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04 Sep 2023

Idea of Progress : sport performances

Essay - 1 pages - Linguistics & languages

We should start saying that progress is simply a positive evolution. This can be applied to all sorts of subjects but today I will be talking about sports performances because limits are pushed further. But can we consider this real progress?

09 Jun 2023

Sport and Diet

Course material - 29 pages - Sports

Health: Complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Physical activity: Any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles, for any purpose, that is accompanied by an increase in energy expenditure. Sport: is a physical activity...

15 Jul 2022

Mega-Sport Events: Impact on Women Opportunities in Sponsorship and Their Brand Image

Dissertation - 34 pages - Sport marketing

"Sport has the power to change the world," declared Nelson Mandela in his famous speech at the first Laureus World Sports Awards in Monaco in 2000. According to research done by A.T. Kearney, the global sports market is worth somewhere between $480 billion to $620 billion....

10 May 2021

The changing place of women in sport

Essay - 1 pages - Sociology & social sciences

The status of women in sport has always been debated. Often sidelined, they are also discriminated, which annoys sportswomen and offers little hope for future generations. Forty years after Billie Jean King's famous ‘Battle of the Sexes', an article published in 2015 for the...

30 Sep 2021

SWOT Analysis - The Sport Watches Market

Case study - 5 pages - Sport marketing

A sports watch is a robust analog or digital device designed to be worn by users offering features such as alarm, stopwatch, heart rate monitor, compass, tachymeter, tide indicators, etc., chosen according to the specific activity and personal preference. Sports watches were...

24 Mar 2015

Indicators to measure image: Sponsorship for sports

Case study - 5 pages - Sports

Sponsor of the image measurement indicators are essential to business. A sponsorship deal is in place to naturally enhance the brand image and thus favorably influence the audience. To be effective, sponsorship should produce a positive image and brand quality. Image Measurement Indicators will...

24 Mar 2015

Sports sponsorship and indicators for measuring efficiency

Case study - 5 pages - Sports

Since the late 1990s, companies multiply communication activities to stand out from their competitors. Today, companies have many tools to achieve their goals, and many of them have taken a liking to sports sponsorship. 4 billion euros, the amount invested in France in 2006 on the...

24 Mar 2015

Indicators to measure awareness and image: Sports and sponsorship

Case study - 3 pages - Sports

The sponsoring companies setting up a sponsorship deal also want as many people as corresponding to the intended target and way to remember the brand. This marks the memory that will affect its reputation, that is to say the number of people who know their name or existence. To measure the...

12 May 2015

Sport, and Media Triad analysis

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

There are growing numbers of athletes that are openly coming out to confess that they are gay. While this comes as a shock to most of their fans, the reality of them confessing that they are gay in male dominated fields is not that good. College football has won the hearts of many fans across the...

24 Mar 2015

The third level of exposure corresponds to the media audience: Media and sports

Case study - 3 pages - Sports

The media audiences are used to calculate the indirect audience of the event. There are four types of indirect audience: • Spectators live: it is the people in front of their television or those who listen to the radio. These people are the most vulnerable to persuasion, they live...

22 Jul 2015

Predicting the future of Formula One: a report on the current state of the sport and the impact it might have on its future

Essay - 3 pages - Business strategy

Formula one as a world sport has won the hearts of many over the years since it was started. However, the current situation in the championship seems to indicate a dark future. Issues of democracy, inequality, bribery and corruption, just to mention a few, are slowly poisoning and...

24 Mar 2015

Evolution of sports sponsorship

Case study - 5 pages - Sociology & social sciences

In the early twentieth century in Italy and Germany, sports sponsorship was a form of paternalism, where companies invest in sports without waiting for a commercial or financial return. The most prominent examples are from Fiat with the football club Juventus, and the chemical...

24 Mar 2015

The different types of sports sponsorship

Case study - 5 pages - Sports

The choice to sponsor a sport is based on different criteria. First of all, this sports must match the company's image. It must be recognized and loved by the public, which will allow the company to improve its reputation and brand image. It is a marketing strategy, as the...

29 Sep 2015

Sports development and governance in Russia

Essay - 5 pages - Sports

Governing bodies happen to be an integral part of the industry of sports. Whatever governing body happens to be organized in some manner that allows it to accomplish its specified mission within the surroundings in which it operates. There exists inherent change within this process since...

24 Mar 2015

The goals and targets of sports sponsorship

Case study - 4 pages - Sports

Sports sponsorship is now a powerful marketing tool. The many companies that integrate it into their strategy traditionally target the cognitive objectives (increase awareness), emotional (developing branding) and conative (increase sales) are quantified in terms of quantity and / or...

24 Mar 2015

Sport Eye Tracking tool

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Sport Eye Tracking is a tool developed by the agencies Havas Sports and Havas Media Innovation, which measures the effectiveness of the visibility of the sponsors during broadcasts of sporting events on television. During major sporting events, during which audiences are high, there...

