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29 Sep 2010

UN Security Council Resolution 1559 and US multilateralism

Essay - 6 pages - Political science

The United Nations Security Council Resolution of 1559 was adopted by the Security Council on September 2, 2004 by a vote of 9 in favor (Angola, Benin, Chile, France, Germany, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, United States), to none against, with 6 abstentions (Algeria, Brazil, China, Pakistan,...

22 Aug 2005

Is multilateralism still viable today?

Thesis - 5 pages - International relations

After WWII, various multilateral organizations have been promoted by the US and implemented through many international organizations such as the UN, the GATT and the IMF. Overtime, multilateral co-operation dramatically developed in different forms (Summits, Conferences, etc...). However, critics...

25 Apr 2022

What were the three main challenges in achieving your objectives in the multilateral negotiation exercise?

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - International relations

Multilateral negotiation occurs usually between three or more parties which debate on several subjects in the aim to reach an agreement which would be acceptable by everybody. As said Saadia Touval in his article titillated "Multilateral Negotiation", multilateral negotiation is most of the time...

30 Jul 2022

The development and failure of the European system (1815-1945)

Course material - 7 pages - Modern history

There was a European system before the current European Union. Its roots went back to the 17th century and the Westphalian peace of 1648. It reached its maturity during the 19th century, after the Vienna Congress, and under the impression of 25 years of revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. It was...

08 Aug 2022

The United States and the World: A New World Order?

Course material - 7 pages - Political science

We remember George Bush's optimism in 1990: he had announced "A New World Order", resting on the promotion of liberal democracy and free enterprise everywhere, resting on the UN (at last again effective due to the end of the Cold War) and on American benevolent hegemony. One could have the...

08 Aug 2022

The United States and the World: The US and the Cold War (1945-1980)

Course material - 5 pages - Modern history

The goal of this document is to stress the main thrust of American strategy in the Cold War in order to understand the legacy of the Cold War on American foreign policy today. The main structures of US foreign policy and foreign policy establishment and instruments, still in place today, were...

05 Dec 2023

Barcelona Traction, Light and Power Company, Limited

Presentation - 7 pages - International law

The Court examined the question: "Can a State provide diplomatic protection to its citizens who hold shares in a company incorporated in a different country when shareholders' interests are impacted by actions against the company?"

08 Aug 2022

The United States and the World: The Sources and Tools of American Foreign Policy

Course material - 8 pages - Modern history

There is undoubtedly an American exceptionalism: the US considers itself since the 18th century to be different from Europe. It has seen itself from the beginning as a universal model: the “American way of life” (linking most strongly liberal democracy and free enterprise, two notions...

15 Jan 2009

Problems in multilateral diplomacy: Iran's nuclear program

Essay - 5 pages - International relations

“Iran now lies at the center of the Middle East's major problems”: civil wars in Iraq and Lebanon, development and security challenges in Afghanistan and in the Gulf, oil crisis, etc. But the main issue concerning the Islamic Republic of Iran for the international community is the...

12 Mar 2009

The effectiveness of the UN as a multilateral institution

Thesis - 6 pages - International relations

The concept of globalization continues to be a hot issue in the arena of political discourse. Globalism, or interdependence, has been, and continues to be a critical force in world politics that affects nearly every aspect of global economic, political, diplomatic and military behaviour. It...

06 May 2010

Sensitivity based approach for congestion management in deregulated environment

Thesis - 5 pages - Electronics, mechanics, engineering & technology

This paper proposes a sensitivity based approach for congestion management in deregulated environment. The congestion management problem is formulated to minimize the cost of re-dispatching the participating generators subject to operational and security constraints and considering the presence...

16 Jan 2009

International economics: The World Trade Organization

Thesis - 9 pages - Economy general

Pascal Lamy, General Director of the WTO recently said that “negotiations towards a conclusion to the Doha Trade Round are 70% complete”. Indeed, the WTO trade talks have not been efficient over the last few years. Lowering agricultural and industrial tariffs, reducing subsidies in...

29 Sep 2010

The World Trade Organization (WTO)

Essay - 8 pages - Economy general

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is a multilateral trading system; in other words, it is shaped by multilateral agreements between member states based on four principles. The first principle is transparency on trade exchanges and WTO decisions. Members have a transparency obligation such as...

13 Feb 2015

East Asia Studies

Case study - 3 pages - Social, moral & civic education

There has been tremendous changes in situations in East Asia, the East Asia of today barely resembles that was only a decade ago. Recent proliferation of several mini9sterial conferences and numerous multilateral dialogues, along with various calls for the creation of the East Asian community has...

29 Sep 2010

The Iraq war: an International Relations Theory Analysis

Case study - 16 pages - Political science

On the nineteenth of March 2003 America and its allies started their invasion of Iraq. This intervention had the official goal of the struggle against a terrorism-friendly country, to avoid the expansion of mass destruction weapons and establish a democratic breakthrough in the Middle East. This...

