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01 Feb 2008

Making music with music: Kool Herc and the evolution of sampling

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Arts and art history

Kool DJ Herc is a Jamaican American musician and producer, who is credited as a pioneer of hip-hop during the 1970s as a result of his trendsetting musical technique and influence on hip-hop culture as a whole. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1955 as Clive Campbell and he immigrated...

03 Jan 2008

Christ in Majesty

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Arts and art history

While monumental figure erecting was hindered during the Middle Ages, illuminated manuscripts and mural paintings were given momentum as a result. Both media allowed for mass productions, many of which have lasted to this day. A fine example of a mural fresco from the Romanesque Period,...

30 Nov 2007

The Taste of Peace and Practice of Love in North Indian Drumming

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Arts and art history

The knowledge gained by practicing the North Indian tabla drums situates the musician within two spiritual modes of the Hindu tradition: the tantric, via rasa, and the yogic, via bhakti. Is there a limit to the spiritual efficacy of such musical practice? Citing the lack of “common measure...

27 Nov 2007

Egyptian versus Greek Sculpture

Essay - 2 pages - Arts and art history

The Egyptian culture consistently maintained a powerful belief in the afterlife. As a result, tombs were lavished with clothing, furniture, and paintings to nourish the Ka or soul. Most importantly, statues were erected should anything happen to the body in which the soul must inhabit. The...

04 Nov 2007

Acoustic Mythologies of The Natyasastra: Text of Celestial Music

Essay - 5 pages - Arts and art history

Concerning the use of musical rhythm as a sadhana, a path to liberation, one preliminary distinction to make is between the tantric means of rasa and the yogic means of bhakti; The mythological tradition inherited by Hindustani music distinguishes between gana (music for pleasure) and gandharva...

19 Oct 2007

Once More with Talent

Essay - 2 pages - Arts and art history

The room is silent, black, yet complete in its created emptiness. You cannot see the person sitting next to you, the face that looks back in the darkness. Suddenly, from nowhere, a few shaky piano notes fill the air. A melody so simple yet so memorable, it pulls you away from your metal seat and...

19 Oct 2007

Not All is Cold in Iceland

Essay - 5 pages - Arts and art history

Humanity is nostalgic. There is no other way in which to explain the strips of antique malls in the Midwest or the string of collector shows on the shop-at-home networks. Like the sightseers searching for the Grand Canyon pictured on the poster in a local travel agency, humans are such...

05 Oct 2007

IS: Music

Essay - 3 pages - Arts and art history

If only Beethoven and Tchaikovsky could have conceived of the technological advantages the musicians of today take for granted. Innovative strides in music technology development have revolutionized the way music is recorded, composed, stored, performed, searched and retrieved by creating easy to...

04 Oct 2007

New Deal Art: The WPA Murals of Norwalk, CT

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Arts and art history

The Great Depression that struck the United States in the late 1920s came as a shock to millions of Americans. Almost overnight people saw their entire life savings vanish before their eyes and many were laid off by their employers. By the time Franklin Roosevelt took office in March...

03 Oct 2007

The Influence of Popular World Music on Modern Western Music

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Arts and art history

The nebulous category of World Music has been defined as "simply not our music, it is their music (Rahkonen, 1)." World Music is thus a distinction based on otherness and not any singularly defining characteristic. It is a term that developed from the classification of popular music "to include...

13 Sep 2007

American Idol

Essay - 4 pages - Arts and art history

In its first season, American Idol garnered the attention of 22.77 million viewers on the finale night. The last season—the show's fifth—36.38 million people tuned in to witness Taylor Hicks take home the ultimate title of American Idol ( Hicks, a stocky,...

13 Sep 2007

Smells Like Lautréamont's Spirit

Tutorials/exercises - 5 pages - Arts and art history

In 1790, Immanuel Kant published an essay that read as complicated as the art he sought to promote. “Critique of Judgment” serves as the ultimate philosophy of aesthetics, proclaiming “Genius is the talent (or natural gift) which gives rule to art” (Kant 150). ...

13 Sep 2007

Breakaway (A continuation of "AmericanIdle")

Essay - 4 pages - Arts and art history

To the surprise of fans and American Idol producers alike (in varying degrees of delightful glee and ghastly shock), Clarkson's second album conveyed an entirely different message than the first. Entitled Breakaway, the music simply delves deeper than the playful bubbles at the surface of...

