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19 Feb 2021

Analysis of the strategy of the American company Netflix

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

Netflix, an American company, founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings, is the first company to offer DVD rental by mail from an order placed over the Internet. This desire to offer unlimited access to cultural content without having to travel is the result of a strategy of sophistication of the...

03 May 2021

Porter's Five Forces - Netflix

Case study - 4 pages - ICT marketing

Netflix was founded in 1997 in Scotts Valley. The service was only set up and made available about 1 year later, on April 14, 1998. In France, it was not until 2014 that the famous platform was finally launched. The worldwide launch took place in 2016, almost 20 years after its creation....

18 Feb 2021

Business model - Netflix

Case study - 6 pages - Digital & e-marketing

The story goes that after having to pay late penalties at a Blockbuster video store, Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix) had the idea to launch a similar service, but rather to offer it as a subscription package. Netflix was launched in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. At the...

27 Jan 2021

SWOT Analysis - Netflix

Case study - 3 pages - ICT marketing

Netflix, founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997, is an online streaming service that allows its members who pay subscription fees to watch television shows, movies, series and documentaries from their devices using internet connection. Netflix originated in the United...

13 Oct 2020

PESTEL Analysis - Netflix

Case study - 6 pages - Services marketing

Netflix is an American entertainment company that has grown into a major Internet TV provider. As of 2017, the company has a large customer base of over 100 million subscribers in over 190 countries, with over 51 million subscribers located in the United States. The company was founded by...

10 Aug 2010

Netflix review and business plan

Business plan - 3 pages - Business strategy

Netflix strives to supply customers with a wide selection of DVDs, at an affordable price, in a convenient manner. The online rental format not only allows the consumer to navigate an easy searchable database, but also provides insight on recommended titles for rental, to ensure a...

13 Aug 2009

An overview of Netflix

Thesis - 8 pages - Business strategy

Reed Hastings founded Netflix in 1997 during the emergent days of Internet retailing, to offer home delivery of DVD rentals through the U.S. Postal Service. The company has grown at a rapid pace since to the point that in 2006, subscribers could use Netflix's website to choose from...

15 Jan 2009

Business communication: Netflix and

Case study - 7 pages - Business strategy

Amazon is company which has been experiencing strong expansion. They moved from book distribution to, tools, auto, industrial, sports, health & beauty, grocery, electronics & computers and other products and services. Amazon is constantly scrutiny new market for new growth opportunities. The...

12 Dec 2022

Corporate strategy - Disney +

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

Entertainment giant Disney's new streaming platform is undoubtedly a major turning point for the company. Disney+ is an online video-on-demand platform owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company through its Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International division with the four...

04 Mar 2021

What are the impacts of computer sciences on international exchanges?

Essay - 1 pages - International relations

I'm going to deal with the notion of Spaces and Exchanges. To start with, I'd like to define the notion. An exchange is a movement or circulation, which can take several forms: information sharing, cultural, and movements of people. I've chosen to focus particularly on computer...

14 Jun 2021

A Case Study Comparing Marketing Campaigns in Film with Research into Models of Distribution and Marketing in Cinema

Case study - 4 pages - Marketing theories

In this case study we will be looking at the marketing campaigns of two films, one before the digital age truly began and one during the boom to see how they both were marketed to audiences and how successful it was in terms of profit return and critic consensus. Before we get into the main...

04 Mar 2021

Artificial Intelligence

Essay - 3 pages - Computer science

Artificial intelligence is a concept which, owing to its intricacy, is difficult to define with complete accuracy. In a way, it is a field of computer science whose goal is to recreate a technological counterpart to human intelligence. And, to do so, this discipline is focused on the search for...

07 Dec 2020

The Tangible Sight: The Haptic Experience in Film

Dissertation - 20 pages - Film studies

The following essay concerns audio-visual representations of the sense of touch in cinema, with a focus on contemplative and experimental cinema, and the affect it has on a general audience. To explain what happens physiologically and psychologically that allows us to feel, I've studied the...

21 Aug 2014

Media services: Case study

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

Media services come to the market with the aim of reaching a wide range of people since media is largely accessible. Netflix is a company founded with the aim of supplying internet on demands and offering DVDs online at a flat rate. The Company is officially registered as Netflix...

12 Feb 2015

Crowdsourcing - Hypothetical Designs

Case study - 2 pages - Management

A popular, large-scale data processing technique that has been extensively utilized in recent times for tasks that need directhuman input is crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing, according to Howe and Robinson (2006), refers to a novel online business model and problem-solving technique that utilizes the...

