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24 Sep 2023

To what extent could European culture, and more specifically German culture, be an element of resistance to the Walmart model in Germany?

Case study - 4 pages - Management

Walmart, a global "supermarket giant", is an American company created in 1962. In the late 1990s, this company was the second-largest producer in the world, behind the oil company ExxonMobil. However, from 1991 and under the pressure of shareholders, Walmart developed its activities...

24 Oct 2019

Change: Factors contributing to an individual's resistance

Essay - 5 pages - Human resources

In an ever-changing world, it is inevitable to experience change in everyday life. Change may occur in diverse ways (either planned or unplanned). One's ability to adapt to change goes a long way in influencing the impact it creates on the individual and/or the organization. One change that keeps...

16 Jan 2015

Anpo: Art X War: The Art of Resistance

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

This paper is set out to examine and explore the history of the Japanese culture and how it came to be used to display their resistance towards the Americans presence in Japan. The American presence had been brought about by the signing of Anpo between Japan and America after the end of...

08 Oct 2015

How Ajax Minerals and Perrier dealt with various types of resistance workers and supervisors

Case study - 5 pages - Management

In the Ajax Minerals' case, the sources of resistance to change were the workers and supervisors. These employees would not be willing to follow any directions given by the management regarding the impending change. According to the case, supervisors and hourly workers were satisfied that...

07 Mar 2013

OPEC's effective resistance to strong western powers

Case study - 3 pages - Political science

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was one of the first organizations of the developing world to effectively resist Western superpowers. Before OPEC, Western countries colonized developing nations and exploited their natural resources with little resistance from these...

30 Mar 2010

The French resistance

Thesis - 4 pages - Social, moral & civic education

The resistance of the French people against their occupiers grew as the war dragged on and led to sheltering of the increasingly persecuted Jewish population. The Jewish people who fled from throughout Europe to France, had been trapped when France signed the armistice in 1940. The Third...

24 Feb 2010

Resistance in Southern Europe

Thesis - 3 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Understanding resistance also means asking what constitutes an act of resistance in such regimes. Roseman in particular examines this issue. In "How We Built the Road...", she considers the ways in which Spanish Galicians reconstruct history on a local level (through folklore,...

06 Apr 2009

Dorothy Day (Part III): Nonviolent resistance

Thesis - 5 pages - Literature

The Catholic Worker Movement founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin whose aim is to “live in accordance with the justice and charity of Jesus Christ.” As the name indicates, the Catholic Worker Movement was heavily influenced by Catholicism, yet not restricted to simple preaching of...

05 May 2009

Exploring the dematerialization of the body: Gender roles in cyberspace - Imagination as resistance or global extensions of consumer capitalism

Thesis - 6 pages - Social, moral & civic education

This is a research paper which will investigate the relationship between architectural space, i.e. the home, the work place, the gendered body, in relation to the cyber-body as utopian space or new mechanism of containment and surveillance and re-inscribing of the dominant capitalist ideology....

24 Apr 2009

Should body mass or lean body mass be used to calculate and prescribe resistance loads for the wingate test?

Thesis - 7 pages - Medical studies

The purpose of this study was to determine whether assigned loads for the Wingate anaerobic cycle ergometer test (WAnT) test should be based on lean body mass (LBM) or body mass (BM) and to define optimal loads for eliciting maximal peak power output (PPO) which was used as the performance...

28 Oct 2009

Emerging antibiotic resistance among the uropathogens

Essay - 6 pages - Business strategy

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a frequently encountered condition seen in clinical practice. It is a broad term that encompasses asymptomatic bacteriuria and asymptomatic infection with microbial invasion and inflammation of urinary tract (Kunin, 1964) . While UTI affects patients of all ages...

27 Apr 2009

Native Canadian education experience in early Canadian history: The industrial school and its legacy in the residential school - Considering oppression and resistance.

Thesis - 10 pages - Educational studies

This paper will explore Native education in British North America, focusing on the structural disadvantages which Native children faced in a society whose goal was assimilation of Native people to white, Christian values, at the expense of their own cultures and languages. This was a...

10 Feb 2008

Morality in the Resistance: overview through "Your Name is Renee: Ruth Kapp Hartz's Story as a Hidden Child in Nazi-Occupied France", by Stacy Cretzmeyer

Essay - 4 pages - Modern history

The 1940's will forever remain a significant period in French history. It was during this time that World War II occurred and Germany managed to take over three-fifths of mainland France. The remaining land became known as Vichy France. With such a strong a German presence and influence, even in...

21 Aug 2007

Ambivalence and Photography: Resistance or Exchange in Edward Said's After the Last Sky

Essay - 2 pages - Literature

In his essay Picture Theory on the relationship between photograph and text, W.J.T. Mitchell refers to concepts he coins as the “rhetoric of resistance” and the “rhetoric of exchange and cooperation” (Mitchell, 41). The terms “rhetoric of resistance”...

15 Jan 2009

How do the international conferences participate in resisting the globalization movement?

Essay - 5 pages - International relations

Globalization is a phenomenon that appeared in the early 20th century. It refers to an increase in the interdependence of the economies, societies, cultures and politics. Globalization has disrupted the face of the World since its apparition. Indeed, international relations are now dominated by...

