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Case study in Arts and art history

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18 Sep 2015

Dear Mama - Shakur, T. Dear Mama (Radio version)

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

Dear Mama by Tupac Shakur is one of his best compositions and songs where he highlights the different things that his mother has done for him. In the song Tupac heaps praise on his mother giving the listener a compilation of the different things that made his mother great. In the song Tupac...

29 Jul 2015

Demonstrating that Art is a product of its context

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

From an examination of cultures throughout history, it can be established that artistic works within respective cultures were based on the prevailing cultural contexts. In such regard, this paper attempts to show that art is indeed a product of its context. This assertion is depicted through...

29 Jul 2015

The European art

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

Art is typically a product of its context. This notion is reflected in the European art from historical to gothic styles. This paper explains this assertion using three examples of art, the cultures in which they were produced, the time periods, and the conventions representing them alongside the...

29 Jul 2015

The impact of history and gothic art on peace and security

Case study - 5 pages - Arts and art history

This paper entails a collection of 10 pieces of art from Prehistory style to the Gothic style. Each of the ten pieces of art selected portrays the theme of peace and security in terms of managing conflict and violence in a turbulent world. Peace and security are critical requirements in any...

22 Apr 2015

Sadia sound: Case study

Case study - 8 pages - Arts and art history

Sadia was founded by Attilio Fontana in 1944 in western Santa Catarina. Over the years, its excellence in agro-industrial sector and in the production of food derived from swine, beef, chicken and turkey, as well as pasta and margarine. In recent years, Sadia specialized, increasingly, production...

23 Jan 2015

Celebrating New Year becomes pop-cultural celebrity

Case study - 4 pages - Arts and art history

New Year's Eve is a day that people celebrate the end of the year gone by and welcomes a new year (Mercer (34). There are mixed feeling amongst the people all over the word. Most people will experience a state of nostalgia by reflecting on the incidences and events that happened in the lives all...

16 Jan 2015

Comparative media analysis

Case study - 3 pages - Arts and art history

This paper is a rhetoric and cultural analysis of different ways of passing on a message using set of objects multiple media. The multiple media will be passing on the same message and the rhetoric and cultural analysis will show the similarity or difference in how the message is perceived in...

25 Nov 2014

Opposing values in American thought as depicted in films

Case study - 4 pages - Arts and art history

In a world where movie directors and filmmakers are building a name for themselves Robert Ray in A Tendency of the Hollywood Cinema(1930-1980) tries to show the need for filmmakers to produce movies that every person can relate. Ray emphasizes on the need for commitment in both plot and...

02 Sep 2014

Role of Women in Both the Taming Of the Shrew and Ten Things I Hate About You

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

The play ‘Taming the Shrew' is set in a tavern in the English countryside where a drunken beggar, Christopher argues with a hostess over his disorderly conduct. Sly is so high that he passes out on the ground where a local lord decides to teach him a lesson. He is dressed up like a nobleman...

27 Jan 2014

Art and Human Values

Case study - 1 pages - Arts and art history

Art is a means of conveying one's feelings and generating an attractive object that is enriching to others. It is a way of controlling masses and manipulating individual conscience. Art is vital in the community since it defines persons and makes them better. Art and human values deals with the...

25 Nov 2013

Concert review

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

The stage was opened by the first violin choir. Flutes were followed by trumpet. They walked in majestically; they paused little the flute followed and then trumpet. The band began to jump in slowly. As they began again slowly, the instruments started to warm up. This gradually created a happy...

20 Sep 2013

Jeff Koons. Rabbit. 1986. Stainless Steel, 41" x 19" x 12". Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Case study - 4 pages - Arts and art history

Jeff Koons's Rabbit was conceptualized in 1986, inclusive of his Statuary Collection, when he first had the idea of grabbing this inflatable, commercialized toy off a store shelf. The stainless steel assemblage includes the bunny which is materialized through an industrial casting process...

18 Sep 2013

Artwork reflection essay

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

Georges Seurat's painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte is currently being displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago in The Helen Birch Bartlett Memorial Collection (also called A Sunday on La Grande Jatte). The painting is quite large in size, measuring around 10 x 7 feet...

