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17 May 2009

Starbucks France: The value chain

Thesis - 3 pages - Services marketing

Found in 1971, Starbucks Corporation is the leader in the coffee shops industry, with a turnover of $9,411.5 million in 2007 (source: Datamonitor). Its main activity is to manage coffee shops (85% of its turnover) and to sell licenses (10,9%), but Starbucks has also diversified its activity...

05 May 2009

The importance and application of value chain analysis in business - (17 Slides)

Presentation - 5 pages - Finance

An organized creative approach aimed at identifying unnecessary costs and eliminating the same from the system without affecting the functional utility, guarantee and safety performance. A study on the factors determining value. The stages through which the return of investment varies is...

31 May 2009

Supply Chain Management: Its role in improving the value of the product or service to customers

Thesis - 6 pages - Management

With growing competition among companies in the different industries, an efficient operation is essential for firms to offer quality goods and services at competitive prices. This can be made possible through the adoption of appropriate production technology, having a customer-oriented...

05 Sep 2007

What science says on « Strategy of " differentiation rupture" and chain value »

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Business strategy

Strategy of ? differentiation rupture ? is based on the observation that the current situation comes from the compliance with the rules of the game accepted by all. For a firm being in an unfavourable competitive position, the solution can be to look for the means of making, not the same thing...

19 May 2022

Sustainable cocoa sourcing strategies and supply chain - Mondelez International Inc.

Tutorials/exercises - 8 pages - Foreign markets

Mondelez International Inc., the largest chocolate manufacturer in the world and in Europe has committed to cover 100% of its cocoa supply chain with its Cocoa Life Program by 2025 while investing at the same time $400 million in it. This program for sustainable cocoa sourcing is...

21 Nov 2014

Supply Chain in Dell

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

Engaging in active management of the supply chain is fundamental to realize success given the dynamism facing organizations from the contemporary business environment. Although emphasizing on efficient supply chains allows Dell to orchestrate its direct-selling and build-to-order...

29 Oct 2014

Supply Chain Management in Aerospace Industry

Case study - 16 pages - Educational studies

The uncertainty characterizing growth opportunities in the global economy mandates the aerospace organizations to shift focus towards improving their visibility in the supply chains. Contrary to serial identity implied by a chain, the reality in the aerospace today demonstrates a...

13 Nov 2014

Transport Information Technology in supply chain

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Supply chain management is the active management of the activities related to the supply chain to increase customer value and satisfaction and achieve competitive advantage (Robert, Jan 2011). Transportation is one of the components of supply chain. Information...

24 Nov 2014

Impacts of supply chain management in the business world

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

The aim of this paper is to provide detailed information about sustainable practices in information in supply chain and the impacts in the business world. A case study was embarked on of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi one of the world's safest bank and a bank with branches and office in...

11 Feb 2016

Information technology benefits in e-supply chain coordination

Essay - 4 pages - Business strategy

Information technology (IT) has enhanced Improvement of the customers' services. Fast services to the customers get enhanced resulting to customers' satisfactions leading to more sales thus high profit. IT reduces the time cycle right from the acquisition of the inventories to the distribution...

03 Sep 2014

Supply Chain Management in TeaJava

Case study - 2 pages - Management

Effective management is necessary for the success of a business. This is because the current business environment is large with massive competition and rivalry from other entrepreneurs. Supply chain management reflects efficient management of a business network that is involved in...

19 Feb 2015

Logistics and Supply Chain Practices

Case study - 8 pages - Computer science

Lean thinking is essential to improve supply chain management. This is because lean thinking ensures things are done just as they should. As an example, Toyota has demonstrated superior results with regard to quality, cost and lead-time compared to most (if not all) of its competitors....

20 Apr 2015

Inflation: category of variation of prevailing rates and coin value

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

Of the four basic categories of change in prices and the value of the currency, inflation is by far the predominant. Practically, there is not a country that has not experienced episodes of inflation; and in many, wing has become a chronic occurrence, albeit of varying intensity. Resulting...

03 Apr 2009

Disintermediation: Elimination of intermediaries in the supply chain

Thesis - 7 pages - Management

The world today is witness to intelligent customers and consumers. People who no longer take the marketer's claim as sacrosanct and are thinking people. These are the new takers of products and services that today's business folk have to offer. For the action of consumption to be effective and...

14 Aug 2009

PepsiCo 2007: Strategies to increase shareholder value

Presentation - 15 pages - Management

This presentation takes a look at the history of Pepsico. It covers some of the key points in the evolution of Pepsico as a company. It will cover points like fast food acquisitions and Quaker Oats acquisition. It will also cover points like the strategy, revenue contributions, competition in...

