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07 Jul 2022

A digital company making publicity

Case study - 12 pages - Digital & e-marketing

We are a digital company that makes publicity, in other words, we can brand any business, be it a store, a product, a hotel... and promote it in order to make it known to people. We created a website related to their social media pages where we can promote their business by posting new...

03 Mar 2011

Publicity campaigns of United Colors of Benetton

Case study - 40 pages - Services marketing

Benetton is a brand of repute that has been in the limelight by many provocative advertisements. However, these ads have been a hindrance to the development of the brand. As an advertising agency, it has decided to create a new campaign focusing on branded products. In this case, it will...

27 Jan 2011

Publicity in Russia: a new concept

Case study - 4 pages - Management

In this article of Ostlund one finds the characteristics of publicity in Russia during the Sixties and Seventies. Large changes and developments took place for this period. The transition was carried out automatically thanks to the progressive opening of the Russian market towards the...

10 Jan 2011

Honda's publicity campaign for the CR-V

Case study - 2 pages - Management

Honda, (the car maker) launched a new four wheeler in 2005 called the Honda CR-V. This vehicle was supposed to be quiet, clean, efficient and aesthetic. However, the pollution generated by the CR-V and its failure to adapt to the city life became the main complaints of the vehicle. The CR-V has...

04 Jan 2011

Critical analysis: Apple's publicity for iPod and iTunes

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

The iPod has the capability to store a large amount of music files that it can play with an excellent sound quality (in MP3 format). It satisfies people's demand for downloading music over the Internet and transferring to a product type "player" so that they can listen to it anywhere anytime....

03 Mar 2011

Analysis of Publicity of "Flower" brand by KENZO

Case study - 4 pages - Services marketing

The Kenzo brand was created in 1988 by Kenzo Takada, a famous Japanese designer. In 1993, he sold the brand to LVMH while retaining the ownership thereof. This large group is the world's leading luxury product group, and it holds a portfolio of high profile brands such as perfumes from...

23 Sep 2009

Dancing rabbit eco-village: The pros and cons of publicity

Thesis - 6 pages - Social, moral & civic education

One dilemma that faced intentional communities of the 19th century was balancing the communards' desire for their own, secluded place and their drive to educate the rest of society by example. Dancing Rabbit, an experimental intentional community, is taking a decidedly 21st century approach to...

08 Feb 2021

Public consultation - A new communication strategy launched by the EU through the web

Essay - 3 pages - European union

On 29th May 2005, French people refused the EU constitution, I was in Italy and had the news on a bus, through my neighbour's newspaper. In this context, the 'no' from French public opinion was the opportunity to reveal the wide gap between the EU and its 'citizens'. This...

10 Feb 2021

The today health crisis poses the problem of its financing in large part by public debt - With the subprime crisis, how can the impact of such a cost be sustainable on the budget ?

Dissertation - 8 pages - International economy

According to an article published on April 28, 2020, in the newspaper Les Echos and written by Renaud Honoré, the current rate of French public debt is twice as high as that of the subprime crisis in 2008. In fact, we never reached these figures since the Second World War. European debt rules...

24 Jun 2022

Country Risk: Fiscal Policy and Public Debt

Course material - 6 pages - Economic politics

Governments refer to (elected) people who form the administrative body of a country. They are important because they take into account externalities and finance public goods (which the private sector would not want/manage to finance). Their objectives are : education, national defense, low crime,...

03 Sep 2014

Advantages of public/private schools over home schooling

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

There is a current trend among parents of school-age children around the world to educate kids at home instead of in an institutional form. Although these parents want the best education and choices for their children and emphasize the difference, as well as the benefits of the home education,...

09 Mar 2015

Public Administration - Possibility of good regulatory government

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Public administration follows the bureaucratic model. The implication is that there are hierarchies that influence the decision making process in public administration. Therefore, the decision makers in public administration are at the top of the bureaucratic models (Croley, 2008). However, there...

05 Nov 2014

Formal versus informal institutions-role of public and private sectors

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Countries have come to the realization that for efficient development to occur the roles of the state and those of the private sector must be clear. The world leaders met in 2000 and they came up with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) which would be achieved through the participation of...

07 Jul 2015

Religious freedom: freedom to the test of public service and the principle of neutrality

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

It is first necessary that the public service is an apparent neutrality: it is the public service as a neutral place. It is useful to recall that the principle that worship is not a public service. But in any event, the neutrality of the public service places is required, either under the...

04 Aug 2022

Public Service: The Australian Perspective

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Political science

Public service, in the general context, refers to services which are aimed at addressing specific needs of a certain sect of the general public. In light of a government set up, such services are rendered by public government entities and agencies to the members of public within a governmental...

