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06 Aug 2023

Fragmentation and inconsistency in international investment law

Essay - 5 pages - International law

It is a fallacy to think of international investment law as a general, coherent regime. The rules of law are splintered and fragmented, both in terms of their formal source and in terms of their application of particular disputes. What is more, there are no mechanisms in international...

02 Nov 2023

The growing involvement of the European Union in the control of foreign investment in its territory

Essay - 6 pages - European union

This is what the European Commission said on March 25th, 2020 for the Member States concerning foreign direct investment and free movement of capital from third countries, and the protection of Europe's strategic assets. From this quotation, we can see that the European Union (EU)...

04 Jun 2023

What future for the French economy after the Covid-19 crisis? - The "France 2030" investment plan proposed by President Macron

Essay - 6 pages - Economic politics

In 2020, the health crisis caused a recession of -7.9% for France. France had a fairly stable economy before the crisis and the various confinements led to a negative evolution of the economy as well as a recession in GDP. The French economy is growing little but resisting the crisis. For...

29 Mar 2016

Analysis of the investment environment of UK with regard to the Nelly Capital business

Essay - 6 pages - Business strategy

Traditionally, the investment climate in a country or in the world refers to the prevailing financial and economic conditions that affect the investors in a place. In this case, an investor is an individual or institution that is willing to lend money to an operating business in order to...

07 Apr 2015

The Legal, Ethical, and Technological Concerns in Investments

Case study - 2 pages - Business law

The need for accountability links the accounting and financial reporting of businesses to the law. The main interest of the law in this case is to protect the interests of the public from manipulations of the statements to exploit unsuspecting citizens. In addition, the law creates a platform for...

16 Jan 2015

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) - Globule business environment

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been traditionally defined to mean a firm or a corporation from one nation investing physically into building a manufacturing factory in another country. The direct investment in physical structures such as buildings and equipments distinguishes...

17 Apr 2015

Ways couples can seek to reduce taxation liabilities on investments and savings

Case study - 5 pages - Finance

The need for financial security and independence are a predominant concern for most citizens globally. In its very definition the ability to earn and willfully spend one's income is at the core of maturity as defined by social norms. This is also the case for governments and institutions. So the...

08 Oct 2015

Corporate investment banking : Barclays bank group

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

Multinational companies have looked to improve their products and come up with the best strategies in order to compete with other companies. One of the main aspects that the multinational companies look to improve is the innovative strategies and the best methods that can transform and change the...

07 Nov 2014

Applied Investment - Financial and Economic Context

Case study - 10 pages - Finance

Every single investor is interested in maximizing investment returns while simultaneously minimizing risk subjected to the investment. Consequently, investors prefer committing their resources in receptive economic systems free from uncertainties that may hamper their anticipated...

16 Apr 2014

Investment opportunities in relevance to ICICI

Case study - 74 pages - Finance

In the '90s there has been a decisive shift towards a new wave, the domain of financial services. In the era of the consumer, financial services, which seek to put the consumer in the forefront, have come to stay. Skillful marketing has opened up a wide spectrum of areas where financial...

06 Nov 2014

International Finance and Investment-The Greece Debt Crisis

Case study - 21 pages - Educational studies

Human fallibility ripped off Greece the dignity accorded to its rich history as the economy has been marred with endless conflicts, whose effects spreads beyond its national frontiers. The events revealing themselves in the Greece economy have caught the entire Eurozone in denials and bargains of...

21 Aug 2014

Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street by Karen Ho - Understanding of Ho critique of investment banking

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

Financial disintegration whether the internet bubble, the junk of bond markets, or the heightened leverage on housing market, there are in most cases explained as inevitable implications of market cycles. In other words, this means that what goes up must always come down in the long run. In Ho'...

28 Jul 2014

Country Differences, Cross-Border Trade and Investment Chapter (2-8)

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

History gives enough evidence to show that emerging economies are responsible for the shape of trade and investment in the international market for the last one decade. Emerging economies have continued to relate with each other and engage in free emerging markets. This essay produces an...

15 Apr 2013

Investment banking sector: a look into the future

Case study - 15 pages - Finance

Disappointing economic performances reported by main banking players in the last couple of years are expected to continue in the near future, reflecting an overall stagnating economic environment not only in Europe, but potentially also in U.S. (dependent on fiscal cliff starting in January...

29 Nov 2012

Investment analysis: Sports direct vs. JJB sports

Case study - 2 pages - Services marketing

Figure 1 above summarizes the investor's performance in the company Sport Direct. The company has been able to earn a healthy EPS of 15.73 in the FY 2010. However, the performance of EPS declined in the year 2011. It came down to 14.8. The result of this decline in performance is because the...

