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Changing Over- Modern Newspapers

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  1. The past is past and the new is here to stay.
  2. The roots and history for newspapers go far back in time, because there has always been a hunger for current events and, in particular, political happenings.
  3. The first newspaper published in America was the Publick Occurrences which was first made available in Boston in the year 1690
  4. In today's society, newspapers, along with all types of mass media, are becoming less dependent on integrity then ever before.
  5. As online newspapers forge on, they are treading on water that has already been explored in some ways by other forms of media, such as high definition television, interactive computers, media centers and all
  6. Basically what it's saying is that by the year 2010, the positives that digital communication seem to hold is far greater then any other form of communication for us today and that we're able to do much more with much less

The past is past and the new is here to stay. No longer are we a society that goes to the store to pick up our newspapers each day, including those ever so popular Sunday papers with the coupons stuffed inside. But we are turning toward the internet for our news, and the newspapers publishers are following suit. They have realized that this new generation as a whole wants everything now and they want it in the easiest fashion possible. And the internet just happens to be the easiest way, being the cheapest for the publishers as well as convenient for their daily readers. Publisher's can cash in on the additional revenue with the cheap costs of the internet. The old format for newspapers, using paper and ink, has been applied all through the past and is all that we have ever known. Never has a newspaper ventured out of that format- until now. Digital is all the rage and using the variety of the web, the possibilities appear endless in terms of providing a new and exciting paper. I believe that right now, we're in a transitional faze, from the older version of papers to the new online versions.

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