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09 Feb 2024

Beyond Algorithms: The Symphony of AI and Healthcare

Case study - 3 pages - Electronics, mechanics, engineering & technology

In the dawning light of the new day Emma slowly wakes to the gentle chime of the digital assistant, the artificial intelligence-driven sentinel for her health. It's already analyzed her sleep patterns, her vital signs, and the local weather forecast with a high likelihood of a migraine...

02 Sep 2022

Can the use of EHR in healthcare settings increase patient safety and efficiency of work?

Essay - 7 pages - Electronics, mechanics, engineering & technology

Electronic health records come at a time when the hospital environment is undergoing a revolution with the idea of fully utilizing the benefits of communication technology. This is driven by the need for quality and efficiency of work in the hospital environment through improved record-keeping...

26 Apr 2022

Artificial intelligence in Healthcare Industry - A.I in Medical Technology : Medical Imaging

Dissertation - 35 pages - Management

Nowadays, we hear about artificial intelligence all around us and more specifically in the automotive, economic, computer and health sectors. The primary goal of artificial intelligence at its inception in the 1950s was to improve and extend human capabilities with machines (Pallanca O., and Read...

27 Feb 2015

Healthcare, Patients and Eating habits

Case study - 10 pages - Biology

Kornfeld (1979, p.154) reports that "for some patients, the transfer out of the ICU may therefore represent tangible evidence of improvement. However, others report their concern about the loss of attention and constant observation ", the author mentions that the latter patients felt rejected....

23 Jan 2015

Impact of Nursing Shortage on the Healthcare Industry

Case study - 20 pages - Educational studies

The shortage of acute care nurses had been one of the primary concerns in the healthcare industry across the world. The issue created a substantial impact on the fitness activities efficiency in hospitals and healthcare centers. Several studies have shown that the nursing graduates...

28 Jul 2015

Impact of Affordable Care Act on healthcare insurance benefits in Georgia school districts

Essay - 9 pages - Sociology & social sciences

European Medical Universalism has been approach that has been adopted by the European Countries in the implementation of their medical strategies and interventions. Unlike the European counterparts the United States of America have adopted an approach commonly referred to as the social model. In...

07 Nov 2014

Is universal is healthcare in Brazil really universal?

Case study - 14 pages - Educational studies

Access to quality and affordable healthcare for all is a social ideal that many countries aspire to attain with varying degrees of success. While many developed countries have more or less achieved universal healthcare, many more other countries are struggling to provide their...

11 Jan 2013

Bangalore: Online OTC healthcare market outlook 2012

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

Online OTC healthcare segment witnessed exponential growth reaching Rs 2.5 million, with year-on-year growth of 65 in 2011-2012. The market is stipulated to grow at 35-40 annually in next 18-24 months (2012-2014). The segment witnessed strong transaction volume sales of 40% on year-on-year...

27 Mar 2013

Longevity Healthcare Systems: Hunting for a marketing strategy

Essay - 8 pages - Services marketing

history that dates back to the mid ‘70s. Kathryn Hamilton and her husband have established a respectable company that originated from the need for long-term healthcare for their ailing parents. In essence, they have a good understanding for what families of long-term...

22 Feb 2011

Contrasting and comparing the ethics of the healthcare system in the Netherlands, Denmark and the United States of America by means of the different moral philosophies

Essay - 7 pages - International relations

I'll be going over 3 different health care systems in 3 different countries; the Netherlands, Denmark and the United States of America. For each country I will give a brief explanation of the current health care system and then I will go over the advantages and disadvantages keeping the following...

27 Jan 2011

The healthcare system in the US

Essay - 4 pages - Social, moral & civic education

The system of health insurance emerged gradually in the States at the beginning of the twentieth century and significantly spread all over by the nation by the middle of the twentieth century. The beneficial effects of such systems are undeniable, they allow access to care and 'equity in...

25 Feb 2010

The Fair family: Nursing, healthcare and ethics

Thesis - 7 pages - Social, moral & civic education

The factual scenario raises complex issues pertaining to ethical and legal considerations with regard to the rights of Mr Fair and his daughter. As an initial observation, patient autonomy and consent will be a central factor in determining the appropriate course of action and from a nursing...

02 Mar 2010

Online healthcare system

Tutorials/exercises - 25 pages - Computer science

The project titled ONLINE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM” is designed using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET as the front end and SQL SERVER 2003 as the back end which is developed under Visual Studio .NET 2005. The project contains following modules: The Admin module contains admin login, admin...

15 Jan 2009

Chinese healthcare system

Essay - 3 pages - Social, moral & civic education

China has recently changed its healthcare system. After the Chinese Communist Party took control of China in 1949, they created a health care system for its peasant population. For 50 years, the communist government took care of the health needs of the country. It dictated what was...

