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02 Sep 2022

The English Patient - Michael Ondaatje (1992) - The complexity of identity

Text commentary - 2 pages - Literature

Michael Ondaatje's thriller novel, The English Patient, tells the stories of various characters after the war that disrupted their lives changed their culture and challenged their identity. Most of the characters have endured traumatic experiences that Ondaatje makes apparent by...

05 Feb 2021

The House of Mirth (Edith Wharto, 1905) and Passing (Nella Larsen, 1929) - Women identity issues in the early twentieth century

Essay - 3 pages - Literature

The House of Mirth (Edith Wharton) and Passing (Nella Larsen) are novels presenting female characters struggling to fit into the 20th century society. At the time, women were not very independent and had almost no means to earn a living. In The House of Mirth, Lily Bart's parents died and in...

29 Sep 2016

The truth about identity in "The Apology" and "The Iliad"

Book review - 2 pages - Literature

Greek texts often emphasize the relationship between the community and the individual, and often with tragic results for the individual who chooses to fully express his individuality. The characters who are the centerpieces of ancient Greek literature, then, are those who, alone in that...

16 Jan 2015

Spatial identity in Veronis, L. (2007) - Strategic spatial essentialism

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

In her literature review, she focuses on anti-essentializing approaches that distinct groups use to define a common space such as diaspora and hybridity, and border crossing notions especially transnationalism. The African Americans chose the margin of the society as a place where they made a...

19 Feb 2015

Catholic Identity and Culture of the Australian Catholic Schools

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The Catholic identity is centred on the presentation of the person of Jesus Christ with his call to repent and believe. It also espouses crucifixion Christianity which leads to the call to believe that everyone stands under the last fourthings of death and judgement, heaven and hell. As a...

27 Mar 2015

Quicksand, Identity and Women's Experience

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

The thesis explores how issues related to class, race, and gender intersect to help shape Crane's struggle towards attaining autonomy and social stability in the 20th century (French and Allyson 457). It shows how class, race, and gender connect by paralleling the plight of Quicksand as a...

21 Feb 2014

Impact of the Media on National Identity

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

The media plays several roles in a country, its key role being to disseminate, compile, record and store information on current and past events in the country. The media is also responsible for the entertainment, enlightenment and education of its people. This role being crucial to the...

21 Nov 2014

The Social-Cultural Identity of Greek- Americans

Case study - 10 pages - Political science

According to some, Astoria is the largest “city” of the Greek outside the Athens-Greece. The New York's Queens Neighborhoods of Astoria, New York conjure up the image of a Greek immigrant community that has lived in it for over forty years (Hantzopoulos, 2005). For the Greeks and their...

21 Nov 2014

Language and Cultural Identity

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Language is the use of symbols (words) to communicate. It is the most-important cultural aspect and every culture in the world communicates with their native language (Senft, 12). Language is also a tool used by archeologist to examine past activates and provide clues about cultural and social...

03 Sep 2014

Ethnic Studies Race, Identity, and Film

Case study - 3 pages - Film studies

In the application of the term representation in this scenario reflects on the establishment of positions in media studies in which objects of analysis are not selective to some instances of reality, but reflect more on issues regarding racism. These are signifying objects articulated within...

16 Apr 2014

Apocalyptic rhetoric and its effect on religious identity

Case study - 9 pages - Social sciences

Apocalypticism offers a unique rhetoric of violence. Israelite people experienced violence and domination for centuries under the control of Persians, Greeks, Selucids, Ptolemies, and Roman rulers. Israelite identity was challenged under these occupying forces because the God of Israel was...

16 Apr 2014

The economic, territorial, and cultural impact of the European Union on the Danish identity

Case study - 5 pages - European union

Created by the treaty of Rome in 1957, the European Union now has 25 member states. Over the years and decades, it has developed a wide range of policies with an emphasis on economic measures. The member states have had to adapt themselves to this new system of governance and to the presence of...

15 Aug 2013

An identity reduced to a Burka

Case study - 1 pages - Educational studies

Every culture has defining elements. There are also stereotypes associated with each culture. Sometimes the defining elements of a culture are falsely identified. An Identity Reduced to a Burka by Laila Al-Marayati and Semeen Issa La illustrates a stereotype regarding the Muslim culture....

21 Aug 2013

Gender Identity

Case study - 2 pages - Psychology

Every person possesses a gender identity within their self's which nearly everyone match one's anatomic look. A person's gender indentify is either male or female or possibly something in between. This is a significant individual trait that adds to ones self-worth. It is the mode in...

19 Jun 2013

History as identity: The American past as contested terrain

Book review - 20 pages - Modern history

We look to the past to tell us who we are, where we are, and how we got here from there. History is identity, and thus it is contested terrain. Whose story is going to be told, and who is going to do the telling? The American narrative - the history of who we are, where we've been, and...