27 Aug 2014

There are several important characteristics and ideal behaviors of youth-sport coaches

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

There has been an emphasis of involving the youth in sports. With the over indulgence of the young people in technology, there is an increased stress on young people to involve themselves in sporting activities. Youth sport is a team effort that involves the young children, parents...

29 Nov 2012

Investment analysis: Sports direct vs. JJB sports

Case study - 2 pages - Services marketing

Figure 1 above summarizes the investor's performance in the company Sport Direct. The company has been able to earn a healthy EPS of 15.73 in the FY 2010. However, the performance of EPS declined in the year 2011. It came down to 14.8. The result of this decline in performance is because...

26 Jun 2012

Analysis of the notion of sport from a sociological perspective, using a number of theoretical approaches (functionalist, conflict, feminist, etc), influenced by scholars like Marx and Durkheim

Essay - 7 pages - Political science

Sport has been the focus of increased debates by socio-political commentators since decades. During the twentieth century, sport became much more than just a physical activity with the advent of new technology and the mass media, professional sport gained in importance (Foer,...

23 Mar 2011

The Commercial Service of Sportfive in the Racing Club de Strasbourg

Essay - 6 pages - Services marketing

Sportfive is the first agency offering management of sports rights in Europe, and is the world leader in TV rights and marketing of football. After the 2001 merger of Groupe Jean-Claude Darmon with the assets of UFA Sports (RTL Group, Bertelsmann subsidiary) and Sport +...

27 Jan 2011

Audi: the launching of A3 Sportback

Case study - 6 pages - Services marketing

The Volkswagen AG is the fourth largest carmaker and the first European manufacturer. Its worldwide market shares represent 11.5% and 18.1% in the European markets. This group owns seven brands: Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bugatti, Bentley and Lamborghini. The Audi brand was founded by...

16 Feb 2011

French large companies in the automobile sport

Market study - 8 pages - Business strategy

This is a summary on French companies in the fast paced world of motor sports. These companies include the likes of the Renault, Peugeot and Michelin. The Renault RS01 appeared at the Grand Prix of Great Britain in1977 with Jean-Pierre Jabouille driving. Initially, the Formula 1 project...

27 Jan 2011

Adidas: the role of woman in the future of the sport: strategy marketing to target the new market of the women

Case study - 8 pages - Services marketing

Sport has become an important aspect in the lives of people. This is due to the changes and innovations that are increasing in this area. It has to meet the needs of consumers' of sporting brands through several different products on the market of sport. Today, Adidas is one...

19 May 2011

Organized Sports for Children and Pre-Adolescents: Genuine Fun or do the 'Cons' Outweigh the 'Pros'?

Thesis - 2 pages - Social, moral & civic education

The advantages and disadvantages of sports for children has been a topic of debate among parents, sports lovers, health professionals and sociologists. The main question being asked, is do the “pros really outweigh the cons”? Could the benefits of exercise, opportunity...

03 Mar 2011

Evolution of the ski market from 2000 to 2006: Industry of winter sports and Alpine skiing

Dissertation - 73 pages - Services marketing

The main objective of this study is to trace all the developments experienced by the alpine ski market between 2000 and 2006. The underlying objectives often are of one general point of view: To present a thorough analysis of the characteristics of the alpine ski market and its trends. Thus,...

11 Oct 2011

Decathlon Group: Sports Megastore

Market study - 7 pages - Business strategy

"Decathlon is a major French sporting goods chain store, with stores located throughout the world. It started with a shop near Lille, France in 1976. The retailer stocks a wide range of sporting goods, from tennis racquets to advanced scuba diving equipment, usually in large superstores....

16 Feb 2011

Case study of Decathlon and the sector of the distribution of the articles of sport

Case study - 23 pages - Business strategy

In 1976, Michel Leclercq Roncq inaugurated a store selling sporting goods, and named it Decathlon. His challenge was to equip all athletes with the best kind of sporting utilities available at the best price. Today, Decathlon Group with about 3.4 billion euros in turnover in 2004, is present in...

18 Jun 2010

Audi A3 Sportback: Marketing strategy

Thesis - 7 pages - Services marketing

Audi is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury cars. In 2002, they produced over 7, 35,000 vehicles, generating a turnover of 22.6 billion euros. Audi is a part of the Volkswagen Group and is headquartered in Germany. It has more than 51,000 employees and sells its products through 5,000...

29 Sep 2010

How can we claim that the sport at the world level became a real business in our time?

Dissertation - 28 pages - Sports

Today, it is difficult to deny that sport takes a considerable importance in our society. An importance which can be characterized at several levels: economic, social, or even cultural. Thus, we can assist different sports events all the year round, but also do our Sunday jogging,...

29 Sep 2010

Extreme sports

Dissertation - 35 pages - Services marketing

The sporting culture penetrated our quotidian as a major reference. Even if it is difficult to define, sports is known by everybody and is omnipresent. Today, sports profit from a positive image (to be well, healthy). It occupies an important place in the media (newspapers, TV,...