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25 Apr 2022

World Trade Business Game - Austria, Malaysia, Bolivia - Gas, Timber

Tutorials/exercises - 16 pages - Business strategy

This document is a comprehensive analysis of 3 country potentials in terms of international trade globally, and specifically in the timber and gas markets.

22 Jan 2020

Economy - Types, factors and effects of inflation in Malaysia

Essay - 21 pages - Economy general

In the economy, inflation means an increase in the general price of goods and services in an economy from time to time. G. Ackley defined inflation as ‘a persistent and appreciable rise in the general level or aver­age of prices'. With the increase in general price levels, each unit of...

27 Apr 2015

Analysis of the crisis management of Malaysia flight MH370 disaster

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

On 8th March 2014, the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared within 1 hour of takeoff while en route from the Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur to the Chinese city of Beijing. The airplane, a Boeing 777 registration number 9M-MRO, was carrying 239 persons from 14 different countries, of...

20 Aug 2012

How good governance has helped to transform Malaysia

Case study - 2 pages - Political science

Since its independence in 1957, Malaysia experienced significant social and financial challenges. The initiatives of the nation's government did, nevertheless, enable Malaysia to become a major exporter of a number of products, and establish itself as a leading name in global...

03 Mar 2011

Simulation of international business - the virtual launch of IBM Malaysia

Market study - 35 pages - Economy general

The aim of this project is to study the context of an international business case. This simulation allows all to acquire knowledge of the many stages involved in performing such an undertaking from the implementation of a real file to a virtual launch of a product on the market. The company...

29 Sep 2010

Asian Pacific Business - Malaysia

Market study - 7 pages - Economy general

The world has seen the most important economic growth since the end of the Second World War in the region of East Asia. This incredible economic phenomenon had emerged more particularly in Japan during the 1950s. This trend has been followed later by what is known as the four dragons: Taiwan,...

27 May 2009

A comparative study of Malaysian Airlines

Tutorials/exercises - 39 pages - Business strategy

Generally, a Market was the place where buyers and sellers gathered to exchange their goods. The concept of market is very important in the marketing. Market is an area for potential exchanges. It is the place where goods are bought and sold. It is an area where a force of supply (seller) and...

13 Jan 2009

Mahathir's legacy and the stability of Malaysia

Thesis - 7 pages - Economy general

Nowadays, Malaysia is known as a model of rapid development. Indeed, in the middle of the twentieth century, the economy of this country is agriculture-oriented and nothing hints any economic boom to come such as the one which occurs a few years later. The economic growth starts to soar as...

28 Mar 2022

Country Report - Indonesia

Case study - 20 pages - International economy

With a population of 273 million and a gross domestic product (GDP) 1 of approximately 1 050 billion, Indonesia is the fifteenth largest economy. Indonesia is currently relying on economic openness and free trade to catch up economically. It is aware that it has fallen behind its neighbors...

05 Feb 2009

Proton: Struggling against the grain of economics

Essay - 8 pages - Economy general

Economics might finally be winning in its fight after over 25 years with Proton, a small Malaysian carmaker whose very continued existence is a direct affront to the academic discipline. The end finally appears near for the pet project of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed and source of...

01 Oct 2009

Efficiency analysis of conventional and Islamic banks in Indonesia using data envelopment analysis

Tutorials/exercises - 18 pages - Finance

Islamic banks have been in existence since early 1960s. The first Islamic bank was established in 1963 as a pilot project in the form of rural savings bank in a small town of Egypt, Mit Ghamr. After that, Islamic banking movement came back to life in mid 1970s. The establishment of Islamic...

29 Sep 2010

Dyson : history, strategies and performances

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

A new vacuum cleaner appeared due to Dyson, the inventor of the first bagless hoover. The successful British firm decided to outsource its manufacturing department to Malaysia in 2002, which caused many reactions. We will study the history of the company, its strategy and performances...

16 Apr 2009

Hindalco and the Aditya Birla Group

Dissertation - 45 pages - Business strategy

Aditya Birla Group is India's first truly multinational corporation. A US$ 24 billion conglomerate with a market capitalization of US$ 23 billion, and has over 100,000 employees belonging to over 25 different nationalities on its rolls. Over 50% of its revenue flow from its overseas...

29 Sep 2010

Cross Cultural Management : Expatriate Interview

Case study - 3 pages - Management

Jean Claude T is a 51 years old Frenchman who works and lives in Shanghai, China. He is married and has two children who study at the university. He was an expatriate for a French automobile company, Citroën, for many years. He has spent three years in Hungary and six years in Kuala Lumpur,...

29 Sep 2010

Presentation of the Dell firm

Case study - 25 pages - Business strategy

Dell Computer Corporation was created in 1984 by Michael Dell, from Austin University in Texas, with an investment of $1000 and the will to suppress intermediaries in the computer industry. In 1985, the company Dell launched its first computer, the Turbo, featuring the Intel 8088 processor. In...