13 Jul 2023

The Depiction of Women's Struggles Against Patriarchal Power Structures in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and The Testaments - Proposal

Dissertation - 6 pages - Literature

The document is an outline of a thesis about Margaret Atwood's depiction of women's struggles in her works. The project explores the depiction of women's struggles against patriarchal power structures in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and its sequel, The Testaments....

06 Jun 2008

Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Uzbekistan

Essay - 3 pages - Medical studies

Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is an extremely threatening disease for an individual and a country to contract. TB patients in the Central Asia Region are ten times more likely to have MDR-TB than rest of the world (1). Uzbekistan especially should address their alarming rates of MDR-TB...

30 Jul 2022

The European Union and its International Role - Towards a European Federation? (From the European Conference in The Hague to the Rome Treaties, 1948-1957)

Course material - 6 pages - Modern history

Already during the war, many Resistance groups asked themselves how to stop the cycle of recurring European wars. After 1945, many groups and associations suggested going back to the European ideas of the 20s, which included the concept of a European Union (Briand Plan of 1930). They...

15 Aug 2022

Change Management: the role of Human Resources

Dissertation - 8 pages - Human resources

With the significant potential for swift change within the modern business field, as technological innovations improve and consumer demands change, organizational managers occasionally make difficult choices to restructure. For individuals at ease with job responsibilities and their lives, and...

28 Apr 2021

The International Criminal Court and the Peace Process in Northern Uganda

Essay - 9 pages - International law

The Juba Peace Talks that started in July 2006 in Southern Sudan seem to be one of the best chances to bring an end to the 20-year-long raging conflict in the region of Northern Uganda. Known for its unbelievable atrocities, the war has by now caused the displacement of more than 1.7 million...

16 Aug 2022

Jane Eyre and the struggle to reconcile societal expectations

Essay - 2 pages - Literature

In the Victorian era, the essential aspect of a woman's life revolved around her family's domestic sphere and the home she came from. Women from the Middle class were raised to be innocent and pure, sexually undemanding and tender and obedient and submissive. They were presented in this manner to...

27 Apr 2009

Resist drug abuse

Thesis - 9 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Resist Drug: it is learned that often, young people and adolescents are introduced to drugs by friends or people they admire. In adolescence, the influence of peers is very strong. Thus, for "being in the loop" to be "cool", they commit acts that they would not have committed otherwise. Adults...

05 Sep 2022

The similarities and differences in the development of labour movements in different parts of Canada

Dissertation - 5 pages - Micro-economy, job-unemployment

The labour history of Canada can be traced back several years to 1812 when Halifax formed a union for the tailors. Just four years later, the formation of labour unions was deterred by the Nova Scotian Union which passed the Anti-union Act. Such has been the trend in the Canadian labour movement....

26 Sep 2008

What can we do to resist beauty ideals?

Essay - 6 pages - Psychology

Our bodies, and our ideas about the size and shape of our bodies, are shaped by both ourselves and our culture. How we view our bodies and what personal worth we ascribe to ourselves because of our bodies and the standard of perfection society sets for us is called the beauty ideal. This bar for...

30 Jul 2022

The development and failure of the European system (1815-1945)

Course material - 7 pages - Modern history

There was a European system before the current European Union. Its roots went back to the 17th century and the Westphalian peace of 1648. It reached its maturity during the 19th century, after the Vienna Congress, and under the impression of 25 years of revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. It was...

14 Apr 2010

SGS authentication protocol resisting man-in-middle attack

Thesis - 4 pages - Computer science

SGS authentication is a new protocol which not only enables a receiver to identify the source of a received message but also prevents a third party from identifying the source of the message. This protocol removes the deficiency of Deffie-Hellman algorithm which is man-in-middle attack by...

15 Jan 2009

The War (Marguerite Duras)

Book review - 5 pages - Literature

Marguerite Duras was born near Saigon in Indochina in 1914. Her parents went to the French colony as teachers. She left Indonesia in 1932 to study political science and law in Paris. His childhood in Indonesia had a great impact on Duras and brought unity to her work. As she was living in Paris...

16 Apr 2014

Keeping fit as we grow older

Case study - 8 pages - Educational studies

Injuries and age lead to progressive declines in muscular strength and lean muscle mass. Evidence exists that age-related and injury related declines in muscular strength and lean mass (Feigenbaum & Pollock, 1999) can be impeded following mechanical stress on the body resulting in the form of...

08 Jun 2009

Commutative analysis of a stepper motor drive

Thesis - 7 pages - Electronics, mechanics, engineering & technology

In this paper, the designs of the various drives of the stepper motor are presented. The main objective of this paper is to analyze the various drives of the stepper motor. Basically the Design consist four sections. First part is power supply. We required two supply 5v and 12v. Second part is...

13 Nov 2007

The Effect of Ampicillin Amounts and Incubation Time on E. Coli Growth

Tutorials/exercises - 5 pages - Biology

Penicillin, derived from the soil mold Penicillium, was the primary antibiotic used to cure bacterial infections after being discovered in 1928 by Alexander Fleming. Briefly following its discovery and mass production bacteria began expressing resistance to this Nobel Prize winning medical...