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25 Apr 2024

Criminal Law in an Islamic Legal Society

Essay - 5 pages - Criminal law

The Shari'a does not focus as much on criminal law as it does on family law, but a small part is dedicated to crimes and sanctions, and despite not being strictly applied, those principles still have a normative force among different modern Muslim states' legal systems....

17 Jan 2024

Given the rule of the precedent in the federal judiciary system, how can it promote stability in the law?

Essay - 2 pages - Law's history and philosophy

The actual implementation of the federal judiciary system began with the Judiciary Act of 1789, signed into law by President George Washington. It established the basic structure and jurisdiction of the federal judiciary system and created the Supreme Court as well as lower federal courts....

23 Apr 2024

The great common law and civilian law divide is a myth

Essay - 5 pages - Civil law

Common law and civil law are generally considered the two major legal traditions that developed in Western societies. Common law is based on judge-made law through precedents set in past court decisions. Civil law originated in Roman law and is codified...

23 Apr 2024

What are the different sources of the law in England and Wales, and what are the common law rules which engage with an actionable misrepresentation?

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Business law

The document answers two short essay questions from Business Law Final Summative Assessment of Regent's University London. The questions are the following: 1- Critically assess the different sources of the law in England and Wales. 2- Explain the difference between a...

09 Feb 2024

The escape, manhunt, and capture: A population's test of resilience and Law Enforcement's tenacity

Presentation - 4 pages - Linguistics & languages

You will understand this title that we have chosen to describe in the most accurate way an event. Indeed, we will discuss a murderer who escaped from prison on August 31, 2023. The event happened in Chester County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. By escaping from the prison, he has created a...

18 Jan 2024

English Law

Course material - 2 pages - Law's history and philosophy

There are four types of law: common law, civil law, religious law, and the mixed systems. The main difference between common law and civil law is that common law is based on the rule of precedent and civil law on code.

21 Jan 2024

French law of international commercial arbitration

Course material - 5 pages - Other law subjects

French law of international commercial arbitration is a course designed for fourth-year students at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis and doctoral students in law. In order to help students deepen their knowledge of the subject, a book has been set up called "International...

09 Feb 2024

How and why is International Law Binding on States?

Essay - 3 pages - International law

While the legal nature of the subject itself has been often discussed and debated, it is generally considered that international law has legal value, notably because of its binding effect. Indeed, international law is binding on states, with obligations based on both moral and...

06 Aug 2023

Fragmentation and inconsistency in international investment law

Essay - 5 pages - International law

It is a fallacy to think of international investment law as a general, coherent regime. The rules of law are splintered and fragmented, both in terms of their formal source and in terms of their application of particular disputes. What is more, there are no mechanisms in...

11 Sep 2023

Business Law: Transnational commercial contracts

Course material - 15 pages - Business law

Parties can choose the law applicable to the contract and other should respect that choice. Recognized for the first time in France with the decision "American trading" in 1910. Today this principle is recognized by a lot of conventions and is a general principle.

12 Dec 2023

The Impact of the Barcelona Traction Case on Shareholder Protection under International Law or The Diplomatic Protection of Companies and Shareholders

Thesis - 27 pages - International law

The Barcelona Traction judgment of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of February 5th 1970, considerably shaped the protection of foreign investors. Indeed, this judgment which introduced an innovative distinction, but ultimately in conformity with existing legal concepts, between the...

10 Dec 2023

Investment law - The reinforcement of the control of foreign investments by the European Union

Essay - 4 pages - European law

How do the European Union's reinforced measures for controlling foreign investments, including the EU FDI (Foreign direct investment) Screening Regulation, national investment screening mechanisms, and increased scrutiny on state-owned enterprises, impact the attractiveness of the EU market...

21 May 2023

Legal Proceedings in Common Law Jurisdictions and Civil Law Jurisdictions

Dissertation - 4 pages - Civil law

Common law and civil law jurisdictions are often regarded as antagonist interpretation of the rule of law in modern societies. Indeed, both constitute the dominant views of law in general, as they are "often made the basis of comparative law studies". The...

10 Aug 2023

Femicide and Human Rights: Understanding and Classifying Gender-Based Violence under E.U. Law

Thesis - 20 pages - Public liberties

In 2008, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, during the launch of a campaign intending to end violence targeting women, said that the only global truth is that "violence against women is never acceptable, never excusable, never tolerable". The statement was a revelation that society...

15 Jan 2023

What's negligence in tort law ?

Essay - 1 pages - Criminal law

Tort law is an integral part of any legal system, and negligence is a key concept within it. Negligence is a form of tort law that holds individuals or organizations accountable for any harm caused to another person due to their careless or reckless behavior. Negligence can be a...

