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20 Sep 2022

Business Plan: how to improve life in Indian slums?

Business plan - 6 pages - Sociology

Ninety years ago, there were only 251 million people in India. Today, there are 1.2 billion. Overpopulation threatens the environment of the country. Overpopulation and rural exodus have led to informal urban development, leading to the development of slums in and next to the cities. Therefore,...

19 Jul 2021

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass - Frederick Douglass (1845)

Book review - 3 pages - Modern history

In the first half of the 19th century, the United States is facing a lot of changes in social, economic and political levels. Economically speaking, the country has evolved positively thanks to new models of production brought by the Industrial Revolution. Nonetheless, at this time, slavery was...

29 Feb 2016

Observation of various life stages

Essay - 2 pages - Psychology

The field of growth and progressacrossthe humanlifethat include physical, cognitive, intellectual, social, perceptual, personality and emotional growth is developmental psychology.(In Fiske.2010).This is important in order to understand how humans learn, mature and adapt. Life has various...

28 Sep 2016

"Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, an American Slave" - Douglass

Book review - 2 pages - Literature

In "Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, an American Slave," Douglass tells us about his life during slavery. He demonstrates with explicit details how cruel and morally wrong slavery was, and he also describes, in bitter detail, how the system of slavery made cruel all those...

29 Sep 2016

Oscar Wilde and Martin Luther King: "Life is never fair"

Essay - 1 pages - Educational studies

Oscar Wilde once wrote "Life is never fair... And perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not." With this quote, Wilde meant to suggest that a life that is "fair" may become too boring, predictable, and simply bland. Often, the unfairness in life is what makes...

19 Jan 2015

Life Event

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

My significant event in life that I will not forget happened when I was eleven years old. My father kicked me out of our house. The main thing that triggered all this according to me was the fact that my father moved in with my step-mother, and since she was pregnant, there was a need for...

30 Jan 2015

The Journalism integration and strengthening of cultural life

Case study - 5 pages - Journalism

In a study on the press in the first decades of the twentieth century, Karina Woitowicz Janz (2003) provides some clues that can indicate how the scheduled culture and built with and by the action of the daily, from the most important newspaper of the case study circulated in Curitiba (circa...

17 Apr 2015

Book Review - Onward: Starbucks fought for life devoid of losing its soul

Book review - 4 pages - Literature

Brand management is a very effective tool of creating sustenance in business (Scarborough et al., 2009). Dominant brands are one of the main reasons why there are monopolies in so many sectors. The popularity of brands is also an explanation to the rise of corporations that control the biggest...

22 Jul 2015

Supporting Significant Life Events

Essay - 4 pages - Psychology

It is very difficult to be able to understand how significant life events such as dying and bereavement impact on the lives of individuals and more so their social networks when one has never had prior experience with grief (McFarlane et. al 1994, p. 716). Life is a cycle with a lot...

28 Jul 2015

Life in The Scarlet Letter - Nathaniel Hawthorne

Book review - 1 pages - Literature

Literature is one of the most renowned forms of expression. Only a few works have been deemed timeless. Nathaniel Hawthorne provides one with The Scarlet Letter. Several elements of the book leave the reader pondering the meaning. The symbols and their representation provide an example....

19 Mar 2014

Black life in US between 1865 and 1910

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Reconstruction is a name which was given to the period between the end of the civil war in United States when federal troops were pulled out of the south. It was during the reconstruction period when the union army occupied the south. It was also during this time when the blacks voted and the...

29 Jul 2014

Everyday Life Scientific Method of a Detergent Brand

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

Scientific method has been a viable method of acquiring knowledge through the creation and investigation of theories concerning an observable fact. Everyday aspects of the human life depend on the scientific method whether it is opening the door, cleaning up or driving a car to work...

21 Nov 2014

Secret Life of Bees- for women in matters of love and self-liberation by Sue Monk Kidd's

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Described by critics as a must have guide for women in matters of love and self-liberation, Sue Monk Kidd's novel “The Secret Lives Of Bees,” tells the narrative of a motherless fourteen year old girl Lily Owens, desperately yearning for love, yet trapped by her father's cruelty. Lily...

16 Dec 2014

Case Study of "Saving Creation Faith and Nature in the Life of Home Rolston" by Robin Attfield

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

One UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights (1948) state: "All States and all people shall cooperate in the essential task of eradicating poverty as an indispensable requirement." Holmes argues that it is sometimes good to let people die in order to serve the nature. He argues that food should...

05 Sep 2014

Essence of life according to John Cheever in "The Swimmer"

Case study - 1 pages - Literature

Life is the greatest gift of all. Having a body entails being alive. It is important to know that the body and the spirit parts are the total souls of man. In my opinion, having a body entails dealing with the complexities of our everyday life. Therefore, there is the need to...

