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18 Apr 2022

Supply Chain Management: The Main Groups in the Transport/Logistics Sector

Case study - 9 pages - Logistics

In all liberal economies based on the free movement of goods, people and capital, the transport and logistics sector is essential. The logistics sector is also one of the most dynamic in France, representing 10% of French GDP and generating nearly 2 million jobs. For several years,...

31 May 2021

Logistics outsourcing: the current situation and the future

Dissertation - 7 pages - Logistics

In a constantly developing business world, concentrating on your core activity can sometimes become difficult, given the diversity and number of tasks to be accomplished. This explains why company executives have taken a series of measures, including the outsourcing of logistics....

25 Oct 2021

Logistics techniques for international trade

Dissertation - 12 pages - Logistics

Local companies have traded with foreign companies for many years. These business relationships may consist of the buying and selling of goods, but large-scale corporate buyouts and mergers play a role on the international stage as well. Before an agreement is reached between two (international)...

22 Oct 2020

Logistics Optimisation: The Case of Storage

Case study - 11 pages - Logistics

The logistical organisation, as part of the routing of products, from manufacturing to the points of consumption, is a succession of transport and warehousing phases. Within the framework of the logistical platform, storage is the upstream part of the process, handled by the reception and stock...

11 Aug 2019

Carrefour's logistics strategy

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

The term strategy comes from the Greek -statos-, having as meaning -army- with -agen- which means -to drive-, and then from the Italian -strategia-. It is usual to associate this term strategy with an exclusive approach undertaken by the General Management of any company. There are many, and...

19 Feb 2015

Logistics and Supply Chain Practices

Case study - 8 pages - Computer science

Lean thinking is essential to improve supply chain management. This is because lean thinking ensures things are done just as they should. As an example, Toyota has demonstrated superior results with regard to quality, cost and lead-time compared to most (if not all) of its competitors. This...

11 Mar 2015

Logistics Process Services (LPS) Firm Report

Case study - 5 pages - Logistics

LPS firm has transformed in a tremendous way in the transport sector. Its ways of approach to development of transport and integrated logistics is a sign of reshaping of its trade flows. The step this company has taken is yet to make a great contribution to its transport sector. The main...

19 Mar 2014

Maximizing Profitability using Lean Logistics

Case study - 8 pages - Management

Lean logistics is a concept that outlines ways through which generation of wastes can be reduced in supply chain systems. The supply chain encompasses all the processes involved from production to consumption. Lean logistics principles aims at minimizing the cost incurred from waste...

03 Sep 2014

Logistics Magnagement - Pull and Push Inventory

Case study - 2 pages - Logistics

The world of business undergoes dynamic changes frequently. These changes occur because of the need for business to grow and survive the competition. Large business companies use various methods to sell their stock. They use various supply chains which will suit them and their customers best...

10 Apr 2012

How tactics and logistics contributed to the victory of the British in the New Zealand Wars of the 1860s

Essay - 4 pages - Modern history

This paper will discuss how British tactics and logistics contributed to their success in the Waikato campaign of the New Zealand Wars in 1863-64. Geoffrey Parker, in his book ‘The Cambridge History of Warfare' explains his five fundamental principles of western warfare. These are: a...

17 May 2012

Reverse logistics

Case study - 3 pages - Logistics

Reverse logistics refers to all operations to the using again products and materials (Kokkinaki et al., 2001). The Council of Logistics Management defined logistics as the process of “planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost effective flow of raw...

30 May 2012

Logistics assessment

Case study - 3 pages - Logistics

“Supply chain management is concerned with achieving a more cost effective satisfaction to end customer requirements”(Christopher, 2005). Logistics traditionally represent the various activities implemented to handle goods from the supplier to the final customer. Today, these...

27 Jan 2011

The supply chain management (SCM) or management of the logistics chain

Case study - 1 pages - Logistics

We often hear about supply chain management in relation to topics about the transportation of products from one point to another. These points are generally very far away. It could be necessary for the product to be shipped from one country to another or even from one continent to another. The...

16 Feb 2011

General information on logistics

Case study - 8 pages - Logistics

Logistics is the set of operations that are intended to provide everything, from meeting the basic needs to live, move, fight and for the treatment and evacuation of personnel. It strikes a balance between the place, time and quantity of all necessary factors. Tactics and logistics...

10 Jan 2011

Logistics at H&M

Case study - 6 pages - Logistics

Logistics is a process that forms the heart of modern retailing. Currently, supermarkets are going through major strategic developments. Logistics is one of the key factors that can help them to improve their performance. Logistics involves managing the flow of information,...