02 Sep 2022

Transformations of resource management in Canada and his impact on the Public Service

Essay - 3 pages - Management

Resource management in Canada has gone through upheavals since the 1960s and 1970s. What might be one of those transformations and why is it significant for management in the Public Service of Canada?

28 Jul 2015

Evolution of public relations profession

Essay - 1 pages - Sociology & social sciences

Technology continuously changes the way we interact with one another. Consequently, professional duties have been altered as well. Some positions require a completely different approach compared to the same position a few decades prior. Public Relations provides a unique example of this trend....

28 Jul 2015

Charter schools and the future of public education

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

According to Karps analysis on the issue of charter school in relation to the role played by the public schools, he thinks that there are many devoted charter school educators who share the dream of schooling in a advanced, student-centered institute. And he also indicates that there are more...

06 Oct 2022

Management in the public sector

Course material - 10 pages - Management

In the public sector, business organizations do not exist to make profit but to provide services for the whole nation. The public sector is made up of organizations which are controlled by the government, the state or the local authorities. They can be divided into 3 categories: - Public...

03 Feb 2021

State sovereignty in international public law

Essay - 5 pages - International law

Jean Bodin (1530-1596) considered that the concept of sovereignty is an absolute concept. Sovereignty is a key concept when it comes to dealing with the state and its place in the international arena. It is, indeed, a concept that has been fostered to characterize the intrinsic power of states:...

06 Sep 2022

The Ethical Implications of Police Officers Accepting Free Goods and Services from the Public On- or Off-Duty

Essay - 3 pages - Political science

Ethical issues define the moral responsibility that an individual has, which defines and shapes their conduct. From Kantian ethics, the duty obligation is supposed to limit the behavior of an individual, which is supposed to be defined by the standards that are supposed to be held. Police...

04 Mar 2021

India's daughter - Leslee Udwin - How was this crime interpreted by the public opinion?

Essay - 1 pages - Sociology & social sciences

The rapists' point of view is clear: this girl shouldn't have gone outside alone, and at night. Their rape act was like a punishment of this unaware attitude of Jyoti for them. The only responsible person of the rape concerns the victim: leaving at night around 9 o'clock is like...

24 Mar 2015

Role of Interventions Programs - Public Health Theory

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The social cognitive theory can be effectively used in the curbing of the excessive alcohol use that has been noted amongst the students of Indiana University College. The social cognitive theory, according to scholars in the social and behavioral sciences, is conceptualized by understanding only...

29 Oct 2014

Public Law -The Human Rights Act 1998

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Protection of human rights has been the focus of many governments and states in the world. The United Nations, for instance, has put in place a number of rules and regulations that revolve around human rights and which all members should adhere. The United Kingdom is one of the states that have...

24 Mar 2015

Public opinion & responding to crisis

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

A crisis is an unstable condition or situation or a stage in a series of events at which the inclination of future events, in most cases for the worst, is determined. How issues are handles at this stage, is very vital in determining the extent to which the future events may be favorable or...

07 Jul 2015

Reconciliation of public service neutrality and guarantee of freedom of religion

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

The Court then analyzes the values represented by the headscarf. Now, for the Court, the scarf is "imposed on women," and it follows a prescription "difficult to reconcile with the principle of gender equality". But first, it seems quite embarrassing that the Court gives an interpretation of a...

22 Jul 2015

Public law: Judicial review

Case study - 4 pages - Civil law

As much as Catford District Council has authority to issue retailing license to pet-shop owners and operators, the relevant statute provides discretion to the local authority to conduct consultations if necessary. The fact that the license was legally issued and Alya is not comfortable with the...

21 May 2008

Public Relations in the Nonprofit Sector

Thesis - 5 pages - Business strategy

Public relations is a growing field, not only in the United States, but around the world. Today more and more businesses and organizations are recognizing that the reputation, profitability, and success of a company depend largely on its relationship with the public. Public Relations employees...

23 Nov 2006

Initial Public Offerings: an Outlook through Game Theory

Essay - 16 pages - Finance

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have a very special place in contemporary economics and finance. They represent the entrance on a deep and liquid market with access to almost unlimited reserves of capital from all over the world. But IPOs appear also as a short-term fund-raising tool, especially...

03 Jun 2008

Public perception of the pay and benefits given to executives

Essay - 8 pages - Management

Research on executive compensation packages clearly demonstrates that the general public is incensed and outraged by, what they perceive to be, excessive pay and benefits for these professionals. Throughout the course of the twentieth century organizations have argued that executive pay and...