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The effects of media on society

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  1. Introduction
  2. Influence on humans
  3. The effects of media on society
  4. Sexuality
  5. Women and children
  6. Several theories
  7. Conclusion

Humans are an influential species. The influence rendered specifically affects other humans. We are influenced by a variety of elements. History, popular figures, trends, and religion are examples of elements that impact on our society. Each of the fore mentioned elements are presented through media. The media has served as one of the greatest factors regarding influence in our society for a long time. The effects of media on society are both positive and negative and may be further illustrated through research.

In order to fully understand the effects of media, the term must be defined. The definition of media may be identified as the primary medium utilized for mass communication. (Dominick) Media includes various mediums. Television may be identified as one of the primary forms of media. Books, magazines, newspapers, radio, video games, and the internet are also forms of media. (Sparks) One of the fastest growing forms of media is social media. This includes websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, and Twitter. (Dominick)

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