29 Sep 2010

A revolution in supply chain management? The potential offered by e-business systems

Essay - 5 pages - Management

An e-supply chain is the flow of materials, information, money, and services from raw material suppliers through factories and warehouses to the end customers. A supply chain also includes the organizations and processes that create and deliver products, information, and services to...

15 Jan 2009

Global Logistics: Ikea's global supply chain model

Essay - 17 pages - Logistics

The decisions regarding the supply chain design highly depends of the kind of products or services a company is dealing with. Issues such as the sourcing location or the distribution method will be affected by a whole range of requirements given by the nature of the products. In the first...

01 Apr 2009

Managing the global supply chain: A risk measurement perspective

Dissertation - 43 pages - Management

The end of the last millennium and the beginning of the new millennium has seen supply chain management emerge as a new management paradigm and a source of competitive advantage. This is especially true in a global marketplace where "getting the right goods at the right place at the right...

28 Apr 2009

Supply chain management, concept and its uses

Tutorials/exercises - 40 pages - Business strategy

Supply Chain Management has dominated our lives, our thinking and our actions for almost half a decade now. From logistics to materials management to supply chain management, the evolution has been slow and stead. The decade of the 90's has been the most turbulent leading to...

09 May 2009

Developing a supply chain for the service industry

Dissertation - 41 pages - Management

Historically we have moved from physical distribution to logistics management to supply chain management. The major difference seems to be that supply chain management is the preferred name for the actualization of “integrated logistics”. With IT (Information Technology)...

05 Apr 2010

The mediator effect of supply chain agility on firm performance

Thesis - 9 pages - Management

While it is generally acknowledged that an organization's supply chain agility is crucial to its competitive advantage, the impact of agility on firm performance has not been adequately researched. This research uses structural equation modeling to examine the effect of supply chain...

23 Nov 2010

Applied Memory: The Role of Strategic Outsourcing in Supply Chain Management

Thesis - 45 pages - Logistics

The current political and economic scenario presents tremendous opportunity for companies to benefit from a higher growth potential in international markets due to economic globalization and hyper-liberalization of trade. World trade has multiplied through a series of economic agreements and...

28 May 2009

Organization of Renault's supply chain

Thesis - 13 pages - Business strategy

The objective of this study is to develop the international supply chain of Renault, the French car maker. Nevertheless, the diversity of the information and the great number of firms on the market made it difficult for us not to give examples and arguments based on other car makers....

22 Jan 2010

Supply chain management and OEMS

Thesis - 8 pages - Management

The competiveness of international companies is highly dependent on their ability to deliver customized products quickly and timely all over the world. Therefore the focus has moved from competition between firms at the same level in the production process to competition between the supply...

07 Apr 2010

Integrating supply chain management and strategic management: The basis for analysis of the grain industry

Thesis - 6 pages - Management

The observed corporate changes in many supply chains in Australia suggest that instability rather than stability is a consistent pattern in corporate supply chain relationships. This observation should not be surprising given the dynamic impacts of competitive strategy and has been...

29 Sep 2010

Supply chain management

Dissertation - 26 pages - Management

Every organization with a service or manufacturing entity needs a robust supply chain management in order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage within supply chain alliances and partnerships. An independent firm on its own may not have all the resources to match its...

27 Jan 2011

Presentation of Supply Chain

Case study - 4 pages - Logistics

Supply Chain is the organization, planning, the control and the execution of the flow of goods from the development and the provisioning, until the production and the distribution towards the final customer to satisfy the requirements of the market with minimal cost and the use of maximum...

12 Aug 2010

Competitive strategy and value creation in relationship marketing

Thesis - 5 pages - Business strategy

This paper considers how relationship marketing can be utilized in corporate strategy to facilitate value creation and increased customer satisfaction. The meaning of relationship marketing and the purpose of various relational frameworks such as the ‘relational spectrum', the...

16 Jan 2009

EEV (European Embedded Value) and MCEV (Market Consistent Embedded Value)

Essay - 11 pages - Business strategy

In May 2004 the CFO forum published European Embedded Value Principles. The “CFO Forum” is a high-level discussion group composed and attended by the Chief Financial Officers of 19 leading European insurers. These principles are intended to increase the quality, comparability and...

27 Jan 2011

How is the supply chain positioned within the organization?

Case study - 3 pages - Management

The supply chain refers to all the physical or information flows and processes involved in the provision of the products to the customer. In other words, the supply chain comprises of all links in the logistics process. We must distinguish the supply chain of the company...