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06 Sep 2022

Web-based intervention among cancer survivors

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Medical studies

Patient empowerment is linked with the improvement of patients' health outcomes. It is said to help patients to take care of their health conditions, and in return, improve their health outcomes. Web-based intervention has been one of the methods used to empower patients. It has been...

08 Feb 2021

Public consultation - A new communication strategy launched by the EU through the web

Essay - 3 pages - European union

On 29th May 2005, French people refused the EU constitution, I was in Italy and had the news on a bus, through my neighbour's newspaper. In this context, the 'no' from French public opinion was the opportunity to reveal the wide gap between the EU and its 'citizens'. This...

29 Jul 2021

How to create an e-commerce website?

Practical guide - 21 pages - Digital & e-marketing

If an online store is to effectively acquire and retain customers, it must deliver the best possible customer experience. The key to doing this is to connect with customers at all possible touch points. The experience has to be great every time to keep customers coming back. The most important...

28 Jun 2021

How to improve a company's visibility on the web?

Practical guide - 6 pages - Digital & e-marketing

Most companies find it difficult to boost their visibility and stand out from their competitors. For this, a company can set up a digital strategy, engage prospects or even publish attractive and optimized content. Moreover, several options, tips and tools are available to companies that allow...

12 Nov 2021

Understanding Digital Assets - Bitcoin, Blockchains, and Web 3.0

Case study - 4 pages - Digital & e-marketing

The Internet is a growing technology that keeps evolving. Moreover, there are more and more companies and new sites that are added to the Internet with programs and websites and this is why the way the Internet is used is changing, as people learn to adapt to new technologies. The era in which...

08 Jan 2015

Blocking websites - China- control, and consequences

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

China has an internet connection that is censored. Internet censoring is done by the use of the Great Firewall of China. This is considered as the greatest, most extensive and advanced internet censorship in the whole world. There are several reasons why China censors content. Mostly it is...

16 Feb 2015

Technologies used in booking systems/websites and efficiency

Case study - 12 pages - Business strategy

An in depth understanding of the internet will be undertaken outlining the underlying technologies. The target audience and their requirements will also be examined and then a justification for design choices will be made. Implementation is the concluding point of the project however low level...

28 Jan 2015

Web Design in E-Business - Interface Analysis

Case study - 6 pages - Management

In this day, internet takes a vital role in many facets of an online business' life and process (Krug 2005). It can be defined as a tool where goods and services are provided well to reach customer needs and satisfaction. It is a way of attracting people's attention, arousing their interests,...

16 Feb 2015

Efficacy of a Web Site Evaluation Checklist - What To Look For

Case study - 2 pages - Management

Content:the site being made should contain information that is useful and of value to both the client and the intendeduser. The valuable information ensures that the objective of the website is achieved. The content provided by the site should be original and extensive. The information should be...

29 Nov 2013

Rita & Zia - Web marketing

Case study - 12 pages - Business strategy

To improve the visibility of Rita & Zia, we decided to create a website dedicated to creations of the company. We made the choice to set up a trader site in order to touch a broader target, in particular those which don't have access to the shops. The success of Internet throughout the world is a...

19 Mar 2013

Dawanda website analysis

Case study - 28 pages - Business strategy

The online objectives of are to provide a website by which any designer can offer its products. Each designer can open its own shop. It represents an intermediary between designers and customers who are looking for unique and original products. The main objective of Dawanda is to make...

14 Apr 2010

Curriculum management using web intelligence

Thesis - 4 pages - Computer science

The major objective of an intelligent tutoring system is to provide adaptivity of the course material according to the learners need and background knowledge. In Automatic Courseware Sequencing, the main idea is to generate the course material that is well suited for the learner according to the...

14 Apr 2010

Web mail server for mobile mailing application

Thesis - 6 pages - Computer science

The Web Mail Server is a mailing system implemented to allow a user to access POP3 mail account through a Mobile SMS and also supports to access POP3 mail account through GUI on intranet. The server will be support to any mobile. To design a Mail Server to address the above problem and...

20 Apr 2010

Composition of web services in GIS-based emergency response system

Thesis - 3 pages - Computer science

Web services are the pieces of software components, which are distributed over the Internet using some standard protocols. These services can be connected with their clients and can communicate with other web services by using XML based messages through the Internet. Nowadays, the...

10 May 2010

Evaluating the maximum confidence of facts for information provided on the web

Thesis - 4 pages - Computer science

The World Wide Web is an important information source for us. But, there is no guarantee for the relevance of information retrieved from the Web. The information provided by one Website may be conflicting with the information on the property of an object from other website. In this...

