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29 Sep 2010

"On anniversary, Bush and Cheney see Iraq success: a caution from Rumsfeld" The New York Times

Book review - 2 pages - Journalism

The media industry is a business that plain and simple. When analyzing news content it is important to always keep this in mind, since it is only logical that any given article will be presented with a certain "spin" that not only aims to grab the reader's interest, but often aims to recite...

10 Aug 2010

Family as a social force

Book review - 2 pages - Journalism

In the novel Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, by Jeanette Winterson, the social force of family is very significant. Jeanette's family and the people that surround her eventually work against her to push her out of their exclusive social circle. The way that Jeanette is raised by her family...

10 Aug 2010

Slam: Book review

Book review - 1 pages - Journalism

Slam, a book published in 1996 was written by an African-American author named Walter Dean Myers. Walter Dean Myers is a pioneer of young adult fiction. His stories are about urban teens and the obstacles they face. In this case the novel I'm writing about today, slam, is about 17 year old...

28 Jul 2010

Social spheres and genteel women

Book review - 2 pages - Journalism

The book The Gentleman's Daughter: Women's Lives In Georgian England by Amanda Vickery is a study of “genteel” women during Georgian England. These women came from prominent families (however, not aristocracy) who were daughters of lawyers, clerics, minor gentlemen,...

15 Jul 2010

The comparison of He's just not that into you, Book vs. Movie

Book review - 4 pages - Journalism

Both the book and movie He's Just Not That Into You by Behrendt and Tuccillo give realistic advice to women, on how to date men. Many women have always been confused about knowing how men feel about them and what goes on through men's heads. For centuries females have been making...

28 Jul 2009

Book review: This republic of suffering: Death and the American Civil War

Book review - 2 pages - Journalism

Death is one of the most pervasive images of the American Civil War. Although a civil war creates a higher number of deaths due to its internal nature, American Civil War deaths far exceeded common expectations. As an example of the sheer magnitude of deaths, Faust writes, "The number of soldiers...

17 May 2009

Judgment: How winning leaders make great calls? By Noel M. Tichy and Warren G. Bennis

Book review - 6 pages - Journalism

“With good judgment, little else matters. Without it, nothing else matters,” said Noel M. Trichy in the foreword of the book. The book is must-read for current leaders as well as future leaders. This framework can help anyone who runs a small team or a big corporation. It gives keys to...

08 May 2009

"Nixon and the prisoners of war", 7th January 1971, New York Review of Books, by Jon M. Van Dyke

Book review - 2 pages - Journalism

This is an article published in 1971, on January the 7th, in The New York Review of Books. Written by Jon M. Van Dyke, this article deals with the Nixon administration policies about the prisoners of war during the time of Vietnam War. According to Jon M. Van Dyke, the US government uses the...

30 Nov 2008

Artistic merit of rap music

Book review - 5 pages - Journalism

According to Webster's Dictionary, music is defined as "sounds produced in harmonious, rhythmic combinations". There are many forms of music, some may not even be "harmonious" to others, but they are still considered music. This is perhaps due to the real reason for music: the expression of...