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24 Jun 2022

Country Risk: Fiscal Policy and Public Debt

Course material - 6 pages - Economic politics

Governments refer to (elected) people who form the administrative body of a country. They are important because they take into account externalities and finance public goods (which the private sector would not want/manage to finance). Their objectives are : education, national defense, low...

10 Feb 2021

The today health crisis poses the problem of its financing in large part by public debt - With the subprime crisis, how can the impact of such a cost be sustainable on the budget ?

Dissertation - 8 pages - International economy

According to an article published on April 28, 2020, in the newspaper Les Echos and written by Renaud Honoré, the current rate of French public debt is twice as high as that of the subprime crisis in 2008. In fact, we never reached these figures since the Second World War. European...

09 Jan 2017

Case analysis - Ust Inc. Debt Policy

Case study - 10 pages - Management

UST Inc. is the dominating smokeless tobacco company in the market with over 75% of market share and 90% of sales coming from their tobacco products. Their declining market share poses a problem for the company. As a premium and leading brand, the company ignored lower priced competitors. After...

06 Nov 2014

International Finance and Investment-The Greece Debt Crisis

Case study - 21 pages - Educational studies

Human fallibility ripped off Greece the dignity accorded to its rich history as the economy has been marred with endless conflicts, whose effects spreads beyond its national frontiers. The events revealing themselves in the Greece economy have caught the entire Eurozone in denials and bargains of...

07 Nov 2014

The Euro Area Debt Crisis

Case study - 8 pages - Finance

Over the past decade, productivity in most economies, both in central and peripheral countries has doubled beyond the initial estimates. This has partly been the contribution of implementing robust investment tools and informed investor on maximizing returns.However, the implications of the...

08 Oct 2015

The dark side of student debt

Essay - 2 pages - Economy general

Within the past decade, costs associated with college education surpassed inflation by six percentage points yearly. This brought private school education price to thirty seven dollars annually. This just one among reasons why students increased their borrowing. In addition, federal student loans...

20 Apr 2015

The economic crisis - external debt

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The economic crisis in Brazil at the beginning of the 80 forces the company to maintain, throughout the decade, approximately the same number of pigs slaughtered in 1980. What is striking is that in 1986 the Concordia plant of Sadia group hit 855,501 heads and in 1989, only 601 507 (almost 30%...

14 Jul 2014

The European debt crisis, can the world ignore it and keep it European?

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

The European debt crisis brings as a result of how Europe had made an attempt to solve the financial crisis faced by most countries and as a result an immediate end in their prosperity and put them in great debts. In an attempt by the European to defend itself against collapse has...

07 May 2009

"I.O.U. The debt threat and why we must defuse it", Noreena Hertz

Book review - 6 pages - Literature

NOREENA HERTZ is a British economist who teaches political economy at the University Of Utrecht, Netherlands. Her last book is I.O.U. The debt threat. In this book, she talks about Bono, the lead singer of U2 (real name Paul Hewson), who will challenge the rich world to help eradicate...

08 Dec 2022

Future Opportunities, Threats, Challenges and Goals of the European Union

Essay - 4 pages - European union

The European Union is the largest and most successful political and economic union in the world, making it a key player. Research on the European Union focuses mainly on its construction, its functioning, the challenges and threats it faces. Our research aims to examine the responsibilities and...

15 Dec 2022

Foundations of Economics and Sociology Foundations of Economics

Course material - 25 pages - Economy general

It is within the multiple and different enterprises, which together define to a large extent a national economy, that the observation of economic and social facts is the most extensive and undoubtedly the most visible. The company is a reality that weaves its way through our daily lives because...

09 Sep 2021

Estonia's Banking System Overview

Case study - 14 pages - Finance

This document is a PowerPoint presentation in which is given an overview of the Estonian banking system. The sector, news and events will be analyzed before providing a conclusion.

08 Apr 2008

World Debt : A problem that has been a matter of global worry

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Economy general

A problem that has been a matter of global worry for the last decade is the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank's strangle hold on the growth and economic development of developing countries. The IMF and World Bank are supported by developed countries and continue to be supported by...

15 Jun 2009

The rich dad & poor debt: An Indian perspective

Thesis - 10 pages - Economy general

Today the world is facing heat due to sub-prime crisis. All the developed countries and developing countries have caught recessionary fever. Even the powerful economy of china has also felt ‘D' factor (downturn in the economic activities). The epicenter of the crisis is U.S.A. It is all...

08 Apr 2022

The operation of the bank and the financial market

Practical guide - 9 pages - Finance

The financial system is part of the economic activity of a country and contributes to its proper functioning. It designates all the regulations and, in general, the institutions that make it possible to connect the organizations that can offer financing and the consumers or businesses that need...

