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27 Jan 2011

Decathlon: A Competitive and strategic study to develop recommendations to establish a specific communication in the bicycle market for women and children

Case study - 39 pages - Business strategy

Michael Leclercq established Decathlon in France in 1976. Decathlon was the first mass producer of sports equipment and caters to all a sportsman's needs whether he is an athlete or just a sports enthusiast. Decathlon is the leading innovator, producer and retailer of a broad range of sports...

03 Jun 2008

Easy-jet's position in the low-cost carrier market: Recommendations for the best strategic plans the company should pursue in future

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Management

Easyjet began operations in November of 1995. Although the organization spent a number of years struggling to establish itself, by 2000 stock for the organization was being offered on the London Stock Exchange. By 2004, Easyjet was named the top low-cost airline in Europe. Despite this...

03 May 2023

SWOT Analysis and recommendations - General Motors

Case study - 3 pages - Automotive marketing

General Motors suffered from a collapse in 2009 (after the crisis), which was mainly driven by five factors: (i) retired employees had plenty of benefits (from when the sector was more profitable) (ii) GM overfocused on "overpricing and discounting," which drove the clients' attention away...

17 Nov 2021

Strategic Analysis - Meta, the new name of the Facebook Group

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

Meta as a metamorphosis, but also as a metaverse: that's it, it's done. Facebook has just changed its corporate name. Recently announced during Connect 2021, which took place on October 28, the blue logo platform formalized its mutation. During this media event, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of...

22 Nov 2021

Tesla strategic and marketing analysis

Case study - 8 pages - Automotive marketing

Placed into heliocentric orbit in February 2018, a spacecraft called the "TESLA roadster" now revolves around the sun. In fact, it is a classic first-generation TESLA car, a symbol of the megalomania of one man Elon Musk, the richest on our planet. This excess is to mark its omnipotence in the...

21 Nov 2014

Strategic Business Analysis: First Solar Inc.

Case study - 34 pages - Business strategy

The U.S solar industry has grown of age as part of the global industry estimated at $77 billions, following increasing solar installation demand every year. The new trend arises from government incentive programs, declining installation prices and stiff competition in the market. As the world...

07 Nov 2014

Strategic Operation Issues

Case study - 10 pages - Business strategy

Conducting competitive differentiation in contemporary business environment is becoming a challenging target to run into for most organizations, with the rivals speedily closing the previously existing gap. In practice, enterprises must now deal with the potential threat arising where competitors...

27 Mar 2015

Ethics in strategic management

Case study - 2 pages - Management

The past strategic management models focused much on application of resource and external threats. In the 1970s, the technique of strategizing thrived in business schools. Corporate strategy if defined as decisions pattern of a company that reveals and determine its goals, objective or...

19 Nov 2014

Strategic Management Analysis Starbucks Corporation

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

With restaurant operators facing intense competition every dawn, coupled with rising costs attributed to factors of production, there exists not a room left for strategic errors in the sector. Contrary to the thought of start-up restaurateurs, operating in the food service industry demands...

27 Jan 2011

Strategic management H&M

Case study - 46 pages - Management

In 1947, H & M, a Swedish clothing chain, opened its first store in the world. The company then conquered Europe and arrived in France in 1998. Today, H & M is a firm well known internationally and has over 550 outlets in 12 countries in Europe. Operating both in the market for menswear, women...

14 Feb 2014

Strategic Management Process

Dissertation - 47 pages - Management

The top management team must take into account the competing desires and needs of an organization's various stakeholders, because their support is essential for successful strategy implementation. Stakeholders include not only the organization's managers and employees, but also the...

03 Mar 2011

Recommendation and consistency check - Air France Cargo liner

Case study - 4 pages - Services marketing

It is not possible to develop all offers from Air France Cargo because it would be unreasonable to invest on all fronts regardless of the opportunities. The supply equation is more problematic. If the attractiveness of the sector is certain, even though it is a highly competitive market, AFC...

27 Jan 2011

Benetton: Strategic evaluation

Case study - 39 pages - Business strategy

Benetton is an internationally recognized empire. In this document we are going to discuss about different strategies of group development and the current status of Benetton and its holding company, Edizione. Benetton and Edizione are groups in a perpetual pace of growth. It is difficult to...

18 Jun 2015

L'Oreal case study: Strategic Management

Case study - 12 pages - Management

L'Oreal is a French-based company specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of cosmetics and dermatological products. Created in 1907 by Eugene Schueller, the brand has considerably developed itself in a highly competitive market with constant change. L'Oreal has succeeded in...

29 Nov 2010

The strategic analysis of Chupa Chups lollipops

Thesis - 35 pages - Business strategy

Who among us has not tasted a lollipop from the famous global company Chupa Chups? Strawberry, vanilla, caramel, cola, yogurt ... so many flavors offered by Chupa Chups, affording us delectable pleasure. We will briefly present the company Chupa Chups, as this topic is already well developed in...

