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23 Sep 2023

Motivation letter for the MEEF Master's Program Second degree

Tutorials/exercises - 1 pages - Linguistics & languages

This document is a motivation letter for MEEF MASTER second degree candidates who wishes to integrate a university course.

28 Mar 2023

Intercultural Competence & Motivation - What Motivates Employees?

Essay - 3 pages - Human resources

Unmotivated employees represent 37% of the international workforce. Yet, motivation is something very important for companies because a motivated employee is more productive and creative. In other words, competence and motivation are the key to success for a company. However,...

13 Jun 2023

Accountant position - Motivation Letter

Cover letter - 1 pages - Everyday's life

This document contains an example of a motivation letter written in English in response to a job offer for an accounting position.

31 May 2021

Outsourcing of human resources: the challenges and motivations of companies

Dissertation - 10 pages - Human resources

Companies today face many changes, regardless of their field of activity. The main objective of each of them is, of course, to achieve maximum profits in order to be able to continue their activity in the long term. Competition is a constant threat to societies, as it has come from all walks of...

06 Apr 2017

Organizational behavior - Payment as motivation

Essay - 3 pages - Business strategy

Motivation, which can be defined as a psychological feature that drives an individual to act toward desirous goals, is a major topic of organizational behavior. With the increasing importance of work efficiency, more managers start to realize the existing issue of employee...

19 Feb 2015

Effect of Motivation on Exercise Adherence among Obese Women

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Women exercise for a variety of reasons that may range from enjoyment to the maintenance of good physical well-being. Many women blame the weather, lack of time, lack of energy and lack of motivation. Some of these sources are external and we may not have much control over. But most of...

08 Oct 2015

Motivation at the workplace

Essay - 4 pages - Psychology

Employees are the most important part of an organizational structure since they shape the performance levels of an organization. In order to perform to their level best employees need to be properly motivated towards achieving the goals and vision of an organization. Employees are motivated by...

28 Aug 2013

Motivation and the brain

Case study - 2 pages - Psychology

According to Deckers (2010) food preference is stated to be a universal motive that humans possess. As humans, nutritionists encourage us to eat from a variety of foods as a means of ensuring we are consuming all the nutrients necessary to keep us in good health. However, from infancy we...

30 Apr 2013

Decision making and motivation

Case study - 6 pages - Management

A study of consumer behavior helps the marketers to strategies the marketing goals and produce products that would guarantee customer satisfaction. Decision making is done by customers either in favor of the product or against buying the product. This level is highly influenced by...

06 Sep 2013

Motivation: Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

There are theories that have been developed to explain the concept of human motivation, personal training, and management skills of employees in their professions. Among those theories is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow's hierarchy is a theory was developed in 1943 by a psychologist...

21 Aug 2013

Sources of motivation

Case study - 1 pages - Psychology

Motivation is described best as an initiation guidance, movement, or guidance, which causes a human being to demonstrate certain types of defined behavior or set and acquire goals. As some are aware it is the source of motivation that forces a human being to attend school, work, or...

16 May 2013

HR performance issues and motivation

Case study - 3 pages - Human resources

Motivation could be described as an individual's desire and energy focused on achieving a specific goal. When correct motivation is applied, it can cause individuals to behave in a way that raises the performance of employees. Motivation is a very critical force that plays an...

06 Sep 2013

Motivation and empowerment paper

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

Motivation, empowerment, and delegation are crucial to the operation of an efficient criminal justice organization. Management that is focused on motivating, empowering, and delegating tasks to their personnel reaps the rewards of pervasive passion and innovative problem solving in the...

17 May 2013

Job redesign and motivation workplace assessment

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

As companies strive to turn profits in today's tight economy, managers are faced with tasks such as setting goals, performance evaluations, and rewards with regard to employee productivity and performance. These tasks require managers to use skills to increase productivity over and above...

17 May 2013

Workplace motivation

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

Economical trends are driving forces of motivation for any commerce, business, or employment situation. The major motivational strategy would be either salary or status increase and therefore must be the top consideration when a manager seeks to gain productivity. The purpose of this paper...

24 Sep 2012

Motivation, stress and communication: Case study

Case study - 7 pages - Business strategy

The job I chose would have to be something within the government. And if I picked a job there it would be as President of the United States of America. I would be in charge of running the country and deciding the fate of hundreds of millions of people. I would be in charge of a number of...

