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22 Dec 2022

Is the Reality of the Subject a Certainty or an Illusion?

Essay - 3 pages - Humanities/philosophy

"Cogito ergo sum. "I think, therefore I am'. This Latin locution, uttered by René Descartes, philosophers of the Enlightenment, gives an unmistakable type of view of human consciousness. Since I have the will and the consciousness to think, I am, I exist. My thought, which I observe, refers...

14 Jun 2013

Is reality real? Protecting the viewers through informative disclaimers

Case study - 26 pages - Film studies

Reality television has swept America over like an epidemic. Almost every channel has some form of a reality show. This genre began in 1989 with the creation of COPS and America's Funniest Home Videos. Only three years later MTV aired the first episode of The Real World. After...

23 Jan 2013

Altering the reality of images

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Go to your local supermarket and walk to the magazine aisle. Pick up a magazine and study its cover. The woman on the front cover stares back at you—her eyes bright, teeth whitened complexion flawless and her waist slim. Allow me to continue to mention that her arms are small and her legs...

14 Jun 2013

Appearance V. Reality in "The Continuity of Parks" by Julio Cortazar

Case study - 3 pages - Literature

This brilliantly written work takes the reader on a journey inside the mind of two people simultaneously and addresses the possibility that reality is only that which one understands through his or her own particular brand of consciousness. The imagery used in this work, namely, the...

10 Jan 2011

Reality of participative management in India

Case study - 3 pages - Management

‘Participation in Irrigation: what has changed since the Act of 2000 in Tamil Nadu?' (Olivia Aubriot), and ‘The scientific and rational management of Indian forest resources' by Emmanuel Bon, are instances of application of management models of space separation. We present these two...

22 Feb 2011

The society we have described can never grow into a reality (Socrates, Book V, 473c11-d4)

Thesis - 4 pages - Political science

In Plato's work, 'The Republic', Socrates is asked to prove that justice always outweighs injustice, and that the just man is ultimately happier than the unjust man. In order to do this, Socrates begins by outlining a utopian state in which justice thrives in both the state and the...

29 Sep 2010

Operation management: industrial reality of Peugeot PSA Citroën

Case study - 11 pages - Management

During the 20th century, the world went through many evolution phases, especially in the automotive industry. Today, this industry is a very important factor in economic development. PSA is a French automotive manufacturer. In 1973 the company made a merger with Citroën, and became the second...

28 Feb 2010

Through space and time: Reality and experience in the modern age

Thesis - 4 pages - Literature

Modernism marked the collapse of structures that had defined the individual and the relationship of that individual to the world. Rapid changes in religion, science, and politics revealed the gaps in society's ideologies. The institutions that had once provided the foundation of English society...

24 Aug 2010

Death as reality: A response to Christopher S. Glover's critical analysis of Don DeLillo's White noise

Thesis - 4 pages - Literature

In this essay, I will systematically dissect Christopher S. Glover's categorization of Don DeLillo's White Noise as an example of Baudrillard's third stage of simulacrum while presenting an alternate interpretation that suggests the novel actually represents a deviation on...

30 Jul 2010

Knowledge and reality

Thesis - 4 pages - Humanities/philosophy

The concept of a non-material reality is one that is not only fundamentally important but also highly debated in the field of philosophy. Different ideas and opinion abound over the division and labeling of various types of matter and reality, the source to obtain inferences on such...

14 Dec 2010

Reality TV

Thesis - 2 pages - Film studies

Reality TV is a kind of TV program which presents humorous and dramatic situations without a script, documents actual events and features ordinary people instead of professional actors. Documentaries and nonfictional programs such as the news and sports shows are usually not classified as...

17 Aug 2010

The reality in Koreeda's film Nobody Knows

Thesis - 2 pages - Film studies

As we take a cursory look of the city, we notice that the society appears to be very lively, crowded, bustling and excited. However, as we gain a deep understanding into reality, we may notice another dimension to this feeling of togetherness. The gray side of humanity is illustrated...

29 Sep 2010

Race and gender as structuring factors of election: A typically American reality?

Worksheets - 1 pages - Political science

Does racism still prevail in the US? The last election in the United States was a forceful reminder that race and gender have always played a role in the American elections and, more generally, in the American society. It is only in 1920 that American women were allowed to vote and much later in...

20 Oct 2009

Is the American dream a reality? If so, how far does Barrack Obama symbolize it?

Thesis - 15 pages - Journalism

The American Dream is a term that has been used to encompass the founding ideas that have existed since the birth of the United States. Its definition is broad and has been open to many interpretations, which have adapted and changed over the course of American history. Liberal philosophers such...

14 Apr 2009

Baby boomers and retirement: The stark reality

Thesis - 4 pages - Political science

We are constantly inundated with news about Baby Boomers and retirement, especially as it relates to concerns that baby boomers are not adequately prepared for retirement, and also worry separately about the state of Social Security in America. Many of the concerns that baby boomers have about...