12 Sep 2013

The development of the keyboard over seven centuries from 800 to 1800 AD

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

In present times, the keyboard is regarded as one of the most common instruments and is found in nearly every musical setting. The history of this unique string/percussion hybrid is comprised of an extensive and diverse lineage from the first monochord instruments as far back as 800 AD. The...

05 Jul 2013

Sistah, You Got Game: The rise and role of women in hip-hop over the last 30 years

Case study - 4 pages - Arts and art history

From its conception four decades ago, hip-hop as a subculture was originally a medium to raise social consciousness, a solution to the problem, so to speak. But come the ‘80s and the ‘90s, the subculture has become part of the problem it was trying to solve; for as the music...

05 Jul 2013

A brief analysis on how hip-hop has evolved and impacted Collegiate Curricula and Learning

Case study - 4 pages - Arts and art history

The various facets of art - music, visual art, literature -forms the artillery used by many to shoot down oppressive societal forces, to scrutinize current situations whether societal, political, economical or personal in nature, or to simply express varying emotions or opinions, no matter how...

07 May 2013

Sculpture: Head of Alexander the Great

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

Inspiration may be sparked from a variety of sources. Some people find inspiration in other people. Others find inspiration from certain objects. Art contributes several objects that are inspirational to a variety of people. Sculptures are a specific object that may inspire multiple people...

14 Feb 2013

Influence of the genre on three of the visual or performing arts forms

Case study - 1 pages - Arts and art history

Genre is a term used in the world of arts to represent a class of creative works that reveal certain key characteristic. Different works of art are classified into different genres depending on their characteristics and uniqueness. Therefore, genre is very much essential when it comes to...

17 Dec 2012

McCarthyism and art

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

During the early 1950s there was a fear amongst the American people regarding the possible infiltration of Western Society by Russia and other communist nations. One man, Senator Joseph McCarthy, led a hunt for alleged communists that would lead to the blacklisting and persecution of...

28 Jun 2012

Photography of Nations

Case study - 7 pages - Arts and art history

Photography highlights social constructs within each society. It represents national ideologies that unify nation states. A photograph does not necessarily do this directly, but the juxtaposition of the photographer and the subject allowed for photographs to be interpreted in that way....

28 Jun 2012


Case study - 5 pages - Arts and art history

Photography is defined by the American Dictionary as “the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.” A photograph is the extension of the human eye that we could never imagine until the technological revolution. Before Photography, we could not understand or interpret the...

22 May 2012

Should art be taught in schools?

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

The role played by art in public education has been discussed and analyzed by a numerous commentators through the years. Despite the obvious ways in which art and receiving an art education can provide to an individual, it is possible to argue that art education is not indispensable, as...

27 Sep 2011

Baroque or Rococo Art Critique

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

"The Taking of Christ" is an impressive work of art by one of seventeenth centuries most prolific and influential painters, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. The painting is typical of Baroque style: intense, vibrant colors, strong contrasting of light and dark shadows, and dramatic emotions of...

29 Sep 2010

Forest Interior, Paul Cézanne

Case study - 3 pages - Arts and art history

Paul Cézanne painted the landscape Forest Interior between 1898 and 1899. This small painting depicts the interior of a forest, at a nameless location. Cézanne regularly painted landscapes in Aix en Provence, like the Mont Sainte Victoire which he painted over and over again in an effort to...

29 Jul 2010

Artists and art in the 1920's and 1930's

Case study - 2 pages - Arts and art history

What are the effects of art in 1920-1939 on art today? Art between 1920 and 1939 set a large example for later art. Artists (mostly ones who practiced Art Deco) paved the way for a lot of artists in the ‘90's and the 21st century. Art Deco, for example, was a huge style then, and has become...

03 Jun 2009

Nikki S. Lee's artistic agency in senior's project

Case study - 5 pages - Arts and art history

Of all the photographs displayed in the Tang's viewing room, Nikki S. Lee's Senior's Project (13) was definitely one that I initially overlooked while surveying the set of original photographs the Tang owns. At first glance, the photograph did not seem very compelling, particularly in...