27 Nov 2013

Subversion and Inversion: Kate Mansfield's Colonial Identity and Modernism

Case study - 1 pages - Literature

In a letter to S. S. Koteliansky, Katherine Mansfield wrote: “I am always conscious of this secret disruption in me” (qtd in Smith ix). This statement bears to many of the key concepts of Modernist literature - the repressed self versus the conscious self, disjunction and dissonance,...

21 Jun 2013

The struggle for female identity in a male dominated world

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Throughout history, the female has been, at the best of times underappreciated, and at the worst of times, demonized and persecuted. While many Feminist writers believe that this particular brand of prejudice originally stemmed from the story of Eve tempting Adam to fall from grace in the Garden...

06 Aug 2013

Women in Film: African Filmmakers and Female Identity in African Cinema

Case study - 5 pages - Film studies

tradition from generation to generation. This is an essential part of how powerful the medium of film can be in Africa; it is more effective in societal change than books, literature, or anything involving literacy. African film goes beyond its function in western culture; it serves a greater...

09 Jul 2013

Mesopotamian skull preservation and identity

Case study - 1 pages - Educational studies

The Mesopotamians were an Ancient Egyptian culture settled on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers around 5000 B.C. Their settlement changed the pace of society as the world knew if from a nomadic hunting and gathering society to a settled agricultural superpower in which towns and city...

12 Dec 2012

A war for identity: Vladimir Putin's image as a product of the war in the Northern Caucuses

Case study - 2 pages - Political science

Voloyda Putin stood atop a staircase looking down at the toilet that was fixated against the bottom stair of the communal apartment. He gripped the freezing metal handrail with his left hand and shifted the large wooden stick in his right. He had spotted another one. With his eye on the target...

20 Jul 2011

Gynocriticism and 'Jane Eyre': The conflict of the female identity in language

Essay - 4 pages - Literature

When reading a novel like Charlotte Bronte's 'Jane Eyre', with both a female author and narrator, a series of implications arise by the structuring of a feminine language within the constructs of a patriarchal society, and thus, a masculine discourse; such an oppression innate to language...

27 Jan 2011

Pakistan: what is national identity?

Essay - 12 pages - Political science

With around 140 million people, Pakistan gained the status of a nuclear power in 1998, but also came to be known as a rogue state ('rogue stat') in the eyes of the United States. Under the international spotlight since the Afghan crisis of autumn 2001, and following the attacks of September...

22 Feb 2011

Identity Construction in Ibsen's 'Hedda Gabler' and Wilde's 'The Importance of Being Earnest'

Essay - 3 pages - Literature

Both Henrik Ibsen's 'Hedda Gabler' and Oscar Wilde's 'The Importance of Being Earnest' depict the constant conflict between the individual and the society in which they live; and, more specifically, the struggle of the individual to construct his or her own identity in...

20 Jul 2011

Temporal and Spatial divides and identity in 'Lucy'

Book review - 5 pages - Literature

Jamaica Kincaid's novel 'Lucy' illustrates the story of a girl with desperate desire to manipulate her personal identity. With motives so deeply ingrained in her determinedly expendable past and their manifestations in her present, her quest propels her obsessions divides past from...

26 Oct 2011

Porsche: A study on the rise of its brand identity and providing various services for the global circles

Market study - 7 pages - Business strategy

"Porsche is a German company that holds investments in the automotive sector. The company is headquartered in Zuffenhausen, in Stuttgart, Baden-W├╝rttemberg. It is jointly owned by the Piech and Porsche families, and Qatar holdings through the Qatar Investment authority. The company was founded...

05 Jul 2011

Brain Swapping: Identity, Transformation and what matters in Survival

Book review - 6 pages - Medical studies

So here is your story: you are fairly unhappy with your life and who you are at present. You have always thought yourself to be a bit too tall and lanky, a little lacking on physical endurance, and much too emotionally sensitive. You feel that you have a few intellectual shortcomings as well,...

09 Dec 2010

Identity and nationalism in West Africa since 1990: A case study of Ivory Coast

Case study - 20 pages - Social sciences

The democratization of West Africa started in 1990 and was led by Houphouet Boigny. The process revealed social cleavages in the case of groups that could not find a sufficiently powerful voice to express their opinions. Since then, there has been a process of nation building that is backed by...

19 Nov 2010

Islam and National identity in Indonesia

Thesis - 6 pages - Social sciences

Because Indonesia's culture is strongly linked to the Islamic religion - Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim population, with today about 200 million Muslims out of 230 million Indonesians , in other words 86% Indonesians are Muslim - both the official definition of Indonesian national...

30 Mar 2010

The French identity

Thesis - 3 pages - Social sciences

The idea of what it is to be French changed throughout the early 20th century. Under the third republic government many techniques were used to, in essence, create Frenchmen who shared the same goals and ideals as the rest of this country. If the country was unified with the goal of bettering...

19 Jul 2010

The Church of our holy death, identity and human emission

Thesis - 5 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Eros is the sum of life-preserving instincts that manifest as impulses to gratify basic needs like sex, as sublimated impulses motivated by the same basic needs, and as impulses to protect and preserve the body and mind. Thanatos is Greek for death. “Death” is more than the physical...