12 Jan 2009

The EU Foreign Policy - Myth or Reality?

Essay - 21 pages - International relations

European Union (EU) critics are a very heterogenic group. Amongst them, there are people who think that this organization has too many responsibilities. Sometimes this disapproval is summarized in only one word: ‘Brussels', the city where several institutions of the EU and especially the...

19 May 2009

The American reality: Life in the working class

Thesis - 19 pages - Sociology

In 1848, as the spread of capitalism and the Industrial Revolution were forever changing the social, political and economic landscape in Europe and America, early social theorist Karl Marx defined the working-class as those “laborers who must sell themselves piecemeal… a commodity like...

09 Jan 2009

Does reality TV have any ill effects on the participants and the viewers? To what extent?

Thesis - 3 pages - Journalism

This literature review deals with the contemporary topic of reality TV. It is particularly focused on the examination of the ill effects of reality TV shows for both contestants and viewers. The study found out that the appeal which encourages people to participate in such shows is...

29 Jul 2009

Language and reality

Thesis - 5 pages - Social sciences

It is common cynical knowledge that in this world of spin, our perceptions of reality cannot possibly be divorced from the language it is presented in. But the question remains as to whether language creates or distorts reality. At the crux of the issue is really our definition of...

13 Jan 2009

"No artist tolerates reality" - Nietzsche. To what extend is this true in the work of Yeats and Eliot?

Essay - 3 pages - Literature

"No artist tolerates reality", as far as this quotation of Nietzsche is concerned, it is true that artists - and therefore writers - cannot tolerate reality, and that is the reason why they often aim at changing this reality through their art, and in the case of writers,...

17 Apr 2008

Media's use of representation of genders and races leads to a distorted view of reality

Essay - 3 pages - Journalism

A filmmaker's ultimate role is to properly present images in sequence that tell a story and/or conveys a message or several of them therefore. With various imagery tools, movies present a message in a way that makes them seem natural and fitting for the context that it is presented in. Whether...

17 Jul 2008

Cognitive behavior therapy and reality therapy

Essay - 5 pages - Psychology

Many types of therapy have been called cognitive behavior therapy. Albert Ellis's Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) deals with cognition and behavior, assuming that people contribute to their psychological symptoms and issues by the way they interpret events and situations. REBT also...

17 Jul 2008

Backgrounder: reality television

Essay - 5 pages - Journalism

Reality programs have been part of television since the beginning and have grown steadily among viewers over the years to make itself one of the most viewed types of shows on the air today. With the huge success of reality shows like American Idol, Survivor, The Real World, The...

06 Nov 2008

Sight and reality in Chestnutt's "The Conjure Woman"

Essay - 6 pages - Literature

There has always been a fundamental distinction between reality and how our mind represents reality. What we see and observe (external sight) comes into conflict with what we interpret and feel (internal sight). Charles W. Chestnutt's The Conjure Woman explores the gulf between the...

21 Nov 2008

The credible reality of fake news

Essay - 4 pages - Journalism

Everybody remembers the moment they first saw footage of the burning Twin Towers toppling down on September 11th, 2001. Everybody remembers the panic that ensued, the news tickers running constantly on all the major television stations giving updates on nothing in particular, the finger-pointing...

19 Jun 2008

The Rhetoric of Growth in Colorado: Reconciling Perceptions and Reality

Essay - 8 pages - Linguistics

In 1990, Colorado was a state of about 3.3 million (U.S. Census Bureau, 2001b). By 2000, Colorado's population had grown to 4,301,261 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2001b). Colorado's new residents spurred development in areas once sparsely inhabited. The population of Superior in Boulder County, for...

18 Apr 2008

Berger and Luckmann propose 3 steps in the social construction of reality

Thesis - 3 pages - Social sciences

Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann discuss the social construction of reality in their work, The Social Construction of Reality, published in 1966. Reality, as defined by Berger and Luckmann, is a combination of norms (socially acceptable ways of acting and thinking) and...

24 Sep 2008

The reality of perceiving environment

Essay - 4 pages - Literature

“Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” by Wallace Stevens presents the reader with exactly what its title expresses—thirteen distinct perspectives all involving a blackbird in some form. These perspectives each provide a kind of brief snapshot into thirteen unique realities....

06 Jun 2008

Eugenic Expectations: The Reality of Getting What You Want

Essay - 5 pages - Humanities/philosophy

The advancement of medical technology has encroached upon every aspect of our healthcare system and delivery, yet probably the most sensitive area it has impacted has been our methods of reproduction. Due to the illicit (or at least discrete) nature of conception means, along with the sanctity...

09 Feb 2008

The nature of the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: Distinguishing Myth from Reality

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - International relations

Historical narratives are often times fragile and subject to “mythification”. Especially vulnerable are the ones in which interests between two groups collide, violent disputes are common and the nature of the conflict is highly complex and distinctively unique. In those cases various...