20 Jan 2009

The HIPC (Heavily Indebted Poor Countries) initiative in Uganda

Essay - 4 pages - Economy general

In August 2005, the G8 decided to cancel the multilateral debt of 18 countries which are part of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative, in Uganda. This Initiative was launched by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) in 1996 in order to reduce the debt...

03 Feb 2011

The conditions of admissibility of reservations in the Vienna Convention

Essay - 5 pages - International law

Paragraph 4 of Article 20 shows that the Vienna Convention contains a rigid principle of unanimous acceptance of reservations. It reads "The acceptance of a reservation by another contracting State of the reserving State a party to the treaty in relation to that other State if the treaty is...

29 Sep 2010

Objectives and Importance of the WTO to Open and Develop New Commercial Markets

Essay - 15 pages - Economy general

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an international organization which governs the rules of international trade between countries. Today, new markets are appearing thanks to developing countries, who also want to take part in free trade. Therefore, it is important to know how the WTO will...

27 Jan 2011

The intervention of the World Trade Organization in regulating international trade

Essay - 4 pages - International relations

The 'classic' body of rules of GATT, which form the basis of the WTO, is based on a project of progressive liberalization. Successive rounds served the goal of gradually reducing trade barriers, more generally to facilitate access to domestic markets. Once the bulk of this objective is...

08 Jan 2015

European Union Influence in International Political Economy

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

International political economy is a field that tries to understand global and international problems through an electric interdisciplinary array of theoretical perspectives and analytical tool. It encompasses analysis of political economy in the global trade, international finance, multinational...

12 Jan 2009

NGOs: Representing civil society at the WTO?

Thesis - 7 pages - International relations

In 1994, the Marrakech Agreement established the World Trade Organization (WTO), one of many suprastate institutions that were created all along the 20th century. The purpose of this organization is to regulate all trade activities between its Member states, by providing “the common...

15 Jan 2009

Anti-dumping: A growing problem in international trade

Essay - 13 pages - Economy general

Since the signing of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in 1947, free trade has been widely adopted and has enabled countries to enjoy prosperity. It was aimed to foster free trade by reducing tariffs and by settling an international mechanism to solve international trade disputes....

29 Sep 2010

The future of Investment Regulation

Essay - 2 pages - Business law

An attempt was made to terminate the introduction of one general text relating to the regulation of the FDI. In other words, the cancellation of the draft text pertaining to the Multilateral Agreement on Investment ("MAI") which was elaborated through the patronage of the Organization of...

29 Sep 2010

International Law and Organization: Weighing the Democracy Deficit

Essay - 5 pages - Political science

The history of the relationship between the United States and international law and organization has always been a love-hate one. While historically the U.S. has unquestionably been one of the strongest proponents of the development of international organizations such as the United Nations...

03 Jul 2023

Event Management - Taste of London

Case study - 26 pages - Management

Taste of London is an annual culinary event with multilateral issues. Commercial, political, economic, and cultural, are all dimensions that characterize this event. Like the Anglo-Saxon culture, Taste of London is a multicultural event in which the world's cuisine is found, and not only...

24 Feb 2021

How is globalisation today and how a firm should adapt to that?

Essay - 8 pages - Micro-economy, job-unemployment

The 21st century saw unprecedented financial, economic, political and sanitary crisis. The environment of globalization was affected by these challenges. So, concerns about reversed globalization or de-globalization appeared. The following analysis demonstrates that Globalization is not...

17 May 2009

Can Tesco expand and succeed in North America?

Case study - 30 pages - Business strategy

In the first part of this report we evaluated Tesco's international expansion to date, taking their main global competitors into consideration. Results showed that Tesco has one main strategy that they use to approach international markets. Although, the company uses a different entry method and...

01 Feb 2014

Why has the UN Charter remained a central plank of international order, even though it was formulated in wartime by only a few of the victorious powers? - published: 29/09/2010

Essay - 6 pages - International relations

If we had had this Charter a few years ago-and above all, the will to use it- millions, now dead, would be alive. If we should falter in the future in our will to use it, millions, now living, will surely die.' (Truman) This statement delivered by Truman reveals the ambitions of the Charter...

09 Apr 2008

The World Bank

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Political science

It is truly shocking the controversy that is stirred by the World Bank. What is even more shocking is how truly complex the group's operations actually are. With novels being published written strictly about “The Case Against the World Bank” (Danaher), it is probably imperative to a...

13 Jan 2009

Cultural relativism or universalism ? An essay in political ethics

Essay - 10 pages - Political science

This is an essay on cultural relativism in the field of political ethics. Yesterday confined to anthropological studies, the idea infiltrated the domain of international morality after the Second World War. It developed from its original virtues of tolerance and understanding to more defensive...