12 Mar 2012

Discussion of employee motivation - Different theories

Essay - 10 pages - Management

Motivation comes from the Latin word “movere”, to move (Kreitner, 1998) and is defined in organizational context as “the willingness to exert high levels of efforts towards organizational goals, conditioned by the efforts' ability to satisfy some individual needs”...

30 Jan 2011

Organizational Culture and Employee Motivation at Cognizant Technology Solutions

Case study - 30 pages - Management

During the past 15 years, a particular sector of consulting firms has been performing very well. These are the firms that are mostly into technology consulting, whose modus operandi is to win the contract for design, development and maintenance of information systems from large, mostly American...

16 Feb 2011

The research of the motivations in Two Factor theory of Herzberg

Case study - 2 pages - Human resources

Herzberg's analysis focuses on the problem of motivation and on the crucial question: "How does one cause an employee to do what is expected of him?" He presents an introduction and develops a list of attitudes and inefficiencies to get the job expected of employees: Ask, give...

16 Feb 2011

Theories of motivation

Case study - 2 pages - Human resources

This document is presented in tabular form and presents a synthesis of the theoretical trends, key authors and special theories of content and process. For example, the authors Maslow (1954), McClelland (1961), Atkinson (1964), Alderfer (1969), Schein (1975), Herzberg (1971), and McGregor...

06 Apr 2011

Motivation and the brain - published: 23/03/2011

Essay - 2 pages - Psychology

Smoking is a destructive and largely popular vice. Smoking is linked to medical problems such as heart disease, major and minor cardiac problems, lung cancer, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis (eHealthMD, 2010) . Quit Smoking Support states “ Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals...

07 Feb 2011

Organizational Development: Motivation through financial and non-financial incentives

Case study - 7 pages - Management

Nowadays, salary and non-financial incentives constitute part of the methods that companies and managers use to motivate people. Through the study of different theories of motivation and needs, we explain the most important catalysts of motivational behavior. There are no doubts that all...

10 Mar 2011

Consumer behavior: Influence of customer needs, organization motivations and goals

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

In today's competitive business environment, the key to a company's survival lies in its ability to identify and influence unsatisfied consumer needs in a marketplace crowded with players. From the marketing/consumer behavior standpoint, there are differences and similarities between promoting...

03 Nov 2011

Company motivation profile

Case study - 6 pages - Management

PetSmart is the number one retailer of pet food and supplies. It has around 825 stores in the United States and Canada. PetSmart was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. PetSmart stores offer obedience training and they have grooming for animals offered in many store....

06 Apr 2011

Sources of motivation - published: 23/03/2011

Essay - 2 pages - Psychology

Motivation is a concept that all individuals are aware of in some way or form. Motivation is the root of many discussions and the cause of many behaviors in humans and animals. Society wonders what motivates individuals to commit criminal acts despite the obvious consequences and...

30 Mar 2010

Motivation for United States to enter the World War II

Thesis - 2 pages - Modern history

The intervention of the United States in WWII was not caused by the plight of the Jews interned in concentration camps or because of the threat of Japan, but for the purpose of defending Britain and France and stopping the spread of German dictatorship through Europe. The United States adopted...

29 Sep 2010

The role played by salary and by non-financial incentives in promoting motivation in middle managers

Essay - 5 pages - Management

The job of a manager is to help employees perform in the workplace and he must make sure that things are done through employees. A good manager is able to motivate his team. The topic of motivation is not easy to understand and it is important to understand human nature itself. Human...

12 Jul 2010

Behavior modification as the most important motivation factor in a bureaucratic organization

Thesis - 5 pages - Management

According to a Japanese proverb, “No man will find the best way to do a thing unless he loves doing it.” According to Herzberg, workers are motivated by two factors: those that give satisfaction and those that don't. The factors that satisfy include achievements, recognition,...

15 Mar 2010

Motivations for characters in the Iliad

Thesis - 2 pages - Philosophy

This is analysis of four characters in the Iliad and their relationships with the thing which motivates them, a will to power. Each of these four characters, Zeus, Agamemnon, Hektor and Achilles strives for domination, but in their own way, but despite these differences, we see how each of them...

15 Jan 2009

Motivation in work management

Essay - 4 pages - Management

In 1966, Leavitt said: “Motivation is so much in the spotlight these days that some of us have come to believe motivation is management.” This quotation proves that motivation has been a very important notion and has been taken into account by firms for a long time....