02 Jun 2021

Porter's Five Forces - Disney

Case study - 4 pages - International marketing

The Walt Disney Company is an American company founded in 1923 and specializing in leisure and entertainment. The Walt Disney Company was originally a cartoon production studio, created and supported by the two brothers of the Disney family. Disney studios are the source of many cartoons that are...

20 Oct 2013

Facebook Analysis

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

Upon receiving notification of a $500,000 inheritance, financial advisors made several recommendations. However, the inheritance may be best invested in common stock of a publicly traded registered security. After consultation with a financial advisor Facebook, Inc. was chosen as a potential...

19 Jul 2022

The treatment of killing acquisitions by GAFAM : Antitrust implications

Case study - 5 pages - Economic politics

In recent years, antitrust authorities have identified "killer" acquisitions as a particular problem for the tech industry. A "killer" acquisition is often described as the acquisition of a small, innovative startup by a large, well-established company. Typically, a startup has limited or no...

10 Apr 2019

The relationship between innovation and marketing

Essay - 6 pages - Marketing theories

The author has analyzed the data using secondary data which has been clearly cited in the paper for future reference. The aim of the study is to understand the relationship between marketing and innovation, the basic functions of business. Here the author answered the need for integration between...

03 Nov 2022

The Outcome of Digital Influence During the COVID Pandemic

Dissertation - 46 pages - Communication

Relationships are important in all societies of individuals and businesses. People-to-people interactions are essential. Consumers no longer buy products, they buy values, ethics and want to feel engaged to environmental purposes. Communication is not about speaking anymore, but listening and...

21 Feb 2014

All is fair in Love and War

Essay - 3 pages - Humanities/philosophy

House of Cards is not a show about several different characters that simply live and work in a semi-connected world; it is about Frank Underwood, the House Majority Whip, and how everything and everyone exists to serve his ambitions. Everyone in the series is defined by their relationship to...

18 Nov 2010

Apple Inc. : Case Study with recommendations

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

Apple had been a very successful company since its foundation in 1976. It has been a leader in the computer and mobile technologies field since its first release of the Apple- I to the most recent revolutionary product, the iPad. Through its core competencies innovative design, advanced...

07 May 2021

SWOT Analysis - Walt Disney

Case study - 5 pages - International marketing

The Walt Disney Company is an American company founded in 1923 and specializing in the field of entertainment. It was originally a cartoon studio created by two brothers, Roy & Walt Disney. Success was quick, and the group quickly grew in size. In the 1950s, the company turned to the production...

27 Nov 2013

Why you should be chicken about Chicken?

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Though chicken is a staple in most people's everyday diet, the chicken industry is a dark and dirty place, plagued with abuse, carelessness, and greed. This negatively affects the chickens, farmers, plant workers, and consumers to the point where chicken are no longer always a healthier...

30 Jul 2021

Sustainable Tourism in Croatia - How Does Croatia Operate its Shift Towards a More Sustainable Economy Through Tourism?

Thesis - 24 pages - Tourism marketing

In 1800, there were 900 million human beings on earth. In 2020, the Earth is home to 7.8 billion people. This strong population growth is accompanied by an increase in demand for goods and services and production methods that cause environmental and social disorders. In the 1970s, many experts...

04 Aug 2022

Fintech: Between Synergy and Power Struggle in the Banking and Financial Sector

Dissertation - 38 pages - Business strategy

This thesis examines the future of fintech integration within a complex financial ecosystem. It explores the impact that these have and will have in the future on the market. Through a literature review divided into three research questions combined with a qualitative approach, we will try to...

19 Dec 2022

Catch shares lead to the destruction of small-scale fishermen but increase the fish stock

Essay - 2 pages - Management

Catch shares (CS) is a fishery management system that allocates a secure privilege to harvest a specific area or percentage of a fishery's total catch to individuals, communities, or associations (NOAA, 2017). CS become primordial because the global consumption of fish doubled in 50 years...

10 May 2013

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

In nineteen seventy-five, one nineteen-year-old computer whiz found a business partner and began a dream: to not only instigate the popularity and usefulness of the software industry, but to continuously revolutionize the area worldwide with groundbreaking technologies. With sales topping out at...

02 Aug 2013

Lance Airlines

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

In order to achieve success, Lance Airways is proud to provide a two part mission statement, one to our guests and another to our colleagues; both are available to view by all. To our guests: Lance Airways is in the business to provide safe, dependable and friendly air transportation to our...

24 Dec 2013

Apple Computer: Case study

Case study - 6 pages - Accounting

The iPhone basically provides its users with three features which include a mobile phone, an Internet device that can also be used for communication and an iPod that would allow its users to download and listen to music from the iTunes Music Store. The iPhone offers its users a different user...