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23 Nov 2022

Geopolitics of the Iranian Country

Course material - 16 pages - Political science

Islam became more militant after the fall of the caliphate. From the beginning of the 1920s, the Syrian Rashid Rida (1865-1935) was the first to refer to the notion of the Islamic State (al-dawla islamiyya), but without proposing a systematic political program. The return to Islamic Law...

12 Jul 2010

Geopolitics of Iran

Thesis - 3 pages - International relations

Geopolitics can be defined as the art and practice of using political power over territories. Initially the term only applied to the primary aspect of political geography, but its usage evolved over the past century encompassing a wider significance. It is important to understand the...

12 Jan 2009

The European North: Historical Geopolitics and International Institutional Dynamics

Thesis - 8 pages - International relations

A “brave political experiment” calling for “unconventional decisions” promoting sub-regional cooperation that ultimately might develop into “a common European social and economic space” : this is how the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Viktor Khristenko, identified in...

31 Jul 2022

The Possible Geopolitical Consequences of Further Enlargements of the EU

Course material - 6 pages - Political science

The big enlargement of the EU in 2004 and the last one in 2007 to Bulgaria and Romania have been greeted with skepticism or even hostile reactions in large sectors of European public opinion. This situation, which probably contributed to the failure of the Constitutional Treaty in France and the...

22 Jan 2023

Taiwan's Semiconductor Shortage: Origins and Geopolitical Future

Case study - 6 pages - International economy

Semiconductors have become a central factor in our 21st century. As technology is used in all fields of human activity, from refrigerators to laptops, from electric cars to artificial intelligence, and from solar panels to military weapons, the need for electronic chips has grown and the demand...

24 Jul 2022

English Test Correction: Geopolitical Relations in Great Britain and Australia

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Linguistics

This document contains an English test including sentences and expressions to translate, as well as questions on geopolitical relations about Great Britain and Australia.

22 Jul 2022

English Test : History on Geopolitical Relations

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Modern history

In Australia, the “History Wars” are a debate on the nature of the colonial settlement and on the extent of the deprivations suffered by the Aboriginals. What fuels the debate is not merely the quest for an ever-elusive historical truth, but rather the consequences that history has on...

08 Aug 2022

The United States and the World: demography and energy in the world as predictable long-term factors

Course material - 11 pages - World geography

The current policy, and even more the future policy of any country is difficult to assess, because it depends on a lot of factors, many of them (public moods, politics, personalities) being of a transient nature. But the current and future policy of any country also depends largely on long-term...

04 Aug 2022

EU relations in the wake of the 21st century

Essay - 6 pages - Modern history

Eastern and Western Europe were separated in the aftermath of the Second World War by their rapprochement with one of the two great victorious powers, the USSR and the United States. Rebuild = European countries reduced their military budgets and thus find themselves at a disadvantage in the face...

04 Aug 2022

US Foreign Policy since 2001: President Bush's first term

Course material - 11 pages - Political science

The period since 2001 has been a highly active one for the US: they waged a war in Afghanistan, another in Iraq and they may be preparing another one against Iran. The official rational in Washington, at least initially, for that activity, under the motto of "the war against terror", was the...

07 Jul 2022

International Marketing Analysis - Louis Vuitton

Case study - 13 pages - Luxury marketing

In order to better realize this analysis, I chose to study the Louis Vuitton brand on two different countries / markets: The United States (developed country) and China (emerging country). During this report, we will discuss an external analysis of the brand in these two countries as well as an...

11 Jul 2022

Trade and international relations

Worksheets - 2 pages - International relations

We live on an international scene punctuated by globalization and the intensification of trade. We currently exchange more than we produce: a good is exchanged on average 1.4 times. In this perspective, trade (even if it is basically established between two companies) is a way for countries to...

21 Apr 2023

Political Parties and Elections - Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

Summary - 2 pages - Political science

This text is based on "After the Arab Spring: Do Muslims vote Islamic now?" by Charles Kurzman and Didem Türkoglu, "Elections in the Arab world: Why do citizens turn out?" by Carolina de Miguel, Amaney A. Jamel and Mark Tessler, "The Middle East" by Ellen Lust and "Bricks and Mortar Clientelism:...

07 Apr 2023

To What Extent Have the United States and Europe Grown Closer or Further Apart After September 11?

Essay - 4 pages - International relations

September 11, 2001 appears to be a major turning point in the American management of foreign affairs. Europe, as a major partner and ally, is also impacted by this attack. The objective of our analysis will be to determine the consequences of these. Moreover, the exponential rise in power of...

04 Jun 2023

The Birth of a Nation: North America

Course material - 5 pages - Medieval history

From the period of English colonization to the attainment of independence, various groups of migrants, including the French and Spanish, played significant roles. However, our focus will be on the English migrants who were instrumental in shaping the course of history during this era. The...

