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21 Jul 2022

English test - Translation and Essay writing: How did the Canadian government respond to the report on the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples?

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Political science

This document is a corrected English test made of a translation exercise, a fully written essay, and a rough draft of a second essay. How did the Canadian government respond to the report on the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples? Is Australia's origin as a convict colony important?

20 Sep 2022

The System of Government and the Prime Minister

Presentation - 23 pages - Political life and election

This document tackles the British system of government and the role of the Prime Minister.

06 Sep 2022

Counterfeiting - Business process and government response

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Economic politics

The creation of a fake replica to replace an original form of an object is illegal and referred to as counterfeiting. This action is often perpetrated to take advantage of the monetary gain by exchanging an object of greater quality with something of inferior quality. Counterfeiting has been...

24 Mar 2015

Why the Saudi Government Implemented Banning Exports of Cement?

Case study - 6 pages - Criminal law

In 2009, the ban was partially lifted following an upsurge in demand in the Middle Eastern countries. Other factor was the continued fall in country's GDP growth rate projections for the past 2 years forcing the adjustment on foreign trade policies to boost the balance of payments. The outlaw has...

28 Jul 2015

Taxation limits on local governments; municipalities and school districts in the state of Georgia

Essay - 9 pages - Government finance

There exist a number of limits on taxation both statutory and constitutional that apply in the state of Georgia. The reasons for the existence of such limitations vary, but majorly they are meant to check county government expenditure, Ensure property taxes are maintained at reasonable and...

29 Jan 2015

The Current Organization of the Local Government System in England

Case study - 3 pages - Social sciences

The government of England has a complex pattern with quite an array of functions distributed according to the local governments. The government and public administration includes the central government and the civil service, devolved and regional government and...

07 Jul 2015

Tunisian government

Case study - 4 pages - Social sciences

According to Stefan Prins Sottiaux and Dajo, "it might have been better to make the first condition less strictly, so that only callers political parties systematically make use of illegal means can be prohibited." The Court E.D.H. talking serious violent offenses and refers to jihad. In...

09 Mar 2015

Public Administration - Possibility of good regulatory government

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Public administration follows the bureaucratic model. The implication is that there are hierarchies that influence the decision making process in public administration. Therefore, the decision makers in public administration are at the top of the bureaucratic models (Croley, 2008). However, there...

28 Jul 2015

Canada and the United States government

Essay - 2 pages - Political science

Canada and the United States have one primary similarity. They are both established as democracies. Additionally, they are both declared as federal states. However, there are numerous differences between the two. The primary difference is in the way the two conduct their government. Canada...

31 Jul 2014

Social and moral policies of government

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

The 'Grapes of Wrath' is a film produced in 1940 based on Steinbeck's prize winning novel of the same name. The film kicks off with the release of the main character from the Oklahoma state prison. Tom faced charges of manslaughter, and after serving his four-year time, he finally faced...

04 Sep 2014

Euphemism in Government- George Orwell

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

In the new global world, euphemism has been one of the most crucial current discussions in legal and moral philosophy. It has become increasingly difficult to ignore this. Therefore, the topic has raised heating arguments in many conferences worldwide. Webster dictionary defines euphemism as a...

31 Jul 2014

Why the government should increase taxes on fast foods?

Case study - 3 pages - Finance

Over the years, medical experts have been battling the fast food health related problems. Some of these health problems include obesity and weight-related health issues such as diabetes. However, this has not been a success for the Australian government. Relying on the food industry to...

27 Nov 2013

Is the U.S. government founded on religious or secular principles?

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

US documents, which range as from declaration of independence, declaration of sentiments, US constitution, bill of rights and as well as Jefferson first inaugural address, are very crucial in addressing whether the US government is founded and based under religious or secular policies....

30 Apr 2013

Government involvement in childhood obesity

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

Everyone will die at some point. However, this date may be postponed by certain actions. Healthy eating choices are a primary action that will ensure a longer life. This is a practice that is established in the households of America. Therefore, to prevent unhealthy eating habits and obesity,...

21 Jun 2013

Role of government in policy making

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

Most of us learned how the different parts of our government worked when we were in school. I cannot speak for everyone, but I know in my class not all of us knew how this would affect our adult life. Some of us only paid enough attention to understand how it worked in order to pass the...

01 Aug 2013

E-Government and e-service

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

According to Homburg (2008, p. 91) noted that in the perspective of the e-Government, there are a number of customers that cab be noted. First, the citizens refer to the voters and the taxpayers that are found in the state, the locality or the country. The citizens usually expect some...

