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07 May 2009

Cultural differences in international marketing: Where's the beef? McDonald's sells hamburgers in a Hindu country

Essay - 3 pages - Services marketing

The first McDonald's restaurant opened on 15th April 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois, U.S.A. and after 50 years down the line, the company is the world's largest food service system with more than 30,000 restaurants in 100 countries, serving more than 46 million customers every day....

12 Oct 2020

PESTEL Analysis - McDonald's

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

In 1940 brothers Dick and Mac McDonald opened their first McDonald's Bar-B-Q restaurant in California. Featuring a typical drive-in-style menu and offering a carhop service. In 1948 the brothers closed briefly to make some alterations when they opened in December of that same year, they...

28 May 2021

SWOT Analysis - Burger King

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

The Burger King group was founded in 1954 in Miami by two friends, James McLamore and David Edgerton. In 1957, they created the now-iconic Whopper, a hamburger that boasts of being flame-grilled meat. In 1963, Burger King began its international conquest and exported to Mexico. In 1975,...

12 Mar 2021

Marketing Mix - McDonald's

Case study - 6 pages - Brand management

It is increasingly difficult to find a place in the world of commerce. This is why it is essential to find a strategy to earn the title of market leader. But how do large companies fare? To answer this, we will study the marketing mix of one of the biggest brands, McDonald's. McDonald's...

02 Sep 2014

The Hague-Visby Rules and Its Alternatives

Case study - 12 pages - Educational studies

‘The Hague-Visby Rules 1968 built upon the Hague Rules 1924 and the United States Harter Act 1893. They were intended to balance the competing interests of both carriers and shippers. However, it could be argued that the Hague-Visby Rules 1968 failed to achieve this balance as the rules were...

20 Jan 2009

The strategy of MC Donald's

Essay - 14 pages - Business strategy

From modest beginnings in 1954, McDonald's experienced a steady growth until the end of 1980, reaching more than 5200 units catering to the United States on 31st December of the same year. This explosive growth was the result of a combination of three ideas which distinguished McDonald's...

08 Oct 2010

McDonald's multicultural management

Thesis - 8 pages - Management

Even if Mc Donald's is not the fast food market pioneer and did not invent the hamburger, is now, the bigger fast food restaurant chain of the world. Nowadays, Mc Donald's gathers more than 31 000 restaurants in 121 countries. Thanks to a specific history and a quick evolution, the brand...

18 Nov 2010

McDonald's: Strategic challenge and SWOT analysis

Thesis - 30 pages - Business strategy

In the 90s, the firm had to cope with a number of challenges: The microwave oven, increasing health consciousness and competition. In 1999, as Jack Greenberg took over the reins of the firm, the situation was complicated due to competition between fast-food giants. McDonald's timelines: 1937:...

21 Feb 2012

Burger King - International Marketing Planning

Thesis - 15 pages - Services marketing

According to Omahe (2005), over the past 20 years, we have been gradually noticing the emergence of a global village. The world is becoming increasingly global: major examples are the trends, the way of thinking and the needs. Nowadays, it is easier to have products and services from other...

29 Sep 2010

McDonald's - International Development Strategy

Case study - 19 pages - Services marketing

Created more than 50 years ago, McDonald's is the first fast food chain in France today. The first restaurant, established in 1937, was only a simple 'drive-in movie theater' managed by the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in the Illinois in the United States. The empire...

14 Dec 2010

Burger King

Thesis - 7 pages - Business strategy

Burger King is a global chain of fast food restaurants serving hamburgers, with a turnover which amounted to $102.5 billion in 2009 when they sold 524 million units. It owns 12,000 franchisees in 74 countries around the world. Two out of three restaurants are established in the U.S. It has...

16 Jan 2009

The impact of negative rumors on consumers' behaviors

Essay - 13 pages - Services marketing

Mac Donald's has been one of the most famous victim of negative rumors, with the “wormburgers' scare” (Newsweek, 1977). “Wormburgers” are hamburgers made with worms-based steak. In 1977, an astonishing rumor took birth in the United States, blaming the famous...

16 Jan 2009

"Dr Tasty": Business plan of a healthy fast-food

Business plan - 11 pages - Business strategy

My project is to implement a healthy fast food I called “Dr Tasty”. It will take the juridical form of a franchise. This fast food will propose two kinds of products - ones will be similar to a hamburger, the others will be “natural” ones (what I mean by natural is:...

29 Sep 2010

Burger King in South-Africa

Case study - 14 pages - Services marketing

Burger King was established in 1954 in Miami, Florida, by James McLamore and David Edgerton. They were among the pioneers of fast food. The Whopper , launched in 1957, was an instant success, and is today the emblem of the brand. Burger King quickly distinguished itself by its unique taste and...

03 Dec 2010

Training in a company: The example of McDonald's

Case study - 5 pages - Human resources

Lifelong learning? The hamburger chain McDonald's knew what the term meant before it gained popularity. “Training is rooted in our corporate culture," said Sabine Gekiere, HR manager at McDonald's in Belgium. "It's part of our DNA." It is now possible to enhance the...