09 Jun 2023

Phrases (Peace - Defense - Disarmament) and... bases - Viktor Govorkov (1952) - Relations between the United States and the USSR in the early 1950s

Artwork commentary - 2 pages - Modern history

On March 12, 1947, the President of the United States, Harry S. Truman, announced his concern about the "Communist threat" before Congress. He thus establishes the American doctrine: "I believe that the United States should support free peoples who resist attempts at enslavement [...]. I believe...

07 Sep 2023

Tracts, Volume 1, n° 2 - Peter Force (1836) - Civilisation and History of America according to Peter Force

Text commentary - 1 pages - Medieval history

The text presented is an abstract of Tracts, volume 1 number 2, written by Peter Force in 1836, in Washington DC. The first part is an abstract of the Mayflower Compact, a pact written by the Pilgrim Fathers in 1620 during a trip between Plymouth, England and Plymouth, Massachusetts. The second...

27 Jan 2011

Geopolitical stakes of the polar regions

Essay - 16 pages - Geography

The Polar Regions are among the major terrestrial deserts. These areas are virtually uninhabited and the climate is very harsh. It is very cold and precipitation is also low. These regions receive only 41% of heat from the Equator, the photoperiod is original: a month of dawn, day time for five...

16 Dec 2010

Geopolitical prospects in Lebanon

Thesis - 17 pages - Political science

The creation of Lebanon-1861-1915: The autonomous province of Lebanon is created as a result of intervention by European powers seeking to end the killings that have shaken the region. It was to be headed by a governor, a Christian Ottoman subject, under the supervision of European consuls. A...

07 Aug 2018

Anatomy of the Russian disinformation campaign: understanding the complexity of a covert network as part of state policy and a military tool against Europe

Tutorials/exercises - 73 pages - Journalism

About two decades ago, it was impossible to imagine that foreign disinformation could actually affect the policy decision making or disturb social cohesion and solidarity in European countries. Back then, media outlets such as television, radio stations and newspapers enjoyed munificent funding...

29 Sep 2010

Analysis of the creation United States of Africa

Essay - 24 pages - International relations

The United States of Africa is a project that has been raising issues for decades. Indeed, many international actors, activists groups, countries and other companies are concerned about the unity of an African people formed as a strong and powerful continent. It is true that many key topics are...

31 Jan 2014

Venezuela and Petro Populism

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

Here is the result of the referendum in February 2009 which raised the question of whether Chavez would be able to get re-elected for life, it happens at the end of his third term, former legal limit in Venezuela. So next year the president attempts to seek a fourth term and continue as its...

17 May 2009

Robert Kagan, "Of Paradise and Power, America and Europe in the New World Order"

Book review - 5 pages - Political science

Robert Kagan's Of Paradise and Power was published in January 2003. The book is in fact an extension of the author's article “Power and Weakness” which appeared in the Policy Review in June 2002. In his book, Kagan presents a very interesting point of view. He shows that, whether...

29 Sep 2010

The drug trade

Essay - 6 pages - International relations

In the shuffle of the post Cold War geopolitics of transnational threats, drug trafficking suddenly appeared as one of the new major threats to the world order. Yet the drug trade has undergone a long time-span evolution over several centuries. This challenge to regional security is all...

14 Apr 2009

Rapprochement and Co-operation between China and the United States

Thesis - 7 pages - International relations

The establishment of relations between the United States of America and the People's Republic of China (China) was in every sense a watershed in the history of foreign policy, and permanently altered the international system. U. S. President Richard M. Nixon's trip to China in February 1972 was...

14 Jul 2009

Rapprochement and cooperation between China and the United States: The revolutionary breakthrough which changed the balance of power forever

Thesis - 7 pages - International relations

The establishment of relations between the United States of America and the People's Republic of China (China) was in every sense a watershed in the history of foreign policy, and permanently altered the international system. U. S. President Richard M. Nixon's trip to China in February 1972 was...

27 Jan 2011

Conflicts in Africa

Essay - 9 pages - International relations

Ever since 50 years Africa is the continent with highest concentration of conflicts in its territory. Marginalized within the international system because of its small economic size, Africa still remains a subject of interest to study International Relations. At a time when maOver the past 50...

01 Aug 2022

The United States and the World - Russia and China

Course material - 7 pages - Modern history

At the beginning of his first term, President Bush neglected Russia and considered China as the next major geopolitical adversary. At the same time, American analysts were quite confident that Washington would be able to manage the "Geostrategic Triad" between Washington, Moscow and Beijing to...

29 Sep 2010

The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski

Essay - 6 pages - International relations

Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter's Security Adviser between 1977 and 1981, is currently a member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He is also a Professor at Johns Hopkins University and used to teach at Harvard and Columbia. ‘The Grand Chessboard - American...

29 Sep 2010

Differences and similarities among the contemporary security policies in Nordic countries

Essay - 9 pages - Political science

“Since 1720, all the Nordic countries have remained minor powers on the international stage. As such, the Nordic states have had to adapt to the constraints that are usually beyond their control.” This statement could summarize the geopolitical situation which has shaped the security...