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11 Oct 2023

How Great Managers Motivate Their Employees (2019) - Human Resources tasks

Tutorials/exercises - 1 pages - Human resources

Dealing with Human Resources is an estimated tricky mission. Nevertheless, this article gives some interesting clue about how to help motivate employees in the workplace. To me, the first valuable piece of advice is to be made "actively" available to them in one way or another. I...

18 Sep 2022

Human resources marketing: which strategies to attract and retain employees?

Dissertation - 11 pages - Human resources

A considerable number of business organizations have incorporated strategic human resource management initiatives in the current economic conditions. The primary reason for the widespread assimilation of strategic human resource management reflects the idea that it is...

05 Apr 2022

Human Resources Management strategy: Training - 3 articles review

Law article commentary - 2 pages - Human resources

Training is a central human resource management practice that underscores the value of employee development. While staff training is not a mandatory requirement, it demonstrates the organization's commitment to quality production to surpass market expectations as part of a...

15 Aug 2022

Change Management: the role of Human Resources

Dissertation - 8 pages - Human resources

With the significant potential for swift change within the modern business field, as technological innovations improve and consumer demands change, organizational managers occasionally make difficult choices to restructure. For individuals at ease with job responsibilities and their lives, and...

27 Jul 2022

What is employee satisfaction and what is the role of human resources (HR) in enforcing employee satisfaction?

Essay - 2 pages - Human resources

In light of the current rapid changes at the social and economic level, companies have begun to realize that employees are the most “valuable asset” and even the secret of their success and stability (?ulibrk et al., 2018). In addition, employee satisfaction is an essential separation...

04 Apr 2022

Human Resources Books that Every HR Professional Should Read

Practical guide - 4 pages - Human resources

The world of HR is constantly changing, and it can be tough to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. That is why it is important to stay ahead of the curve by reading up on the latest HR books. This article will share some of the top picks for HR books that every HR professional...

31 May 2021

Outsourcing of human resources: the challenges and motivations of companies

Dissertation - 10 pages - Human resources

Companies today face many changes, regardless of their field of activity. The main objective of each of them is, of course, to achieve maximum profits in order to be able to continue their activity in the long term. Competition is a constant threat to societies, as it has come from all walks of...

19 Jul 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resources

Case study - 3 pages - Human resources

In our era, CSR is not only a "trendy" matter but has a real impact on the positioning of the company and its impact on the society. Initiatives can be found in every department: Human Resources make no exception. This is related to my future first dream job: HR manager or Business...

12 Nov 2020

Human Resources - Comparison Between Two Countries, Japan and United States of America

Case study - 6 pages - Human resources

In this paper, I will be comparing two countries, which are the United States and Japan. I will be discussing all forms of similarities and differences. I chose those two countries because the large geographical distance and strong language barrier between them also plays a role in the extent of...

14 Mar 2014

The Assessment and Strategy of Global Human Resources

Case study - 3 pages - Human resources

This research paper is about the assessment and strategy International global human resources take when an organization deals with Attracting employees, recruiting employees, hiring, training and developing different employees for positions in a global firm. In this research were...

07 Nov 2014

Poor Approach of Managing Human Resources

Case study - 5 pages - Human resources

The symptoms of ineffective management of human resources translate to overall under performance of staff, owing to their declining contribution. This scenario manifests itself through trends such as excessive absenteeism, the unsatisfactory output of staff members, demotivation,...

07 Feb 2013

BMW: Human resources

Case study - 10 pages - Human resources

International firms are more and more dealing with an International orientation by developing the business in new emerging markets and consolidating the loyal ones. In order to be effective, they have to control the financial structure and the Human Resources in the same time. Both...

08 May 2012

Management of human resources: L'Occitane

Essay - 18 pages - Human resources

Olivier Baussan founded the company l'Occitane in 1976. At the beginning the main idea was to manufacture natural products, thanks to ingredients coming from near Provence. L'Occitane's activity consists in providing natural and quality products for hair and body to favor wellbeing and...

27 Jan 2011

Human Resources department of IKEA

Essay - 38 pages - Human resources

Since it was registered as a corporation in 1943, IKEA has developed into an international group, present in approximately 43 countries. IKEA gets its name from the initials of Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd, located in Småland, Sweden. Ingvar Kamprad was just 17 when he registered IKEA...

16 Feb 2011

Human Resources and strategic tools

Case study - 8 pages - Human resources

The management of jobs is a tool that is used for managing human resources. It consists of the projection for the medium and long term needs and staff resources of an organization. It is composed of qualitative approaches of management planning skills and workforce planning....