14 Oct 2013

Local government profile

Essay - 2 pages - Computer science

Government is an important aspect of society. Several things are made possible by the government. However, the government may be divided into sections. State, Federal, and City governments provide an exemplification of this. Each of the previously mentioned bodies...

10 May 2013

Competitive Strategies and Government Policies: The Automobile Industry (Tesla Motors)

Case study - 2 pages - Management

Since the beginning of the last century, automobile companies have fought for control of a rapidly expanding market in what was a newly created automobile industry. Many companies existed throughout the years trying to find their place in the market, with three major companies remaining with the...

22 Feb 2013

Authoritarianism is a form of government

Case study - 3 pages - Political science

Authoritarianism is a form of government in which concentrated and highly concentrated in a small group of politicians. A political condition of authoritarianism exists when those in power leave little or no freedom of choice to those over whom they govern, either because they believe that...

16 Aug 2012

Foreign governments and the Arab spring: Case study, France

Case study - 15 pages - International relations

While citizens all over the Arab world struggled in order to topple their oppressive regimes, foreign governments remained somewhat skeptical on which side to intervene on. This hesitation can be extracted from both the case of Tunisia and in Egypt in which most foreign governments...

29 May 2012

Is the government doing enough to ensure that the environment is safe and healthy?

Essay - 4 pages - Ecology & environment

Governmental action on behalf of environmental problems has been a significant subject of subject of social and political commentators during recent decades. In light of new recent pressing concerns like Global warming and climate change, environmental issues have become a matter of public...

21 May 2012

"The UK economy looks battered. People don't like the outlook. They are showing their feelings by selling the Pound." Strategist Jeremy Stretch quoted in the Sun. Explain this quote. Does the exchange rate matter? Can and should the UK government do

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

The current UK economic climate is uncertain. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), used as a measure of National Income has only recently in the fourth quarter of 2009 inched out of the negative and into positive growth of 0.1 per cent. This is after a long recession which began in the first half of...

21 Jun 2012

Examination of the "Vitality Approach", health model proposed by the Canadian government

Essay - 3 pages - Political science

Throughout recent decades, a number of health models and approaches have emerged, aiming to help individuals to live a healthier life. Models like the Vitality Approach, have attempting to provide a theoretical approach that cover a wide range of health and fitness aspects, including diet (Health...

14 Sep 2011

Government undermines the Movement and Targets of the Black Panther Party

Thesis - 5 pages - Political science

The 1960s was a very active decade for the Civil Rights Movement. The Movement lost activists such as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and President Kennedy was assassinated. The sixties was also a time of protests and riots. The civil rights movement repeatedly appealed to the federal...

30 Jun 2011

The role of American Government: Protecting Civil Liberties

Thesis - 4 pages - Political science

This paper explores the idea that the American government's most important role is to protect civil liberties. Civil liberties are enjoyed every day by many citizens and include such freedoms as the right to bear arms, freedom of religion, and protection from cruel and unusual punishment....

14 Jun 2011

States and Federalism: Who should have more power - the state or federal government?

Essay - 2 pages - Political science

The states and federalism discussion examines whether or not the federal government wields too much power over the state government. This argument has been going on since the creation of the United States in the 1700s. It started when the states were attempting to replace the...

03 Jan 2011

Characteristics of the German parliamentary government in comparison to the British model

Thesis - 6 pages - Constitutional law

The British system is a result of a rich and complex history that began from the thirteenth century. It has undergone many changes to reach its current form. It continues to evolve and adapt to the society that it governs. The German system has been introduced before 1949, and Germany was...

29 Sep 2010

"The concept of the Rule of Law as defined by Dicey still remains valid : it provides a measure against which we can judge the attitudes and actions of Parliament, Government and the courts"

Essay - 5 pages - European law

The rule of law is often expounded as a pillar of the English Constitution. It was described by Lord Bingham as "the second great rock on which [Dicey?s] constitutional edifice was founded". It was referred to as a statute for the first time, in the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, as an "existing...

29 Sep 2010

How democratic is the British government?

Essay - 4 pages - Political science

In fact, we could set a few provisional requirements to the evaluation of a government as democratic in order to analyze the British particular case. These requirements would be of different natures, and would be related first to the institutional system, then to the society itself....

03 May 2010

American business in the age of the modern corporation: Government, infrastructure and the corporation

Thesis - 4 pages - Economy general

When analyzing the history of the American corporation, it is tempting to believe that the cause of the rapid rise of large, hierarchical corporation, in a highly concentrated industry is over determined. Historians have advanced theories that explain this “corporate revolution” as...