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03 May 2021

The Great Depression and World War II (1929-45) in U.S. Literature

Essay - 6 pages - Literature

The confidence of the Jazz Age died in 1929 with the Crash. As the nation threatened to disintegrate, the American writer recognized the fragility of its coherence ; capitalism and industry could no longer be trusted to sustain an egalitarian society that could guarantee the welfare of all....

28 Sep 2016

The Great Depression in the United States

Course material - 1 pages - Modern history

The Great Depression, which lasted from 1929-1941, was an extremely important time period in the history of the United States. During this period, major demographic, economic, cultural, and even architectural changes took place. During the Great Depression, various of...

19 Feb 2015

The Great Depression and the New Deal

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

When he was inaugurated as the president of the US, Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to make an assessment of the huge damage that prevailed in the country. The assessment pertained to the withered leaves that pertained to the industrial enterprise; inability of farmers to gather markets for their...

28 Jul 2015

Comparing prohibition, the Great Depression and the recession

Essay - 1 pages - Economy general

Our country has the keen ability to solve issues in an unbiased fashion. The skill to overcome obstacles through democracy has allowed our nation to thrive. Over the past century we have found solutions to two problems that seem to be a recurring issue. Our nation's economy has suffered once...

19 Aug 2014

The impacts of Great Depression on Chinese America

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

The article describes a new hope for America as compared to how it used to be in the twenty first Century. American colonial rebellion led to its fight against all abusing culture that bureaucracies in Europe and China petrified. Some year back, Americans found themselves in challenging...

10 Jan 2011

'The monetary history of the United States', chapter 7: Great Depression, 1929-1933 (Friedman and Schwartz)

Book review - 5 pages - Economy general

The Great Depression is considered as the most severe economic depression in the history of the United States. In terms of the economic and monetary unions, it had meant: a decrease of more than half of US GDP (current prices) and over a third of US GDP (constant prices)...

24 Aug 2010

A comparison of today's economic crisis to the Great Depression of 1929-1939

Thesis - 2 pages - Economy general

Today we are faced with an economic crisis that has affected the United States of America and reached out to shake economies the world over. Stock markets, nationally and internationally have hit all-time lows. The housing market, banks and other financial lending institutions, the Big Three car...

28 Aug 2008

The economic, social and political impact of the Great Depression on Southeast Asia

Essay - 9 pages - Modern history

Southeast Asia did not escape the effects of the Great Depression that burst upon the Western industrialised world at the beginning of the 1930s. The 1929 crisis formed a watershed in the history of Southeast Asia, leaving neither the economic, social nor political sphere untouched....

30 Jan 2017

The depressive state: eternal melancholia to deep despair

Essay - 4 pages - Psychology

Mental and emotional health is a factor that is often ignored and overlooked in our society. It is seen as unimportant, when it is in fact one of the most important components to achieving and living a healthy life. Many people consider mental and emotional health to be an optional part of caring...

12 Dec 2014

Social and Cultural Factors Giving Rise to Depression and Anxiety

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

The World Health Organization further explains that anxiety disorder and depression are characterized by factors such as emotional, physical, and behavioral symptoms that build an uncomfortable feeling that is usually described as uneasiness. Worry is usually followed by symptoms like...

12 Nov 2014

Kolcaba's Theory of Comfort-Clinical case of depression

Case study - 8 pages - Educational studies

Since time immemorial, comfort has been consistently aligned to nursing both in- and out-of-the-hospital settings. Historically, nurses were bestowed with the responsibility of providing comfort to not only their patients but also families of patients through the comfort interventions. The...

01 Aug 2022

Pestel Analysis - The real estate market in the US

Case study - 6 pages - Services marketing

The United States' housing market is experiencing a considerable shift. As the government tries to quell the impacts of inflation with relatively higher interest rates, every other aspect of the economy from foreclosure rates to housing market prices remains in flux. As such, housing prices...

06 Sep 2022

The Role of Industrial Production in Labour Organizing

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Modern history

A look back at the development of the labour movement in Niagara can be traced back to the commercial capitalism facilitated by the construction of the well and canal. In this period, the majority of waged workers involved in the construction were unskilled laborers. Their lack of skills became...

14 Sep 2023

Crises of Capitalism: 1847, a 19th-century crisis heralds the future

Essay - 4 pages - Economy general

Between slave societies, characterized not only by exploitation but by the possession of man by man, and capitalist society, where man is free in law but where the labour of those who have only their arms exploited by the owners of the means of production. While capitalism, as the dominant mode...

24 Aug 2010

The misdiagnosis of postpartum depression in the 19th Century and Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper"

Thesis - 5 pages - Literature

Charlotte Perkins Gilman's “The Yellow Wallpaper,” written in 1892, was originally published as a work of Gothic fiction. Through a biographical analysis - and the author's own admission - we now know that the story contains many real elements drawn from the author's own...

15 Jan 2021

The United States in the Economy

Course material - 25 pages - International economy

Globalization is a contest content, it can have a negative view; responsible of outsourcing, massive unemployment (Europe), positive view; eliminate discrimination, global general culture, universalism. A complex reality, positive & negative sides. Is a process of interaction and integration...

