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30 May 2009

The impact of Al Qaeda's attacks on the financial sector

Thesis - 5 pages - Economy general

“Five-and-a-half years ago, 19 terrorists hijacked four airplanes and changed the course of history. Just as we underestimated Al Qaeda then, we risk repeating the same mistake now.” (Hoffman 2007, 44). First, the question itself merits a two or so sentences - it is interesting...

06 Oct 2008

A better look at Islam and Al Qaeda

Essay - 5 pages - Social sciences

Since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the words “Muslim” and “Islam” have become synonymous with the feared word “terrorism.” As Americans learned that the enemy was factions of Muslim extremists operating in the Middle East and that they were driven to...

04 Aug 2022

US Foreign Policy since 2001: President Bush's first term

Course material - 11 pages - Political science

The period since 2001 has been a highly active one for the US: they waged a war in Afghanistan, another in Iraq and they may be preparing another one against Iran. The official rational in Washington, at least initially, for that activity, under the motto of "the war against terror", was the...

01 Aug 2022

The United States and the World - Transnational problems today as seen from Washington

Course material - 12 pages - Political science

In the document issued in September 2002, "The National Security Strategy of the USA", two essential goals of US national policy were stressed: the defeat of "Global terrorism" and "to prevent our enemies from threatening us, our allies, and our friends with weapons of mass destruction". Those...

01 Aug 2022

The United States and the World: Bush's Second Term and Current Trends in the US Foreign Policy Establishment

Course material - 9 pages - Political life and election

After Bush's re-election in November 2004, there were some doubts about the kind of policy he would now follow, after the occupation of Iraq had revealed itself as a much more difficult undertaking than what the Administration had contemplated. Many felt at the time the President would vastly...

01 Aug 2022

The United States and the World - Russia and China

Course material - 7 pages - Modern history

At the beginning of his first term, President Bush neglected Russia and considered China as the next major geopolitical adversary. At the same time, American analysts were quite confident that Washington would be able to manage the "Geostrategic Triad" between Washington, Moscow and Beijing to...

15 Aug 2022

What Makes a Belief an Extremist Belief?

Essay - 4 pages - Religion

Extremism or holding extreme beliefs is associated with terrorist atrocities and a rapid increase in hate crimes. Extremist beliefs are those beliefs that a group or individual holds closely that are outside the mainstream of society. Extremist beliefs can either be political or religious. Those...

30 Jan 2017

U.S. history: America before and after 9/11

Essay - 2 pages - Modern history

In 2001 after a controversial election, the U.S. had a new President, George W. Bush. Bush had lost the popular vote to Al Gore but had won the election due to the electoral college. But even in the case of the electoral college, he only won because of Florida, which he had only narrowly won by...

29 Sep 2010

The role of NATO in Afghanistan

Essay - 11 pages - International relations

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been in Afghanistan since August 2003 to command the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), which was created on December 20, 2001, by Security Council Resolution 1386 of the United Nations, in accordance with the Bonn Agreement. ISAF has...

03 Feb 2011

Implications of the war in Iraq

Essay - 14 pages - International relations

The war in Iraq, called the third Gulf war follows the conflict between Iraq and Kuwait which lasted from August 1990 to February 1991. It is difficult to date the beginning, because the United States and the United Kingdom had begun to bomb Iraq in 1992, bringing with them by force of "no-fly...

15 Jan 2009

Violation of Human Rights at Guantanamo Bay

Essay - 3 pages - Journalism

After 09/11 terrorist attacks, the Bush Administration declared war to Al Qaeda. As Commander in chief of the Armed Forces, President Bush authorized the detention of non-American citizens considered as "enemy combatants" (Fogarty 2005, 54). A classified report prepared by Defence...

15 Jan 2009

How has the rise of "militant Islam" affected politics in Indonesia?

Essay - 5 pages - Social sciences

Although nearly 90% of Indonesian population is Muslim, Islam and Islamic issues have not become central subjects of interest permeating Indonesian politics. In the past, Islam in Indonesia has usually been portrayed as moderate, pluralist and tolerant in contrasts to parts of the Middle East ....

29 Oct 2012

The invasion of Iraq: An example of liberal imperialism

Case study - 6 pages - Political science

On March 19, 2003, the United States, under the leadership of former President George W. Bush launched the invasion of Iraq1. For many people, this was a vital strategy in the United States' “war against terror.” The terrorist attack in New York City on the morning of September 11,...

15 Jan 2009

Afghanistan: Threats and opportunities for the Transatlantic relation

Essay - 10 pages - International relations

Afghanistan represents undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges for the Western democracies. The reversal of the Taliban by the international coalition led by the United States after the 9/11 terrorist attacks was seen as a symbol of hope. This war was considered as legitimate, because of the...

