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Dissertation topics - Business management

What are the possible themes for a dissertation in business management? Here we will list 5 ideas to help write your paper.

Business management

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Topic 1 - New business management techniques
Topic 2 - Intergenerational management
Topic 3 - Management put to the test of new technology
Topic 4 - Internal communication and management
Topic 5 - Management in SMEs

Topic 1 - New business management techniques

This subject highlights two notions, new techniques and management. The concept of management techniques first appeared relatively recently when new generations entered the labour market. You can undertake this subject as part of an internship in a company or use it as a research thesis.

How are new management techniques a source of profit for the company?

You can define what the new management methods are, and which are used by the company in which your internship is carried out, for example. Otherwise, give all the techniques compare them and highlight those which have the most chance of success with the employees.

Compare management methods over time, see what has been beneficial or what may have been a problem for businesses.

Topic 2 - Intergenerational management

This subject highlights the concepts of management and 'multi-generations', two concepts that have been closely linked, in recent years.

We live in a society where Generation X rubs shoulders with Generation Z, which can lead to conflicts, but it can also be a source of learning and a new way of working.

How do generational differences in companies force managers to define new priorities?

You can take the example of the company in which you work, quoting precise figures and anecdotes.

Highlight the differences in management styles between the generations, what it has to do with the age difference, why etc., how to bring generations together by offering shared activities, training, etc.

Topic 3 - Management put to the test of new Technology

The objective is to understand the impact of new technologies on day-to-day management methods.

How can new technologies help managers in a company?

You will be able to give examples of all of the new technologies that are related to management. You can do part of your paper on the role of HR and how managers use the technologies at their disposal to motivate their teams and make them more efficient in the long term.

Topic 4 - Internal communication and management

Here, we are talking about internal communication and its link with company management.

Internal communication has changed a lot in recent years as have the modes of communication more generally.

How to combine internal communication and achievement of objectives?

The candidate will have to define the meaning of internal communication, with the different communication methods as well as its economic and social issues.

An intern can take specific examples to link communication and performance, motivation and involvement of employees.

Topic 5 - Management in SMEs

The aim is to link management and SMEs, to find the best management method for this type of business.

Management methods differ depending on the size of the companies and teams that managers must manage.

In what way is finding the right management style essential for the future of SMEs and employee involvement?

You will have to define what an SME is and the different management methods possible for this company. You can also list the advantages and disadvantages of various management methods.

You will be able to rely on your own experience, with anecdotes, that tell why a particular method works or not. It may be relevant to talk about the individuals' new relationship to work and their expectations and needs.

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