12 Sep 2007


Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Arts and art history

Ragtime is an American musical genre that was most popular during the first twenty years of the 20th century. It is a dance form that is written in 2/4 or 4/4 time, where there is a walking bass that plays legato on beats 1-3 and staccato chords played on 2-4 beats in the right hand. A big...

12 Sep 2007

The Recovery of Music

Essay - 3 pages - Arts and art history

To experience music as it is exactly is a great thing, but a difficult thing. Being an audience to a piece of music does not ensure such experience, and in fact the performers of music themselves can experience music. Bystanders and composers also experience music in unique ways....

29 Aug 2007

Doctor Faustus and Renaissance Humanism

Essay - 4 pages - Arts and art history

The introduction to Christopher Marlowe's The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus in The Norton Anthology of English Literature describes the play's protagonist as “an overreacher, striving to get beyond the conventional boundaries established to contain the human will” (990)....

28 Aug 2007

Bach vs Sousa

Essay - 2 pages - Arts and art history

Throughout history there have been an infinite number of composers. These composers range in time period from the 1600s to present day and their styles of music range from classical to rock ‘n' roll. Two of the most influential composers of all time are Johann Sebastian Bach...

27 Aug 2007


Essay - 2 pages - Arts and art history

Schnittke was born in the Soviet Union in 1934 into a Russian Jewish family. The father was a German Jew from the Baltic area, and the mother was a Catholic from Germany. Given this, his first language was German. In 1945 for three years, he lived and studied in Vienna where he heard much...

22 Aug 2007

Sample Music Review

Essay - 1 pages - Arts and art history

The Legendary Pink Dots, featuring members of Skinny Puppy, played the Howlin' Wolf on Saturday, June 12th. Upon scanning the stage and seeing the medley of performers, I knew it would be an interesting show. The saxophone player, dressed in a purple and orange suit, a rather average-looking...

08 Aug 2007

Alfred Schnittke in Retrospect

Essay - 2 pages - Arts and art history

“For almost thirty years I repeatedly saw one and the same dream: I would arrive in Vienna at long last. I would feel really happy, for I was returning to the most serene time of my life.” In this quote, Alfred Schnittke, in the final years before his death, recaps his pleasant...

24 Apr 2007

The Rise of Choral Polyphony in Burgundy

Essay - 7 pages - Arts and art history

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, there was a flourishing of culture in the Netherlands with the rise of humanism and the patronage of the Dukes of Burgundy. With the advances in trade and commerce, there was also a general prosperity which contributed to the wealth of artistic...

22 Jan 2007

Critical Theory: theatre and post-structuralism

Essay - 6 pages - Arts and art history

Post-structuralism derives from philosophy , ‘ a discipline which has always tended to emphasise the difficulty of achieving secure knowledge about things' (Barry;1995:63) .Philosophical writing, although following the structure thesis, anti-thesis then a synthesis of both,...

15 Jan 2007

Theater and audience perception in a postmodern perspective

Essay - 9 pages - Arts and art history

« The genuinely postmodern work forces us to recognise that reality is something other than our formulations of it, and that those formulations are therefore constructs » (Jean-François Lyotard). Investigate and interrogate the urge in performance theatre to radically restructure...

15 Jan 2007

Live technologies in theatrical performance in a post modern perspective

Essay - 8 pages - Arts and art history

How does the use of live technologies in theatrical performance comment on our own positioning in a post-industrial technologically based society? How does this in turn exemplify some of the concerns of the postmodernists? Postmodern cinema is rich in intertextual references, and is often...

14 Dec 2006

Xu Beihong: pioneer of Chinese Realistic Painting?

Essay - 9 pages - Arts and art history

Xu Beihong (1895-1953) was a native of Yixing in Jiangsu Province. His father, from whom he learned painting in his childhood, was also a painter. At the age of 20, Xu went to Shanghai to sell his paintings. In 1918, at the invitation of Cai Yuanpei, he went to Peking University to work as an...

29 Nov 2006

Edward Munch (Norwegian, 1863-1944) : Madonna (1895-1902)

Essay - 6 pages - Arts and art history

Madonna is one of Munch's most popular images. It is a mix between a controversial image linked to a controversial artist, and a transcendent representation of women through different aspects. These are reflected in the different titles that had the painting: Madonna, Conception, Loving Woman,...

20 Jul 2006

The Representation of the Struggle for Rights in Contemporary Aboriginal Painting

Essay - 4 pages - Arts and art history

Art is vital for history, as monuments, sculptures, paintings and literary works of art are often the only remaining testimony about ancient times. When dealing with modern or contemporary events, a greater amount of non-artistic material is available; yet art is still important as it can reflect...