23 Nov 2010

Producing coconut oil for industrial purposes in Madagascar

Thesis - 27 pages - Business strategy

As the Malagasy economy does not hold forth great prospects for the industrial utilization of coconut oil, we propose to create a company called "Enterprise for the Industrial Exploitation of Coconut Oil" to improve it. The objective of the project: - Ensure the development of the market...

28 Sep 2006

Comparative international accounting systems and practices

Essay - 26 pages - Accounting

There is no doubt that Anglo-Saxon accounting can be distinguished from accounting in continental Europe, Asia, Latin American, and many other parts of the world. It is practiced not only in the United States and United Kingdom, but also to an important extent in countries where, for example, the...

15 Jan 2009

Cadbury Schweppes

Essay - 13 pages - Business strategy

Cadbury Schweppes is one of the world's largest beverage and confectionery company, with over 50 different brands, manufacturing plants in 25 countries, sales in a further 165 and a market extension that covers countries all over the world, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada,...

16 Jan 2009

Asian pacific business since 1997: Samsung and South Korea

Essay - 11 pages - Economy general

Everybody knows Samsung, Toyota, Sony, LG or even Hyundai which are very famous brand all over the world. Those very successful companies have similarity. Indeed, all of them come from the Pacific Rim. The Pacific Rim is defined by "far Eastern countries and markets bordering the Pacific Ocean,...

29 Sep 2010

Eleven years after the Asian crisis, what are the policy lessons?

Essay - 4 pages - Economy general

Year 2008 is remembered, in History books, as the year of a major economic crisis throughout the world. As most papers put it mentioning as, “The worst since the great depression”. But as the world suddenly pays attention to its economic system and its (present) prominent imperfections,...

23 Nov 2010

Analysis of Carrefour's failures and success (citing the example of China and Mexico)

Thesis - 12 pages - Business strategy

‘Carrefour', which means ‘Crossroads' in French, is an international hypermarket chain headquartered in Levallois-Perret. A year after its conception in 1959, its first supermarket was opened in Annecy in Haute-Savoie. Today, in the large distribution sector, the Carrefour group is the...

23 Nov 2010

Study of fusion: Star Alliance

Case study - 36 pages - Services marketing

In 1997, Thai, Lufthansa, SAS, Air Canada and United Airlines combined to create Star Alliance, the largest network of airlines. Star Alliance is a consortium of companies that aims to become the leading network for frequent travelers with high value customers (generating high income) and to...

03 Dec 2010

Nespresso and its information system - E-business

Thesis - 15 pages - Business strategy

The company was founded by Nespresso Nestle Group in 1986 with the aim of offering its customers quality coffee products. Since then, the company has continued to develop a selective distribution system and manage its brand based on luxury. The company catered to the popular concept of drinking...

27 Jan 2011

Strategy of Nike (2008)

Case study - 11 pages - Business strategy

Nike is an American multinational, currently established internationally. Its activity is specialized in clothing, shoes and sports material. This company has been in competition for several years with large companies such as Adidas, Asics, and Reebok, and was unique with its perpetual capacity...

27 Jan 2011

Chinese Tourism in France: developmental perspectives of the market by 2030

Market study - 35 pages - Services marketing

Given the current influx of Chinese tourists in France, and in particular its composition, how does one configure the volume of customers in China in 2030? France is the international leader in the number of visitors. In 2005, it hosted 76 million foreigners who generated 34 billion euros as...

11 Feb 2011

The introduction of Islamic banking in France: A research on the potential market for retail Islamic banking

Dissertation - 37 pages - Finance

This study provides an assessment on the current problems and progresses made in France for the introduction of Islamic banking into its economy and contains an evaluation and an analysis of the potential market for Islamic retail banks in France. The research is divided into two distinct...

19 May 2011

Comparative analysis of two HR systems

Thesis - 15 pages - Human resources

Nowadays, each country has its own management style and possesses a culture which influences its decisions and business strategies. Moreover, organizations have to face a business environment that keeps getting more and more complex, where firms need to reply quickly and efficiently to changes in...

05 Nov 2015

Are bio active-rich fractions functionally richer?

Tutorials/exercises - 8 pages - Medical studies

Plant bioresources are relied upon as natural, inexpensive, and sustainable remedies for the management of several chronic diseases worldwide. Plants have historically been consumed for medicinal purposes based on traditional belief, but this trend is currently changing. The growing interest in...

22 Nov 2011

Analysis of a market entry plan for Dyson Limited and its Airblade hand dryer in South Korea

Market study - 9 pages - Services marketing

Dyson is an ambitious and innovative company which makes good profits. The company is already present in many countries as well as in Asia (Japan) and has a good experience of the international market. After a strong analysis of PESTEL environment, task environment and organization's resources...

10 Jul 2008

A descriptive study of international business potentials: From China to Asia pacific rim countries and vice versa ( Data and graphs included )

Tutorials/exercises - 32 pages - Business strategy

The present study is an exploration of the international business potential of China with other countries in the Asia Pacific Rim and vice versa. Moreover, the study employed a descriptive design in order to thoroughly explain all factors that account for economic conditions of the country. The...