13 Nov 2014

Systems Development Life Cycle

Case study - 13 pages - Educational studies

Over the years, the global demand for operations efficiency and effectiveness during service delivery has seen most corporate leaders prioritize reviewing their strategic tactics to keep up with the dynamic environment. Ordinarily, most organizational cultures emphasize sticking to the practices...

15 Sep 2014

Comparison: Things we didn't see coming by Steven Amsterdam and the short story -The Dogs life by Tim Richards.

Case study - 7 pages - Educational studies

Things we didn't see coming is in the form of nine adjoined episodes which follow the life of an unnamed protagonist. Amsterdam, the author of this book, also holds other works like Cakewalk, What we know now and Best Medicine to his name. He possesses an acute sense for threats to...

27 Aug 2014

Jesus Life and Biblical Principals

Case study - 1 pages - Educational studies

Religion has been part of mankind throughout evolution. It entails the belief of a supernatural being or spirit that has power over man and all his endeavors. In Christianity, people believe that Jesus, God's only son, came down from heaven and died at the cross for the sins of mankind. What make...

31 Jul 2014

Online Life Insurance

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Life insurance is divided into two primary classes; temporary and permanent and further into subclasses- term, universal, whole life and endowment life insurance. Inc is an online insurance company founded by Anthony M. Sarlese, CLU ChFC in 1995. Anthony has...

14 Jan 2014

Marketing Plan of New Innovative Product: Morgan Life car

Case study - 10 pages - Services marketing

Morgan Life car two is a product from Morgan life Car Company which is located in Malvern, Worcestershire. The company was started by Harry Frederick Stanley Morgan in 1910, and it was operated by its founder until his death in the late fifties (the company has since been then been...

12 Nov 2014

Celebrity's life

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

Culture defines a person or a society according to what is regarded as socially acceptable in regard to arts, manners and interactions, among others. Recently, America's celebrities dominate in influencing the culture that people are adopting. The cultural landscape is dominated by the actions of...

14 Mar 2014

Marketing Strategy for the development of the concept "Healthy Life Style "

Case study - 10 pages - Services marketing

We are a multi-disciplinary team consisting of dietitians, nutritionists, doctors and computer specialists. Our team develops the concept of a Healthy Life Style. The ethics of the method of HLS is based on an individual food program respecting four imperatives: Protect the healthy living;...

21 Nov 2014

Early Adulthood Life

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

Early adulthood focus brings one to the realm of reality by revealing the day-to-day responsibilities and burden befalling members in this category of their personal life. In practice, every individual yearns for the betterment of the present situation in which one is raised. For instance,...

29 Oct 2014

Technological life cycle, Cradle-to-cradle design Concept

Case study - 5 pages - Computer science

Cradle-to-cradle design is a human based thinking system that believes on effective and elegance approach of human design to the natural system through learning from the incorporated patterns of nature. This revolutionary approach of human industry of redesign base on science and design rigorous...

16 Apr 2014

A research on case tools in software development life cycle

Case study - 66 pages - Computer science

Software has become the way we engage the world. And software is ubiquitous. It's everywhere, from the cars we drive (with more software in the average car than in the Apollo spacecraft); to military equipment (today 80% of a fighter jets capability is capability is performed by software,...

05 Nov 2014

Managing Employment Relations - Work life balance and the law

Case study - 3 pages - Other law subjects

Work-life balance involves creating an enabling environment for employees to balance between work and personal responsibilities making them work harder and become committed to the organization. Employers should support it to comply with laws to promote equality opportunities by ensuring...

16 Dec 2013

The life of William Byrd

Case study - 2 pages - Literature

William Byrd was of the most influential composers of his time and remembered in history as a composer of both secular and sacred music. With Byrd's compositions numbering 470+ it is no question that he was one of the most significant composers during the renaissance era. His ability to compose...

18 Jul 2013

To what extent do teachers support pupils to become confident individuals and responsible citizens by contributing to the wider life and ethos of the school?

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

There has been considerable debate in society of whether a teacher's role is a purely academic one or whether they have wider pastoral responsibilities in developing the children in a holistic sense so they become better people as well as being more intelligent. In the Government's recent white...

08 Aug 2013

Why do you need life insurance?

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Life insurance policies are very important for you and your family while you are living, and when you die. A life insurance cover can help you earn an income replacement, options for debt repayments, and other benefits for your family. Buying a life insurance a policy is...

22 Aug 2013

Life span perspective paper

Case study - 1 pages - Psychology

Lifespan maturity is a development starting at conception that carries on pending death. The succession initiates with the materialization of a fetus from a single celled organism. As the fetus is born as a child and enters the world the environment in which the youngster exists begins to...