12 May 2011

The need for international human resources management

Thesis - 7 pages - Human resources

As the process of globalization accelerates, there is a growing number of expatriates working in foreign countries as well as repatriates coming back to home companies. Therefore, international human resources managers have the urgent task of taking care of employees'...

29 Sep 2010

A Comparison of the Human Resources Policies and Practices of Germany and the USA

Essay - 8 pages - Human resources

The aim of this essay is to compare the Human Resources practices of the US and Germany, to highlight the reasons behind these differences, and to analyze the evidence these differences provide to the convergence/divergence debate. These countries have been chosen because the US is...

29 Sep 2010

Human resources final paper

Book review - 3 pages - Human resources

The business problem that we are going to discuss concerns the differences in treatment regarding gender. Actually, in the work environment, women and men are considered, paid and hired differently. This has always been the case and even if we can see improvements, there are still big gaps in...

29 Sep 2010

Human resources strategy, SIEMENS

Essay - 20 pages - Management

Electrical and electronic engineering constitute the backbone and hence the identity of the SIEMENS group which celebrated 160 years of existence in 2007. This company has several basic trade segments such as: energy, industry, telecommunications, information, transport, and health etc. In 2007,...

29 Sep 2010

Human resources in Europe

Essay - 10 pages - Human resources

For the last three decades, the liberalization of the exchanges and the development of the Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) led the globalization of the economy. The flows of the FDI with the amount of 648 billion dollars in 2004 are sixteen times today than at its being in 1950 . The growth of...

29 Sep 2010

Human resources final case study assignment British Petroleum

Essay - 11 pages - Human resources

We will analyze the case "British Petroleum: Transformational Leadership in a Transnational Organization". During this analysis, we will explain how different management styles are practiced in this company. Two different CEOs, Robert Horton and David Simon, succeeded this British oil company. We...

30 Dec 2010

Function of the human resources within the French group, Dassault Aviation

Case study - 8 pages - Human resources

Dassault Aviation, a French industry group, accounts for 8000 collaborators, including 3000 with a site in Saint-Cloud. As a major player of the world aircraft industry, the group posts its specificity: the support of its customers. The manufacturer civil-soldier bases its strategy on products of...

03 Mar 2010

Human resources management system

Tutorials/exercises - 30 pages - Computer science

Human Resources Management System is a web site used for human resources department of a company as well as the students who are going to write exam for the company. It acts as an intermediate for both company and students. Our goal is to provide any organization for...

29 Sep 2010

Oticon, a Danish Hearing Manufacturer, and the Human Resources Development

Case study - 9 pages - Human resources

According Leonard Nadler , the Human Resources “refer to a series of organized activities conducted within a specified time and designed to produce behavioral change”. The main task of this function is to focus on employees within an organization: if the firm is able to...

27 Jul 2010

Human resources: The film analysis

Thesis - 5 pages - Human resources

The film depicts two HR realities. The first is that of the complex relationship between Frank, a young intern in Human Resources, who is dynamic, energetic, and his father who is both fearful and disillusioned with the job he has held since he was young. Frank is a victim of...

15 Jan 2009

Management of international human resources: Coca Cola

Essay - 7 pages - Human resources

According to Armstrong in 2006 "International human resource management is the process of employing, developing and rewarding people in global organisations". However, nowadays, one of the most complex challenges for a MNC, across the globe, is the management of human...

15 Jan 2009

Memo Human resources: The Lidl case (2008)

Case study - 11 pages - Human resources

The Concept of purchasing power has been highly debated in France for the last few months. Because of a recent and substantial increase in prices, grocery retailers have been under suspicion of being the main engine of this inflation. Why have prices been increasing so quickly in the last few...

16 Jan 2009

Monography: The human resources management policy of the Société Générale

Essay - 4 pages - Human resources

According to the talk with Charles Millon, there are four main issues that have been put forward during the reshuffling of the bank Crédit du Nord. One of them is manpower planning in the new area, determined by both Société Générale, the buyer, and Crédit du Nord, the acquired. Indeed, that HRM...

26 May 2009

Human resources management in Siemens

Tutorials/exercises - 57 pages - Human resources

The outsourcing history of India is one of phenomenal growth in a very short span of time. The idea of outsourcing has its roots in the 'competitive advantage' theory propagated by Adam Smith in his book 'The Wealth of Nations' which was published in 1776. Over the years, the...

13 Jan 2009

Francotours: A human resources strategy

Essay - 4 pages - Human resources

Organizational Development is a term used to define the growing process of an organization. An organization's successful development and evolution depends on its ability to create the following: a vision (or identity) that clearly defines its purpose; the leadership capacity to clearly...