01 Mar 2007

The Progressive Era, the New Deal, and the Great Society: a comparative study

Essay - 4 pages - International relations

The Jeffersonian idea that liberty and equality would be best achieved by everyman pursuing his own interest and a federal government with greatly constrained powers is often seen as America's traditional political philosophy. During the 20th century, three periods of government activism...

30 Jul 2022

Towards a European Confederation? From de Gaulle's Return to Power to the Milan European Summit (1958-1985)

Course material - 6 pages - Modern history

After the failure of the federal concept and the more prudent approach of the Rome Treaties, for about 30 years, the European Economic Community (EEC) seemed to develop more along the concept of a European Confederation, not a Federation, as envisioned by the Founding Fathers, Robert Schuman or...

26 Sep 2008

Validity of the Beck Depression Inventory

Essay - 16 pages - Psychology

The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) is a widely used instrument in the measuring of depression and its severity. BDI is a simple instrument: there are twenty-one multiple-choice items; the respondent answers according to his or her feelings as remembered over the past two weeks. The...

07 Jul 2009

Success and its pressures as depicted in The Great Gatsby and Things Fall Apart

Thesis - 5 pages - Literature

Analysis of today's society reveals a deep-rooted desire for success. Indeed, it is human nature to strive to achieve, and it is encouraged to the point where ambition and competition become a way of living. For some, this translates into a life of blind devotion to a cause that is increasingly...

20 Apr 2015

Unemployment: brief study

Case study - 2 pages - Biology

It seems unlikely that we return to suffer the 25% unemployment of the Great Depression. We learned that the government spending - a means of generating demand that was unthinkable in the early 1930s - can stimulate a depressed economy and restore the high level of employment. The...

15 Jan 2009

The experience of the Indian and Pakistani immigrant communities in Great Britain from 1948 to 1971

Essay - 42 pages - Modern history

The history of Indian and Pakistani presence in Britain is long as it dates back to the seventeenth century. Yet the influence of the South Asian community was almost insignificant at that time, for its size remained very small. Only after the Second World War (1939-1945) did South Asian...

15 Jan 2009

When the Japanese moved into Southeast Asia in 1941, local reactions to the occupying forces differed greatly. Evaluate the motivations that fueled these varying responses, taking into consideration particular local situations and periods of the war

Essay - 5 pages - Modern history

Raising the question of the reactions to the Japanese takeover in Southeast Asia is very delicate and original for many reasons. Firstly, Southeast Asia is a broad region and it is most likely that the reactions of locals will differ greatly from one place to another. Secondly, there is not one...

29 Dec 2010

The representation of the Great War in German Art: Otto Dix (1891-1961)

Thesis - 5 pages - Arts and art history

In August 1914, after months of a prolonging crisis and tension, the Great War broke out, abruptly interrupting any artistic activity in Europe. Indeed, those who had helped launch the first wave of new ideas of the twentieth century by their avant-garde trends were mobilized. It is in...

15 Jan 2009

Cause of the great famine and its place in the demographic and migration history

Essay - 5 pages - Modern history

In the 1800s, Ireland was essentially a rural country. Its economy depended only on agriculture, and its industrial system was very weak. Therefore, Ireland was very poor compared with its neighbour, England. It is considered most of all as an island belonging to England and integrated by this...

23 Feb 2010

The roaring twenties and the fall into depression

Thesis - 2 pages - Modern history

The early United States was predominately rural. The number of Americans living in cities did not surpass the number living in rural areas until 1920. The economic opportunities brought on by the industrial revolution had people flocking to the central cities, which in turn grew immensely. Prior...

15 Apr 2009

A health care practices and clinical skills paper concerning a patient suffering from anxiety and depression

Thesis - 6 pages - Psychology

The aim of this essay is to discuss health and maximizing the health and well being of a client with mental health problems. Factors, which can enhance the health and social well being of the client, such as anxiety management and relaxation therapy, will be identified; the role of the nurse in...

03 Mar 2011

"History of Capitalism" (part 4 to part 7) by Michel Beaud (2000)

Book review - 35 pages - Economy general

Capitalism is a logic based on the production of goods. It became prominent in Britain along with Europe and the United States during the "early industrial" era from 1770 to 1860: Textiles, machinery, railways and arms. But capitalism in its historical movement, also concerns the capitalist...

16 Jan 2009

The impact of bank failures on the money stock during the inter-war period in the United States

Essay - 11 pages - Finance

In the following study the researcher attempt to analyze whether the monetary policy adopted by the Federal Reserve during the interwar period led to the Great Depression. The study would investigate through an extensive literature review by studying the perspectives of renowned...

20 Apr 2015

Behind the process of inflation

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

One of the most striking differences between modern inflation and the past is that, in times gone by, the inflationary peaks were followed by long, slow deflationary declines when both prices and money wages fell, especially in times of recession. It was not uncommon in the early years of this...