16 Feb 2011

Strategic management of De Beers

Essay - 18 pages - Management

In 1888, De Beers Mine appeared following the emergence of global monopoly of De Beers over 90% of the prevailing world market for rough diamonds for over a century. In 1933, Ernest Oppenheimer founded the Diamond Corporation Ltd., which includes most of South African producers and the Central...

16 Feb 2011

Strategic Marketing Plan: Caroll entering the middle market in China

Case study - 10 pages - Business strategy

This document develops a strategic plan through the main tools; the first section is dedicated to the presentation of the company and its competitive market. Tools including the positioning of the brand, SWOT analysis and Value chain of the company Caroll are used to understand the...

07 Mar 2011

Strategic Marketing - Apple

Case study - 11 pages - Services marketing

With the help of PESTLE model, it is possible to understand Apple's strategic opportunities. The political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, legal and environment factors are the components of the PESTLE model that allow us to evaluate key elements that have a great influence on...

18 Nov 2010

International Strategic Management - L'Oreal

Thesis - 13 pages - Business strategy

Owing to the saturation of domestic markets and the intensification of competition, companies are forced to internationalize their operations by exploiting new markets not just to survive but also to grow (Souvik Dhar, 2006). Different strategies have to be adopted according to the consumer. Many...

27 Jan 2011

Strategic study of Decathlon

Case study - 36 pages - Business strategy

For over a decade, the retail brand Decathlon, has been the European leader in the retail market for sporting goods. This dominance manifests itself in France as the popularity of the slogan: "A background form” and the growing number of superstores located mainly in the outskirts of cities,...

08 Mar 2011

General Motors - Strategic management plan

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

The development of the automotive industry is probably the biggest revolution of the twentieth century along with Internet and telecommunications. Motor cars were invented in 1769 but we had to wait until 1890 to hear about the word "automobile". Since then, many car companies were born; cars...

16 May 2009

Strategic marketing assignment: Nespresso

Thesis - 9 pages - Services marketing

Coffee is not just a hot drink that wakes us up in the morning anymore. It is becoming a moment of pleasure and relaxation. I have chosen to analyze a brand, Nespresso, that drives luxury through a product basically considered as a consumers good: coffee. Therefore, we ask ourselves several...

29 Sep 2010

Strategic management: Credit Agricole

Case study - 18 pages - Management

This paper will analyze the strategic plan for a new project for Crédit Agricole: the mergence of the computer system in each branch and their integration. Crédit Agricole is a leading European banking group is one of the largest French banks. The project will also focus on the payroll...

31 Dec 2010

De Beers: A Study of Strategic Marketing

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

The diamond industry has built its enduring benefit by being present in major countries worldwide with a homogeneous offer. In global industries, competition in a country depends on the competition taking place in another country; the competitive advantages are transferable from one country to...

27 Jan 2011

"Nespresso, what else? " - A strategic analysis

Case study - 30 pages - Business strategy

During the 70s, Nestle anticipated a market growth of premium coffee based on the original concept of the inventor of the espresso, Luiggi Bezzera. The principle is simple: offer the finest Italian coffee directly to your home or office. Founded in 1986, Nespresso pioneered the allotted coffee...

12 May 2011

Strategic analysis of Liverpool FC

Case study - 21 pages - Sports

This assignment is to provide a strategic analysis of the football club Liverpool FC within the business environment of the English Premier League. Liverpool FC is historically seen as the most successful football club within the Premier League, having won 18 League titles, seven FA Cups...

17 May 2009

Identifying and evaluating strategic opportunities for the followers of a seemingly unbeatable leader

Thesis - 5 pages - Business strategy

In the French market, the food market represented a global turnover of 134 billions of euros in 2004. In this food market, the leading products are vegetables and corn. The turnover of this specific market saw a growth of 6% just for 2004 and the leader firm for the European market is the French...

10 Jan 2011
doc Analysis and study of strategic decisions

Case study - 16 pages - Management

Human beings are often known for their ability to adapt. This is reflected particularly on the scale of the company, which, if it captures a large market share for a period, all things being equal, it can also be modified in a context growing in strategic reorientation. The gradual...

07 Jul 2009

Hewlett-Packard's strategic audit

Case study - 11 pages - Business strategy

This is a comprehensive business policy and strategic management case study that includes the company, Hewlett-Packard's (, fiscal year-end (October 2007) financial statements, competitor information and more. The case time setting is the year 2008. Recommend a three-year...

06 Apr 2010

Reasons for doing qualitative research into strategic decision-making process

Tutorials/exercises - 7 pages - Business strategy

Strategic decision-making process is a crucial part of strategy formulation and implementation. However, most inquiries into strategic decision-making process use quantitative methods. Even if there have been calls for more qualitative method for decision-making research, most...