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12 Nov 2014

Different Perspectives on Marriage and Partnerships

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

There are changing trends in people's interpretation of marriage and partnership. To understand the issue of partnership and marriage, it is crucial to analyze different perspectives on the matter. In this context, we will look at marriage and partnerships from a Feminist, religious and social...

18 Aug 2014

Financial Partners Capital Management LLC

Case study - 5 pages - Finance

Financial Partners Capital Management is an employee-owned Investment Company. The firm is listed as an Investment consultant and aims at providing discretionary investment management services to a different group of customers in the United States and other international individuals,...

13 Jan 2014

Partnership Confliction

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

There are actually 3 partners that held vital role in the company, one of the partners, his name is Alex, and whereby holding a big share in the small business company he shows bossy, his own ego and being assertive and never listen to his partner and disobey the rules of...

15 Jan 2009

Why has the Franco German partnership played such a pivotal role throughout the development of the European Community

Essay - 5 pages - International relations

After the end of the World War Two, France and Germany experienced hostile relations. Indeed, from 1945 to 1950, the two countries were both traumatized by the souvenir of their mutual occupation. On the French side, the Nazi's occupation had created a feeling of revenge, and on the German's one,...

20 May 2009

Better in the health system to create unity of action between partners

Thesis - 5 pages - Medical studies

The pursuit of ambitious goals of quality, equity, relevance and cost-effectiveness in the delivery of health services requires a high degree of coordination between different actors on the board of health. However, the fragmentation of the health system, illustrated by the boundaries between...

16 Jan 2009

Case study: Lexus and partners Andrews Alridge, the launch of the Lexus LS 460

Essay - 22 pages - Services marketing

Sakichi Toyoda became famous as the inventor of the automatic loom such as a non-stop shuttle change type Toyoda automatic loom. Following in his fathers footsteps, Kiichiro Toyoda devoted his life into the manufacturing of cars. He founded, in 1984, the Toyota motor corporation. Toyota is a...

08 Dec 2021

The Stakeholder Theory

Course material - 1 pages - Finance

Stakeholders are usually those in a firm who have an interest in the resources and activities of the company. They contribute to the wealth-creating capacity of the company, it's often composed of shareholders, employees, suppliers. They can be external or internal. In this case the internal...

11 Jul 2022

What methods of communication could Drop employ to reach out to its two primary audiences directly and personally?

Case study - 4 pages - Digital & e-marketing

Drop Technologies Inc. is a loyalty program startup that was formed in 2015 and is based in Toronto, Canada. This startup offers a loyalty program to its consumers. The concept is straightforward: Drop users download the application on their phone, create an account, and attach their preferred...

19 Jul 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resources

Case study - 3 pages - Human resources

In our era, CSR is not only a "trendy" matter but has a real impact on the positioning of the company and its impact on the society. Initiatives can be found in every department: Human Resources make no exception. This is related to my future first dream job: HR manager or Business Partner...

05 Aug 2022

Apprenticeship in Customer Service Support (CSS)

Diploma Thesis - 10 pages - Foreign markets

CSS service accompanies the sales representatives in order to support them for the cotations of the existing customers. While they are prospecting new customers or anything else, already known customers can send us a cotation request to ship their goods around the world. The missions of the CSS...

27 Jan 2011

The choice of Nissan as a likely partner for Renault

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

On March 27th, 1999, an alliance was signed between Nissan and Renault after 10 months of discussions between the two automobile firms. At the turning point of the twenty first century, the automobile market is in an increasingly competing environment with heavier investments to make and more...

07 Mar 2022

Systems engineering methods at rescue of the urbanization of Information Systems

Case study - 4 pages - Computer science

Business/IT alignment is a crucial issue for information systems. It is important to bring together the concerns of the business (the functional) and the technical support (the application). This is enterprise architecture where there are many problems. The French company OBEO has developed an...

31 Jul 2022

Towards a European Defense?

Course material - 7 pages - International relations

The problem of a European defense system is not new: we remember the Brussels Treaty of 1948, which was a military alliance between GB, France and the Benelux countries, including a common European general staff which was stationed in Fontainebleau, until it was taken over by NATO in 1951, but...

08 Aug 2013

Psychological article critique: 'Childhood Family Violence History and Women's Risk for Intimate Partner Violence and Poor Health' by Bensley, Van Eenwyk, & Simmons

Case study - 1 pages - Psychology

This study investigated the association between a history of childhood family violence and subsequent adult physical health, mental distress, and intimate partner violence. The sample consisted of 3527 women living in Washington State. Data were obtained from the Behavioral Risk Factor...

04 Dec 2022

Hard and soft human resource management - Theory and examples

Case study - 9 pages - Human resources

The concept of Human Resource Management has many times been described as an idea with two distinct forms: hard and soft. The two forms have been opposed along several dimensions, and frequently get used by different commentators as strategic devices for categorization approaches in the...