27 Feb 2012

South Africa - An investment-friendly economy

Thesis - 7 pages - Economy general

This paper is devoted to one of the most advanced, broad-based and productive economy in Africa. This paper is about trying to understand how the Republic of South Africa became "one of the most advanced and productive economies" in Africa. We will pay attention to foreign direct...

16 Aug 2012

Impact of economic liberalization on the flow of private foreign investment

Case study - 15 pages - International relations

The impact of Economic liberalization on the flow of private foreign investment can have different impacts on specific regions. One common perspective is that economic liberation on the one hand can be beneficial for the developed countries but on the other hand it can actually harm the...

09 Aug 2011

Why is it that some firms locate their investments close to their markets whilst others appear to have the luxury of a much greater choice of location?

Thesis - 7 pages - Business strategy

In a context of financial globalization and outsourcing, the choice of firms' location has become a complex issue. Indeed, some companies prefer to locate their investments close to their markets whereas others make the choice to establish themselves in the most appropriate country where...

29 Sep 2010

Foreign direct investments: Issues and impact for developing countries

Essay - 6 pages - Economy general

In the context of globalization, the increasing interconnection of markets and the geographical burst of the production chain can represent an opportunity for developing countries to join the world economy to enhance their growth. The resilience of foreign direct investment (FDI) during...

29 Sep 2010

Investment management and modern portfolio theory

Essay - 9 pages - Finance

Various assets or types of investment (stocks, bonds and cash equivalents) held and/or managed directly by investors, constitute a portfolio. In order to build up a coherence between risk tolerance and the investing objectives, investors favor large cap value stocks based on index funds if...

29 Sep 2010

Report for investments in Russia

Market study - 20 pages - Economy general

Dear investors, This report will provide you with factual information on the importance of investing in the Telecommunications industry in Russia. Since 2006, the direct investments in Russia from external countries have increased a lot. It demonstrates that it is a strategic market in...

29 Sep 2010

Evolution of Investment Strategies, and Case-Based Decision Theory

Essay - 2 pages - Psychology

Gilboa and Schmeidler's work demonstrates an important distinction between behavior as predicted by Expected Utility Theory and as predicted by Case Based Decision Theory: in the event of a posed similar, familiar decision, people will revert to their memories of past situations to determine...

24 Jun 2010

Why ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) is good for America?

Thesis - 4 pages - Political science

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, abbreviated “ARRA”, is a stimulus bill which was proposed and passed by President Barack Obama and the 111th Congress of the United States exactly one year ago. What better way to examine the effectiveness of ARRA than giving it a...

15 Feb 2010

The importance of international trade and foreign direct investment to lift the global economy out of the downturn

Thesis - 7 pages - International relations

The current global economic crisis has been labeled by economists as the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and the domino effect of the crisis has culminated in the decline of consumer spending, demise of established businesses in key industry sectors and heightened government...

02 Mar 2010

Financial analysis database system for investment decision

Tutorials/exercises - 20 pages - Computer science

The project titled “Financial Analysis Database System for Investment Decision” is designed using Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2005 as front end and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as back end which works in .Net framework version 2.0. The coding language used is C# .Net The objective...

29 Sep 2010

"You are a consultant to a company considering India or China as an attractive opportunity for investment. Citing appropriate examples of other companies' experiences assess the risks involved in investing in ONE of these countries" N/B Choose either Indi

Essay - 6 pages - Management

India is today, considered as the seventh largest, and the world's second most populated country, with 1.1 billions inhabitants. Due to a series of reforms conducted since 1991, India has become the second fastest growing economy with an annual growth rate of around 8% over the last three...

29 Sep 2010

The U.S. and Bilateral Investment Treaties

Essay - 2 pages - Business law

The number of Bilateral Investment Treaties or BITs has grown dramatically during the last few decades. They are presented as an important tool of FDI and a key factor contributing to foster economic growth and development. As underlined in the paper, BITs have become the major tool for...

29 Sep 2010

Nature and role of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Ireland, China and India (2005)

Presentation - 33 pages - Services marketing

FDI can be considered a way to strengthen the « domination of capitalist economies » and the dependence of peripheral countries for PREBISCH. The neomarxist theory is outdated but FDI can still have no effect, or even detrimental ones - The dependence on foreign companies (ex. UNGARY) => the...

29 Sep 2010

The future of Investment Regulation

Essay - 2 pages - Business law

An attempt was made to terminate the introduction of one general text relating to the regulation of the FDI. In other words, the cancellation of the draft text pertaining to the Multilateral Agreement on Investment ("MAI") which was elaborated through the patronage of the Organization of...

29 Sep 2010

Tensions over foreign direct investment (readings summary)

Book review - 2 pages - Economy general

Foreign Direct Investment or FDI appears as a complex mechanism in which numerous and evolving issues are at stake. The first source of complexity lies in the numerous interests that may be pursued by the different actors involved. As the authors underline, the convergence of these...