29 Sep 2010

Logistics planning technique and applications

Case study - 12 pages - Logistics

Exercise 1: We have to solve a linear programming system, concerning a cost transport optimisation. To minimise the total transport cost, we have to use the linear programming mathematical model. Exercise 2: We have to find an appropriate place for a new distribution centre by using the Gravity...

29 Sep 2010

Logistics, research report: luggage flow issues in airports

Essay - 12 pages - Logistics

An airport terminal building provides all major passenger services, such as ticket sales, passenger check-in, baggage handling, and security. Inside the terminal, airline employees make flight reservations for travelers, issue seat assignments and coordinate aircraft boarding. All these services...

29 Sep 2010

Supply Chain and Logistics Managements' evolution

Essay - 4 pages - Management

Globally, supply chain management (SCM) is the whole set of tools and methods that are used by managers in order to improve the supply chain of a company. Indeed, supply chain management is regarded as a process in which planning, implementing and controlling, allow the companies to satisfy the...

23 Nov 2010

The Role of Logistics in Sustainable Development

Thesis - 7 pages - Economy general

In 1987, the Commission of Brundtland focused on the concept of sustained development. This concept continued to serve as the central element of the Summit of Rio which took place in 1992, and gave rise to the view that 'sustainable development is development which makes it possible for the...

29 Nov 2010

Logistics study: Conversion of a rural cottage

Case study - 8 pages - Logistics

According to its definition, logistics is a service activity that is designed to manage material flows in an organization by providing and managing resources to meet the needs, economic conditions and quality of services specified by the standard norms of safety and security...

29 Nov 2010

Group SEB: Logistics platform

Thesis - 21 pages - Logistics

Present in over 120 countries, Group SEB is now a world leader in two specific areas: small household electrical equipment and cookware. This position gives it a specific profile of equilibrium in terms of products, trademarks, geographical location, and distribution channels. The global market...

29 Sep 2010

Logistics gateway to Europe

Case study - 28 pages - Logistics

The project for a logistics gateway to Europe is about to set up a physical distribution system into the European market. The distribution system has to be developed for a non-European company with a new or existing product in a European market. Therefore we had to chose a couple of...

29 Sep 2010

Global logistics and assignment

Essay - 8 pages - Logistics

Global logistics and assignment: With respect to the manufacturer of seats for an automotive assembler, the order qualifiers are the conditions that make the products available on a specific market. Without the order qualifiers the product couldn't be sold on a market in accordance...

29 Sep 2010

DELL: Logistics research report

Case study - 21 pages - Services marketing

Dell has revolutionized the industry in the last 20 years, to make computing accessible to customers around the globe, including businesses, institutional organizations and individual consumers. Because of Dell's direct model, and the industry's response to it, information technology is...

29 Sep 2010

Logistics Management- Tesco's Supply Chain

Case study - 6 pages - Logistics

Tesco is one of the most important grocery and general merchandising retail chains in the world, and the largest British retailer. It was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen in East London. The company had a turnover of 59.4 billion for 2009. During the three last decades, the group has increased its...

15 Jan 2009

Global Logistics: Ikea's global supply chain model

Essay - 17 pages - Logistics

The decisions regarding the supply chain design highly depends of the kind of products or services a company is dealing with. Issues such as the sourcing location or the distribution method will be affected by a whole range of requirements given by the nature of the products. In the first part...

13 Jan 2009

Green or environmental logistics

Essay - 5 pages - Logistics

For a number of years, environmental issues have been a growing concerns in society, particularly in the business practices. Under influences of lobby, customers or stakeholders, the idea of sustainable development and of ecological respect has become more popular. Thus, as many other activities...

29 Apr 2009

International logistics management

Tutorials/exercises - 31 pages - Management

Seaports are built basically to facilitate the transfer of cargo between inland and maritime transport. Ports are therefore, an essential link in the international maritime transport chain. The main function of the sea ports is to ensure that the prosperity of all countries depends to a very...

05 Aug 2009

Career endeavors: A look at a career in logistics

Case study - 5 pages - Logistics

This report will include several aspects of a logistics career field in an appealing approach. First an introductory paragraph labeled Art Teacher to Logistics Major will explain the reasoning for my writing. Following that, the next header, History of Logistics, is self...

16 Jan 2009

Improving the most important logistics- Changing the supply chain of International Federation of Red Cross Red crescent Societies (IFRC)

Essay - 7 pages - Logistics

Logistics management is “that part of the supply chain process that plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet customers' requirements”....