21 Nov 2008

The credible reality of fake news

Essay - 4 pages - Journalism

Everybody remembers the moment they first saw footage of the burning Twin Towers toppling down on September 11th, 2001. Everybody remembers the panic that ensued, the news tickers running constantly on all the major television stations giving updates on nothing in particular, the finger-pointing...

01 Apr 2009

Timothy McVeigh: An American anomie

Thesis - 6 pages - Social sciences

One could ask any American citizen old enough to remember the year 1995, and they will undoubtedly be able to recall the incident of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Most would be able to identify the man responsible for the devastation: an unremarkable, young, middle class white man named Timothy...

29 Sep 2010

Can the proliferation of nuclear weapons of mass destruction be halted?

Essay - 4 pages - Political science

Proliferation is a traditional issue of International Security and has always been at the heart of strategic analysis. In the last few weeks, the International Community has been worried about the situation in Pakistan. General Musharaff proclaimed a state of emergency and convened general...

11 Aug 2010

War on terrorism

Thesis - 6 pages - Social sciences

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are different in many ways, however they both are based upon a “war on terrorism”. Following the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11th, 2001, the United States declared a war upon terrorism. Following this declaration,...

05 Mar 2009

The Taliban in Pakistan: Before and after 9/11

Thesis - 6 pages - International relations

It is safe to say that in the years leading up to the September 11 attacks, the United States had little to no working relationship with Pakistan, especially when it came to stopping the Taliban. In fact, the United States contributed to the creation and rise of the Taliban: according to Prime...

05 Feb 2009

Iraq: Failure and victory

Essay - 11 pages - Political science

In this paper I will point out a few of the failures the Bush administration made prior to and during the current war in Iraq. I will also make recommendations for how things should have been done and how things need to be done in the current state of the war. I will also explain how past...

05 May 2009

Border control for the US: "Legitimate threat"

Thesis - 10 pages - International relations

The attacks on September 11, 2001 forced a change in the national security policy of the United States. Eight years later, debate still surrounds the issue on how best to defend against terrorism. The question of how large of a national security threat do current border policies pose to the...

29 Sep 2010

The Iraq war: an International Relations Theory Analysis

Case study - 16 pages - Political science

On the nineteenth of March 2003 America and its allies started their invasion of Iraq. This intervention had the official goal of the struggle against a terrorism-friendly country, to avoid the expansion of mass destruction weapons and establish a democratic breakthrough in the Middle East. This...

28 Nov 2008

Political violence in flux: Changes in today's world

Essay - 10 pages - Social sciences

Terrorism has fundamentally changed the nature of international relations as a whole. With the emergence of small, non government organizations (or NGOs) that have the capability to inflict massive amounts of damage to life and property, states as a whole now face a strong challenge to their...

18 Mar 2009

Public transportation in the Arab World

Thesis - 7 pages - Journalism

The creation and refinement of public transportation in the Arab World are issues that are infrequently brought to the public eye. However, these issues have underlying importance in the institutions of politics and economics in the Arab World. Organizations, such as The World Bank and the...

29 Sep 2010

The Global War on terrorism and the effects in the Euro-american relations: Causes, consequences, solutions

Essay - 11 pages - International relations

Terrorism has become the most important threat regarding international stability in the 21st century. Though the Euro Atlantic community considers that it is of the utmost importance to eradicate it, it is not able to set up a common strategy. Since the war in Iraq, the Bush administration has...

24 Feb 2010

Preventing terrorism in America

Thesis - 4 pages - Political science

Walking the streets of America is a unique experience because of the diverse atmospheres within each city. From Los Angeles to New York one can find a multi-ethnic multi-religious population who represent all walks of life. America is dynamic and ever changing; a country that is industrious and...

17 Jun 2008

Critically Examination of US policy toward the Middle East in the twentieth century

Essay - 6 pages - International relations

Throughout the course of its history, the United States has utilized its foreign policy objectives for the purposes of pursuing its own needs. Although the United States has, in rare instances, pursued foreign policy objectives for the purposes of altruistically improving outcomes for citizens in...

29 Nov 2006

The Fog of War: Lessons One and Two

Essay - 7 pages - International relations

Through the process of critical oral history, Robert McNamara has re-evaluated his experience as the Secretary of Defense under the Kennedy and Johnson presidencies. Filmmaker Errol Morris shaped his documentary The Fog of War around eleven lessons from the life of McNamara. The first two...

13 Jan 2009

The Daily Mail's electronic version, United Kingdom

Essay - 6 pages - Journalism

The news outlet I have chosen to analyze is the internet version of “The Daily Mail “, a newspaper based in the United Kingdom, very famous especially in England. It includes the daily version of this newspaper as well as “The Mail on Sunday”, its week-end's edition. Gate...

13 Jan 2009

The general oil market and the American oil policy

Thesis - 14 pages - International relations

Since the Industrial Revolution, energy is an international concern: one fifth of international trade of goods is the supply in energy of the companies. At the beginning of the century, oil became the most important energy source. Today, oil represents the most important share of the energy...