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28 Jul 2020

Marketing Research Methodology - The case of the Fair Phone

Case study - 45 pages - Business strategy

We are running a study about the Fair phone and its relevance in the French Market. We are going to analyse the consumers' minds and perception about this type of product ecologically and ethically responsible. With this first analysis, we will highlight the perceived advantages and...

30 Mar 2015

Legal methodology for students

Case study - 15 pages - Civil law

The practical case is an exercise also called legal consultation, or legal composition. The object of the practical case is to bring the legal solution to facts given and to state the consequences. For that, we applied the mechanism of the legal syllogism. There is no question to state a...

12 Mar 2015

Methodology Philosophy Essay

Case study - 4 pages - Literature

A philosophy essay is a properly philosophical exercise from the time when the thought is able, through a critical work on itself, by distancing, to examine his habits of thought. Public opinion, this is not what you give is what one asks. It only gives the for questioning. It is to move from a...

29 Sep 2015

Data mining as a methodology for extracting hidden knowledge from breast cancer patient's

Essay - 5 pages - Medical studies

Modern monitoring devices among other data collection devices have helped health care organization reduce their cost of collecting and storing data. Specialized tools that come with such equipment have made the entire data collection and storage process more effective thereby easing management's...

12 Nov 2014

Research methodology on Business plan: Snaxatac Restaurant

Business plan - 15 pages - Management

This paper is about a new business venture and the various problems, consequences and its solutions as faced by an entrepreneur. Our research will help us identify the factors that should be recognized and acknowledged by an entrepreneur before launching a new business venture. One of the most...

28 Aug 2009

The work methodology of a water purification company

Thesis - 9 pages - Management

Water has been an essential “Spring of Life “throughout the ages and without the presence of water, it is very difficult to imagine the existence of the world. Ancient Indians Rsis (saints) have classified water as “Apsu” or “Apah” as one the “Pancha Maha...

13 Aug 2009

Ascertaining the use of agile methodology in Extreme Programming (XP) in the software development industry

Dissertation - 28 pages - Computer science

Software has been division of modern society since previous 50 years. There are many software development methodologies in use. Some companies have their own customized methodology for developing the software but majority of them speak about two kinds of methodologies: heavyweight and...

28 Aug 2009

A study on the working methodology of Cochin port - India

Case study - 15 pages - Management

The ports are the inevitable part of Shipping Industry. They play a major role in import and export of materials through the sea root from and to various destinations around the globe. Ports come under the ministry of shipping, government of India. The general body of the port management is...

21 Mar 2009

Social science methodology and ethnicity without the group

Essay - 4 pages - Social sciences

In the realm of social science methodology and race studies, there is a short list of concepts that would appear to be as simple, and even as necessary as the idea of a group. The concept of the group is one that has relevance in a multi-disciplinary framework as it is a core concept for...

28 Oct 2009

A study on the credit rating process and methodology

Thesis - 9 pages - Finance

Credit rating is the process of estimating a firm's ability to perform to its capacity. It also determines the financial worthiness of an organization depending on the performance of the organization in the past. Objectives of credit rating agencies 1. Its primary objective is to provide...

16 Jan 2009

Research methodology business tourism in France

Essay - 5 pages - Journalism

Welcome to the wonderful and interesting world of Business Tourism! This essay is the second step of a huge research to find solutions to questions in this market of the wider tourism industry. Meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, outdoor events and individual business travels justify...

28 Nov 2008

Methodology in biological psychology

Essay - 10 pages - Biology

Biological psychology manipulates and observes psychological variables just as do all other fields of psychology. However, to delineate the somatic contribution to behavior and mental functions, biological psychology needs to draw evidence from studies combining methods of psychology with those...

04 Dec 2008

New methodology using synchrotron radiation to characterize fast events in food processing

Essay - 7 pages - Biology

In a typical food process, a hot mixture is made, which is then cooled rapidly. A main result of cooling is a change in physical state and/or molecular structure. Often, a succession of physical changes occurs as the product cools. Events occurring at the more rapid cooling rates can be difficult...

28 Nov 2008

Psychological science: Content, methodology, history and profession

Essay - 6 pages - Psychology

People have always had to study each other's behavior closely, but it was only in the nineteenth century that psychology emerged as an academic and scientific discipline, and only in the twentieth century that it also became a major field of professional activity. References to the human mind and...

26 Apr 2009

Second and foreign language acquisition: Recent theories and teaching methodologies (A discussion)

Thesis - 9 pages - Educational studies

This paper will cover two areas related foreign language learning. The first area to be explored is theories of second and foreign language acquisition. The second is foreign language teaching methodology. The two are interrelated, as theory can be applied to actual classroom practice....

