CSR Corporate social responsibility : what are the current standards in EU ?

10 Jun 2023

CSR Corporate social responsibility : what...

It stands to reason that the actions of business organizations have considerable implications on the general lives of people within the European Union, and across the globe: not just from the perspective of services and products offered, or the opportunities and jobs created, but also from the perspective of human rights, working conditions, environment, health, education, training, and innovation.

IPCC 2022 Climate report: recommendations for decision-makers

16 Feb 2023

IPCC 2022 Climate report: recommendations...

The IPCC designates the intergovernmental group for ecology and climate. This article explains the report for 2022, and the recommendations for decision-makers.

BCG Matrix Jaguar Land Rover

31 Aug 2022

BCG Matrix Jaguar Land Rover - Products...

This article is about Jaguar Land Rover's BCG matrix, which provides information on the status of the activity portfolio and gives guidelines on funding requirements.

The SWIFT network - what is it and why are we talking about it

13 Apr 2022

The SWIFT network - what is it and why are...

Following the Russian military operation in Ukraine, many countries, namely the United States, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom, have clearly expressed their desire to exclude certain Russian banks from the interbank network of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications).

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

23 Mar 2022

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created after the end of World War II.

How to find a job during a pandemic?

11 May 2021

How to find a job during a pandemic?

Looking for a job during these times is a real challenge, with new difficulties, which did not exist two years ago, for example. The unemployment rate has indeed risen sharply during the year 2020, the needs are lower due to partial unemployment and the reduced activity of many companies, the future prospects are weak with numerous uncertainties. In addition, job forums, social events and company meetings are mostly canceled or postponed due...

Students and their approach to the Covid-19 Pandemic

9 Dec 2020

Students and their approach to the...

The first cases of COVID-19 were reported in Wuhan City, China in December 2019, the virus has spread around the globe at an alarming rate. By 30 January 2020 WHO declared the outbreak as a Public Health Emergency and issued temporary recommendations, by 11 March 2020, they declared COVID-19 as a worldwide pandemic.

Students and the Elections in the US

10 Nov 2020

Students and the Elections in the US

After the 2016 US Presidential elections, Americans became acutely aware of the importance of placing their vote, this has been especially important to get across to students who often live busy lives and don't think their vote will count.

In-demand job in 2020

13 Oct 2020

What is the most in-demand job in 2020?

The year 2020 is profoundly marked by the health crisis linked to the Coronavirus epidemic, which has had multiple economic impacts, both on household consumption and on employment. While many sectors have suffered from confinement, many companies have also had to resort to redundancies or have been forced to continue with partial unemployment measures.

How to prepare yourself to go back to school

2 Sep 2020

Coronavirus - how to prepare yourself to...

Countries around the world have been gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most countries responded by going into lockdown in the hopes of limiting the spread of the disease.

Coronavirus - returning to school in September

21 Aug 2020

Coronavirus - returning to school in...

The recent global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in many ways, however, it seems that the world is coming to grips with this new virus and countries are starting to get control of the situation.

COVID-19 health crisis and workplace

3 Jul 2020

What has the COVID-19 health crisis...

The worldwide health crisis caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus has completely transformed the workplace landscape in just a few weeks. From the forced introduction of telework for workers in many companies to the forced closure of many others. How have the measures adopted by governments to try to stop the pandemic affected workers? Today we will focus on all those employees who have been forced to switch to telework. Panacea or a puzzle?