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08 Sep 2023

Ecology: Football and Sustainable Development

Presentation - 8 pages - Sports

Sustainable development and ecology are clearly the stakes of this 21st century. Political, industrial and citizens, all the people are involved in trying to save our planet from past setbacks and thinking about future generations. As far as football is concerned, we all know that...

21 Feb 2022

Sustainable Development: A holistic approach to natural resources management, Yacov Y. Haines (1992)

Book review - 3 pages - Ecology & environment

This paper written by Yacov woke the scientific community about environmental degradation. Every damage affects economic development. This situation opened debates to design new policies for the next generations. Recently, a report focused on some reflections about possible environmental...

28 Dec 2021

The Lego Group - SWOT analysis and sustainable development strategies

Case study - 3 pages - Brand management

In 1932, the Lego company was founded in Denmark after the carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen lost his job and started building wooden toys in Billund. In the years that followed, Kirk Kristiansen's family transformed their small workshop, where they produced small wooden objects, into a large,...

25 Oct 2021

Apple: Ethics and Sustainable Development

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

"The planet is not waiting. Neither do we.", "Products that consume so little energy is not common", "Investing in nature to offset our emissions should be expected", "Our business is carbon neutral, and by 2030, all our products will be too". Recently, Apple, the world's largest market...

10 Sep 2021

Environmental Law - Sustainable Development in South Africa

Essay - 4 pages - Environment law

The expression "sustainable development" has been used for years now. It is all about the promotion of people's well-being, the improvement of their life quality, especially in the long run. This means that what the current generation is doing has consequences on future generations....

28 Dec 2021

Sustainable Development Goals and Green Growth

Presentation - 37 pages - Ecology & environment

This PowerPoint is about sustainable development goals. It shows an understanding on what sustainable development means and how to take into account our current situation and move towards a green growth. We will see how limited it will be due to inequalities around the...

09 Sep 2020

Is sustainable development a contradiction in terms?

Essay - 1 pages - Ecology & environment

Define in 1987 by the Brundtland's rapport, the Sustainable Development is the capacity to respond to the present needs without compromising future generations' needs. The Sustainable Development notion was really established since 1992 with the Rio Earth...

30 Apr 2014

From a new organization, to sustainable development: case study of " Bounce of C2D "

Case study - 27 pages - Logistics

After the first case study of C2D, the second case study titled "Bounce of C2D? is presented. This first deliverable is an overview of the project that presents the new management of stock. Schemes and explications will show our final solution, which is based to a restocking set time and quantity...

06 Jun 2014

The key problems of urbanization :Suggestions and solutions which would form part of sustainable development

Essay - 4 pages - Economy general

It is now a universal fact that living standards depend upon a perfect harmony between humans and their social environment, for example, the function of medical care, education systems, as well as social pension systems. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, cities have been growing...

26 Jun 2012

Analysis of an ecologically sustainable development

Essay - 6 pages - Political science

An Ecologically sustainable development is a development that uses, conserves, and enhances “the community's resources so that ecological processes on which life depends are maintained, and the total quality of life, now and in the future, can be increased” (Cwth of...

03 Feb 2011

Environmental risks and sustainable development

Essay - 7 pages - Ecology & environment

In 2006, Davis Guggenheim and Al Gore released a movie called “An inconventient Truth: Global Warming”, and this movie basically talks about the risks associated with development. In 2007, they were honored with the Noble Peace award by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on...

03 Feb 2011

The World Trade Organization (WTO) faces the challenge of sustainable development

Essay - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

The stakes by which the problems raise the concept of sustainable development, such as environmental protection and the fight against poverty, seems to represent an obstacle for further liberalization in trade as a factor in its favor. However, during the second half of the...

27 Jan 2011

Sustainable development and tourism - Example of Accor

Dissertation - 40 pages - Management

For a few years already, we have attended a real awakening of the individuals, companies and public authorities on the need for acting for a sustainable development of planet. Within the framework of our study we will be able to be interested in a sector touched particularly by this...

09 Dec 2010

The TNT Group and its Sustainable Development: Strategy and Financial Analysis

Thesis - 55 pages - Business strategy

For many years, TNT has been communicating actively about social values and its social commitments, and neglecting to talk about its trade and transportation. Thus, the group seems to incorporate the concept of sustainable development in its business fundamentals. However, is this...

29 Sep 2010

Sustainable development in the electricity sector - the examples of France and Great Britain

Market study - 24 pages - Ecology & environment

It has been put in evidence that 85 percent of the energy consumed by humans comes from fossil fuels. This statement pointed out one of the most important problems currently faced by humans. The generation of energy depends on the use of fossil fuels. The problem which appears is that these fuels...

23 Nov 2010

The Role of Logistics in Sustainable Development

Thesis - 7 pages - Economy general

In 1987, the Commission of Brundtland focused on the concept of sustained development. This concept continued to serve as the central element of the Summit of Rio which took place in 1992, and gave rise to the view that 'sustainable development is development which...