01 Oct 2021

Project Management - Definition, Components and Generalities

Practical guide - 5 pages - Management

Every year, companies launch a host of projects. Whether it is a simple change or the launch of a product, they must constantly focus on project management. However, until now, some companies have struggled to accurately estimate the resources and time required to successfully complete a project,...

25 Jan 2021

How to write an essay? A short guide to increase your skills

Practical guide - 3 pages - Literature

An essay is the English equivalent of a dissertation in French. You will be asked a question about a subject, or a fact, and you will have to develop about it. An essay has some particularities, that differentiate it from the French dissertation. Indeed, even if the same type of questions is...

05 Oct 2021

Entrepreneurship: How to Run a Market Study

Practical guide - 4 pages - Startup, entrepreneurship

Creating any company requires a market study done by entrepreneurs for a better understanding of the market they are willing to enter. This understanding of the market will give entrepreneurs the ability to easily convince their future investors. The efficiency of a market study is based on its...

13 Jan 2022

Country market studies

Course material - 4 pages - Business strategy

Knowing why firms go global is only part of the battle, you also need to know where to go. Imagine that you lead a company in the United States, and are responsible for deciding which three countries to enter. First, what types of countries would you choose? What criteria would you use to make...

30 Nov 2009

Hospital rankings online in the US: What methodologies?

Thesis - 8 pages - Medical studies

In France, we know the rankings are published regularly by the weekly Le Point (rankings of hospitals, clinics, maternity clinics). To date, the online rankings are virtually nonexistent in France. In the U.S. however, in a context where health is more in tune with market forces and consumerism...

22 Jul 2015

Construction Safety

Essay - 2 pages - Human resources

The construction sites are ranked high in the rates of extreme and deadly word related wounds because of the intricacy and unusual nature of the assignments. Decades long endeavors to battle word related mischances by utilizing different safety change methodologies have arrived at a level....

03 Apr 2009

All you wanted to know about Six Sigma

Tutorials/exercises - 39 pages - Business strategy

Six Sigma can be used to create a brand new business process from ground up. Six Sigma strives for perfection. It allows for only 3.4 defects per million opportunities for each product or service transaction. Six Sigma relies heavily on statistical techniques to reduce defects and measure...

05 May 2009

Six case studies on usage of technology in relation to the philosophical, social and ethical factors in modern education system

Dissertation - 71 pages - Educational studies

The following are the case studies discussed in this paper. 1. The misuse of e-Mail technology has created ethical problems. Some critics think that technology tends to remove students from the moral implications of technology. Issues at stake include respect for privacy, the proper use in...

07 Jul 2008

A consideration of a comparison/contrast of two research studies in the field of education: One quantitative study and one qualitative study

Essay - 6 pages - Educational studies

Research in the field of education administration demonstrates that there are plethora of pressing issues that are addressed in this context. While many of the investigations undertaken in this discipline focus on quantitative methodologies, some utilize qualitative methodologies in order to...

03 Apr 2009

The impact of brand ambassadors/celebrity endorsements through advertisement in brand building and their influence on consumer behavior

Thesis - 51 pages - Services marketing

Over the years, many growing and grown brands have jumped on to the celebrity endorsement bandwagon. Marketers are aware of the power of celebrities in advertisement and branding and their influence on consumer buying decisions. Endorsement is a medium of brand communication in which a celebrity...

16 Feb 2011

Report of training course at Deloitte

Essay - 39 pages - Finance

The author of this article was hired within the audit firm of Deloitte Consulting in Neuilly sur Seine. The decision to integrate in the firm to start on the career had been motivated by several factors. First, the undeniable reputation of the firm, coupled with financial education imparted by...

19 Apr 2009

Performance appraisal system of eMorphosys

Case study - 36 pages - Services marketing

Appraisal of one individual by another individual is a continuous process and it is a natural phenomenon in beings. This is constantly done, consciously in our day today interaction, ether in family life or in a social setting or in an organization for that matter. While the individual or a group...

15 Jan 2009

Supermarkets face out food discounters: from buying to shopping

Essay - 24 pages - Business strategy

The following report encompasses four main parts, i.e. a literature review developing theories on the selected topic, a research methodology helping in the selection of the most accurate research method, findings following from the primary research and a discussion confronting the...

05 Mar 2009

Interventions typically used to manage 'stress' at work and their effectiveness

Thesis - 10 pages - Management

In addition to defining a number of relevant terms (e.g., the notion of stress management and those of intervention-typicality, -goals and -effectiveness), Part 1 of this essay sets the ground for a discussion of the relative usefulness of typical interventions amidst the plethora of...

28 Jul 2021

The Impact of the Demand Planning Process on the Company's Performance

Case study - 17 pages - Business strategy

All manufacturing organizations across all industries face a common problem of balancing supply and demand. This problem is further accentuated in the context of fast-moving consumer goods organizations due to the high demand for product availability. With much research on solving this problem,...