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07 Jul 2022

Creating a business in France : laws, processes and forms

Dissertation - 3 pages - Startup, entrepreneurship

Every year, many businesses are created in France. In 2020, despite the health crisis, more than 800,000 businesses were created. That is an increase of 4% compared to 2019. However, creating a company is not as simple as that. Indeed, there are many regulations to respect. We will see in this...

06 Sep 2022

Counterfeiting - Business process and government response

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Economic politics

The creation of a fake replica to replace an original form of an object is illegal and referred to as counterfeiting. This action is often perpetrated to take advantage of the monetary gain by exchanging an object of greater quality with something of inferior quality. Counterfeiting has been...

28 Apr 2021

The International Criminal Court and the Peace Process in Northern Uganda

Essay - 9 pages - International law

The Juba Peace Talks that started in July 2006 in Southern Sudan seem to be one of the best chances to bring an end to the 20-year-long raging conflict in the region of Northern Uganda. Known for its unbelievable atrocities, the war has by now caused the displacement of more than 1.7 million...

28 Jul 2021

The Impact of the Demand Planning Process on the Company's Performance

Case study - 17 pages - Business strategy

All manufacturing organizations across all industries face a common problem of balancing supply and demand. This problem is further accentuated in the context of fast-moving consumer goods organizations due to the high demand for product availability. With much research on solving this problem,...

20 Dec 2021

Opinion: the process of plea bargaining should be reformed in the American Justice System

Essay - 5 pages - Criminal law

According to the Department of Justice, more than 90% of Criminal Justice cases end in plea bargains (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2005). This statistic shows how important the process of plea bargaining is in the American Justice System. Clark Neily (2021) describes plea bargaining as "a...

20 Apr 2015

Behind the process of inflation

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

One of the most striking differences between modern inflation and the past is that, in times gone by, the inflationary peaks were followed by long, slow deflationary declines when both prices and money wages fell, especially in times of recession. It was not uncommon in the early years of this...

27 Feb 2015

Existential Process

Case study - 8 pages - Biology

On the human development process in general and fairly briefly is possible to say that the baby is born and the beginning of his life keeps important links with their nuclear family. Such links, as well as their knowledge, little by little are expanding. The child attends school, grows and...

08 Oct 2015

Analysis of the "Taking Off Process" in Technical Drawings

Essay - 6 pages - Arts and art history

Taking off list happens to be a procedure for analysing of technical drawings as well as specifications for the identification of elements. The lists have to include each building element right from the largest to the smallest. Nowadays, the growth of computerised measurements as well as billing...

16 Feb 2015

Fire and Security Monitoring System - Process Architectural Design

Case study - 6 pages - Criminal law

The fire and security monitoring system is meant to manage, and to monitor the fire security alarms in a building. In order to best understand how this system works, it is only prudent to define its design both in terms of the software and the hardware components that it is made up of; we have to...

11 Mar 2015

Logistics Process Services (LPS) Firm Report

Case study - 5 pages - Logistics

LPS firm has transformed in a tremendous way in the transport sector. Its ways of approach to development of transport and integrated logistics is a sign of reshaping of its trade flows. The step this company has taken is yet to make a great contribution to its transport sector. The main aim of...

28 Feb 2014

Understanding disabled children with regard to their cognitive process and WISC functioning

Case study - 10 pages - Educational studies

Children with who have learning disabilities do face so many obstacles while pursuing their education. Determining the possibility of a learning disability among children becomes a hard task to tackle. Therefore, scholars apply the Wechsler Intelligence Scale as a test protocol; it is commonly...

29 Jan 2014

Smoking Ads Slogans and people's cognitive process

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

Advertising is very familiar thing in this modern era. Years ago, it might be difficult to find many publications of advertisement in any media such as newspaper, magazine, or even in television or radio. But nowadays, we can see it everywhere and easily especially in television as a visual image...

14 Feb 2014

Strategic Management Process

Dissertation - 47 pages - Management

The top management team must take into account the competing desires and needs of an organization's various stakeholders, because their support is essential for successful strategy implementation. Stakeholders include not only the organization's managers and employees, but also the...

19 Jun 2014

Language Processing

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Language can be defined as a body of words whose system of use is common to people who are either from the same nation, community, geographical region or with similar cultural tradition. Learning a new language is certainly challenging especially since it is not one's native language. The learner...