29 Sep 2010

Ethics, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility: Ben & Jerry's case study

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

Ben & Jerry's have evolved on a growing market. This is why the influence of customers and competitors is significant. Nevertheless, these threats have do not have a huge impact on the company, because the growth enables each competitor to find its own position. Even if prices are falling in...

15 May 2009

From a new organization to sustainable development

Thesis - 9 pages - Business strategy

The aim of our proposal is to attract new customers and adapt C2D to the new market industry. C2D likes all companies in the world needs to adapt itself everyday to stay competitive in the actual market. The company image is important now more than ever and each company must find new markets to...

15 Jan 2009

Sustainable development, oil and the future: the trilogy

Essay - 18 pages - Journalism

Sustainable development has been extensively discussed in the past few years, and is still a great matter of concern nowadays. In fact, there is no single way to deal with this subject, except choosing a guideline of this workshop avoiding “clichés”. Its main objective is...

09 May 2009

The city and the stake of sustainable development

Thesis - 8 pages - Social, moral & civic education

I chose this subject mainly because I am very interested in urbanism. Indeed, I'd like to start a master called ISUR in French, which means: “Ingénieurie des systèmes urbains en réseaux”. It is a special program that allows to work in the urbanism sector in developing countries. It...

15 Jan 2009

The sustainable development: An ethical and profitable strategy for companies?

Thesis - 4 pages - Business strategy

During the Johannesburg summit of 2002, the world of international business renewed its commitments towards the concept of sustainable development. Today, for most companies, durability has become necessary as a business strategy. In some companies, many researches are made to find...

15 Jan 2009

Green marketing and sustainable development in France: What are their impacts on a company's strategy?

Thesis - 14 pages - Services marketing

The environment and its protection occupy an increasingly significant part of our quotidian. The safety actions of our environment are growing, thus we can see the development of the selective sorting, green transport (bus functioning with gas for example), the removal of the plastic bags...

15 Jan 2009

What is the role of Human Resources Management (HRM) in the implementation of a Sustainable Development Program?

Essay - 5 pages - Human resources

Nowadays, Sustainable Development is a movement that is increasing in our society. Companies are progressively realizing the stakes of such policies, and are willing to have a try at it. However, it is important to guide them through this process, which can be disastrous when not...

20 Dec 2006

Eradication of poverty and sustainable development in developing countries: an oxymoron?

Essay - 7 pages - Political science

Adopted in 2000 by “all the world's governments as a blueprint for building a better world in the 21st century” (Kofi Annan, 2005), the Millennium Development Goals are quantified targets for addressing poverty in its several dimensions (United Nations, 2005). The first...

21 Feb 2022

A Holistic Approach to the Development of Sustainable Agriculture: Application of the ecosystem health model, Xiubin Wang, Wenna Liu and Wenliang Wu (2009)

Book review - 4 pages - Ecology & environment

The boom of demographics has led scientists and government leaders to reform agriculture policy, which is more sustainable and improves food security and social development. This reform has transformed the practice of intensive agriculture, using mechanization and fertilizers that...

09 Feb 2024

Market Study on Sustainable Energy Solutions: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Market study - 2 pages - Green marketing

The existential threat climate change poses to our global ecosystem has never carried greater immediacy or necessity for sustainable energy solutions. This research will critically look into the sustainable energy market, revealing primary trends signaling a paradigm change in the...

09 Feb 2024

Crowdfunding for sustainable energy projects: the criteria of selection by platform managers and competition between investors

Thesis - 25 pages - Finance

Despite the contributions of research on the crowdfunding phenomenon, there is a lack of knowledge on the link between crowdfunding and sustainability and renewable energies in particular and also a lack of understanding from the point of view of investors and managers of crowdfunding platforms:...

31 Oct 2023

The State of the Questions Regarding Human Rights and Development in Chile, a Developing Country

Case study - 8 pages - International economy

As part of our research, we undertook an in-depth study of a specific subject that captivated us and aroused our keen interest. This research turned out to be an exciting exploration, as it enabled us to deepen our knowledge and develop expertise in a Chilean particular field. Chile represents...

18 Dec 2023

Introduction to Sustainable Finance

Course material - 2 pages - Finance

Green Finance: financial investments flowing to sustainable development projects, initiatives, environmental products, policies encouraging the development of a more sustainable economy.

04 Jan 2024

How Do You Think the Focus on Hypercars and Sustainability Will Evolve and Adapt From 2023 Onwards?

Case study - 3 pages - Automotive marketing

Luxury cars are fuel-hungry and polluting and appear incompatible with environment friendly. However, the industry is now trying to attract a clientele which is more sensitive to sustainable development and ecological issues. Today, going green is an essential step for the...