26 Jul 2022

Porter's five forces - Lidl

Case study - 4 pages - Distribution marketing

Lidl is a supermarket chain based in Germany. It has most of its operations in some European countries. The UK, Germany and France are the main countries where the company is based. Outside Europe, Lidl is also present in the USA. The German brand was created by Dieter Schwarz in 1973. The...

29 Sep 2010

Britain is widely regarded as the 'awkward partner' in europe: how accurate is this assessment? - published: 29/09/2010

Essay - 4 pages - International relations

“We have our own dreams and our own tasks. We are in Europe, but not part of it. We are linked, but not combined. We are interested and associated, but not integrated.” Winston Churchill's famous quote aptly describes Britain's approach to European integration since the inception of...

15 Jan 2009

Britain is widely regarded as the 'awkward partner' in Europe: How accurate is this assessment?

Essay - 5 pages - International relations

The Second World War gave impetus to the idea of European unity. A view developed that only by the creation of some form of European federation would Europe enjoys a permanent peace. After WW2, European states focussed on national reconstruction, whereas Britain had a globalist perspective. This...

27 Mar 2007

Britain is widely regarded as the « awkward partner » in Europe. How accurate is this assessment? - published: 27/03/2007

Thesis - 4 pages - International relations

“We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked, but not combined. We are interested and associated, but not absorbed.” Winston Churchill's famous quote aptly describes Britain's approach to European integration since the inception of the EU in...

02 Apr 2009

Customer Relationship Management and the call centers

Tutorials/exercises - 60 pages - Management

Before we begin to examine the conceptual foundations of CRM, it will be useful to define what CRM is. CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management." CRM is a business strategy and a collection of technologies that enable seamless coordination between sales, marketing, customer service, field...

11 Aug 2009

An examination of intelligence

Thesis - 4 pages - Psychology

Emotional intelligence is defined as a person's self-awareness, self-confidence, self-control, commitment and integrity, and a person's ability to communicate, influence, initiate change and accept change (Partnering Intelligence Inc.). It has an enormous impact on the workplace. Empirical...

29 Nov 2010

Case study renault - nissan - published: 23/11/2010

Case study - 20 pages - Business strategy

This study will consist of three parts: The theoretical part will include the reasons why companies decide to merge. The second part briefly presents Renault (in its current context) and its alliance with Nissan. Finally, the third part may respond to questions from the study: Is the development...

29 Nov 2010

Recycling in South Africa

Thesis - 16 pages - Ecology & environment

As part of my third year at the business school of Rennes in South Africa, I had the opportunity to do an international internship for a period of 10 weeks. This course's main objective was to test my ability to adapt. Indeed, during this internship, I had to adapt to a different culture, and...

27 Jan 2011

The co-operation between Euro-Morrocan relations of bilateralism and regionalism

Dissertation - 39 pages - International relations

The Euro-Mediterranean cooperation has been developed through various Community policies since the 1960s. These policies have resulted in various cooperative programs. There is both a regional scope for all Mediterranean partners who comprised: Algeria, Palestinian Authority, Cyprus,...

20 Jan 2009

Case study Renault - Nissan

Case study - 18 pages - Business strategy

A strategic alliance is an official commercial collaboration, adopted by mutual agreement between companies. The partners of the alliance share, exchange or integrate some their resources for their mutual benefit, while remaining distinct and completely independent entities. For an...

19 Aug 2010

Evolutionary based gender differences in online mate selection

Thesis - 5 pages - Social sciences

This study was an attempt to determine whether or not men and women still pursue a romantic partner as influenced by evolutionary necessity. Thirty-six personal ads written by 18 men and 18 women ranging in age from 25 years old to 44 years old were read and coded. Results support an...

02 Dec 2010

To do business in Russia

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

Business in Russia is organized by the clan system. This means that the Russian contractor engaged in this activity in Russia, is required to follow the moral standards (be responsible, honest, keep his word etc; this includes customer/supplier relationships) with his partners in the...

31 Dec 2010

The creation of Limited Liability Companies (LLC) in United States

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

'The General Partnership' is an oral or written contract between two individuals or partners who are in collaboration with for a particular case. There are no legal formalities involved. By signing this contract, the partners assume personal responsibility in case things go...

15 Jan 2009

Operating methods in global business

Essay - 13 pages - Business strategy

When companies decide to enter foreign markets and start doing international business, there are different kinds of entry models they can use. In our report we give an overview of some of the entry modes, including benefits/motivations, risks and requirements of the models. First we go through...

29 Sep 2010

Relationships between the Giants in Retailing: How WalMart and Procter&Gamble trade together - from Fear to Trust prevalence in the Supply-Chain

Case study - 10 pages - Business strategy

The paper shows how the relationships between suppliers and retailers have experienced several important changes over the last decades. By analyzing the main developments of these relationships and the different tools implemented to improve them, the paper argues that the business to business...