16 Apr 2014

Mechanical forming of metals: Study of rapid prototyping processes

Case study - 30 pages - Computer science

The introduction of the presentation will give a brief overview of the trend that the information in it will follow after which it will begin with the reasons why RP is used. It will then move onto a mention of the classifications of RP followed by a section on stereo lithography, inject based...

24 Nov 2014

Two-party system and the Electoral Process in America

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

As one of the oldest democratic countries in the world, America‘s political scene consists of only two main political parties; the Democratic Party (DP) and the Republican Party (RP). These two political parties enjoy a duopoly privilege, meaning they equally share political power in the...

27 Nov 2013

Hancock Holding company project plan: new hiring process

Case study - 6 pages - Management

HaHancock Holding Company, NASDAQ identifier HBHC, owns and operates Hancock Bank and serves the Gulf Coast states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Hancock Holding Company is of particular interest because of its ability to recruit former colleagues as well as its...

12 Jul 2013

Business process management of Dr. Reddy's laboratories, India

Case study - 6 pages - Management

In this paper we choose a manufacturing organization to study an in-depth analysis on how Business Process Management helps the organization to integrate operational activities and supply chain. The objective of this research paper is to provide in-depth analysis on an organization's...

14 Oct 2013

The five qualitative processes

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

The qualitative processes allow any given researcher the opportunity to advance and understand theories and information; the next step within the process of creating a solution to a situation of study is de-escalation and the implementation using the five processes of qualitative research....

06 Sep 2013

Communication Process - published: 05/09/2013

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Communication is the transference or exchange of thoughts or information. “Although this is a simple definition, when we think about how we may communicate the subject becomes a lot more complex” (N.A., 2012, pg. 1, para. I). The communication process has eight key factors:...

03 Jun 2013

Lexicology: Base-enriching word building processes

Case study - 25 pages - Literature

This chapter describes the processes through which words ‘enrich' or expand their stem or base so as to produce new words to unfold new meanings and uses (seen from the grammatical perspective). These new patterns resulting from the various types of associations are the most numerous at the...

23 Jan 2013

Uncertainty management processes- (Collective cases from Hydro)

Case study - 115 pages - Management

Modern life is inherently uncertain - from the moment of our birth to the unknown moment of our death. Certainty has never been more elusive than in today's tumultuous times. In recent decades we have lived through shocks such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the...

14 Oct 2013

Qualitative research processes

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

Gathering information concerning proprietary education starts with the students who have not made it through the process. These particular stories need to be understood and appreciated from the view point of passion, determination and understanding. Allowing the public or the reader to...

05 Apr 2013

The social process of joining an organization

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

The standard perception of ‘The social process of joining an organization' studies the behavior of an individual, the relationship within groups, how the public develops and interacts. Moreover, how these relations can change their behavior within a business. Frederick Taylor (1911)...

12 Sep 2013

Learning team behavior and processes

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

Prioritizing tasks may prove to be quite a tough feat when an individual has too much on their plate. Determining the difference between urgent tasks and important tasks may aid in the fight. Author Stephen Covey has developed a matrix the he described in his book, First Things First. Covey's...

02 Aug 2013

Review the process for development of new products. Analyze why most new products fail. Respond to at least two of your fellow students' postings

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

Mullins and Walker (2010) state that greater attention must be given to new products and one of reasons why so many products fail is because not enough people want to buy them (p. 265). For this reason, there are systems in place to analyze ideas before proceeding to production. As stated in...

08 Feb 2013

The entrepreneurial process

Case study - 4 pages - Management

Entrepreneurial success is often associated with being capable of spotting opportunities and being a risk taker. An entrepreneurial opportunity can be seen as a situation in which a person can create a new means to an end framework for recombining resources that the entrepreneur believes will...

12 Nov 2013

Communication Process

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

Communication has been a humanistic function that has been present since the beginning of mankind. Communication is the process on how, we as human being share, and exchange information to each other. The way we communicate is not limited to information flow, but also expresses control,...

22 Feb 2013

Marketing research process

Case study - 4 pages - Services marketing

There are times when an organization might need to do market research for different reasons but the most obvious one is the fact that the organization could be introducing a new product or service in the market and it would like to know how the market might react to the new product or service....

18 May 2012

Congress bills and how the process of legislating bills work in the US Congress

Case study - 2 pages - International relations

This paper will discuss Congress bills and how the process of legislating bills work in the US Congress. To do so, it will look at a very recent bill presented in the Congress, discuss the issues surrounding the bill, its presentation and submission in the American congress and any future...