20 Apr 2009

Initial public offering: MIC Electronics Ltd

Dissertation - 51 pages - Business strategy

Project IPO deals with initial public offering, or IPO, because it is the first sale of stock by a company to the public. A company can raise money by issuing either debt or equity. If the company has never issued equity to the public, it's known as an IPO. Broadly...

08 Mar 2023

Growth Analysis - Domino's Pizza, Inc

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

After a slight decline in performance since mid-2022, Domino's Pizza is starting to perform well again and this leads us to believe that for the year 2023, new marketing strategies will be put in place to continue to have good growth. Domino's Pizza has released its results for its first...

22 Aug 2022

Financial Market and Sustainable / Green Finance

Dissertation - 18 pages - Finance

In April 2022, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report focusing on the mitigation of climate change. The experts underline the emergency of a new way of life in order to limit global warming to 1,5°C. To respect the agreement taken during the COP 21, the IPCC proposes...

23 Apr 2021

The most prominent events that the world and Europe have lived through, especially during the last decade, their repercussions and the most important measures taken to avoid or reduce their severity

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Modern history

The origin of the crisis dates back to ancient times, when it was derived from the Greek word krino, meaning an important or decisive decision. From the political field, the crisis is considered: a case that discusses the aspects of the political system, which also requires a decision to confront...

14 Oct 2013

Public observations

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

The observational setting that was chosen, the interview room that a recruiter must use to talk and understand what a potential future student is thinking and needs during their initial meeting. The room temperature, the vocal tone and the lack of information about the entire process is based...

31 Mar 2009

Analysis of the banking sector with respect to six banks: Public sector & private sector

Case study - 19 pages - Finance

In this project six banks are taken on the basis of highest profits after tax. Three Banks are from the Public Sector and three from the Private Sector. First comes an analysis of the banking system which tells you about the Basel II norms which are applicable in India in every bank from...

17 Nov 2008

Public relations services agreement

Standard contracts - 7 pages - Other law subjects

Recitals: The purpose of this Agreement is for the Company to retain an experienced and qualified public relations agency to provide a range of public relations and communications tasks for Company. The Parties Agree: 1. TERM: The term of this Agreement is for one year commencing...

02 Aug 2021

Equity research report - Danone

Financial analysis - 6 pages - Finance

The purpose of this document is to present a detailed equity research on Danone group. First of all, we will present a brief investment summary of Danone, followed by an extensive and detailed valuation work on the company (based on DCF and multiples). We will see some of the KPIs related to...

28 Jul 2009

Ethics of public servants

Thesis - 5 pages - Administrative law

Federal elected officials, appointed political officials and civil service officials are held to a separate standard for their behavior. These people are chosen by the American public and by other officials to serve at their behest. What commonly unites elected and non-elected officials...

23 Nov 2006

Initial Public Offerings: an Outlook through Game Theory

Essay - 16 pages - Finance

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have a very special place in contemporary economics and finance. They represent the entrance on a deep and liquid market with access to almost unlimited reserves of capital from all over the world. But IPOs appear also as a short-term fund-raising tool,...

06 Dec 2021

How does the measures taken by Erdogan these last two decades impact the lira's exchange rate nowadays?

Essay - 3 pages - Economic politics

Turkey began the new millennium in 2000 with the most severe economic crisis of its history. This crisis, which followed the currency crisis of 1994, had a strong impact on the Turkish financial system, as it led to a fall in capital inflows coming from foreign investors. This striking event is...

29 Jul 2009

Highway 407: Public to private transition

Thesis - 5 pages - Social sciences

Alterations to travel flow resulting from urban decentralization is the effect of the increasing size of the city and its level of urbanization, and it reduces traffic volumes between origins and the central destination thereby raising volumes to other destinations. This lowers radial corridor...

04 Aug 2022

Fintech: Between Synergy and Power Struggle in the Banking and Financial Sector

Dissertation - 38 pages - Business strategy

This thesis examines the future of fintech integration within a complex financial ecosystem. It explores the impact that these have and will have in the future on the market. Through a literature review divided into three research questions combined with a qualitative approach, we will try to...

06 Oct 2022

Management and cultural aspects

Course material - 25 pages - Management

Human beings have needs in order to survive and the purpose of economic activity is to satisfy these needs by providing people with what they need. Such needs will vary from person to person because each person seeks different things at different times. Those who are poor would like to satisfy...

13 Jan 2009

The Evolution of Consolidated Financial Statements published by Publicly Quoted French Companies: The Shift Away from local GAAP to the Adoption of International Standards

Essay - 11 pages - Economy general

Contrary to the Anglo-American approach, France offers, in terms of accounting, an environment representative of those of many countries in continental Europe. Nonetheless, France offers a typical system, where, because politicians and executives are part of a close and tight elite network, the...