20 Jun 2008

Latinos and healthcare in the United States: Diverse challenges and unmet needs

Dissertation - 26 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Since 2003, Latinos have become the largest minority group in the United States, composing over 12.5% of the population. Unfortunately, many Latinos are not able to access healthcare in a meaningful way, as barriers of availability, accessibility, affordability and adaptability create a...

10 Sep 2008

Healthcare for the uninsured

Essay - 6 pages - Sociology & social sciences

It can be said, with some truth, that the American healthcare system is the best in the world. Technology levels are high, specialists abound, innovations in treatment, care, and prevention are matters of course, and physicians and other medical professionals are well-paid, high status,...

05 Jun 2008

Political Regimes and Healthcare Reform in Latin America

Essay - 3 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Latin American states have and continue to experience a diverse spectrum of political regimes. These shifts in political organization resonate throughout all aspects of a country's social and economic profile, with health status and care being no exception. Health systems develop through the...

17 Jul 2008

The Universal Healthcare debate in America

Essay - 4 pages - Government finance

According to the National Coalition on Healthcare, nearly 47 million Americans go without health insurance (NCHC 2008). That means that sixteen percent of the American population cannot afford to get treated when they are sick, injured, or possibly dying. Within that number, seventy...

10 Dec 2023

Economic Growth in Nigeria and Its Impact on Human Development

Dissertation - 51 pages - Economy general

Despite its significant economic growth and status as a major economic power in Africa, Nigeria faces numerous challenges. Over-reliance on the oil and gas sector, corruption, and poor resource management have prevented the country from fully realizing its economic potential. In terms of the...

21 Jun 2018

Considerations when recruiting foreign nurses and the ethics of international recruitment

Essay - 3 pages - Medical studies

The nursing shortage has always been one of the biggest concerns in the healthcare field. Since nurses make up the majority of the healthcare workforce, many solutions for this problem have been presented: improving recruitment, offering opportunities for advancement, suggesting...

28 Apr 2021

SWOT Analysis - Virgin

Case study - 5 pages - International marketing

The Virgin Group is a world-class British group owned by billionaire Richard Branson and active in countless areas such as transport, telephony, satellites, travel, healthcare and more. Virgin was created by Branson and his associates in the 1970s and initially focused on mail-order...

05 Sep 2022

The impact of evidence-based methods in nursing

Dissertation - 7 pages - Medical studies

In the field of nursing, evidence-based practices have been frequently utilized as a way of improving the practice and the quality of care that nurses provide to their patients. This approach is founded on the independence of research and patient experiences where nurses are supposed to utilize...

28 Apr 2023

Health systems

Course material - 3 pages - Social security law

Security is a package of four government insurance programs which provide Americans with minimum coverage. They include retirement pensions (to which all Americans over 65 are entitled), benefits for disabled, unemployment insurance and Medicare, a program which covers the medical expenses of...

14 Dec 2022

Haiti briefing note and building mission solution : state of the country and developments of solutions

Case study - 7 pages - Political science

In October 2015, elections were deferred indefinitely due to allegations of fraud. The new elections were further postponed due to Hurricane Matthew and finally took place in November 2016, Jovenel Moïse won 56% of the vote. There was a holding of an electoral tribunal to conduct a verification...

27 Jul 2015

Standardization of the electronic medical record throughout the Commonwealth

Essay - 1 pages - Computer science

Change is an inevitable part of life. The recent influx of technology is a testament to this occurrence. Every industry has become susceptible to change because of technology. Companies that once thrived have been taken over by their counterparts that cater to technological advances....

26 Oct 2020

Example of a financial analysis - Air Liquide

Financial analysis - 7 pages - Finance

Our analysis focuses on the French International company Air Liquide a world leader in the production and distribution of gas and services for industry and health. We will analyse Air Liquide, focusing on its business model, its market and its financial performance. Our analysis focuses on the...

28 Jul 2015

Nursing field career

Essay - 2 pages - Human resources

Children have a dream regarding their future occupation. Some even bring their childhood imaginings to fruition. Nursing is a career choice that is fulfilling for anyone, regardless of the age. It requires hard work and dedication. The work input is rewarded in a variety of ways. An analysis of...

18 Jun 2023

The Specificities of Surgery

Worksheets - 5 pages - Medical studies

Surgery can refer to an invasive treatment, which is an aggressive approach that causes inflammation and involves "violating" a natural barrier in the human body (penetrating the skin or a mucous membrane to "work" inside the human body). An important concept in invasive treatment is the...

21 Feb 2024

Double versus Single Checking Interventions

Course material - 1 pages - Medical studies

There are various nursing interventions which have been put in place to reduce the number of medication errors, and a majority of these are focused on the reduction of errors which are associated with the dispensation of prescribed medications.

29 Mar 2016

Cancer patients receiving hospice care

Essay - 2 pages - Medical studies

Generally, cancer is a group of diseases that involve abnormal cell growth and the abnormal cell growth has the potential to spread to other body parts. The cancer condition is also referred to as a malignant tumor, but this does not mean all tumors are cancerous. On the other hand, hospice...