03 Mar 2010

Web rating system

Tutorials/exercises - 45 pages - Computer science

This project handles the rating process of the website. There are so many websites around the world that distribute the information given by their owners. It is an effective and easy way to reach the information to the people. There are different types of websites and their pages are with...

03 Mar 2010

Web based reward points management system

Tutorials/exercises - 32 pages - Computer science

The project titled “Web based Reward Points Management System” is designed using Active Server Pages .NET with Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2005 as front end and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as back end which works in .Net framework version 2.0. The coding language used is C# .Net....

15 Jan 2009

Website evaluation : Audi

Essay - 11 pages - Services marketing

Audi is a German car manufacturer and a part of the group Volkswagen AG. The official name of the company is Audi AG, and its registered office is located at Ingolstadt in Bavaria. The name Audi is the acronym of Auto Union Deutsche Industrie. This name also comes from Latin audi (imperative mode...

19 Jan 2009

Corporate web communication: Lastfm

Essay - 12 pages - Journalism is a open content music community website and also an Internet radio station with music recommendation system based on each user's and friends' musical taste on the base of a collaborative filter. Objective of this site is to become the biggest music database completed by all users and...

02 Jun 2009

Manufacturing knowledge: From print to web

Thesis - 8 pages - Social, moral & civic education

The Internet has arguably been the most significant aspect of technological, economic and social evolution in the past century. What was limited to being a beneficial component of American national security, has blossomed into the worldwide information super highway and focal point for...

17 Oct 2023

Developing an overall marketing plan for a company

Market study - 10 pages - Marketing theories

Founded in 2006 in Dijon by Ezéchiel Mérite and Nathanaël Mérite, two twin brothers respectively project manager engineer and information and software system engineer. In 2010, the company changed premises and moved into those that combine modernity and conviviality for the study, creation and...

19 Jan 2023

Implementation of a Flight Management System within an Airline

Tutorials/exercises - 13 pages - Computer science

This analysis aims to design and build a prototype of an airline-oriented web application for managing aircraft flights. At the same time, it aims to be a powerful, easy-to-use, fast and effective management tool for airline agents, on the one hand, and a simple and safe information tool...

21 Jan 2024

The Implications of the Internet for Collaboration with Customers on Product Decisions

Essay - 7 pages - Marketing theories

Web 2.0 is opposed to web 1.0 (appeared in 1990) which was defined as a 'static web' where the user was passive and simply consume the information that came to him without intervening. The origin of the term Web 2.0 was introduced by Dale Dougherty of the...

31 Aug 2021

Can new technologies facilitate the exchanges?

Essay - 1 pages - Philosophy

Now, we are going to talk about new technologies to illustrate this notion. Indeed, new technologies, such as SMS, e-mail, and the World Wide Web, are all around us nowadays, like our smartphones. So, we're going to try to answer the question: "Can new technologies facilitate the...

04 Mar 2021

SWOT Analysis - Google

Case study - 5 pages - ICT marketing

Google is an American company created in 1998 and specialising in the high-tech industry, the means of communication, in particular with its Internet search engine 'Google', known worldwide and until now unassailable. Its head office has been located in California since its inception by...

26 Apr 2021

Marketing Mix - Zoom

Case study - 5 pages - ICT marketing

Founded by engineer Eric Yuan in 2011, Zoom is an American company based in San Jose, California, with offices around the world and employing more than 3,800 people. It is specialized, and currently a leader, in teleconferencing services and in particular videoconferencing. The Zoom online...

28 May 2009

An analysis of E tailing

Dissertation - 83 pages - Services marketing

Online retailing is conducted through interactive online computer systems, which link consumers with sellers electronically. In a short space of time, internet retailing has firmly established itself as a viable alternative to store based shopping. Commercial online services offer online...

16 Apr 2009

Online airline reservation system

Dissertation - 49 pages - Computer science

One of the most common modes of travel is traveling by air. Customers who wish to travel by air nowadays have a wide variety of airlines and a range of timings to choose from. Nowadays competition is so fierce between airlines that there are lot of discounts and a lot of luxuries given to...

26 May 2009

E-commerce and the ready-made garment industries

Dissertation - 40 pages - Business strategy

Electronic Commerce is the conducting of business over the web. It typically involves three broad steps. First, a person uses the web to collect information to decide which product or service to purchase. Second, the person transmits payment information (such as a credit card...

06 Apr 2010

Enterprise user interface and technology comparison

Tutorials/exercises - 19 pages - Computer science

The Enterprise User Interface (EUI) is a lightweight user interface for next generation of Web applications. It would extend the capabilities of the current Web browsers by incorporating the key strengths of the thick/full client environment while maintaining a lightweight user...