27 Jan 2011

Presentation of McDonald's strategies in France

Case study - 9 pages - Services marketing

In more than half a century of existence, this leader of American fast food has made a global mark and became the largest fast food chain, serving 46 million customers a day. It is a multinational company with over 30,000 franchisees in 121 countries, which recorded a turnover of $20.46 billion...

22 Apr 2015

The integration with production systems

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The industrial refrigeration of meat, grain crushing and oil filling are segments of the agroindustrial complex that brings together a set of productive chains that downstream characterized by the use of goods from agricultural activities and the amount by marketing process increasingly complex....

27 Jan 2011

Analysis of the confectionery market and the chewing-gum segment

Market study - 60 pages - Services marketing

This paper will present the entire market of chewing gum. Chewing gum has won over all generations from the age group of 7 (and younger) to 77 years of age, and this is especially because of the great diversity that it has acquired in the last few years. The chewing gum has a history to its...

03 May 2007

Cultural Transformations

Thesis - 3 pages - Modern history

World War Two left Europe war torn and destitute. Over 30 million people had been “uprooted, transplanted, expelled, deported and dispersed…in the years 1939-43” (Judt, Postwar, p. 23). Many cities were completely destroyed including Minsk, Royan, Le Havre, Hamburg, Cologne,...

06 Apr 2011

Karen Horney and her psychological thoughts

Thesis - 4 pages - Psychology

Karen Horney occupys an important place in psychology and psychological thought. She was dedicated to psychology and the admirable thirst for knowledge. She followed the psychoanalyst school of thought and was instrumental in the creation of the psychological field as it stands today. As one of...

27 Aug 2009

The demystification of financial jargon

Thesis - 5 pages - Finance

“Finance” is a very broad term that encompasses a whole gamut of micro and macro domain specific definitions, usage and applications. As a subject, it is very critical from the societal perspective as it influences our everyday existence and has far reaching implications on the lives...

26 Sep 2007

Experiment: Mole Ratios, Limiting and Excess Reactants and Precent Yield

Case study - 4 pages - Physics

The purpose of this lab is as follows: To use mole ratios to predict the amount of precipitate formed, to use mole ratios to study the effect of reactant molarity on the yield of product, to use mole ratios to study limiting and excess reactants, and to design an experiment which achieves the...

19 Oct 2007

The Art of Loving War

Essay - 6 pages - Political science

The image of a soldier is that of a stereotype. He barely passed high school or did not pass at all. He laughed at the idea of college, he laughed at the price. He works every weekday and drinks every weekend. Bosses and police officers have no reasons to give him a second chance. “One...

26 Sep 2011

KFC : analysis of its Global Operations

Market study - 7 pages - Business strategy

"KFC, Known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is based out of Louisville, Kentucky, US. Harland Sanders came up with the idea of Fried Chicken in 1930 and the company was incorporate in 1952. Even after his death in 1980, Colonel Sanders continue to remain a major part of the promotions and advertising...

29 Sep 2010

International Marketing McDonald's and its strategy for success

Essay - 20 pages - Services marketing

With more than 30,000 restaurants all around the world, the McDonald's Corporation is definitively considered as the biggest fast-food chain on earth. Created from the imagination of two brothers who wanted to create something new, innovative and attractive, the firm quickly met customer needs...

07 Oct 2013

McDonald's: Corporate reputation after criticism of unhealthy food

Case study - 20 pages - Management

McDonald's is a large fast food chain with an international presence around the world. During the last few years, the company has been criticized by customers for offering unhealthy food causing obesity, and for dodgy corporate ethics. This is why we decided to study the international corporate...

29 Sep 2010

The worldwide marketing strategy of McDonald's

Case study - 24 pages - Business strategy

What difficulties do the cultural differences cause in enterprise management, and how can firms cope with these difficulties and reap benefits from cultural diversity? Intercultural management aims at improving intercultural interactions at work. These improvements are valued thanks to the...

29 Nov 2010

Strategic analysis of the McDonald's company

Thesis - 30 pages - Business strategy

McDonald's represents a turnover of 22 billion Euros, and employs more than 450,000 people worldwide. Founded in 1940, this company has become the symbol of fast food. The brand has over 31 000 restaurants and franchises in 121 countries For years, McDonald's has chosen a business model...

29 Sep 2010

McDonald's: Intercultural management

Case study - 14 pages - Management

MacDonald's is a multinational company that embraces more than 30,000 fast-food franchises under the brand name, in over 120 countries. It was founded in the United States of America after the crisis of 1929. In the 50s, Ray Kroc took over the company and began to develop it nationally. The...

05 Feb 2009

Mcdavid's International

Essay - 25 pages - Services marketing

McDavid's International was founded in 1902 as a provider of premium-quality meats prepared in accordance with the Jewish dietary laws of Kashrut. The company initially filled the needs of Jewish patrons living in New York City. In more recent decades, the company has expanded, serving Jewish...