29 Nov 2023

The Repercussions of the Law and its Impact on Individuals - Hart-Celler Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

Tutorials/exercises - 1 pages - International law

When it was created, the bill was meant to eliminate race discrimination in immigration and allow people from all countries to come to the United States, not just white immigrants. The fact is that decades after this bill, we can see the clear impact it had on US immigration: in 1960, 84 percent...

18 Dec 2023

Environmental law - The examples of Canada and the United Kingdom

Case study - 3 pages - Environment law

There is a high amount of litigation related to water, considering that Canada is one of the major fishing sites. Federal fisheries act was made in order to prevent water pollution by prohibiting discharge or deposition of substances which can be harmful to aquatic animals. The UK is historically...

29 Jun 2023

How does Anti-Discrimination Law Applies to Women, Especially When it Comes to Marital Rape ?

Essay - 3 pages - Public liberties

According to the Sexual Offences Act of 2003, marital rape can be defined as a sexual act that was committed by a person without the consent of his/her spouse or ex-spouse. Marital assault can legally fall under the category of domestic violence. According to the domestic Act Abuse of 2021,...

07 Jul 2022

Creating a business in France : laws, processes and forms

Dissertation - 3 pages - Startup, entrepreneurship

Every year, many businesses are created in France. In 2020, despite the health crisis, more than 800,000 businesses were created. That is an increase of 4% compared to 2019. However, creating a company is not as simple as that. Indeed, there are many regulations to respect. We will see in this...

20 Sep 2022

The Law of Contract

Worksheets - 5 pages - Obligation law

The law of contract is a framework in which all commercial transactions from the smallest consumer purchase to the most complex business agreement are going to take place. Contract law is essentially a case-law subject. Case law is all the decisions made by the court....

20 Sep 2022

Commercial Law and the Market

Course material - 2 pages - Other law subjects

Before 2006/2007, it was a period of complete boom. It's called the boom time, following to the .com bust in 2000, fixed interest rates at 1% so there were lots of cheap credit. The bank made lots of money. But the bank increased leverage (it's a way of measuring the amount you lend...

13 Oct 2022

History of the Common Law System on the English Legal System

Essay - 11 pages - International law

As a direct result of the colonization by the British, many of its states naturally acquired this common law system, being the English law in globo, maintaining its primary principles, procedures, actors and modes of proof. As a consequence of this adoption and utilization of...

20 Sep 2022

Common Law and Origins of the English Legal System

Presentation - 17 pages - Constitutional law

What is common law? Why is it important to have a knowledge of the principles of common law? How did it develop?

03 Oct 2022

Practical case : Employment Law

Law case study - 6 pages - Labor law

1/ David has spent the last two decades working as a security officer for Big Gigs and Loud Sounds Ltd. His contract with Big Gigs and Loud Sounds Ltd expressly declares that he is ‘self-employed' and emphasizes at various points that the basis on which he receives his shifts to work for...

30 Jun 2022

Administrative law in the United States

Essay - 4 pages - International law

Explaining the concept of administrative law can cause complications to many people. Therefore, before going further in this work, we will define the administrative law in advance for a better understanding. Administrative law is the set of rules that define the rights and...

29 Mar 2022

How could international law support a transition to renewable sources of energy?

Essay - 4 pages - International law

Climate change is an international issue. Indeed, no matter how much greenhouse gases emissions decrease in Europe, if the world does not act collectively climate change and its consequences will continue. But climate change is not only an international topic, it intersects with many...

03 Feb 2021

State sovereignty in international public law

Essay - 5 pages - International law

Jean Bodin (1530-1596) considered that the concept of sovereignty is an absolute concept. Sovereignty is a key concept when it comes to dealing with the state and its place in the international arena. It is, indeed, a concept that has been fostered to characterize the intrinsic power of states:...

05 Aug 2021

Brexit - latest agreements, consequences, related laws

Essay - 3 pages - European union

At the end of World War II, six states met to form the European Economic Community (EEC). Over the years, the EEC has become the European Union (EU) which included some other areas than the EEC did not address. In fact, the EU expanded its intervention and its application in other fields such as...

10 Sep 2021

Environmental Law - Sustainable Development in South Africa

Essay - 4 pages - Environment law

The expression "sustainable development" has been used for years now. It is all about the promotion of people's well-being, the improvement of their life quality, especially in the long run. This means that what the current generation is doing has consequences on future generations. Therefore,...

11 Feb 2016

Separation of power in Australian law

Essay - 3 pages - Other law subjects

Principally, it refers to constitution principle and ideology that offers check and balances to any power vested in any institution or person. Governmental authorities are divided into different branches for example, there is legislative arm that comprises of senate and parliament, executive...