that hinders both individual and societal development. Furthermore, the prevailing socioeconomic and political inequalities between the sexes ensure that women and girls are most susceptible to violence. Global surveys...

18 Aug 2014

Gender Commercial Analysis- Examples of Gender bias and stereotypes in television adverts

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

The main purpose of advertisements is to make people change their behavior. In many cases, people are influenced by the model because they aspire to have the same trends. Therefore, the presentation of commercials tells an interesting story about gender roles in popular culture. Due to the...

12 Sep 2014

Embracing Love to Overcome Gender Differences, The female search for love by Bell Hooks

Case study - 2 pages - Economy general

The conception that men and women are from different planets keeps recurring in most discussions that relate to the gender differences. Nevertheless, there comes a time when actuality sets in, and individuals realize that men and women share several aspects one of them being the need for...

21 Nov 2014

Psychology and Gender

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

In this study, the researcher, a self-declared feminist therapist, looks at the confluence of psychology and the study of gender. She starts by explaining how study in that field is not very popular, everyone knows about psychology but psychology and gender? Everyone feels that that...

16 Apr 2014

Maasai gender relations during the colonial period: A patriarchal transformation

Case study - 15 pages - Political science

The imposition of colonial power in Africa disrupted all aspects of indigenous society. Not only were Africans robbed of political independence, but pre-colonial social structures were also destroyed or transformed based on the mercy of certain colonial powers. The Maasai, a pastoral people in...

16 Apr 2014

Gender, sexuality and politics: masculinity - published: 29/09/2010

Essay - 6 pages - Political science

The art critic and author John Berger, known in particular for his introductory essay on art criticism Ways of Seeing , discusses a “promise of power”, which lies at the centre of a network of conventional masculine characteristics: authority, competitiveness, aggression,...

07 Nov 2014

Gender, Management and Leadership

Case study - 6 pages - Human resources

Contemporary business environment requires offering magnetic leadership to assist the subordinates follow in the footsteps of their leader and choose the appropriate strategies to deliver the corporate objectives. While it is certain to illustrate appropriate leadership through the success...

27 Aug 2014

Race, sectionalism, and gender in America

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

John C. Calhoun and George Fitzhugh had very little in common especially regarding where they came from; Calhoun was a leading statesman in the south and managed to reach the helm of the senate and vice presidency while Fitzhugh was a lawyer. They, however, shared the same views about slavery....

13 Jun 2013

Why is the biological explanation of gender so popular?

Case study - 4 pages - Psychology

In a cover story published recently in The New York Times magazine, Daniel Berger, author of the book “What do Women Want? Adventure in the Science of Female Desire”, which is coming out soon, analyzes women's sex drive in the light of a new drug called Lybrido that is supposed to help...

27 Nov 2013

Themes in Miss Julie: Gender and class differences

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

August Strindberg presents, in the play Miss Julie, a scenario of women strengths in the society (Leckie 21). One of the major characters, Miss Julie, is recuperating from a broken relationship. Two of her servants Kristin and Jean are talking about her in bad light explaining how mad she is and...

23 Jan 2013

A more neutral gender

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

Life presents a multitude of choices. These vary from deciding what time to get up in the morning, where to attend university, or even what cake flavor one wants for one's birthday. These choices seem petty and society is not affected. Sometimes when an individual is presented with a choice, he...

12 Jul 2013

Gender differences in duration of sleep

Case study - 4 pages - Psychology

Studies investigating gender differences in nighttime hours spent asleep have generated mixed findings. Some research has shown insomnia to be more common in older women. This trend has also been exhibited in college female populations (Voderholzer, Al-Shajlawi, Weske, Feige, & Riemann,...

19 Sep 2013

Almost a Woman: Gender Expectations in Puerto Rican Culture

Case study - 2 pages - Humanities/philosophy

There is evidence that suggests that women of Puerto Rico may be more sexually assertive than women in other Latin American countries*. That is, they are more likely to insist that their partners use contraception, and less likely to tolerate infidelity on the part of the husband. Researchers...

21 Aug 2013

Gender Identity

Case study - 2 pages - Psychology

Every person possesses a gender identity within their self's which nearly everyone match one's anatomic look. A person's gender indentify is either male or female or possibly something in between. This is a significant individual trait that adds to ones self-worth. It is the mode...

19 Sep 2013

Gender in the Musical "West Side Story"

Case study - 1 pages - Humanities/philosophy

There are very distinct opposites presented in this musical, between which there is clearly an atmosphere of competition. Of course, the main dichotomy of the film is the American Jets versus the Puerto Rican Sharks. However, there is also an “us versus them” mentality as concerns the...

29 Aug 2013

Gender and family

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

In any given year there is an estimate three million runaways. Children run away from home for a number of different reasons; “may be [they are] evading the law, suffering depression, or dealing with a personal crisis, most are running from a disturbed family or home life.” (Siegel and...

28 Aug 2013

Eating, substance abuse, sex/gender/sexual impulse and personality disorders

Case study - 2 pages - Psychology

Schizophrenia, psychosis, and lifespan development all hold a vital part of an individual's overall psychological wellbeing. If a disorder is handled quickly it increases the odds of a proper diagnoses and a better action of treatment. Disorders such as schizophrenia, psychosis, and lifespan...

28 Jun 2012

Blacks, Jews, and Gendered Representations

Essay - 5 pages - Humanities/philosophy

The gendered representations of Blacks and Jews have caused them to struggle with their identities as people in American society. The stereotypes that have arisen from these representations have given two options to these marginalized groups of people:(1) either follow the predisposed vision the...

08 Jun 2012

Critically analyse gender roles and other factors surrounding family businesses

Essay - 8 pages - Management

Family firms have played and still play a significant role in European economy. Most small businesses are family owned (Boissevain and Grotenbreg, 1987), and the importance of this type of business has experienced a significant development during recent decades. As Sampson (1982) indicated, the...

23 Nov 2012

Gender inequality in the workplace: One of America's many workplace challenges

Case study - 4 pages - Psychology

What does the number 60,743 mean to you? Most people wouldn't be able to place this number off the top of their head. According to the author of The Face of Discrimination, by Vincent J. Roscigno, that is the number of cases of sex and racial discrimination cases of employment. (15). These are...